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MacDonald, Johnson, Possible Chinese-HBD Connections, and Other News

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As I recall (and if I am mistaken, I stand corrected and I do apologize) MacDonald admitted that he was a liberal as a young man, a college leftist influenced by Jewish radicals. If I remember that correctly, then one wonders. Is it possible that MacDonald’s recent foray into legacy-wrecking HBD Nordicism is due to this past history and his need to justify it – at least to himself? In his old age, MacDonald may need to “tie up the loose ends of his past,” thereby excusing himself for being an easily duped liberal conformist, because his “genetically determined Indo-European steppe individualism” coupled to his “very honorable high trust northern hunter gatherer legacy” left him vulnerable to manipulation by “collectivist Jews” derived from “Anatolian farmer” ancestry.  Yeah, yeah…that’s the ticket.

In any case, I’ll repeat what I previously wrote here – I cannot think of a single useful activist who started out as a liberal…or a libertarian. Those political backgrounds indicate a flaw in character that always manifests in the end. If my thesis about MacDonald is correct then it is ironic that in his attempt to explain away being manipulated by Jews in the past, he’s allowing himself to be manipulated by Jews in the present.  HBD is a political movement to empower Jews and Asians at the expense of Whites, and those who drink the HBD Kool-Aid are clearly being manipulated by Jews and Jewish interests, whether they know it or not.

Let’s now consider Greg Johnson; in all cases emphasis added.

But, as I never tire of pointing out, Trump did not have to take these positions to win. The whole system is premised on not giving the people what they want. Trump could have played by the system’s rules. Trump could have xeroxed the Jeb! platform and still won, based simply on his celebrity, money, and personality. In fact, it would have been easier for Trump to win that way…

Trump’s America-First trade and foreign policies, and his promise to reduce immigration — most of which is non-white — spoke to the demographic anxieties of white Americans. Trump ran as a populist, not a Republican. He won the votes of blue-collar democrats whose livelihoods are threatened by globalization. But, as a number of political scientists have argued since the election, economic populism was not enough to put Trump in the White House. His decisive advantage came from his appeal to white identity politics.

Now, carefully compare:

Trump could have xeroxed the Jeb! platform and still won…it would have been easier for Trump to win that way…


His decisive advantage came from his appeal to white identity politics.

“Decisive advantage.” Isn’t that exactly what I have been writing all these months in refutation of Johnson’s original, comically absurd, thesis from August 2019?  Astonishing. 

From the same two posts and their comments:

Johnson August 2019:

Trump is toast in 2020 no matter whatHe will lose in a landslide.

Johnson March 2020:

But it looks like the Democrats may be just stupid enough to lose it…I hope that Trump can beat Biden.

At no point does he admit any of this and acknowledge his poor judgment. He never admits to possibly being wrong and changing his mind.  He just seems to hope that the retards who send him money forget the first set of dogmatic assertions by the time they read the diametrically opposite second set.

Johnson is the absolute worst. Remember what Sam Francis said about the “two” major American political parties?  The Democrats are the evil party and the Republicans are the stupid party. By analogy, Greg Johnson is the Democrats and Richard Spencer is the Republicans.  Evil vs. stupid.

Behold the female.  Unfortunately, Tucker goes off the rails at the end.  Conservatives gonna cuck.

Read this.  Emphasis added:

Now, Chinese news anchors are telling the population that the global community owes a debt of gratitude to China for its “sacrifice” in containing the outbreak (referring to the draconian crackdown instituted by Chinese officials).

They’re laughing at us: Behold the TROPICAL Chinese.

Apparently, the domestic propaganda channels are overlooking the fact that the virus originated in China and the government’s slow response unleashed the disease on the world.


As Pompeo added, Communist Party officials have confirmed that the virus came from Wuhan, even as China’s party-backed conspiracists continue to tout rumors that the virus was a tool invented by the Americans.

