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Silk Road News: All Hail ThomasER916!

The Asian plague.

Those law-abiding cognitive elitists.

Arrogance and recklessness – colored is as colored does.

Lin, who was going through a divorce from his wife around this time, said he was also too ashamed to report two other relationships he forged while in Hawaii. It was there that he befriended a Chinese massage therapist living in the U.S. and also struck up an internet relationship with another Chinese citizen, the woman he was traveling to meet when apprehended.
“Divorce is shameful in my culture,” Lin said…

His culture…he’s right about that – a bizarre alien, as different from real Americans as would be “ET” from outer space, a biologically and culturally specimen incompatible with any majority-White nation.  When will be free from these colonizers, who should all go back to their “culture?”

An Alt Right commentator answers “Kumiko” thus:

ThomasER916  Kumiko Oumae • 4 hours ago
Just accept reality. You’re not White. You’re an interloper. You’re a subverter. Fuck off to Riceland!

I – unlike Thomas and the Silkers themselves – wouldn’t use the obscenity, but otherwise I agree with the comment.

The diseased Oriental answers thus (with my own comments thrown in):

I get that Lauren Southern is quite good looking (the only thing I share in common with her, haha)…

I really doubt that last part.  But thank you for once again pointing out that the real reason that Japanese anime pseudonyms and Chinese “maidens” are popping up on White nationalist boards is because Asians pimp out their women to thirsty beta White malelings in order to promote Asian agendas.

…and that she’s very high profile, but she just doesn’t agree with you politically. This may be annoying for you, but it’s nevertheless the truth.

And it is nevertheless the truth that “Kumiko” is a White-hating Asiatic alien intent on subverting White nationalism.

Telling me that I’m not White as though that is supposed to be insulting to me in some way, or as though it’s a form of rebuttal, is just laughable. There is nothing for me to ‘accept’, since I am never trying to be White.
One of the most bizarre things about the Alt-Right, and about White Nationalism in general, is how many of its adherents think that yelling “You are not White” at obviously non-White people, somehow constitutes a powerful argument in and of itself.

Hey, you mendacious Oriental, the point is that you are an alien who doesn’t belong on pro-White boards, and you’re pushing a hostile and pro-Asian agenda.  You are a subverter, as the man said.

2 + 2 is still going to be 4, even if I am the one who points it out.

The only thing you and Danny boy point out is that your geopolitical agenda is the subservience of Europeans to Asian interests.

Silk Road News: More Asian Whining

Asian, Asians, and more Asians.

More Asian racial whining, and more anti-White racial solidarity with Negroes.

Whining Indians who believe America should be an open door cash cow for their numberless hordes

Then we have “Kumiko” at, which I initially commented on in a previous posts. A few more points.  First, as I said before, she threatens Whites that “armed” Coloreds – including Asians – will wage race war if Whites try and expel them from the US.  Putting aside how this tells us what a mistake it was to let Asians in in the first place, what makes this idiot think that all these Asian parasites would even be willing to all move to her proposed Asian-Hispanic SW USA homeland? Entitled and arrogant Orientals will pull up roots in, say, NY’s Chinatown and move out West?  Any racial separation is going to be opposed, probably by violence.  And unlike Blacks, and, possibly Hispanics-Amerindians in old Mexican territory, Asians don’t have even the slightest historical or moral claim to any New World territory.

Then she gets semi-offended by Silver’s rough language toward her – language which I say is justified – which is the height of hypocrisy, since her own writing at MR, particularly in response to some of my own past criticisms, made liberal use of the “F word”; meanwhile, her associate accused me of “sucking Jewish cock” simply because I oppose Asian colonization of White lands (which most Jews are very likely to favor, by the way).  But let’s not offend the potty-mouthed delicate Oriental flower at!  For shame!

Then the specimen asserts that Whites and Asians do not have a “shared destiny” (I agree) – but of course MR promotes Silk Road White nationalism that is characterized by strong associations between Whites and Asians, with the former subservient to the latter.  And, of course, she talks about “British Asians” who are “loyal to the flag.”  So – no shared destiny?Don’t expect any sense or consistency – it’s all a Jew-like dual morality that promotes Asian interests at every opportunity.

The Donald and the “Kumiko”

Two peas in a pod, one orange, the other yellow.

The orange.

