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More odds and ends.

Absolutely, atrociously disgusting.  The problem is that the Quota Queens not only discredit and embarrass themselves.  Their pathetically humiliating and moronic stupidity smears all WNs by unfortunate association in the public mind.

Now let us all sit back and watch this latest Man on White Horse Syndrome debacle unfold…for the umpteenth time.

Once again, EGI Notes will be a bastion of sanity among a sea of “movement” madness. Just as this site rode the waves of the Trump hysteria, and coasted with a bemused eye through the Alt Right fever, so shall we all get though the Yang Gang Bang.

Understanding the human history of Amren 2006.

On the one hand, this is generally interesting and informative (but reflecting the author’s own biases).  But – he talks about himself?  And in a serious, non-ironic manner?*  Anyway, I’ve written about this Liddell before – just another typical “movement” ethnic fetishist.  And – who knows? – maybe “living in Japan” should be reserved for individuals of Japanese ethnicity? That would affirmatively be the “Right” thing to do, eh?

Indeed, perhaps Liddell should leave the great and good Japanese people alone to develop according to their own inner imperative.  For example, look here for an example of how the people of Nagasaki recovered from the atomic bombing to develop a scientific, architectural, and cultural artifact that the West can only dream of matching. Western Man stands in humble awe at that Oriental magnificence.

Have you ever noticed that so many of these ethnonationalist, ethnic fetishist, Alt Right, Alt Lite, and national conservative types like living in other people’s countries?  One fellow lives in Japan.  Another in Georgia.  Two in in Hungary.  One in Romania and another in Italy. None of these are of the ethnic origins indigenous to the nations in which they live, but they are all ethnonationalists, you see. The ones who live in Romania and Italy critique the nations in which they live and then take native women as their wives.  Incredible.  This is not ethnonationalism. It is ethnoimperialism.  All these racial aristocrats will live where they damn please, you see, and do whatever they want, after all, what are the dumb wogs going to do about it? 

Hey!  According to the great and good Desmond Jones, the White race is a “twentieth century Jewish construct.”

During the debates, congressmen sometimes used the word “European” rather than “white,” but it is clear that there was unanimity on this point: the United States was to be exclusively for white people.

So, late 18th century America: European = White.  The fetishists shown to be fundamentally dishonest, once again.

The metamorphosis into a neocon shill is approaching completion.

All of this material to work with, all of this White dissatisfaction, angst, and fear for the future, and all the Quota Queens can give us is “let’s support Chinaman Yang’s efforts to defuse White anger.”  They’re pathetic.

Roissy and Mangan weep bitter low-carb tears.

So much winning!  Black Nationalism of course will still be allowed, as per the original article.  Note that the decision was made in consultation with anti-White “experts” with White nationalists not being allowed to explain their position.

Anyone who argues that White Nationalism and White Separatism are the same as “White Supremacy” is so fundamentally dishonest they should be considered as peddling the equivalence of sociopolitical malpractice.  And by censoring political expression – and only from the pro-White side – they are virtually guaranteeing that more violence will occur. That’s the ultimate objective I suppose, so it can be used to justify more repression.

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*Obviously my own references to the crazy and bitter no good Ted Sallis are sarcastic and ironic.

More Alt Right Stupidity

More “movement” stupidity.

Getting back to a point made here, one needs to remember that Liddell has a history of fossilized “movement” ethnic fetishism, previously noted, for example here and also here.

Of course, one cannot forget this either (emphasis added):

Perhaps worst vice in our circles is accusing one’s opponents of being “controlled opposition” or enemy agents without adequate evidence. Mike Cernovich has said it about Richard Spencer. Ramzpaul and Colin Liddell have said it about Andrew Anglin…but calling people informants without evidence should be an absolute taboo — right up there with doxing our own people to settle petty scores — as it undermines the trust that is the foundation of every functional movement. The enemy spends a great deal of time sowing distrust in our ranks. So the suspicion of being an enemy agent should fall back on anyone who throws around that charge without evidence. They stand convicted by their own flimsy standards of evidence.

Certainly a well-rounded contributor to Der Movement, indeed!   To be fair, the same should apply to those who call – with no evidence whatsoever – Spencer a “CIA asset.”

The “Buck Negger” Trump is once again asserting his desire to do comprehensive immigration reform.

Cuckadoodledoo!  But, hey. Let’s concentrate instead on Trump’s “negs” and handshakes – more important no doubt.

Read this.

