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This is really moronic:

We have characterized the Y chromosome carried by President Thomas Jefferson, the general rarity of which supported the idea that he, or a patrilineal relative, fathered the last son of his slave Sally Hemings. It belongs to haplogroup K2, a lineage representing only ∼1% of chromosomes worldwide, and most common in East Africa and the Middle East. Phylogenetic network analysis of its Y‐STR (short tandem repeat) haplotype shows that it is most closely related to an Egyptian K2 haplotype, but the presence of scattered and diverse European haplotypes within the network is nonetheless consistent with Jefferson’s patrilineage belonging to an ancient and rare indigenous European type. This is supported by the observation that two of 85 unrelated British men sharing the surname Jefferson also share the President’s Y‐STR haplotype within haplogroup K2. Our findings represent a cautionary tale in showing the difficulty of assigning individual ancestry based on a Y‐chromosome haplotype, particularly for rare lineages where population data are scarce. Am J Phys Anthropol, 2007. © 2007 Wiley‐Liss, Inc.

Any “movement” fetishist couldn’t do “better.”  Jefferson’s NRY is “most common in East Africa and the Middle East. Phylogenetic network analysis of its Y‐STR (short tandem repeat) haplotype shows that it is most closely related to an Egyptian K2 haplotype” but it is also at the same time “an ancient and rare indigenous European type” because “two of 85 unrelated British men sharing the surname Jefferson also share the President’s Y‐STR haplotype within haplogroup K2.”  Err, why isn’t that simply low level admixture?  If this was in Southern (or Eastern) Europe you damn well know the presence of K2 would be ascribed to admixture and not, mysteriously, to “an ancient and rare indigenous European type” that just so happens to “most closely related to an Egyptian K2 haplotype.”  Occam’s Butterknife!  

The only thing here of worth is the obvious – ” a cautionary tale in showing the difficulty of assigning individual ancestry based on a Y‐chromosome haplotype, particularly for rare lineages where population data are scarce.”
Notice that Jobling changes his tune a bit here:

The fact that K2 is common in the Middle East, however, raises the possibility that Jefferson had a Jewish ancestor, Dr. Jobling said. Jewish Y chromosomes resemble those of Middle Eastern peoples, and the Jewish Diaspora is one way Middle Eastern chromosomes entered Europe.

Population genetics is, by far, the most politicized branch of science there is.  Most such papers, in my opinion, some sort of discernible bias (in some cases, likely covert and subconscious, but in other cases, very overt and intentional).

In any case, what’s good for the Nordish goose is good for the Swarthoid gander.  From now on, any genetic indications of non-European admixture in any European individuals or populations should simply be ascribed to “an ancient and rare indigenous European type.” QED.

Duchesne is drinking the HBD-Nordicism Kool-Aid.  Does Duchesne really believe this:

A fair criticism, which I am sure MacDonald would welcome, is that much research is still required in support of the thesis…

Does he really believe that HBDers welcome criticism, or want research on their theses?  
We can ask how real is that fundamental thesis?  The Y axis here calls that into question.
Even if the overall thesis has some validity, is it really genetic?  Are the traits stable in particular ethnies, generation after generation in a novel environment such as America?
Why are the Irish – who in their basic ancestral components are not very significantly different than other Northwestern European peoples – “Outer Hajnal” while their neighbors in Northwest Europe, of similar WHG-Steppe-Farmer proportions, are “Inner Hajnal?”  
Is asking these questions akin to blasphemy?

Are there any alternative explanations?

Any, anyway, if these guys really believe this thesis, then shouldn’t we have some of  those “moderately collectivist” swarthoids managing European interests? You can’t have it both ways. You can’t argue that Northern Europeans are uniquely evolved to hyper-individualism that is harming White interests and then, at the same time, support an affirmative action program that has only those people as leaders of pro-White activism.

Der Movement in Der News, 6/26/20

Sallis right again.

From a Counter-Currents article, I was alerted to this Amren book review.  The review is fine as far as it goes, but it ends on an interesting note (emphasis added):

Author Marisa Abrajano, whose origins we can only imagine from her name and appearance, teaches political science at UC San Diego. Zoltan Hajnal also teaches at UC San Diego. Zoltan is a Hungarian name, so it’s unlikely his ancestors came over on the Mayflower. White Backlash is published by Princeton University Press.This is the perfect symbol for our degenerate times. Foreigners tell the American founding stock how benighted and deserving of oblivion we are, and are published by one of the country’s most prestigious academic presses. We have work to do.