Conservative radio personality Rush Limbaugh is not pleased. During his Tuesday broadcast, he said, “I’m very, very troubled to have to pass this on…But it looks like…President Trump is caving on his demand for a measly $1 billion in the budget for his wall on the border with Mexico.”
He continued, “…the bottom line is that if he is willing to withdraw a demand of his for a measly billion dollars for the wall because the Democrats are threatening a shutdown then the Democrats will have just learned that this threat works on Trump, too, not just all the other Republicans.”
Limbaugh also predicted that “…once [the Democrats] get away with it, they’re gonna keep trying. And if they get away with it once, they’re just going to keep using it.”

And, yes, there’s a GOP movement afoot to redefine “the wall” as a “metaphor” for “strict immigration enforcement.”  As the anti-White, pro-Asian Captain Cuckmerica would say: lulz.

The yellow, see comments thread.

There the MR Japotrix insists that Asians must, must, must have part of America’s land, and threatens violence toward Whites who think otherwise, and tells them – the Whites – that they should leave.

Very well.  What about “British Asians?”  I guess any native Britons who want Asians out of their homeland will be threatened as well, and told they should leave their own homeland.

Majority Rights is a viciously anti-White, Asian supremacist, Asian imperialist hate site ruled over by this vile Oriental, with submissive White male cucks scurrying around defending Asian supremacy. She’s yellow in appearance, they’re yellow in character.


Silk Road News: Outrageous Hypocrisy

Colored is as colored does.

Get this spewing of outrageous anti-White hypocrisy:

See, this is the thing. The Americans don’t really have the right to tell Japan to stop propagating Nihonjinron narratives.
Japan is basically a place for Japanese (and Zainichi Koreans too, who also belong) to live. Others may be admitted, but only the Japanese state can decide that.
To have any White person try to redefine the identity of the country by force from the outside would be a form of neocolonial imposition which should not be tolerated.

This is the most outrageous hypocrisy imaginable.  At the same time, this diseased Oriental lives in a White nation, believes that “British Asians” (of which she is one, presumably) are legitimate, hectors Whites on pro-White blogs, lectures Whites on pro-White blogs on how Whites should behave, transformed Majority Rights into a “safe space” for Asian supremacy, and criticizes Australia’s attempts to protect itself from invasion.

Majority Rights must rank high among the leading anti-White hate sites on the Internet. Ultimately, I blame the White males (not men) at that barren wasteland for putting up with this; if they had any testicular fortitude, they’d kick this alien the hell off of what used to be a pro-White blog and return it to its proper roots.  And that goes for the lulzing commentators as well as for blog owners and posters.

Silk Road News: MR Stands With Australia’s Invaders

Showing their true colors: yellow, yellow, and brown.

See this nonsense posted at by a “shady lady.”  Posted as something positive, not negative – we have to criticize Australia’s migrant policy as a sort of “hell,” don’t you know.

So, what MR supports is an Asian female – it has to be a young female of course (no yellow fever fetishism of course, move on, move on, nothing to see here) – hectoring a majority White nation about their desire to control immigration.  Can’t have that!  Let’s side with open borders liberals, as long as they’re Asian.

Majority Rights is nothing more or less than an Asian supremacist blog supporting Asian imperialism and immigration colonization of White nations by Asians.  It’s an anti-White, anti-nationalist SJW site masquerading as what it used to be in the past, a pro-White site.

I can have more respect for genuine SJWs and anti-racists and the like who are at least honest about their beliefs and don’t misrepresent themselves in a fundamentally dishonest fashion.

I stand with the White population of Australia; MR stands with the invaders.

Delenda est Majority Rights!

Silk Road News: Asians at

Asian perfidy.

I now see that White-hating Asian “Kumiko” is fishing around on, desperately attempting to find any yellow fever fetishists to pump up the barren comments threads at Majority Rights.  Just as MR promotes Asian colonization of White lands, so does that pushy yellow believe she has the right to infiltrate into White blogs pushing Asian supremacist memetic poison.

“Celestial Time” is correct and Majority Rights is an anti-White hate site.  Look, it’s not complicated.  Majority Rights supports:

1. The colonization of White lands by Asians, where borders will be enforced by black-booted Chinese girls with guns.  That’s not my imagination.  Daniel S explicitly endorsed that, complete with pictures.  It’s there  – not only in “black and white” but in color as well.

