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Der Movement in the (der) News, 9/16/16

Two items.

Is Putin’s Russia more repressive than Xi Jinping’s China?
Yet, Republicans rarely use “thug” when speaking about Xi.

Er…Xi is a Holy Oriental, a HBD God that walketh the Earth. Putin is just some dumb Slav. Come now, there’s a big difference! Even the GOP Establishment worships at the Altar of Asia, and why not? What’s the difference between a Derbyshire and a McCain, politically-wise?

Fine. How does Israel regard Putin “the thug” and Putin “the butcher”?

According to foreign policy scholar Stephen Sniegoski, when Putin first visited Israel in 2005, President Moshe Katsav hailed him as a “friend of Israel” and Ariel Sharon said he was “among brothers.”
In the last year alone, Bibi Netanyahu has gone to Moscow three times and Putin has visited Israel. The two get along wonderfully well.

Hey! That’s part of Putin’s “deep chess game!” He’s really an Alt-Right Traditionalist Anti-Semite, and don’t you ever think different!
Prayers, schmayers. More important: What was his cephalic index? Praetorian Guard, break out your calipers!

Race, Politics, and Der Movement in the News, 8/31/16

Several items.

And so Trump once again cries: Cuckadoodledoo!  The stupidity of Trump is exemplified by the fact that this is a winnable election only if he were not such a moronic jackass (*). Even with the demographic challenge, unrelenting media hostility, and the machinations of the GOP Establishment, the polls still show things relatively close.  Imagine if Trump was not engaging in Twitter feuds, making constant stupid comments, and showing shocking indecisiveness by changing hos campaign staff every other day and flip-flopping back and forth on the fundamental positions of his campaign.  We all await his speech on immigration.

*Maybe Trump is a Game-Alt-Righter after all?  What will Pepe say?  Did Trump attract his model wives by letting his hand slide down an escalator?

The absolute and utter worthlessness and shocking inferiority of the White race is on display once again.

From Counter-Currents:

Greg Johnson
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I have banned this commenter.

Excellent.  The ONLY way to run a blog with comments is to (strongly) moderate and to ban commentators who are obviously trolling (hello, GW).  And I say that as someone who occasionally has had his own comments moderated away from Counter-Currents.  One must be objective about things, and Greg has the right to direct the discussion in the manner he sees fit.  I have my own blogs that are the ultimate expressions of my views.

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I just listened to an npr podcast with Jared Taylor attempting to explain the alt right. One speaker (not Jared Taylor) declared the alt right isn’t so much white nationalism as it is wasp nationalism, because there are little to no Catholics in the movement. I’ve never heard this interpretation. Mr. Johnson, does this have any merit in your estimation? How would anyone even know there are no alt right white Catholics? Is there an anti-papist element of the alt right? Can a white Hispanic be a white nationalist?

Anyway, that’s all I have. I’m curious to read any feedback, and yes I am a white nationalist of Catholic background.

Greg Johnson
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I wish you could provide the name of the speaker. This is one of the stupider things I have heard in the recent discussions. The backbone of WN in America is “ethnic” Catholics, not WASPs, but the larger truth is that Christianity of any stripe is increasingly less important in our cause, and religion more broadly as well. People who want to inject old religious conflicts into our movement are frowned upon in the same as people who promote Old World ethnic conflicts. They are seen as sowers of discord, whereas white unity in the face of a much greater enemy is our goal.

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I believe the person who insisted that it is a Protestant movement was Robert P. Jones CEO, Public Religion Research Institute.

Greg Johnson
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He’s either uninformed or is simply trying to sow discord.

I’m of a mixed mind here.  No doubt, Greg Johnson is correct that Jones’ agenda is an anti-racist leftist attempt to sow discord. On the other hand, on the level of “leadership” of Der Movement, Jones is undoubtedly correct (there is one “leader” who is ostensibly “Catholic” – but who care about religion in the end, who believes? – but is ethnically compatible with the typical “movement” leadership).  This says something about the “rank and file.”  If “ethnic Catholics” were really the “backbone” of WN in America, why would they support an affirmative action program that closes off leadership possibilities and influence for themselves?

I think the most realistic interpretation is that “ethnics” form an important minority (heh) component of American WN, but certainly not a backbone, much less a majority – but they could.  The Trump campaign shows us that “Northeast White ethnics” are the “low hanging fruit” of potential activists. There is great untapped potential there.  But why should they join a “movement” that so openly and loudly despises them and holds them in contempt?  I know that many of my detractors believe that I am “thin-skinned” but actually the opposite is true. Many of these detractors, who fly off the handle at the slightest negative comments about their own ingroup identification, would not last five minutes associated with the “movement” if they were one of the “ethnics” that Johnson refers to.  One has to have the hide of a rhinoceros to associate with the “movement” – much less do so for decades – if one derives ancestry from European sources anywhere to the east of Berlin and/or the south of Vienna. Certainly, every once in a while, frustration sets in, but still the fact remains.

Cuckadoodledoo, 8/6/16

And so yet another gamester micropene erection wilts.

Predictable. After the usual homoerotic breathlessness about Trump’s “balls”:

Took balls for Trump to stand up to @Reince & not endorse Ryan-who’d undermine Trump 24/7 on immig/trade/SocSec

we get this. That sound you hear is Roissy quietly weeping, curled up in a fetal position under an autographed picture of Der Touchback.

The Outrageous Hypocrisy of VDARE

Low-character trash.