I observed no equivalent of jock culture; the overall dearth of masculinity among Nordic men is not a secret. Guys are mostly thin, well dressed, polite, and unprepared for a fight.

When Sunic made a similar point some years ago – albeit with less polite language – he was vilified.  Perhaps this author would be better received. One wonders – compare the modern description of “Nordic men” compared to that of the time of Karl X Gustav and, of course, earlier than that, the Vikings.  A Kempian racial “historian” of the future may as well claim that this drastic change in behavior has been due to “racial admixture.”  That’s not the case of course, and in cases like this, Frost’s “genetic pacification” is a more likely explanation – and for the Classical World as well.

Race in Der News: 7/16/17

Stupidity in der news.

An Amren commentator gets dangerously close to uncovering the truth behind Silk Road White nationalism:

R Sagan  American Tax Payer • 15 hours ago

Don’t forget that Chinese female spies are actually trained to marry White men (no joke) to infiltrate the culture and steal resources. Way to go race-mixing White guys!

Chinese infiltrators are also sucking up many spots in our best universities because we need “diversity” and Asians have 300 IQs and are the model minority or whatever. Thanks cuckservatives!

Chinese workers are hired by overly trusting White people, who subsequently get everything in their company stolen from under them. Way to go businessmen!

Let me add: cunning Asiatrices are allowed to infiltrate White nationalism and wreck said nationalist activism for Asiatic advantange.  Way to go thirsty beta male White race traitors!

Looks exactly like Dolph Lundgren!  No, wait, it’s an Afro-Arab slave, who replaced real Romans, and whose descendants are the modern degenerate Afrowop!  No, wait it’s a (likely well-off) middle-aged man, unlikely to be a slave, so – it’s a med conspiracy!  The reconstruction was altered in response to ‘an offer you can’t refuse.”  No, wait…

Related to that last story, fossilized “movement” dogma alert:

…that’s who the ancient Greeks and Romans were — in fact Whiter than present day Greeks and Italians.

Which led to the following comment:

Dorian28 • 2 hours ago
So Collin, what evidence can you present that the Ancient Greeks where ‘whiter’ than modern ones?
If you look at artwork from the oldest Greek civilization, they are entirely brunettes or having olive skin:

No worries, I’m sure Colin has read dat dere March of the Titans and Who We Are, and no other evidence is required!  

The Alt Right is nothing more or less than the same Old Movement dressed up in Beavis-and-Butthead style to be more palatable to the Millennial/social media crowd.  These nitwits wouldn’t recognize an original idea if it was staring them right in the face.

The Alt-Right Caste System?

If such exists, WNs are on the bottom.  And where’s Pepe on it?  Hail Kek!

The author of this piece means well I guess, but it’s flawed in several ways.

Anyone who actually met Pierce – and I’ll assume the author of this piece never did (and if I am wrong, then please correct me in the comments section at that piece) – understands that it is very highly unlikely he would have considered himself a member of the “Alt-Right.” Pierce subscribed to the intolerant Hitlerite “my way or the highway” school of “movement” leadership, with no interest in merging with other groups or working under some sort of “big tent” “umbrella organization.”  And quite right too – why dilute one’s distinctive character and vision in order to fit in with a bunch of inept jackasses and freakish degenerates?  Now, of course, Pierce himself was no prize package either, but we are considering the question from his perspective.

Then, what makes the author think that all those “lower-caste” levels will accept their positions? They have their own agendas, and likely each thinks they are on top.  Some people in the Alt-Right – the HBD Alt-Wrong faction – are not only “not WN” but actually anti-WN.  How are they then subordinate to the WN upper-caste?  Do you think Derbyshire would agree to be subordinate to “latrine flies?”

And then we have this from a prominent Alt-Right site:

Asians perform better than whites on tests that measure intelligence, including IQ tests, SAT, ACT, and the ASVAB.
Asians earn more money than whites.
Asians are better educated than whites.
Asians commit less crime than whites.

Bow down before your Asian masters, subaltern White losers!  Is anyone else getting sick and tired of this HBD crap?

The “big tent” fails, containing as it does incompatible elements.  Who’s on top?  WNs are Asian-worshipers?

I sort of agree with that, except he’s talking “Pepe” too seriously.  It’s all moronic, jackass stupidity.  Another passing “movement” fad that it will waste time on, while the Left goes from strength to strength and actually gets things done.  