Well, well, well“China’s party-backed conspiracists.”   Readers here know that not too long ago I chronicled how HBD “race realists” at Unz and the Amren comments threads were spreading the outrageous “American bioweapon” lie and I presciently suggested the possibility that Chinese government interests were at least in part behind the spreading of that lie – the lie of “tout rumors that the virus was a tool invented by the Americans.”  Apparently, others are saying the same thing; there may be evidence of “China party” backing for some of these “conspiracists.” This fully supports my call that HBDers should be investigated by the US government to ascertain if they are acting as undeclared agents of China. Why not? If they are innocent then they have nothing to hide and they should welcome such an inquiry. Are we seeing the beginning of the unraveling of the threads connecting Chinese government actors and HBD race realists?  What’s going on here?  Inquiring minds want to know.

HBD is a bitter enemy of the White race; HBD is a tool of Asia; HBD is the traitor in our midst.

As he added, he calls the virus “the Wuhan virus” to remind the world where it came from.

The truth.


The thing is, this virus spreading around the world could very well be the crisis that requires a competent and assertive ruling class. Tough decisions will need to be made in order to prevent a catastrophe…

Hmmm.  Who do you want as representing your “movement?”  People who call the virus a “nothingburger,” or ignore it completely, or who are running dogs for the Chinese government with the HBDers’ “American bioweapon” hoax? Or do you want clear-minded good judgment and prescient evaluation – that identified the virus as a serious threat from the very beginning, just as the same judgment identified Trump as a vulgar buffoon and a fraud from the very beginning, and identified the Alt Right as a destructive disaster from the very beginning? But, hey, keep on with the affirmative action program, it is working wonders.

Covid-19 could very well be the modern equivalent of the Mongol Invasion.

In more ways than one, eh?  Too bad the HBDers and Silkers weren’t around back then. They could have aided the Mongols in the hope that a buck-toothed, yellow-skinned, flat-chested Mongotrix would, as a reward, sodomize them with a spear. Hope springs eternal!

“Trevor Lynch” gets excited:

Delon’s Ripley is simply a cold sociopath, although one wants him to be more, because Delon is stunningly handsome.

“Stunningly handsome.”  Wipe that sweat off your forehead and figure out how old Del can be recruited for the Mannerbund!

Whatever the System/SJWs/Media complex tells you to do or not do – your most likely best bet is to do the opposite.

By the way, never forget what happened during the year during the Dubya reign when flu shots were scarce – Blacks and Browns were prioritized and Whites had to do without.  Is that the real reason for the anti-hoarding propaganda?  In a crisis, two groups will be prioritized for medicine, food, and supplies – wealthy elites (Whites, Jews, and some Asians) and all of the TROPICAL Coloreds – Blacks, Hispanics, the mass of Asians, etc. The White masses will be left to go rot.  That’s not “the paranoid style” – that’s what actually happened in the early 2000s.  Whitey has to prep.  Coloreds get the free handouts. The System would love to see you starve to death just as long as some 300 lb. Negress doesn’t have to suffer a microsecond of hunger.

China is the enemy of mankind.  The Chinese are born liars. Note that over the last few weeks some HBDers have been pushing the same agenda. Very curious that coincidence, very curious indeed.. There needs to be a fair and careful FARA investigation of the HBD race realists. If there’s no problem then they have nothing to worry about and so they should welcome the inquiry.  It is curious though how there was a push for the “American bioweapon” lie on HBD forums a while back, at the same time that Chinese government mouthpieces started in on that. Purely a coincidence, no doubt.  Again, if there’s no “fire,” then there should be no problem in looking at why there’s so much “smoke.” Again, it can of course be a purely innocent coincidence,  Very well. Why not look into it just to confirm that coincidental innocence?  

