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Odds and Ends, 4/4/20

In der news.

…it was during that high-speed chase that a trooper looked into the car and noticed that a dog was sitting in the driver’s seat.

When troopers were finally able to stop the speeding car with spike strips, the man told them simply that he was “trying to teach his dog how to drive.”

Was this the police officer?

What’s the relevance to EGI Notes? Just more evidence that America is a complete madhouse. One can expect more examples like this as American society breaks down under diversity.

Female athletics.  What’s the relevance to EGI Notes?  Exposing sex reality is important for the long term well-being of our people.

Behold Der Right.  The only question now is whether Der Right will be only partially discredited from this crisis or completely discredited.  Unfortunately, the former seems more likely.

It’s Der Right.  The basic problem with Der Right is its “culture” not its fundamental ideology.  By culture I mean the hysterically irrational, conspiracy-obsessed, anti-empiricist, anti-scientific, anti-expertise (”credentialism!”), distrust anyone, cherry picking  when to “fight for freedom”  in the worst possible circumstances, gaslighting stupidity.  Der Movement adds to that its fossilized dogmas, its affirmative action program, and even more hysteria about conspiracies and sweaty hysteria.  Hey idiots – the real conspiracies are race replacement and outsourcing our entire economy to China, not “microchips in vaccines.” The real conspiracies are the ones that are open and public and to which you provide no effective opposition.

It’s a right wing star!  Mazel Tov!  Oy vey!

Maybe Der Right should be worrying more about this than about “microchips in vaccinations” or about “Jew doctors sodomizing our babies with MMR needles and giving them autism.” But, no. You see, many of our rightist heroes and anti-vaxxers are themselves butterballs and this all hits too close to home, don’t you know. I seem to recall one prominent female anti-vaxxer in Der Movement whining several years ago about dating problems – men don’t like overweight women. That complaint tells us much, I think.

MacDonald and Durocher weep. Kemp has a nervous breakdown.

So Northern Europeans actually have a ton of the Middle Eastern ancestry that Nordicists have always looked down on. And while they still have some of their beloved European hunter-gatherer ancestry, it turns out that’s Asian-related. Furthermore, large parts of their Middle Eastern and Asian/Amerindian-type ancestries arrived long after Paleolithic and Neolithic times in the Bronze Age.

Of course, the same goes for Southern Europeans, but they generally have more of the older Neolithic farmer ancestry and less of the exotic “Asiatic” ancestries. And the originators of European civilization — Minoan and Mycenaean Greeks, as well as Etruscans and Romans — were genetically like modern Southern Europeans, not like modern Northern Europeans as the Nordicists have always claimed.

So in a pissing contest of who’s “more European”, playing by Nordicists’ own rules, Southern Europeans would have to be considered the “winners”.

But, hey, those exotic “Asian” ancestries are of great benefit to all humanity, and don’t your forget it!. Now, run along and borrow some chopsticks from Bromstad and Bjork.

Look while I don’t agree with Racial Reality/Italianthro on some things ( I oppose Medicism as much as I oppose Nordicism, and I critique wops and dagoes as much as anyone), he’s right here – the utter hypocrisy of Der Movement is neatly exposed by his post.

Don’t ever expect them to admit being wrong, especially about this.  See my post here.

Zturd is bursting with pride.

Attention Zturd (emphasis added):

…Helsloot fails to take into account the additional number of Italians who would have died without the suppression policy that he condemns. Also, even with the draconian nationwide lockdown in Italy, the coronavirus is far from subdued…Even Gerd Gigerenzer from the Max Planck Institute in Berlin, whom I admire for his excellent work on risk and uncertainty, fails to take into account the phenomenon of self-refuting propheciesdoesn’t pause to consider the effects of the actions that were taken by those authorities to forestall their worst predictions. 

One more example. Minimalists such as Richard Epstein at the Hoover Institute have cited the low case fatality rate of COVID-19 in South Korea and Singapore, which are precisely the places that have tested for the virus most extensively. Doesn’t this prove that we are overestimating the deadliness of the coronavirus and that we are panicking over nothing? No, because this argument ignores the fact that South Korea took the coronavirus threat very seriously right from the start…As the novelist Frank Herbert once said: “The function of sci-fi is not to predict the future, but to prevent it.” That leads us into a strange paradox: the better we manage to contain this pandemic, the less we will learn from it. Because there is one thing you can bet on for sure: as soon as this whole crisis blows over, the same minimalists will come forward and claim that it wasn’t as bad as the “fearmongers” had told us. Indeed, some of them are already busy committing that very fallacy.

SALLIS IS RIGHT ONCE AGAIN.  Finally, someone is admitting that biolab leak does NOT imply “bioengineered.”  Note the Chinatrix connection to all of this, perhaps explaining the hysterical fervor of the HBDers on this issue.  Psycho-sexual motivations are typically very potent, eh HBDers?  Doing some “measured groveling,” perhaps? 

Hungary vs. Sweden.  Come now, Swedish political leadership is obviously of great benefit – great benefit I tell you! – to all humanity, as opposed to all of those non-good Outer Hajnal Eastern European Hungarians.

Is Carlson reading Zturd?  I listened to what he said – it’s not as bad as Zturd, but it’s not entirely accurate either. It’s too early right now for either direction – certainly too early for Zturd’s “let the good times roll” and too early for Fauci’s “close everything down until there’s isn’t a single slant-eyed, yellow virus particle in America.” We need to get a clear understanding of viral spread in Red State America.  But, Carlson needs to consider what is linked above – it may be precisely all of the measures he worries about that are reducing infection rates in certain areas of the country.  It may be useful to hear from epidemiologists and infectious disease experts other than Fauci as well. Let’s get some consensus. My point is as well – what would Tucker do?  Let’s get some actual proposals. It’s easy to criticize. What should be done?

Odds and Ends, 3/28/20

In der news.

Colored is as colored does – Asiatics like Greta keep on causing problems.

No, no, a thousand times no!  Thunberg is of great benefit to all humanity and we need more Ladogans like her!

How about some tough talk for the Chinese who infected you all?  Or will you serenade them from balconies?

Extremely cognitive and oh so very elite. Comment from news post thread:

Sorry but I’m going to say it. The people who eat these things need to join the modern world and step out of their third world medieval existence. There is no need for wet markets and eating of exotic animals in the modern world. Join the 21st century.

A ballad for Zturd  Have you noticed that many of the Type Is who used to gibber about “worse is better,” Der Tag, “boogaloo,” and fervently wished for a collapse, are now hysterically screaming for “America to get back to work” in order to “save the economy?”  It’s almost as if they were never serious about the political posturing they were doing during the “good times.” 

