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Those Lying Republicans

To note: almost all 2016 GOP hopefuls either currently, or at one time, support amnesty. And the “hardliner” Cruz is a strong supporter of increased “legal” immigration.  Also note the admission of virtually everyone “in the know” that these candidates will openly lie to the voters about their position, combined with the implication that if elected, they will impose amnesty against the wishes of those who voted for them.  Note that the wishes of the White GOP voters are constantly denied. Note that the stupidity about “we can’t deport 11 million people” ignores (a) we can indeed do so, and (b) if you cut off their lifeline they’d self-deport.  Everyone mocked Romney on that (and I’m sure he was lying as well), but if you strictly enforced workplace rules (only legal workers allowed), and denied illegals and their children (regardless of where the children were born) access to schooling and health care, and if you revoked “birthright citizenship,” and if you jailed anyone helping or harboring illegals, and you made home ownership or home/apartment renting dependent on legal status – what then? Either they leave, they die in the streets, or they turn to crime and can be jailed/deported for that.