2. Yellow fever fetishism. As per “sexual fetishism” see point 1 above, as well as Kumiko’s use of pictures of young Asian females accompanying her rambling MR articles promoting Eurasianism.  Also note her avatar used at Why not send Danny or GW to proselytize for the greater glory of MR?  Not as marketable to the basement-dwelling, anime-loving, lulzing Alt Right masses?

3. “British Asians.” Majority Rights believes that “British Asians” are an integral part of that nation.  “Segregated neighborhoods” – did you catch that, my friend Celestial Time?  Not “segregated nations” – but “neighborhoods.” After all, Asians just must, must, must live in White nations.  In their own neighborhoods of course.  Maybe those can be the “Chinatowns” in “European cities” and “along borders and along the Mediterranean” that Danny imagines will be full of his gun-toting female border guards.  

4. White division. MR also opposes White cooperation, pan-Europeanism, and supports White nations like the UK making common cause with Asians against other White nations.

5. Majority Rights supports “inflicting harm on Russians” (the crazed Asian’s own words) so as to benefit Asians.

And they are so fundamentally dishonest, they can’t admit that Trumps shift to a pro-Chinese, anti-Russian policy perfectly coincides with his administration’s takeover by Jewish influences.

Basically, the MR-Kumiko strategy is this: Exploit yellow fever fetishism, underlying currents of Asiaphilia among some White activists, and knee-jerk anti-Semitism (*) to push gullible White males to be bossed around by black booted Asian girls carrying guns.  It’s pathetic and embarrassing, but it will continue as long as the Alt Right continues to let the yellow infiltrator post on pro-White sites.  How about containing the contagion to MR and let it burn itself out there?

*They support the bizarre idea that one has to be either pro-Asian or pro-Jewish.  The idea that someone can be opposed to both groups doesn’t enter their mindset.  Thus, they accuse someone like myself – with a long history of “virulent anti-Semitism” (according to the Alt-Wrong) – as being “a tool of the Jews” and of “sucking Jewish cock” (**) simply because I oppose Asian influence on pro-White sites.  They’re nuts (***).

**Again, note the sexual obsessions.

***Kumiko and Daniel (and to a lesser extent, GW) have a ludicrous tendency to make ridiculously wrong-headed assumptions and accusations against their opponents, jumping from one absurd statement to another as each is proven wrong in turn.  First, they accused me of being someone named “Thorn” – apparently some pro-Jewish troll posting at their blog. When that accusation fell flat, they admitted that Ted Sallis is Rienzi/JWH, but that I am a “tool of the Jews” – an accusation obviously seen as ludicrous by anyone following my writing – including in Majority Rights itself! – over the years.  That accusation not being credible, GW next offered that while it is true that I’m not pro-Jewish, I’m instead motivated by an allegiance to “Mediterranean” interests – that despite my long-argued contention that there is no such thing as a “Mediterranean” identity (and my pan-European promotion of the interests of all Europeans).  Next, I was accused of being a fan and ally of “The Right Stuff” and in cahoots with someone named “Seventh Son” – that despite the fact I’ve been constantly criticizing the Millennial “snark and lulz” faction of Der Movement (aka, the “Alt Right”) and that I’ve looked at the TRS site maybe one or two times total, and have a complete lack of interest in what they are doing.  Now, I’m an “anti-Asian conspiracy theorist” simply because I expose the Asian supremacist imperialism of MR and I link to online information about Asians as part of “Silk Road News.”

Silk Road to Rotherham

A note.

For British Asians in the Brexit environment, our lives and our property are bound up with the fortunes and the flag of Great Britain, so it is only natural that we would stand with Britain against any and all opponents. 

“British Asians” is an oxymoron.  “British” properly describes the native peoples of the British Isles (the English, Scots, Scots-Irish, and Welsh) and their cultures.  It does NOT describe Asian invaders, alien colonizers, the ones who are helping to displace the native British peoples and who were responsible for the horrors of Rotherham and other sex-grooming scandals in the UK (mostly Pakistani South Asians).  The whole point of White nationalism is White nations for Whites, British nationalism is Britain for the British, English nationalism is England for the English.  A Britain in which Asians wrap themselves in the “British flag” (cucked civic nationalism) – a mere symbol – to justify their continued presence in someone else’s homeland is not a Britain that reflects ethnonationalist or racial nationalist values. That is multiracial, multicultural diversity – the very thing Majority Rights was created to oppose. Indeed, by normalizing the idea of “British Asians” MR supports the globalist idea of a multiracial Britain and it is morally responsible for Rotherham.