Excuse me, tin cup panhandlers of VDARE, but how exactly does John “rub the faces of the crazy race purists in my inter-racial marriage and if they don’t like it they can come to my house and I’ll ‘welcome’ them (i.e., punch them)” Derbyshire differ from Jack McCain? Answer: there is NO difference, so why do you denounce McCain’s snarky exultation while promoting Derb the Measured Groveler?  And, since you scum are presumably paying Derbyshire to write his trash, my answer to Brimelow’s whining about VDARE’s shaky finances is: “eat it, mophead, EAT IT.”

In the News, 8/1/15

A roundup, with emphasis on VDARE.

At the continental level, this ugliness should not be considered a form of inter-racial marriage; after all, both partners are Asiatics.

The King of Cuckservatives. Why aren’t there protesters at his events already, holding up cuckservative signs?
Another Cuckservative. What moron would believe him?  We remember Manchurian Johnny and his tough-guy, squinty-eyed declaration of “build the danged fence” – and now he calls his own constituents “crazies” for wanting immigration law enforced. Is bible-thumping retardate Huckabee any different?

Here’s VDARE acting like juvenile jackasses again. They must have these photos of women on file somewhere, to be recycled every time the VDARE crowd feel a spike in their micro-endowment of testosterone.  As far as Orban goes, the proof of the pudding is not his “big words,” but the end result in Hungary’s demographics.
Can a sitting President be sued?  Or do they have to be impeached first? Can the families of the victims of these illegals sue the President for lack of immigration enforcement?  That would be an interesting legal case.

Double jackassery: hosting more of the vile race-mixing cuckservative Derbyshire, complete with more moronic “cheesecake” photos. I guess the Derb would want to know whether the cheesecake is vanilla-flavored (bad) or banana-flavored (good). 

They Just Don’t Get It

Naive Whitey.
They think their testimony will make Congress “do something” to stop illegal immigration. If anything, that testimony will prompt Congress to enact amnesty and open the borders more. White folks just don’t get it.
Imagine “our” ruling elites had two options to choose from:
1. 99.9% of the Earth’s White population – men, women, and children – all Whites except for the top White elites themselves will be painfully killed, OR
2. A single Colored person experiences one microsecond of inconvenience.
You had better believe that all the elites would pick #1.  Not only would they pick #1, they’d all fight with each other for the honor of enacting it.  Imagine Merkel, McCain, Cameron, Sarkozy, Miss Lindsey, the entire political, financial, and media elites of the “West,” all fighting and clawing at each other to be the first to “push the button” to enact #1, and spare the poor “person of Color” the slightest discomfort or inconvenience.
Yes, I know, you’ll say this is over-the-top hyperbole.  But doesn’t it capture the essence of reality? How do the elites actually behave?  Don’t they consistently ignore White interests to favor Coloreds? Don’t they respond to stories of illegal immigrant crime and depravity by campaigning for amnesty? Aren’t they attacking Trump (a rare elite who is a bit more truth-telling than the others) for simply stating the facts on illegal alien crime?  Is the scenario outlined above really that far-fetched?

General Mills and the GOP

Two of a kind.

The $32 billion packaged-food company this week reported its sixth straight quarterly sales drop — the worst such slump in 20 years.

And here we see the “struggling” Cheerios brand. Fancy that!
I’m not saying the company’s promotion of White genocide led to their sales slump (but it obviously didn’t help) – Whites are too pathetic and masochistic to act upon a call to boycott. But I speculate that there is a correlation, that is, both the propaganda and the sales collapse are correlated because both have the same cause: piss-poor management and a lack of understanding of who the base customer is.  Attention General Mills morons: coloreds in general, and Negroes in particular, do not care about “healthy eating.”  The possible cardiovascular benefits of eating Cheerios will not influence the eating habits of a race that fattens itself on high-fat, high-sodium, high-sugar junk food, a race of grotesquely obese fatties who blame their poor health and high blood pressure on “racism,” rather than on their undisciplined lifestyles and poor eating habits. Sorry, General Mills, commercials featuring mixed race couples and brown, frizzy-haired little mulattoes will not make Blacks stop scarfing down tasty Big Macs and fried chicken, and start eating cereal with the taste and texture of small cardboard rings.
General Mills is a lot like the GOP.  Both ignore their base of support to pursue the pipe-dream of appealing to those who have no interest in what they are trying to sell.  General Mill’s customer base, particularly for products such as Cheerios, is White; instead of appealing to that base, they pointedly spit in the face of their own customers.  And now they are losing money.  Are we surprised?  Whites may be pathetic and masochistic, but the “White flight” phenomenon of running away is all too real. And, apparently, Whites will take flight from bad companies as well as from bad neighborhoods.  So, Whites are not directly boycotting – they are much too passive and aracial for that – but they instead become passive-aggressive and simply (without articulating why or perhaps even consciously understanding why) drift away.
Speaking of the GOP, the withering abuse that Trump is being showered with underscores the points made here. McCain labels his own constituency – Republican voters in Arizona – as “crazies,” while he and the entire System – Republicans and Democrats, big business and the media – heap abuse on Trump in a hysterical effort to defuse Trump’s right-wing populism. General Mills would rather lose money than appeal to their customer base. The GOP would rather lose elections than appeal to their voter base. And all because appealing to Whites, even indirectly, has somehow become forbidden in the madhouse this country has become. Indeed, America has really become hysterical about race. You could just imagine a candidate being castigated for implying that White lives matter. Hey, wait a minute….