Now, if Abrajano is some sort of Hispanic, that individual’s ethnic activism in favor of “Latino” immigration makes sense. But note the implication that White Americans of Hungarian ancestry are also “foreigners” who are, naturally, expected to “tell the American founding stock how benighted and deserving of oblivion we are.”

That’s quite remarkable.  First, all it takes is irritation over an obnoxious book to let all of the Anglo animus toward White ethnics come flowing out. Brotherhood of Europeans indeed! Second, is there any evidence that Hungarian-Americans in general harbor grudges against America’s founding stock and wish to tell them “how benighted and deserving of oblivion” they are?

On the other hand, there is voluminous evidence that Jews, in general, actually do have such attitudes, and have actively engaged in anti-White and, more specifically, anti-Anglo activism for a century or more (e.g., see all of MacDonald’s work on that issue).  But alas, if “Zolton Hajnal” was instead named “Moshe Finkelstein” we can very much doubt that the same comment about “foreigners” would have been made in that case. And, did the ancestors of “racial status quo” Weissberg and “multiracial White separatist state” Hart come “over on the Mayflower?”

It has been the contention of EGI Notes that Der Movement has nothing to offer to White ethnics (and here “White” excludes Jews), and Der Movement does nothing but continue to support that assertion.

Side note – Hey!  I thought that the “HBD race realists” loved anyone named “Hajnal.”  Isn’t “Hajnal” a holy name among HBDers?

Then we have VDARE’s recent problems with web site hosting.  Readers of this blog, knowing my frequent harsh criticism of VDARE and Brimelow, may be surprised that I fully support VDARE in this case (*).  But you should not be surprised, since I am a vigorous supporter of free and unfettered expression, and my vision of the Internet is as an open marketplace of ideas – a “free for all” where views are openly aired and critically examined. VDARE should be able to do their thing, and I mine, and then we’ll see who makes the better arguments.

Indeed, it are some of my cowardly critics who are the ones afraid of free debate, not me.

And I do not want to hear excuses for web hosting companies that “they are privately owned entities and can do what they want.”  Besides the fact that these companies form a de facto monopolizing cartel, the fact is in today’s America, people do NOT have the right to do with their private property what they want. If you are a real estate property owner, try advertising rent to “Whites only” and “no Blacks allowed” and then get back to me about “private entities can do what they want.” And don’t give me nonsense about “immutable categories” being protected either, since, even if we disregard evidence of a genetic basis for political views, the fact is that religion is also an officially protected category as well in the sense that you cannot rent to, say, “Protestants only” with “no Catholics or Muslims allowed.”  Religion is not immutable or else converts and apostates would not exist. With respect to “identity,” for many people politics trumps religion, so that’s no excuse either.

*But perhaps if those hundreds of thousands of dollars per year had instead been going to build a legal infrastructure and free speech-friendly web hosting, this problem wouldn’t have occurred in the first place.

I agree with this.

June 3 America Burning

In der news.

I agree with Sailer on this:

Steve Sailer@Steve_SailerMany of the leaders most responsible for the destruction of the cities in the 1960s, such as NYC Mayor John Lindsey, Supreme Court Chief Justice Earl Warren, Michigan Governor George Romney, and Attorney General Ramsey Clark were WASP blue-bloods.

Cue Counter-Currents telling us that we need more men like them, and cue Durocher telling us that they were of great benefit to all humanity.

Because of Der Movement’s failure to organize over the last four years and present a rational alternative voice to White Americans, the “right wing” GOP “take” on the crisis is more SJW White-bashing that requires Tucker Carlson to expose.  For shame, “movement.”

And the Kushner case puts the lie to the claim of apologists who say “but…Jews are only 2% of the population, what influence can they have?”  Power is what is important here, not raw numbers. One Jew, strategically placed, has been able to misdirect whatever small amount of integrity the fraud Trump has.  One single Jew took all of the right-wing populism of 2016 and leveraged it for pro-Black “criminal justice reform” and for Trump’s lickspittle allegiance to Israel.

