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Duchesne and Frost

Decline of European Man.

In the comments section of his blog, Duchense makes the following insightful comment:

Decline of the West is obvious and not only in the face of mass immigration; it is evident in the very physiology of Europeans; current males are not the same as in the past; even if they “understand” that their lands are being occupied by forces that will destroy them, many will still not react, they have lost their basic survival instincts; it is not their ideas of human rights only, but their temperament is very low in aggressive in-group energies.

Is this related to Frost’s concept of genetic pacification?  Not that it happened overnight, but, perhaps, as part of a long process of genetic pacification and de-barbarization of European Man, a threshold level has recently been passed, resulting in pathologically low levels of aggressiveness.  Or, have the two world wars of the last century resulted in a civilization-wide “nervous breakdown,” destroying the West’s will to resist?

As to the latter possibility: to think we still have retards who continue to promote intra-European division, both in the American “movement” as well as in some petty nationalist European nationalist parties. “First as tragedy, then as farce” – Karl M. was on to something there with his insight into repetition in history.