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Lower Than a Maggot

Strom understands. Do you?

Why are the Middle Eastern invaders coming here? Why are they killing us in increasing numbers? And why are they coming here if they hate us so much? 

Well, one reason they are coming here is because we are weak. We are so weak that we are afraid to even call them invaders. We are so weak that, once they are here, we support them and feed them and give them housing and money almost without limit. We are so weak that our Jewish-funded political “leaders” and Jewish-indoctrinated “liberals” bend over backwards to facilitate and accelerate the invasion, and try to criminalize those who resist it. We are so weak that we allow our daughters to mix with the invaders and be sexually used by them. We are so weak that we cannot oppose them or even name them forthrightly when they rape our children and slaughter and kill us on the streets of our own cities. And the law of Nature says that weak peoples will be conquered by strong, aggressive peoples — and these invaders are nothing if not aggressive.

That’s correct.  This is all happening because the White Race is weak, worthless, and pathetic.

Question: which is superior – the White Race or a maggot eating its way through a lump of dog feces festering on a sidewalk on a hot summer day?

Answer: the maggot.  It’s not even close. One can even say that from the purely objective standpoint of biological fitness, a single feces-eating maggot is infinitely superior to the entire White Race.

That is no hyperbole.  It is science and it is pure common sense. Biological fitness is measured by genetic continuity. Which acts to promote its genetic continuity? The maggot. Which acts against its own genetic interests, acts against its own genetic continuity?  The White Race.

Therefore, and it is irrefutable, the White Race is inferior than a maggot, it is infinitely lower than a maggot.

Those who disagree need to point out how the White Race behaves in a more fitness-enhancing manner than a maggot.  They will find that they cannot.