It’s quite possible that the outcome of the crisis will not be as bad as the worst predictions. Would that make Zturd correct?  No. Zturd argues that we should go about business as usual even IF the worst comes true.  

Trump continues to pitifully grovel to Asian-“Americans.” One wonders why.  One wonders what exactly is going on there in the White House. After all, Bill Clinton had Monica Lewinsky, what could be going on today?  Measured groveling, Donny, measured groveling.

A crucially important Chinese accomplishment.  How can the work of Newton, Michelangelo, or Shakespeare compare to that?  If you would like to see a political outcome of HBD, see 2:38-2:53 here.  Interesting how all of the Type I racial purists have no objection to that, similar to how they tolerate – in some cases even promote – Derbyshire.  The creation of an Jeurasian mongrel class in the “West” – coupled to the continued preservation of the original Asian stocks in Asia – is one of the openly stated goals of HBD.  Yet the Type Is never denounce HBD.  The HBD-Nordicist alliance continues (with ethnonationalist junior partners bringing up the rear).

Men do research to fight The China Plague, while milady occupies her time with other pursuits.  Joan of Arc!

Read this.

A position no doubt supported by Der Movement.

Steve Bannon’s measured groveling to Simone Gao is pitiful. Is Simone Gao John Derbyshire’s favorite investigative journalist?  No, Steve, it’s not the CCP virus, it’s the CHINESE virus. Stop groveling to bizarre yellow aliens.

Boris Johnson does his part for herd immunity.

Strawman argument.  It very well can be a wild-type unmodified virus that was being studied in the Wuhan biowarfare labs.  This whole “lab release = bioengineered” is gaslighting for the rubes. Do you also notice that the “it’s purely natural” argument is used against the “Chinese bioweapon” argument, but not the “American bioweapon” equivalent?

Seems OK to me.  Next, make a painting showing Chinese cackling with glee at all the suffering and death they’ve cause with The China Plague.

The subhuman animal Zturd writes:

This graph gets to something else that has been revealed during this crisis. Those inclined to left-wing politics are more easily frightened than those attracted to more sober minded approaches to public policy. It is something to keep in mind when looking at how our guys have reacted to this crisis. For example, many of the old alt-right people now sound like one of the girls from the Huffington Post. It is a good reminder that there is a left-right axis within dissident politics.

Another thing the pressure of the moment has revealed, something I touch on in the show, is that many of our guys are wholly ignorant of economics. Given that the rejection of the neoliberal economic order is one commonality on this side of the great divide, it is a bit surprising that many of our guys do not have the first clue about how the system actually works. More than a few of our guys have taken to sounding like one of the girls from the Democratic Socialist camp.

Of course, much of this is the result of people living outside the system that most people take for granted.

Rewritten for accuracy:

This post gets to something else that has been revealed during this crisis. Those inclined to right-wing politics are more easily attracted to comical conspiracy theorizing and irrational contrarian positions than those attracted to more sober minded approaches to public policy. It is something to keep in mind when looking at how our guys have reacted to this crisis. For example, many of the new alt-right people now sound like an escapee from a mental hospital.  It is a good reminder that there is a retard-normal axis within dissident politics.

Another thing the pressure of the moment has revealed, something I touch on in this blog, is that many of our guys are complete hypocrites when their own economic self-interest is at stake.  Given that the rejection of the System is one commonality on this side of the great divide, it is a bit surprising that many of our guys are ever so eager to prop up that System and preserve its stability in a crisis. More than a few of our guys have taken to sounding like one of the girls from a neoconservative conference.

Of course, much of this is the result of people living outside the sane society that most people take for granted.

The man’s deranged.  And dishonest.  He pretends that China Plague realists are ignorant and unaware of the economic costs. Untrue.  It is simply that following Zturd’s prescriptions could quickly turn the entire USA into Italy or New York. How would the economy fare then?  Again, even if the outbreak turns out to be not as bad as predicted, Zturd is still deranged, since he’s advocating “sacrifice for the economy” under current conditions with current data.  If things turn out not to be that bad, it will become apparent over the next few weeks, and then we can “open up the country,” as our orange-hued fearless leader advocates. Very well. I think it prudent to determine what’s happening first before “opening up,” while Zturd, wearing his green eyeshade accounting cap, measures shekels gained and lost, and hysterically screams to “open her up” immediately.

Some refreshing truth:

GhostDack JorseyGhost

No one wants to say it, but IDGAF about being PC;

– China release this virus

– Northern Italy got wrecked because they sold their factories to China who imported workers

– NYC is wrecked because of Chinatown and Flushing, Queens, both swarming with illegals.

That’s the truth

Indeed it is.

Tops, not bottoms.  In other words, Rosies, not Johnnys.

Watch this.  The difference between Left and Right is that the Left says worries about The China Plague is “racism,” while the Right such as Kturd become hysterical about “the economy.”

In other words, the areas in Europe with “extreme individualist” families tend to be the ones that came under the heavy influence of the “egalitarian individualism” of northwest hunter-gatherers (Scandinavia). The ones with “moderate individualism” tend to be the ones heavily influenced by the aristocratic individualism of Indo-Europeans, along with some Nordic egalitarianism influences, namely, France, Germany, Austria, the Netherlands, and Switzerland.The ones with “moderate collectivism,” where kinship ties remained relatively strong in family patterns, tend to be the ones heavily influenced by collectivist Anatolian farmers, namely Italy, Greece, and Spain, though MacDonald observes a moderate collectivism in eastern Europe and Russia as well.

Uh huh.  Please see this graph.  See the Y axis. Truth vs. HBD lies. Germany, France, Austria, and Finland are actually more collectivist than Italy, and Russia is an extreme example of collectivism, not “moderate,” more so than even Spain.  Denmark and Sweden are in the range of Italy. Eastern European Hungarians are quite individualist (is that why they tolerate the invader John Morgan amongst them?).

HBD makes one stupid.  And dishonest. The downfall of MacDonald has been one of the more tragic examples of the sad decline of a rightist academic.


I wonder whether Sweden can be classified as an individualist society given the extremely conformist culture it has engendered. We call Nordics “radical liberals,” but they are not liberals anymore, since very little independent thinking and dissent is permitted against politically correct values enforced by the state without dialogue.

No kidding.  Sweden is no less collectivist than is Italy.

Sad.  Very sad.

How is this possible?  According to the great and good Sir Desmond Jones, Italy is 100% homogeneous, without a single non-Italian, to the end of time, forever and ever, amen. Oh well, Africans and Italians are one and the same, no?