Please watch this.  Once again, the big question: Is there any connections between the Chinese misinformation propaganda campaign and HBD race realism? This blog has chronicled attempts by HBD race realists to promote the Chinese propaganda narrative of an “American bioweapon.” The question is whether the convergence of Chinese government and HBD propaganda is an innocent coincidence or is there actual direct cooperation between the two entities. The former is perfectly legal albeit despicable; the latter is a violation of federal law since I know of no HBD race realists who are declared agents of China.  Again, we are only asking for an investigation.  It is entirely possible that everything is perfectly kosher (in more ways than one, eh?), but it is possible it is not.  The only way to be sure is to look into it.  If there is nothing there, then there should be no objections.  Again, if there is nothing to hide, everyone should welcome an inquiry into this matter. 

This is by far the best Tucker Carlson commentary I have seen so far.  With respect to the “movement,” we need to hold the Asiaphiles of the HBD race realist faction responsible and accountable. To paraphrase Carlson’s commentary about the “American” political class – hold the HBDers accountable, strip them of their power, and don’t listen to them. The HBD race realists are treasonous filth and now with The China Plague and Chinese Extortion the bill is coming due. Time for the Yellow Supremacists to pay up. Pay up dem dere shekels and yuan, HBDers.

But of course.  Pander to everyone BUT the base. They can safely be taken for granted, as long as a few empty dog whistles are thrown into the mix.  The Republican playbook for more than a half century now.

Read this.

When I arrived on campus, I discovered that all three of my roommates were Chinese exchange students who barely spoke English. They hung together and I felt like an outsider in my own dorm room. They put calendars on our communal fridge written in Mandarin and stared at me whenever I walked into the common area, pausing their conversation just because of the presence of a white girl.

But, but, but…what happened to “The Arctic Alliance?” Seems to me like the TROPICAL Chinatrics objected to the presence of a European.

Very cognitive, very elite.

The nothingburger marches on.  Can the entire “movement” be flushed down the toilet, please?

I’ve seen some rather disturbing projections about The China Plague. These projections suggest that things here in the USA will get very dicey by early-mid May (or possibly earlier; e.g., in April). Rapidly spreading infection; deaths; a shortage of hospital beds, PPE, and medicines; supply chain shortages; etc. The shortages and the illness will likely synergize with each other.

I have to be serious here. There’s a possibility I will die from this; there’s a possibility that you will die from this. Never forget who is responsible – the Chinese, who are so outrageously crazy and disgusting that they are trying to evade responsibility and are trying to gaslight humanity about the disease’s origin.

Unless things suddenly get better, it is almost certain that some reasonably prominent person or persons in the “movement” will come down with this illness.  Whether the case will be mild or serious (or worse) cannot of course be predicted, but it is unlikely in the extreme that the “movement” will emerge unscathed from this crisis. Most of them, all of the Quota Queens, are not taking it seriously.  Remember that EGI Notes has been “banging the drum” over this from the very beginning, and I’ve been correct to do so.

Good luck to you all on this and be sure to be prepping. I have been doing so.

The HBDers must be in their glory that a Chinese virus is causing Italian infection, suffering, and death. The only yellow fly in the ointment is that the Italian epicenter is in the north and not the south. If only the disease concentration was in Sicily then the HBDers would need to be hospitalized for intractable priapisms.

Remember this? Of course, with the alliance going full steam ahead, that’s down the memory hole.

The Alliance’s Circular Firing Squad

And other news.

HBD marches on: Look at this nonsense.


A sample size of eight with one 55yo Asian male and one 21yo African-American male. 🙄

So an n of 8 is all we need?

And which are exactly the genetic similarities between iranians and chinese? And what happens with thailand, bangladesh, indonesia? Shouldn’t they be dying like flies?

let’s not mention Iran and Italy okay?

No conclusion can be drawn from a test of only 8 samples.

based on analysis of eight normal human lung transplant donors of different races
[Sad Trombone Sound.]   (Sound added by Sallis)

If true, then why is Iran getting hit so hard? And Italy.

Vintage HBD. That is how HBD works – they start with the conclusion they want, and then work backwards to attempt to justify their preconceived notions, with cherry picked data, bizarre interpretations, assumptions (“reasonable to infer” – right, “rock stars?”), absurdly small sample sizes, hand waving “spin,” etc. That may or may not be good politics, but it is certainly not scholarship and is certainly not science.

