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Oil Driler Trying to Avoid the Rope

Race-mixer Roissy.

Oil-drilling race-mixer Jimmy C. Wideassman, friend of Lady Raine, lover of Negresses and hater of WN, blames White ethnics, along with Jews (who are really responsible), for America’s decline:

Later still, ethnic Whites and half-White/half-Semites — Slavs, Italians, Irish, Jews — arrived, and their genetic and cultural distance, relative to the Englishman’s, did begin to erode the American Idea and twist it into a monstrous apparition that could be turned against its father.

These later White ethnic waves opened the Pandora’s Box to the Hart-Cellar 1965 Immigration and Naturalization Act, which has since overrun the nation with literally tens of millions of nonWhite hordes who are as genetically and culturally distant from the founding sons and daughters and their posterity as can be, and their presence on American soil now rapidly (and predictably) debases, poisons, and will shortly extinguish, the Proposition Nation ideal.

Yeah, and who exactly is supporting your God Emperor you weasel-faced Derb imitator? During the GOP primaries, the Upper Midwest wasn’t exactly prime Trump territory, in case you missed it, with all your pursuit of Negress “tail.”

By the way, as Lincoln’s “Electric Cord” speech demonstrates, the earlier waves of immigration (which including the micks true, but also the krauts and squareheads) really opened the “Pandora’s Box” to a nation founded on “ideals” rather than, strictly, by blood.

The “race replacement that dare not speak its name?”

Anyway, Jimmy is probably trying to sabotage WN to avoid “the day of the rope.”