But then, what about the hundreds of thousands of Chinese living in Italy, spreading disease?  

Now, if we were talking about East Asian regions like, say, Scandinavia and surrounding regions, as well as Iceland, then all those Chinese could be consistent with a 100% homogeneous society (Bromstad, Thunberg, and Bjork all agree).  But, Italy?  Come now. Considering a sub-Saharan African nation like Italy, with a native population racially akin to Nigerians, what are Chinese doing there?

Seriously though, when are all you rank-and-file nitwits out there going to finally understand that Der Movement is always, always, ALWAYS wrong about just about EVERYTHING?  

While Trump ignores his base, he does this.  We must consult experts, after all!

Der Right is Discredited

The Right is dead; long live the Right!

Well, well, well.  After week after week of “nothingburger, jacked-up-cold, hoax, just a flu, common cold,” etc., we’re now reduced to this.

Have fun!

Der Right, Der Right, Der Right is always, always, ALWAYS wrong.

Der Right has been DISCREDITED.  The OLD Right – which includes all the Quota Queens who pretend to be “New Right” – with its retarded dogma, its anti-scientific “traditionalism” and obsessions with religion, its sweaty fetishism, its anti-empiricism, its anti-materialism, its hatred of rationality, is being discredited. Has been discredited.  ALL of it, like a house of cards, comes crashing down when confronted with a very materialist crisis. Jaysus won’t save you, your dogmas won’t save you, and Savitri Devi and The Men Who Can’t Tell Time won’t save you either.  Promoting outrageous HBD lies won’t save you. The virus infects both the Inner Hajnals and the Outer Hajnals. Calling it “the common cold” so as to save your capitalist stock market won’t save you, Rush Fats. Literally – not figuratively, but literally – worshipping the Chinese won’t make you immune to their virus either, HBDers. It rains on the just and unjust alike, Jesus freaks, just like your “holy book” says, and that “rain” is virus-infected. Made in China!

Oh by the way, HBD filth, if it is so “obviously” an “American bioweapon” then why pray tell did your high, high, high IQ geniuses in China do this?  Why torment their population by preventing them from enjoying a practice with “deep cultural roots” if it is so “obviously” planted there by “American soldiers during an exercise?”  Why use the power of the state to prevent scabrous Orientals from eating live rats, bats, snakes, and frogs if this is an “American product?” 

Because even THEY know it originated in The Land of the Monsters.

But, hey, the triad of SJWs, leftist activists and the Chicom government, and HBD filth tell us that speaking the truth is “racist.”

HBD for its pretense of being the “hard truth-telling, don’t care about your feelings” heroes are as bad as the most hysterical Asiatic SJW.

My response:

Chinese coronavirus.

CHINESE coronavirus.

CHINESE coronavirus.

CHINESE coronavirus.

CHINESE coronavirus.

It is clear, Asiatics and SJWS?  Is it clear, HBD filth?

CDC director – a moron. Calling it a “Chinese virus” does not imply it is restricted only to China and is found no where else, you mendacious scum.  IT MEANS IT ORIGINATED IN CHINA.  With trash like this in charge, it is surprising that the American response to The China Plague is nearly as bad as that of the incompetent Afrowop guineas of Dagoland?

The Right is discredited. Large sections of the Far Right – certainly the HBD race realists – are discredited. They now reveal themselves as no better than the Left, which was discredited long ago. Both Left and Right – and the Center as well – are anti-scientific, anti-empiricist, crazed solipsists who believe that their personal opinions shape reality.  

Curiously, I am hearing from White American STEMers who not only continue to get invitations from China to attend scientific conferences there in the midst of this crisis, but are receiving unsolicited mail from Chinese academic institutions. Keep in mind that the virus can remain on surfaces for long period of times – some estimates are up to three-to-nine days.  Are the Chinese trying to intentionally infect White scientific researchers?   Anyway, for all those correspondents – keep me informed and I’ll report what I learn here.

Question: Is the Amren conference going to go on ahead?  Will they have a choice?  What if the Tennessee government bans all large gatherings?

Hail Bulgaria!  Meanwhile, Germans are trying to aid the invaders. In a crisis, everyone reveals their true self.

Der Movement weeps.

Hail Greece!  No worries though.  Maybe some German and Norwegian ships can help the migrants enter Europe via the sea route.  

Everyone does their part, I suppose.  Perhaps Germany can send some engineers there to construct another dam to block the water flowing from the opened Bulgarian one. The German dam can divert the water so as to knock that Greek right off his tractor.  Gotta get all dem migrants in!

Hajnal line, Hajnal line, high trust cucking to migrants for my Hajnal line!

Any comments from Revilo Oliver? Maybe Strom can channel some words of wisdom from beyond the grave.  New topic – instead of “what we owe our parasites” it will be “what we owe our traitors.”

I’m amused at claims of “misogyny” over Warren’s failed Presidential bid.  When non-Whites refuse to vote for (White men) conservative Republicans, that’s chalked up to rationale choice – why should the Coloreds vote for people who (allegedly) hate them and who do not represent their interests?  Very well.  Why should White men vote for the likes of Warren, who are quite open about their hostility toward “cis hetero” White men?  Why should White men vote for those who hate them?  Who don’t represent their interests?  True enough, that applies to most “conservative Republicans” as well, but we’re talking specifically about Warren here.

Why complain?  HBDers support Asians and oppose “racism” against Asians so this is all good!

Why waste time discussing MacDonald’s utter crap?  I laugh at this:

A fair criticism, which I am sure MacDonald would welcome, is that much research is still required in support of the thesis that northwestern European H-G cultures were characterized by a bilateral kinship system, nuclear families, exogamous and monogamous marriages, individual choice in marriage, and a relatively high position of women.

How can Duchesne be so naïve?  We’ve seen how well MacDonald welcomes “fair criticism” with his recent hysterical response to the Meisenberg piece, amplified by the ad hominem attacks by MacDonald fanboys in the comments section of that response. HBDers do not want criticism, fair or otherwise. They are not interested in hypothesis testing. They do not follow the scientific method.  They are thoroughly Kuhnian, without the slightest trace of Popperism whatsoever.  The start out with their conclusion and then move backwards to cherry pick isolated data points in support of their politically motivated hokum. Welcome criticism?  What’s Duchesne smoking?

Well, well, well…critiquing Gods?

There was a sort of “Whites and Asians together” concept that existed in the decades following the riot. The concept was probably a cuckservative idea that was more related to the disappointment whites felt at the failure of “civil rights” rather than an actual combining of whites and Asians politically and culturally.