Paradox: the Right ostensibly opposes affirmative action yet promotes it in its own ranks; the Left supports affirmative action, but uses a ruthless merit system to get the most effective people to get the job done.  Guess who wins?

I’ll say it again: Der Movement is making a BIG MISTAKE acting like a bunch of conformist retards and jumping on the Alt-Right bandwagon just because Neurological Hillary Cross-Eyed Harridan Bitch gave those Alt-Righters fifteen minutes of fame in some canned rambling speech. Put your eggs in that one basket of deplorables, and then watch REALLY deplorable people eat away at the “movement” from the inside.  

The WNs think they’ll subsume the Alt-Wrong and the Alt-Wrong believes the opposite.  The problem is that even if the WNs are correct, they’ll be no better off than where they started. If the WNs are wrong (as they usually are), they’ll wreck racialism for years to come.

Race in the News, 8/22/16

The usual stupidities.

Unfortunately, Senator Sessions was too polite to call Trump’s touchback scheme what it is, namely just more lipstick on the amnesty pig, characterizing touchback as “not… the best solution.”

From a psychological viewpoint, rewarding illegal behavior is always wrong, and particularly so when it followed the failed amnesty from 1986 when the promised enforcement never happened. Even hinting that some sort of forgiveness might be considered after shutting the border is poison. Any reward for bad behavior just incites more of same — something that parents and teachers know.

Somewhere in the manosphere, Roissy weeps softly, the tears falling on his stained and sticky portrait of God Emperor Trump.

Adam Gemeli…physically could pass as a Southern European.

This is a picture of the person in question.  He is very obviously a non-European NEC, and could NOT physically pass as a Southern European. He could, perhaps, “physically pass” as Tom Jones’ son, I don’t know.

D’Souza is a smart man stuck promoting a stupid worldview. Hopefully one day nonwhites like him will make films as allies of color promoting white identity rather than demonizing it.

Let me rewrite:

D’Souza is a smart man stuck craftily promoting a stupid worldview to appeal to White GOP cucks.  What else to expect from a devious Asiatic Desi?. Hopefully one day nonwhites like him will leave America because they can never be allies of color promoting white identity rather than demonizing it.

Racial Politics in the News, 6/27/16

Several items for an early summer day.

The elites still do not get the message. Well, this is why I am still planning to vote for the Negrophilic, backpedaling, cuckadoodledoo fraud Trump – to send a message based on the public perception of Trump the racist mirage.
Child porn apologist Johnred Derbyfogle just has to see this movie:

In an obvious play for the Chinese market, the commander of the defense outpost on the moon is Chinese, the Chinese are praised as the key force behind space defenses, a female Chinese pilot serves as the love interest for one of the Americans, and there are some snippets of dialogue in Chinese which take place without subtitles.

With Germany increasingly dominant in the EU, the union started to take on the characteristics and serve the interests of the German ruling elites. This effectively drove a wedge between the EU’s past of careful, pragmatic growth, which had mainly Francophone or Latin characteristics, and its subsequent more dramatic expansion, which reflected a more Germanic dynamic.

No, no, a thousand times no! That does not sound right! Let’s rephrase in appropriate Der Movement language:

This effectively drove a wedge between the EU’s past of inert stagnation, which had mainly racially mixed, Negroid, kebab Latin characteristics, and its subsequent more heroic expansion, which reflected a more racially superior Germanic dynamic.

And this: 

It is far more likely that Germany and France will seek to preserve the Euro currency and continue on their centralizing path, generating further tensions with member states in Southern and Eastern Europe, many of whom will look to Britain’s example.

Is far better phrased as:

It is far more likely that Germany will properly seek to preserve the Euro currency and continue on its racially sound path, generating further tensions with the parasitic, racially-mixed member states in Negroid Southern and Mongoloid Eastern Europe, many of whom will look to Britain’s example, but who will fail in their pitiful attempts to defy their masters and betters.

Der Movement in the News, 6/6/16

Three items.

This raises another, subtle point (though I doubt McCrean notices). The homosexual is often the homophobic Right’s favorite straw man for “those with no concern for future generations.”[28] And yet isn’t the Right — the non-libertarian, at least — concerned above all with the past, and the preservation thereof? In a word, archeofuturism?

