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Lunatic Raging With Frenzy

As Nietzsche would say: you need some chaos within you if you want to be a dancing star.

In Flood’s book, Hitler: The Path to Power, there is an amusing quote from a Professor von Muller, describing the reaction of 54-year old Dietrich Eckart to a speech by Hitler in the early 1920s:

After one of Hitler’s orgiastic cascades he jumped onto the table with a fiery red face screaming his song “Deutschland Erwache!” frantically…while a brass band performed the music roaringly: it was the picture of a lunatic raging with frenzy.”

I wholeheartedly approve of Eckart’s reaction.  What we need are more White men acting like a “lunatic raging with frenzy” and fewer of them being passionless, over-rational, effete pansies.
Now, my critics will accuse me of hypocrisy, not understanding my point.  They will say, “Hey, you routinely criticize ‘Nutzis’ and other ‘movement’ extremists and their reckless actions and stupid atomized violence, and now you are promoting ‘lunacy’ and ‘raging with frenzy.”
My response is that you cannot conflate Eckart’s reaction with some Nutzi or neckbeard doing something foolish.  After all, when Eckart was finished singing like a lunatic, what did he do?  Did he shoot up a beer hall?  No – he used whatever abilities and influence he had to support Hitler politically (up until their falling out, but that’s an irrelevant matter). 
One can be a “lunatic raging with frenzy” while, at the same, time being disciplined and focused, and channeling all that “raging frenzy” into political activism, like Eckart did.  The approval of “lunatic raging frenzy” is an approval of an attitude, not promotion of any specific activity.

It is a call to White men to sometimes heed the call of the blood, to follow irrational impulses to achieve rational goals, to unleash chaos in the service of ultimate order.