So much for the “Arctic Alliance.”  Derbyshire weeps, bitterly.

Cathy Park Hong shows what I’ve observed through two tours in Korea with the military and growing up around military bases with their contingents of Korean camp followers. Korean culture is not very dynamic. The professionalism, intelligence, creativity, lawfulness, etc., is a mirage. Korean immigration to the US, of which Cathy Park Hong is a part, has been problematic from the get-go.

Of course it has. A more intelligent form of Negro.  I’ve been saying that for years.

Resentment is interwoven through the book; resentment that Seoul is covered in dust from a natural phenomenon called “the Yellow Wind” (which she doesn’t seem to understand), and resentment that movies whose plot settings take place prior to 1965 don’t have more non-whites. She has resentment that her face is too Mongolian, too wide, with eyes too slanted, and her looks are too homely. Her resentment over her looks is everywhere in this book. Hong has much resentment towards a type of plastic surgery, developed by a US Army surgeon during the Korean War, whereby Oriental women can get the epicanthic fold removed from their eyes so they look prettier. Apparently, this surgery is very, very popular in South Korea. The envy and resentment over her looks are as pathetic and contemptible as it is striking.

This is wholly consistent with everything I’ve written about racial envy as a motivation for anti-White hatred.  Negroes or Orientals – it’s all the same.  They are all COLORED, TROPICAL peoples whose alien natures are evident to themselves when they look in a mirror.  Derbyshire weeps.

There is nothing profound in this book. She identifies with Richard Pryor’s jokes but has no ideas of her own. She seems to have been inspired when one of her Oriental girlfriends cut a loud fart.

When you combine an Oriental alien nature with female lack of agency, the results are not good.

…as I worked in a Chinese restaurant and have many Italian friends of Asian origin and their fear is legit.

Italian friends of Asian origin ” They are not Italian, you retarded scum.  That’s the main reason Italy has become a charnel house – there are many thousands of Chinese invaders living there, with “Made in Italy” meaning “Made in Chinese Sweatshops on Italian territory.” There are also Chinese restaurants, and all the rest, diseased-ridden Orientals moving back and forth between Italy and China, going to China for their moronic holiday and then returning to Italy with a little viral gift.

We are Italians after all, we are known to be social, touchy and family-oriented; isolation is something we never think about.

Italians are mocked worldwide with complete justification.  Italians are an embarrassmen– weak, womanly and effeminate (social, touchy, family-oriented), unable to follow rules, hysterical and gesticulating: Behold Italians as the anvil of history, as the pathetic laughingstock of Europe.

MacDonald, Johnson, Possible Chinese-HBD Connections, and Other News

News and views.

As I recall (and if I am mistaken, I stand corrected and I do apologize) MacDonald admitted that he was a liberal as a young man, a college leftist influenced by Jewish radicals. If I remember that correctly, then one wonders. Is it possible that MacDonald’s recent foray into legacy-wrecking HBD Nordicism is due to this past history and his need to justify it – at least to himself? In his old age, MacDonald may need to “tie up the loose ends of his past,” thereby excusing himself for being an easily duped liberal conformist, because his “genetically determined Indo-European steppe individualism” coupled to his “very honorable high trust northern hunter gatherer legacy” left him vulnerable to manipulation by “collectivist Jews” derived from “Anatolian farmer” ancestry.  Yeah, yeah…that’s the ticket.

In any case, I’ll repeat what I previously wrote here – I cannot think of a single useful activist who started out as a liberal…or a libertarian. Those political backgrounds indicate a flaw in character that always manifests in the end. If my thesis about MacDonald is correct then it is ironic that in his attempt to explain away being manipulated by Jews in the past, he’s allowing himself to be manipulated by Jews in the present.  HBD is a political movement to empower Jews and Asians at the expense of Whites, and those who drink the HBD Kool-Aid are clearly being manipulated by Jews and Jewish interests, whether they know it or not.

Let’s now consider Greg Johnson; in all cases emphasis added.

But, as I never tire of pointing out, Trump did not have to take these positions to win. The whole system is premised on not giving the people what they want. Trump could have played by the system’s rules. Trump could have xeroxed the Jeb! platform and still won, based simply on his celebrity, money, and personality. In fact, it would have been easier for Trump to win that way…

Trump’s America-First trade and foreign policies, and his promise to reduce immigration — most of which is non-white — spoke to the demographic anxieties of white Americans. Trump ran as a populist, not a Republican. He won the votes of blue-collar democrats whose livelihoods are threatened by globalization. But, as a number of political scientists have argued since the election, economic populism was not enough to put Trump in the White House. His decisive advantage came from his appeal to white identity politics.

Now, carefully compare:

Trump could have xeroxed the Jeb! platform and still won…it would have been easier for Trump to win that way…


His decisive advantage came from his appeal to white identity politics.

“Decisive advantage.” Isn’t that exactly what I have been writing all these months in refutation of Johnson’s original, comically absurd, thesis from August 2019?  Astonishing. 

From the same two posts and their comments:

Johnson August 2019:

Trump is toast in 2020 no matter whatHe will lose in a landslide.

Johnson March 2020:

But it looks like the Democrats may be just stupid enough to lose it…I hope that Trump can beat Biden.

At no point does he admit any of this and acknowledge his poor judgment. He never admits to possibly being wrong and changing his mind.  He just seems to hope that the retards who send him money forget the first set of dogmatic assertions by the time they read the diametrically opposite second set.

Johnson is the absolute worst. Remember what Sam Francis said about the “two” major American political parties?  The Democrats are the evil party and the Republicans are the stupid party. By analogy, Greg Johnson is the Democrats and Richard Spencer is the Republicans.  Evil vs. stupid.

Behold the female.  Unfortunately, Tucker goes off the rails at the end.  Conservatives gonna cuck.

Read this.  Emphasis added:

Now, Chinese news anchors are telling the population that the global community owes a debt of gratitude to China for its “sacrifice” in containing the outbreak (referring to the draconian crackdown instituted by Chinese officials).

They’re laughing at us: Behold the TROPICAL Chinese.

Apparently, the domestic propaganda channels are overlooking the fact that the virus originated in China and the government’s slow response unleashed the disease on the world.


As Pompeo added, Communist Party officials have confirmed that the virus came from Wuhan, even as China’s party-backed conspiracists continue to tout rumors that the virus was a tool invented by the Americans.