I’m relatively uninterested in the “homosexual question,” and find the “gay baiting” in Der Movement (*) both tiresome and politically or personally motivated (**). But O’Meara here goes too far. No, I – a person of the “Right” – don’t give a goddamn about the dead past and I am uninterested in preserving past failure. Further, the whole breathless “rightist” excitement over archeofuturism leaves me cold as I see it as a juvenile, “dungeons and dragons” sort of fantasy – what someone like Faye wants, not what is a realistic or desirable outcome. And, while it may be just a swarthoid defect, I could never understand the “rightist” fascination with all this “Lord of the Rings” and “Hobbit” nonsense.  
And what is most tiresome is all this pro-gay “mannerbund” propaganda.

Some advice for gays in Der Movement:

1. Read Salter’s On Genetic Interests, particularly the brief section on homosexuals. Homosexuals have genetic interests like everyone else and since they typically do not have their own biological children, the importance of ethny (and of course extended family) is even greater for them than for heterosexuals. Therefore, an adaptive-minded homosexual should promote – not oppose – future-looking, pro-natalist attitudes and policies for their ethny, they should promote traditional heterosexual marriage and family formation, and they should place loyalty to ethny ahead of loyalty to their sexual preferences. But just like those who place Christianity above race, the gays place their sexual freedom and identity above race.
2. Be realistic – the most you can expect from the more tolerant factions of the heterosexual far-right is tolerance and not enthusiastic acceptance, much less promotion. Likely, the more tolerant faction is represented by someone like myself: who finds homosexuality personally distasteful, wishes it did not exist, but who is willing to look the other way on it and accept far-right gays who essentially “stay in the closet” and who otherwise behave normally apart from their sexual behavior. But if the gays are going to constantly push and annoy even the more tolerant heterosexuals, the whole thing will not end well. If you annoy and alienate those willing to accept you then you’ll be left with nothing and no one.
* And no, talking about activists’ “homoerotic fixation on Trump” is not “gay baiting.” I do not call people like the hedonistic womanizer Roissy homosexual, I merely point out that their unhealthy fixations on Trump the Man border on the homoerotic. Just telling it like it is.
** I’ve written on this before. There are (credible) rumors about certain “august” “movement” personages – rumors that have even filtered down to someone as disconnected to Der Movement as myself. But one never hears openly and publicly about these people because those precincts of Der Movement most prone to gay baiting either share the same ideology as these “august personages” or they have no personal feud with them. Any principled opposition to homosexuality in White activism would include speaking out against those people whose “closet door” is so open even dumb swarthoids like I notice it. But then the only thing consistent about Der Movement is its hypocrisy.

But while normies, as a rule, veer away from dangers and challenges, and err on the side of unctuous smarm and disingenuous civility when it comes to choosing Presidential candidates, they are by no means attached to a single unvarying course of action. They are also capable of more animated responses when it becomes apparent that this is the necessary course.

Like after Rotherham? After Cologne? After Trump rallies degenerate into outbursts of leftist/minority violence? Truth be told, I’m beginning to wonder if there is anything that would stimulate a White resistance. If our present government would announce that all White Americans are to be exterminated, and should report to the local internment camp for “processing,” the likely reaction would be for humble Whites, with heads downturned, dutifully lining up for elimination, with every other White cuck wearing a “Black Lives Matter” or “I’m With Her” or “Feel the Bern” t-shirt. I’d like any of these “alt-rightists” to paint a picture of a realistic scenario that leads to a mass White resistance.

We see this already with many Trump supporters, most of whom are just semi-redpilled normies, and we will see it with more conservatives, Christians, or people of the “middling sort” who initially “didn’t quite care” for Donald Trump’s tone, as they see Mexican mobs egging White women and Black Lives Matter activists trying to cripple police horses.

We see nothing. They say nothing and they do nothing. 

The often repeated analogy with 1968, when Black and Leftist violence contributed to the Nixon landslide, is a good one. Once again, a fight started by leftists will finish at the ballot boxes in their utter defeat. Let us hope that this time the defeat runs even deeper, to the very roots of the Left. It is part of the work of the Alt Right to ensure that it does.

And what is the “Alt Right” actually doing to “ensure that it does?” Practically speaking, nothing. I’ve previously outlined pragmatic and plausible activities that the “right” could pursue to take advantage of the Trump phenomenon and as far as I can see nothing at all is being done (apart from Roissy breathlessly analyzing Trump’s every macho utterance and every alpha hand gesture).

I haven’t been able to find any definitive information online about Steyer’s ancestry, although he does not seem to be in any way Jewish. Lind, Lind, where art thou, Lind? Of course Der Movement would be concerned about whether Steyer is a “Mormon” – or a “high-trust hunter-gatherer.”