You are not going to “the stars” with the irrational, anti-science, anti-empiricism mindset of your retarded “movement.” 

People who “think” that vaccines are “toxic jabs,” morons who assert that viruses don’t cause disease but that we are faced with an impeding mass extinction from “bullets flying everywhere,” imbeciles who gibber about Yogi Bear in the Age of Aluminum and the Men Who Can’t Tell Time snug in their hobbit holes – they ain’t going to “the stars,” my friends. They’re headed straight to the sewer. They’re real “whiggers” – they have the same stupidity and superstitions of a Stone Age African tribe.

Consider this:

Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.

You see, to folks like Johnson and all of the rest of the “traditionalists” and their allies among the Stronzas and Lektoffs, science/technics is like magic – the White Man’s juju.  “Going to the stars” is just something that can magically happen – maybe if you click your red Brony shoes together and chant Kali Yuga multiple times – completely independent of dem dere “experts” (credentialism!) with their (“Jewish”) empiricism.  The Right as a whole – and Der Movement is definitely included – is 100% stone-cold dead-set hostile to science and the scientific enterprise.  They don’t understand it, they really don’t like it, they actually oppose it – and yet they believe that their attempts to recreate a medieval society of disease-ridden superstitious ignoramuses will “lead us to the stars.”

Another defeat for the Right.  By the way, if I was King, I’d run a third party campaign for President, just to spite Trump and the GOP.

Consider that after four years of Trump, after all of the opportunities for right-wing populism offered by 2016 and its aftermath, we’ve fallen so far that even a milquetoast civic nationalist like King is turned on by the entire GOP and is driven from office, while the entire nation is in spasms of insanity over a dead Black criminal.  THE UTTER AND COMPLETE FAILURE of Der Movement and its Quota Queen “leadership” is on display once again. But, hey, mophead is earning is $180,000 per year (cue Hood’s whining that “the movement needs money”), so it’s all good!  I mean, who cares about actually advancing the “cause” just as long as bank accounts are productively advanced?

And we can observe the wonderful job that Der Movement’s crazed dogmas is doing attracting sane White folks. Indeed, here, below, is a sample of “movement” discourse. The “movement” is so tragicomically defective that it is hard to discern whether “Chuck Chuckson “ is being serious or whether this is tongue-in-cheek trolling.  I bet the former, but given that “movement” dogma and the book The Iron Dream overlap, who can really tell?

Chuck Chuckson  hondo I am a member of his religion. ……We preach that the aryan was once a proud creature that stood 11feet tall and had golden locks of hair, it was a moral creature who did no wrong , it was one day that an innocent aryan goddess was walking alone, she was set upon and ravaged by a herd of bloodthirsty goblins. Their seed forever changed and perverted the pure aryan race and we have decended into our Modern form as a result. Many scholars of our cult believe these goblins were in fact the ashkenazi Jews. This however is deeply debated and contested by many within the religion. I would like to send you some brochures if you would like to know morehondo  Chuck Chuckson I did point out in a comment here, that a fringe is here to peddle their own crackpot fad religion – an opportunity for out-reach on Amren’s dime.So Jews diddled and shrank you? Hmmmm – angry midgets?Chuck Chuckson  hondo No way Jose! Those dudes are all circumcised! Gross ! When I think of the aryan goddess getting raped I imagine a group of John lovitz types. It’s actually kinda comical

When is the heroic anti-flubro activist Greg Johnson going to criticize tweets like this?  Cowardly hypocrite.

Race and Movement News, 5/28/20

It’s Der Rasse and Der Movement.

Very cognitive, very elite.

But, but, but…I thought we were all the same (emphasis added):

Vitamin D insufficiency is more prevalent among African Americans (blacks) than other Americans and, in North America, most young, healthy blacks do not achieve optimal 25-hydroxyvitamin D [25(OH)D] concentrations at any time of year. This is primarily due to the fact that pigmentation reduces vitamin D production in the skin. Also, from about puberty and onward, median vitamin D intakes of American blacks are below recommended intakes in every age group, with or without the inclusion of vitamin D from supplements. Despite their low 25(OH)D levels, blacks have lower rates of osteoporotic fractures. This may result in part from bone-protective adaptations that include an intestinal resistance to the actions of 1,25(OH)2D and a skeletal resistance to the actions of parathyroid hormone (PTH). However, these mechanisms may not fully mitigate the harmful skeletal effects of low 25(OH)D and elevated PTH in blacks, at least among older individuals. Furthermore, it is becoming increasingly apparent that vitamin D protects against other chronic conditions, including cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and some cancers, all of which are as prevalent or more prevalent among blacks than whites. Clinicians and educators should be encouraged to promote improved vitamin D status among blacks (and others) because of the low risk and low cost of vitamin D supplementation and its potentially broad health benefits.