Well, well, well“China’s party-backed conspiracists.”   Readers here know that not too long ago I chronicled how HBD “race realists” at Unz and the Amren comments threads were spreading the outrageous “American bioweapon” lie and I presciently suggested the possibility that Chinese government interests were at least in part behind the spreading of that lie – the lie of “tout rumors that the virus was a tool invented by the Americans.”  Apparently, others are saying the same thing; there may be evidence of “China party” backing for some of these “conspiracists.” This fully supports my call that HBDers should be investigated by the US government to ascertain if they are acting as undeclared agents of China. Why not? If they are innocent then they have nothing to hide and they should welcome such an inquiry. Are we seeing the beginning of the unraveling of the threads connecting Chinese government actors and HBD race realists?  What’s going on here?  Inquiring minds want to know.

HBD is a bitter enemy of the White race; HBD is a tool of Asia; HBD is the traitor in our midst.

As he added, he calls the virus “the Wuhan virus” to remind the world where it came from.

The truth.


The thing is, this virus spreading around the world could very well be the crisis that requires a competent and assertive ruling class. Tough decisions will need to be made in order to prevent a catastrophe…

Hmmm.  Who do you want as representing your “movement?”  People who call the virus a “nothingburger,” or ignore it completely, or who are running dogs for the Chinese government with the HBDers’ “American bioweapon” hoax? Or do you want clear-minded good judgment and prescient evaluation – that identified the virus as a serious threat from the very beginning, just as the same judgment identified Trump as a vulgar buffoon and a fraud from the very beginning, and identified the Alt Right as a destructive disaster from the very beginning? But, hey, keep on with the affirmative action program, it is working wonders.

Covid-19 could very well be the modern equivalent of the Mongol Invasion.

In more ways than one, eh?  Too bad the HBDers and Silkers weren’t around back then. They could have aided the Mongols in the hope that a buck-toothed, yellow-skinned, flat-chested Mongotrix would, as a reward, sodomize them with a spear. Hope springs eternal!

“Trevor Lynch” gets excited:

Delon’s Ripley is simply a cold sociopath, although one wants him to be more, because Delon is stunningly handsome.

“Stunningly handsome.”  Wipe that sweat off your forehead and figure out how old Del can be recruited for the Mannerbund!

Whatever the System/SJWs/Media complex tells you to do or not do – your most likely best bet is to do the opposite.

By the way, never forget what happened during the year during the Dubya reign when flu shots were scarce – Blacks and Browns were prioritized and Whites had to do without.  Is that the real reason for the anti-hoarding propaganda?  In a crisis, two groups will be prioritized for medicine, food, and supplies – wealthy elites (Whites, Jews, and some Asians) and all of the TROPICAL Coloreds – Blacks, Hispanics, the mass of Asians, etc. The White masses will be left to go rot.  That’s not “the paranoid style” – that’s what actually happened in the early 2000s.  Whitey has to prep.  Coloreds get the free handouts. The System would love to see you starve to death just as long as some 300 lb. Negress doesn’t have to suffer a microsecond of hunger.

China is the enemy of mankind.  The Chinese are born liars. Note that over the last few weeks some HBDers have been pushing the same agenda. Very curious that coincidence, very curious indeed.. There needs to be a fair and careful FARA investigation of the HBD race realists. If there’s no problem then they have nothing to worry about and so they should welcome the inquiry.  It is curious though how there was a push for the “American bioweapon” lie on HBD forums a while back, at the same time that Chinese government mouthpieces started in on that. Purely a coincidence, no doubt.  Again, if there’s no “fire,” then there should be no problem in looking at why there’s so much “smoke.” Again, it can of course be a purely innocent coincidence,  Very well. Why not look into it just to confirm that coincidental innocence?  

Please watch this.  Once again, the big question: Is there any connections between the Chinese misinformation propaganda campaign and HBD race realism? This blog has chronicled attempts by HBD race realists to promote the Chinese propaganda narrative of an “American bioweapon.” The question is whether the convergence of Chinese government and HBD propaganda is an innocent coincidence or is there actual direct cooperation between the two entities. The former is perfectly legal albeit despicable; the latter is a violation of federal law since I know of no HBD race realists who are declared agents of China.  Again, we are only asking for an investigation.  It is entirely possible that everything is perfectly kosher (in more ways than one, eh?), but it is possible it is not.  The only way to be sure is to look into it.  If there is nothing there, then there should be no objections.  Again, if there is nothing to hide, everyone should welcome an inquiry into this matter. 

This is by far the best Tucker Carlson commentary I have seen so far.  With respect to the “movement,” we need to hold the Asiaphiles of the HBD race realist faction responsible and accountable. To paraphrase Carlson’s commentary about the “American” political class – hold the HBDers accountable, strip them of their power, and don’t listen to them. The HBD race realists are treasonous filth and now with The China Plague and Chinese Extortion the bill is coming due. Time for the Yellow Supremacists to pay up. Pay up dem dere shekels and yuan, HBDers.

But of course.  Pander to everyone BUT the base. They can safely be taken for granted, as long as a few empty dog whistles are thrown into the mix.  The Republican playbook for more than a half century now.

Read this.

When I arrived on campus, I discovered that all three of my roommates were Chinese exchange students who barely spoke English. They hung together and I felt like an outsider in my own dorm room. They put calendars on our communal fridge written in Mandarin and stared at me whenever I walked into the common area, pausing their conversation just because of the presence of a white girl.

But, but, but…what happened to “The Arctic Alliance?” Seems to me like the TROPICAL Chinatrics objected to the presence of a European.

Very cognitive, very elite.

The nothingburger marches on.  Can the entire “movement” be flushed down the toilet, please?

I’ve seen some rather disturbing projections about The China Plague. These projections suggest that things here in the USA will get very dicey by early-mid May (or possibly earlier; e.g., in April). Rapidly spreading infection; deaths; a shortage of hospital beds, PPE, and medicines; supply chain shortages; etc. The shortages and the illness will likely synergize with each other.

I have to be serious here. There’s a possibility I will die from this; there’s a possibility that you will die from this. Never forget who is responsible – the Chinese, who are so outrageously crazy and disgusting that they are trying to evade responsibility and are trying to gaslight humanity about the disease’s origin.

Unless things suddenly get better, it is almost certain that some reasonably prominent person or persons in the “movement” will come down with this illness.  Whether the case will be mild or serious (or worse) cannot of course be predicted, but it is unlikely in the extreme that the “movement” will emerge unscathed from this crisis. Most of them, all of the Quota Queens, are not taking it seriously.  Remember that EGI Notes has been “banging the drum” over this from the very beginning, and I’ve been correct to do so.

Good luck to you all on this and be sure to be prepping. I have been doing so.