And as far as GW goes, I just don’t understand how an English patriot and nationalist, who created Majority Rights to oppose White dispossession and as a reaction to the Asiatic arrogance of GNXP, can blithely accept arrogant Asians who think they have the right to colonize his homeland.  Instead of objecting to “British Asians” he instead writes how “entertaining” the British Asian post is, and of course, chuckling at insults hurled in my direction. I’d tread carefully if I were him.  GW lies in stating what my interests and preferences are.  I don’t even believe “Mediterranean” is a valid biocultural concept, so I don’t know what he’s gibbering about there.  Hey, GW I say one thing to you – first, consider your blog as it was, say, in 2005-2007, with the people and posts back then, and now take a look at the “creative destruction” present now.  I’m gone, you drove Bowery away (the details of which you probably think I forgot, but I did not – suffice to say that I remember very well your response when I contacted you in private and told you that your blog’s treatment of Bowery was despicable and that he deserved better from you), Phil what’s his name is long gone, Beck is gone, where’s Zeka, where’s all those people (Regardless of what I thought of their ideology. For example, I’ve had my disagreements with Bowery in the past, but I believe that he’s an honorable man who is dealing with things now with dignity and the way you casually tossed him away as a valued blogger demonstrates your piss-poor character). You should be ashamed of yourself. Now your site consists of your endless and boring debates about “white leftism” or Kumiko’s self-interested Asian colonization or Danny’s ranting and the comments section consists mostly of the aforementioned stupidities, sprinkled by Chaos’ “lulzing” and Danny posting comments under descriptive names, basically padding his own posts with his own comments.  Creative destruction, indeed.

As far as the rest of the Kumiko-Danny tag team, I’m not going to waste my time arguing all of their lies.  Let’s just take one example to demonstrate how shockingly dishonest they are. Kumiko, again, tries to deny that Daniel wanted Asian colonies, including Asian military, in White nations.  East Africa, my ass.  These are his own words, emphasis added for reading comprehension addled Oriental retards:

Sacrosanct European territories in the Americas, Australia and New Zealand will likely need to become smaller at any rate in order to be maintained and defended. But with the increased manageability of defense will come an opportunity to offer cooperation to Asians to have some sacrosanct territories of their own in these places.  

We already have Chinatowns. Now there could be some intermittently disbursed along the borders of the Mediterranean and among European cities with border and migrant control an explicit part of their mandate.

Paragraph one: offering Asians to have “sacrosanct territories of their own in these places.” What places?  Err…Danny had just mentioned “Sacrosanct European territories in the Americas, Australia and New Zealand” so he means Asian colonies in “the Americas, Australia and New Zealand.”

Paragraph two: Danny talks about that “we already have Chinatowns.”  Then he proceeds to say that there could be “some intermittently disbursed along the borders of the Mediterranean and among European cities with border and migrant control an explicit part of their mandate.”  Again, it is clear, STOP LYING.  He openly and very clearly states having Chinese colonies – akin to “Chinatowns” – “intermittently disbursed along the borders of the Mediterranean and among European cities” in order to enforce “border and migrant control”- and shows black booted Chinese girls with guns (*) as an example of such a force.  

That you cannot admit what’s clear in black and white – that you are so cowardly and stupid that you folks can’t even take ownership of a comment you left at your own blog demonstrates that you are so fundamentally dishonest that there’s no point dealing with your insane gibbering any more.

But I ask: if I’m so much of a Jew-inspired enemy, why do you keep my EGI post at your godforsaken blog.  I’ve lost count how many times I’ve asked it to be taken down – privately to GW multiple times (do I need to dig up all those old emails?), more recently over the last several months.  Another indication of what low character trash you people are.

*I showed that comment to an associate of mine who knows nothing about MR and the “people” there.  His response was to sadly talk about “beta males in their basement masturbating to pictures of Asian women.”  And the picture accompanying the British Asians post does nothing except reinforce my belief that yellow fever fetishism is an underlying foundational element for support for Silk Road White nationalism among certain White males, and their fantasies of being ordered about my stern-faced female Chinese soldiers with rifles and black boots.  Frankly, it is all bizarre and embarrassing. And third party observers who support and enable the spread of MR’s madness out of their sandbox are also morally responsible for the racially destructive outcomes that results from that spread of the Silk Road infection.