Coulter leads the way!  To Dinesh’s bedroom?  In Trump We Trust!  Coulter leads the way indeed.  Here’s one example, submitted without further comment.

Please compare this…

…with this.

Der Movement, Der Movement, Der Movement marches on.

Behold HBD-Nordicism (TOO comment excerpt):

I believe all the world’s peoples could do worse than to adopt the US Constitution for themselves. But that type of order depends upon a high level of both individualism and social trust, which are sadly lacking among most non-Anglo-Nordics (and esp most nonwhites), and which are greatly attenuated by coercive geographical and political integration with nonwhites. IOWs, the American Order was designed for Anglo-Nordics, and would have worked very well with them alone as the citizenry. The more genetically and ethnoculturally distant the peoples we have admitted into the Union, the greater has been the sacrifice of individual rights and liberties for the Old Stock, and the worse has been the functioning of the country.

Certainly!  That’s why we need to ditch folks like (smothered with a pillow) Scalia, who understood nothing of the US Constitution, and embrace folks like LBJ, whose “civil rights laws” were the epitome of individualist freedom.

Note to readers of EGI Notes: Who has been telling you that Der Movement has NOTHING to offer to “White ethnics?” Whenever shabbos sud stepandfetichits get involved in Der Movement, it never goes well for them. Four examples, in chronological order: Patler, Tommasi, Sallis, Conte.  Polignano counts as “half” here, a half-sud stepandfetchit; the rest I suppose would be a horrendous hibernian stepandfetchit.  Speaking of the latter – what ever happened to Michael O’Meara?

Let’s embrace those individualist Swedes…or not (emphasis added):

Swedish mentality seems to have two opposing tendencies: one towards individualism and the other towards collectivity. The explanation for this is the different meaning that can be given to the concept of individualism. Swedes seem to need social autonomy strongly and not to be dependent on other individuals, such as neighbors, relatives, employers, and so on. At the same time, Swedes seem to need collective support for their opinions. Collective solutions are a hallmark of Swedish society and dominate Swedish politics. Survey data are used to illustrate this theme empirically.

MacDonald weeps.

Seriously though, the ethnies much beloved by Der Movement combine the worst aspects of individualism and collectivism. When it comes the need for collective ethnocentric action in defense of ethny, then they are radical individualists.  When it comes to the need to defy societal political correctness, then they are conformist collectivists.  Somehow though, that is the epitome of all that is admirable. Hmmm…the “Anatolian farmer” cringing subhumans seem to be a bit saner, but what do I know?

To write this after Dutton exposed Rushton demonstrates how completely shameless the “race realists” are.

Interesting, interesting.  Brimelow’s pushy rudeness is astounding.  How about letting Taylor finish his sentences?    Note Taylor is in communication with Red Ice.  I’m shocked, shocked I say. Taylor likes the “private sector,” on “principle.”  Another shock.  Naivete?  Shocked thrice. Ludicrously optimistic?  Quadruple shocked.

I note no discussion of why Brimelow earned $180,000+ compensation in one year, according to the 2018 Form 990.  

Trump – silly?  I thought he was “the last hope for White America?”  Down the memory hole, it seems.

Well…Taylor remembers the “latrine flies” jibe from Derbyshire.  Why is Derb a speaker at the conferences, then?

Immigrant workforce – like Brimelow?

How is “White advocate” not poltroonery?  I am also disgusted how Brimelow and Johnson are redefining “White nationalism” to merely mean “defending White interests.” No, you affirmative action DISTORTERS, White nationalism is a movement that considers White racial identity as the highest form of nationalist identification – Our Race Is Our Nation, putting race above ethnic and nation-state identities.  That’s White nationalism.