The HBDers must be in their glory that a Chinese virus is causing Italian infection, suffering, and death. The only yellow fly in the ointment is that the Italian epicenter is in the north and not the south. If only the disease concentration was in Sicily then the HBDers would need to be hospitalized for intractable priapisms.

Remember this? Of course, with the alliance going full steam ahead, that’s down the memory hole.

In Der News, 3/5/20


Kevin MacDonald has degenerated into a pathetic HBD fetishist.

Notice that my book does not have a separate chapter on the southern European cultures deriving from the Anatolian farmers, the reason being that they were not important for understanding the main currents of European culture, i.e., the currents that derived from the other two groups—the Indo-Europeans and the northern hunter-gatherers.

Sure! I mean, Ancient Greece and Ancient Rome, and all of the other cultures of the European Mediterranean, which were overwhelmingly farmer in origin, support “the southern European cultures deriving from the Anatolian farmers, the reason being that they were not important for understanding the main currents of European culture.”

No one denies that there was a minority of steppe ancestry in those cultures -.Europeans are a mix.  So what?  They were overwhelmingly of farmer ancestry.  So, the 30% you focus on is more important than the 70% you ignore?  The same applies to Bronze age Rome. Yes, as is common in Europe, there’s introduction of steppe ancestry.  This is a component of European genetics.  But the majority ancestry is farmer.  

To put this in modern terms – these fetishsts will likely assert that Greta Thunberg and Hubert Humphrey represent “the main currents of European culture” while Julius Evola and Giovanni Gentile do not represent such currents at all.  I’ll let the reader evaluate that viewpoint.  And lest I be accused of wrongly emphasizing individuals (“anecdotal evidence”) I will point out that unless you subscribe to the Marxist theory of apersonal “historical trends” determining all, the reality is that it are individuals – important, prominent individuals – who are most often the drivers of history, the makers of history, the representatives of the “main currents” of a culture.

Fact is, on  a per capita basis, areas of Europe disdained by MacDonald have actually contributed more than their fair share to “the main currents of European culture,” even when compared to those areas of Europe MacDonald worships.

The persistent contrasts between the relatively collectivist south and the much more individualist north…

See this.  If there’s a clear cut north-south cline evident among the European countries, it’s not immediately clear to those of us who don’t have to wipe the sweat off of our forehead every time we see a picture of hapa Greta Thunberg.

Speaking of which:

….Swedes seem to need collective support for their opinions. Collective solutions are a hallmark of Swedish society and dominate Swedish politics. Survey data are used to illustrate this theme empirically.

Wrong again.  What else is new?

So it seems quite reasonable to infer a genetic pattern…

“Seems quite reasonable…”  That’s what the HBDers consider evidence.

So, it also “seems quite reasonable” when looking at the types leaving breathless comments to MacDonald’s screed, that his current work is meant to be a political appeal to the HBD Nordicist crowd, rather than any scholarly analysis.

Even Duchesne of all people had to critique the childish Ostara-like characteristics of MacDonald’s recent foray into sweaty fetishism.  That all should tell you something.

Indeed, it is ironic how conformist and collectivist these “movement” types are in their dogmatic beliefs.  Hey,if they truly believe what they write, then they should advocate having fewer pathologically individualist northerners in positions of authority in their “movement,” and more of these collectivist southerners.  The latter could hardly do worse than the former, who have made a mockery of racial activism for the last half century.

The nothingburger!

“The worst kind of White people”…you mean White women, right?

Apparently so:

Chapo Trap House touches on a defining characteristic of Mrs. Warren: she’s a “woke” scold. She may be the most prominent example of a certain class of white professionals who revel in their status of “enlightened anti-racist liberals” and try to use that status for their own benefit while posing as generous and compassionate. I’ve met people like this — almost always white women: Teachers who ignore black-on-white violence but punish students for using the word “retarded;” professors who lower your grade because you use “gendered” words such as “mankind” instead of “humankind;” people who tell you you have no right to an opinion on whether welfare recipients should have to pass drug tests because you’ve never been on welfare.

Greg Johnson weeps.  Joan of Arc, Joan of Arc, my woke scold Pocahontas for a Joan of Arc!

Open up Counter-Currents on March 4 2020, in the middle of a viral pandemic that has definite racial overtones, and we see zero articles on that, but multiple separate articles on ‘Richard Weaver.”

Behold the Turk – a Eurasian mongrel from the sewers of Central Asia.

Mr. Stylometry Durocher writes a long, rambling, incoherent piece allegedly about “expat nationalism” without ever defining what that is and what its implications are – to the amusement of some of his commentators who notice the same omission I have.

Maybe John Morgan can help us figure it out – you know, the non-Hungarian ethnonationalist American expat living in Hungary, blatantly violating the ethnic homogeneity and sovereignty of the Hungarian people.  Is that “expat nationalism?”

A HuWhite mollusc  A Jewtopus?

It’s the nothingburger!

Globalist Neocon Arnold sees the public portion of his event cancelled.  What goes around comes around.  Globalism has its price, Mr. Austrian Oak.

Joan of Arc, Joan of Arc, my cancel culture for a Joan of Arc!

We now need some homosexuals – whose only experience with women is giggling with them while admiring some “hunky man” – to tell us how much we need, need,  need these “women” in the “movement.”


There have been many technical explanations for why democracy is a system that eventually destroys itself. Those explanations are sound, but one reason seldom mentioned is that democracy selects for the worst people. You cannot run anything with feckless airheads and narcissistic nitwits. That’s democracy though. It elevates the vain and stupid into positions of authority. It elevates narcissism and boasting over prudence and caution. It makes the people reckless and stupid.

Wow!  Did you think of that yourself? How insightful!  We certainly have never read or heard anything like that, ever!  His whole essay is – pot, meet kettle.

The HBD-Nordicist Alliance

With ethnonationalist junior partners.

Duchesne, to his credit, confronts the ultra-radical extreme Nordicism of the HBDer MacDonald.

MacDonald believes that this openness beyond Rome and beyond Italian ethnicity “resulted in Rome losing its ethnic homogeneity.” (p. 84) He cites Tenney Frank’s argument (1916) that Rome’s decline was a product of losing its vital racial identity as Italians become mixed with very heavy doses of “Oriental blood in their veins.” He believes that the Roman I-E strategy of incorporating talent into their groupings worked so long as “the incorporated peoples were closely related to the original founding stock.”

Perhaps we can also question Tenney Frank’s argument about the heavy presence of Oriental blood in Italy. According to David Noy, free overseas immigrants in Rome — never mind the Italian peninsula at large — might have made up 5% of the population at the height of the empire, which is to deny Orientalist elements among the enslaved population.

A more comprehensive analysis is here.

It would seem that the city of Rome itself went over 5% for a time – but that’s the city and the city only. There is ZERO evidence that, in general, Italians become mixed with very heavy doses of “Oriental blood in their veins.” The genetic evidence is that Rome always had a “Mediterranean” character, heavily “Neolithic,” and that the “I-E” element is overblown  That MacDonald parrots Frankite nonsense tells you he’s thrown his lot in 100% with the HBD-Nordicist (with ethnonationalists pulling up the rear) alliance that serves Jewish and Asian interests.  How have the “mighty” fallen.

Laughably, MacDonald himself is disparaged as an “ethnic Catholic” by the Anglocentric Puritanists; these types are always attacking each other when they are not targeting the wops and dagoes they despise.

In any case, Rome was at the peak of its power when it had the “Oriental” influx, and declined and collapsed when the influx shifted to the North and West.  However you want to interpret those facts, they are facts nevertheless.

Is Greg “Joan of Arc” Johnson going to criticize his buddy Z-man for “misogyny?”

Similarly, Klobuchar reminded everyone why giving women the vote was a bad idea, as she ticked every box for the matronly politician. At various points she was offended, over eager, cloying and schoolmarmish.

A sincere man of genuine greatness!  When will Johnson’s presumption of “leadership” be met with the laughing scorn it deserves?

This is HBD:

a multiracial individual  Hubert Cumberdale •
Are you willing to accept the obvious that some white groups are more competent than others?
Hubert Cumberdale  a multiracial individual •
I pretty much always accepted that northern Europeans were the highest IQ and least corruption prone even among whites as a whole…… did I ever imply Moldovans or Portuguese were by any chance?

This “Cumberdale” is one of the people I noted yesterday who was promoting the outrageous lie that coronavirus in China is from an “American bioweapon.”

Let’s see:

1. A multiracial mongrel tries to stir up division among Whites

2. He/she/it finds a willing colleague in a HBDer

3. The HBDer takes a typical Nordicist, anti-“Med” stance

4. The same HBDer is so fanatically pro-Chinese that he/she/it blames White Americans for the coronavirus crisis that is 100% fault of the Chinese themselves

Once again, I am proven 100% correct.

Let’s see why:

1. I suggested a HBD-Nordicist (and ethnonationalist) alliance (see also about MacDonald above)

2. I have suggested that non-Whites will always attempt to promote intra-White division

3. I have also suggested that HBDers and Nordicists are always willing to take the bait for point # 2

4. I have always suggested that the fanatically pro-Asian HBDers promote their Asia-worshipping cult by sweetening their poison via appealing to the vanity of the Nordicists

5. Hence, the HBDers will drop occasional comments about the high intelligence/good behavior of Northern Europeans – but only as long as you accept that those Northern Europeans are inferior to East Asians in that regard.  It’s a package deal.  To get patted on the head by the HBDers you must accept Yellow Supremacy

6. The HBDers’ goal is to divide Europeans among themselves, and “skim off” the more intelligent “Nordics” as part of their projected Jeurasian elite – a “high IQ” mixed race society that they openly state will be dominated by (unmixed) Jews and Asians

7. According to HBD, “Moldovans or Portuguese” – never mind Romanians or Italians – are cringing subhumans, while the Chinese Gods – the ones who eat rats and snakes (often alive) and who regularly unleash plagues on humanity – are being persecuted by the racist White Man

That is HBD.  From their own mouths, so to speak.  I have warned you, I’ve predicted it, and have been called crazy, bitter, and paranoid for my troubles.  But I’m proven correct time and again, and will continue to be proven correct, because it is the truth.

It’s Becoming a Somethingburger

Various issues.

I’ve been paying close attention to various interviews and announcements from health experts (Dutton swoons about ”credentialism” – let’s hear what the theology folks have to say about viral transmission). The situation is dire. The China Plague is spreading, the modes of transmission now include feces-lack-of-hand-washing-contamination as well as person-to-person via air, there’s complete skepticism about containment outside China, the UK is having big problems with this, and the SJW System has it “in” for Whites.

All we hear from the System/SJWs is that travel restrictions are “racist” and “discriminatory.” They WANT the disease to spread in the USA. Reading between the lines what we can observe is gross disappointment among the SJWs that there aren’t more Whites infected and dying. Why should only Asiatics suffer? Share and share alike! True egalitarianism is achieved when the White Privilege of not being infected and dying ends, and the White devils start suffering like everyone else.

Meanwhile, there is news (if you believe the sources) that “re-infection” can occur with deadly consequences. That is, a person is or has been already infected, is fighting it or has recovered, has antibodies, gets exposed again, and that secondary exposure over-stimulates the immune system, with the resulting “cytokine storm” killing the patient. Whether or not this turns out to be reality, the established facts about the China Plague are bad enough.

True enough, some patients only have very mild symptoms. So?  Even with “Captain Trips” there were some few who were immune. Oh, that’s fiction, you may say.  However, it reflects reality. A plague does not have to kill, or even sicken, everyone to be absolutely devastating. Just ask those Europeans who survived The Yellow Death (called by System liars The Black Death).

More to the point is that even IF, starting today, the whole thing fizzles out, it has already had significant sociopolitical consequences in China and economic consequences that will have ripples throughout the world in 2020.  But it is not fizzling out starting today, is it?

This is a Somethingburger, my friends, not a Nothingburger (as the retarded “movement” would have you believe).

Once again: Der Movement – wrong, wrong, they’re always, ALWAYS wrong.

This situation will, if nothing else, prove the intellectual and moral bankruptcy of Der Movement, and even more so of its HBD race realist Yellow Supremacist faction.

As stated here before, you know damn well that if it were Black Africans – or even lower on the HBD hierarchy, S. Italians – responsible for this disaster, the “movement” would be screaming about it night and day, and the spontaneous ejaculations from HBD micropenes would rival Niagara Falls in volume and intensity.  But China?  Move on, move on, there’s nothing to see here.

The race war of Yellow against White.  China is waging chemical and biological warfare against the White race.  HBDers support China.  HBDers are genocidal race traitors.

Another human murdered by the monsters. HBD supports the monsters.  HBD is a criminal conspiracy.

Two serious coronavirus-related Amren questions:

1. Is Derbyshire attending the 2020 Amren conference?

2. If so, does that constitute a health risk for the other attendees?

Read this account of a typical effete White.

What’s interesting is that the name under the title read:

[name redacted]*

While at the end it said:

Spencer J. Quinn is a frequent contributor to Counter-Currents and the author of the novel White Like You.

And then the other name was fairy soon after changed to Quinn. The other name is also a Counter-Currents contributor. Does this mean that the same people contribute Counter-Currents articles under different names – artificially inflating the “diversity of opinion” at that site?  Or was it just an error like previously confusing Hampton and Johnson (unless they really are one and the same, which I am not claiming [although anything is possible])?

You know, the two-for-one deal is not impossible. I’m not saying that’s the case here – as I said the possibility of an error through incompetence is always possible when you’re dealing with these guys.  But it’s not impossible. 

*I’m not going to put the name here, since the fact that it was quickly changed means that either the author does not want to be associated with that essay by name or it was another example of affirmative action incompetence (or both). I don’t reveal things that are private and not already overtly public; that’s not what EGI Notes is about.  

Either possibility – multiple personas as really one person or merely repeated episodes of website formatting incompetence – does not reflect well on Counter-Currents. Then again, Counter-Currents does not reflect well on Counter-Currents, so what else can we expect?

Dutton’s critique of Rushton never happened, right?

Speaking of which, see this.  I’ll say this for Dutton – he delegitimizes HBD more than any of my own criticisms have so far achieved. Besides behaving like a juvenile jackass on podcasts, he engages in the HBD version of “purity spiraling” – attacking other HBD figures, first Rushton (but, strangely enough, in this review, Rushton’s material is now considered sound) and now Murray.  Dutton then promotes the works of pseudoscientists like “Tricky Dick” Lynn and “the Italian” Piffer, whose “work” has been analyzed, and refuted, here and elsewhere. Mr. Hello Hello Hello is like a loose cannon rolling along the deck of the HMS HBD, firing away wildly.  Keep it up, Eddie.

And then we have this, courtesy of Counter-Currents:

But there is a faction of the Dissident Right who believe that Bernie Bros should be the next frontier. Richard Spencer — whose new wife is a DSA socialist — recently endorsed Bernie Sanders for president, and TRS’s Fash the Nation has been giving Bernie glowing — no pun intended — coverage lately.

Can you doubt Sallis when I say that Der Movement is a pathetic joke?

See this.  I will assume that Strom is sincere in his concern about White demographics, his attitudes toward the Jewish power establishment, and his worries about the “browning of America.”  Very well.  Now, Ron Unz is a wealthy Jew who has written positively about the Hispanic influx into America and has written negatively about White nationalism.  Unz is a promoter of HBD, a cult that celebrates “high Jewish and Asian IQ.” Indeed, Unz has funded, according to online documentation, the likes of “Razib” Khan and Greg Cochran. Curiously, certain “White nationalists” write for Unz’s website, promoting the Unzian HBD agenda.  Whether they are paid to do so I do not know.  Nevertheless, the idea of a White nationalist writing for Unz is one that, in my opinion, any authentic White nationalist should denounce. Unfortunately, Strom has heretofore refused to critique Unz and the Unzian clique of WN traitors.

This is HBD:

I believe that the biggest problem facing our planet is the growth in the world’s population. I believe that the second biggest problem is that people with IQ’s below 100 are having more children than people with IQ’s above 100. I believe that the third biggest problem is that computer technology and automation are eliminating jobs people with IQ’s below 100 are able to learn.
I believe the human species is approaching another genetic shakeout. It won’t be pretty, but the result will be a human population with a much higher average intelligence. Because I believe that the trend toward miscegenation is unstoppable, and will accelerate, this more intelligent human species will be a multi racial hybrid.

Again, we see the HBD objective: Whites mongrelized out of existence, a “high IQ” Jeurasian admixed caste – but no doubt large numbers of unmixed Chinamen will continue to exist; you can’t mongrelize 1.4 billion ethnocentric White-hating Orientals.  Interesting that some of us are labeled as “paranoid” and “crazy and bitter” for denouncing HBD for things that the HBDers themselves heartily embrace.

HBD is purely an anti-White hate cult.  Meanwhile, Strom is strangely silent about HBD.  Why?

An idiot:

It is a good deal easier to get along with blacks from the Caribbean than it is wit  [sic] natural-born American blacks, especially when they are urban, less so if they are rural.

Obviously this is someone who never had to live among Jamaicans, who are as far below “American” Blacks as the latter are from Whites.  Reggae is to rap what rap is to Mozart.  Experto Crede.

The retard Zman:

In reality, the alt-right was doomed when the face of it became a narcissistic dilettante, incapable of organizing a one car funeral. A serious movement never would have tolerated Spencer as the leader.

Sure.  But that’s incomplete.  Let’s rewrite that last sentence:

A serious movement never would have tolerated Spencer, Johnson, Taylor, Pierce, Duke, Brimelow, MacDonald, Parrott, Heimbach, (fill in the blank for any other of the myriad Quota Queens), as leaders.

Back to Zman:

The whole Spencer fiasco puts the lie to the claims by some that optics are unimportant in their politics. The sole reason Spencer rose to become the face of the alt-right is he looked good on camera.

No, you liar, that’s not the sole reason.

Politics is always about keeping the ends in mind and making the necessary compromises to further those ends. 

As long as those compromises do not compromise the ends themselves, which is something all of the mainstreamers and “dissident right” grifters do not (or pretend to do not) understand.  When the means contradict the ends, then those means are useless, no matter how “practical” they are. Sailer’s “citizenism” is a perfect example, albeit that Sailer’s error is compounded by the reality that “citizenism” is no more practical in today’s America than is full-throated White nationalism.

Politics is a means to an end. 

Indeed it is.

Ideologues always fall into the trap of thinking politics is an end in itself…

No, you shallow-minded retard.  If the ideology is structured to achieve a specific end, then it is necessary.  Indeed, it is anti-ideological “practical” “political pragmatism” that ends up believing that “being in power” is an end in itself, regardless of what is or is not achieved with that power.

…which is why ideological states are always unstable and usually short lived. 

Define “ideological state.”

Successful outsider politics has to be practical in its application in order to win ground in the vast area that is always up for grabs between the orthodoxy and those challenging it.

And then do what with that “won ground?”  Mainstream conservatism took that “won ground” and surrendered it without a fight to the Left. Is that the sort of “pragmatic success” we should emulate?

A sincere man of genuine greatness!  When will Johnson be eschewed as a “movement” “leader?”

“Awful political takes.”  Of course.  Just like a Negress in some local DMV somewhere, “movement leaders” never actually have to be right about anything.  Their affirmative action protections are their shield.