The amen corner at TOO is engaging in ad hominem toward Gerhard Meisenberg for the temerity of critiquing The High Trust Kid, including Jew baiting against Meisenberg. Who is Meisenberg?

Read this, emphasis added:

Gerhard Meisenberg is a German biochemist. As of 2018, he was a professor of physiology and biochemistry at Ross University School of Medicine in Dominica.[2][1] He is a director, with Richard Lynn, of the Pioneer Fund, which has been described as a hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center.[3] He was, until 2018 or 2019, the editor-in-chief of Mankind Quarterly, which the SPLC has described as a “racist journal”.[4][5][6]

Meisenberg was on the editorial board for the journal Intelligence until late 2018.[3][7]:79 Geneticist Daniel MacArthur, writing for Wired, described a letter Meisenberg sent to Nature as advocating for the future use of selective breeding or genetic engineering if group genetic differences in intelligence are found.[8] Meisenberg attended and helped organize the London Conference on Intelligence.[7]:81[9] He was one of fifteen attendees who contributed to a defense of the conference published in Intelligence.[10]

I suppose you are not allowed to critique “rock stars.” I do not know if Meisenberg is an ethnic German or a Jew, but he is clearly a Lynnite HBDer.  As exemplified by Dutton, another Lynnite, these guys are basically engaged in a sort of circular firing squad.  Schadenfreude.

The bottom line is that the anti-Semitic HBD Nordicists, naïve and childish, are being manipulated by the philo-Semitic core HBDers, whose political motivation has always been, and remains, empowering Jews and Asians at the expense of Whites, and replacing kin-based White racialism with aracial cognitive elitism.  However, the anti-Semitism of the HBD Nordicist so infuriates the core HBDers that the core faction will engage in criticism of the Nordicist faction, while at the same time supplying the Nordicist faction with handy memes to use to divide Whites against each other. Never forger that the “Hajnal line” nonsense was popularized by the core HBD faction. So, even IF the attacks against MacDonald’s work are unfair (and in this case I do not believe that is the case), it is deserved for the reasons outlined here.  If you get in bed with HBD, expect to get dirty.

In any case, getting back to core points, the HBD Nordicists assert a genetically ingrained difference between individualist Northern Europeans and more collectivist Southern Europeans (actual data and facts be damned),  But then they talk about the Indo-European individualist steppe values of the Ancient Greeks and Romans, utilizing Kempian Nordicist theory to explain the discrepancy. Unfortunately for them, ancient DNA analysis (e.g., Greece and Rome) show that the ancients – including the early Minoans and Mycenaeans as well as Iron Age/Republic Romans – were “Mediterranean” and most similar to modern peoples of those regions. So, the Kempian, Guntherian, Frankian theories are not supported by the evidence.  Whatever changes happened over the millennia, the peoples of Southern Europe were, from the very beginning of their ancient civilizations, distinct from Northern Europeans, and of a “Mediterranean” racial character. The idea that they were originally akin to modern, allegedly genetically individualist, Northern Europeans is clearly incorrect.  Now, whether or not there has been selection over time on genes for individualism vs.collectivism in given populations is open to question, but that us unconnected to the Ostara-like childish theories espoused by MacDonald. The populations of the regions in question have long been farmer-enriched (with some steppe ancestry of course) “Mediterraneans.”

Get this:

Review in mankind quarterly was hostile. Is this because Meisenberg is indeed a crypto shylock-berg, an infiltrator and saboteur?

Or maybe MacDonald is wrong and has transitioned from being a serious scholar into a laughably tragicomic sweaty fetishist that even Duchesnse of all people is driven to criticize?

The “rock star” cult seems to me rather Jewish, goys.  You’ll criticize it with respect to Freud and other “Jewish gurus” but you are all too blind to see that you are doing it yourselves. No one should be above criticism.  Meisenberg may be right or he may be wrong, he may be a kraut or he may be a kike (he’s certainly a HBDer)…but his comments and critiques need to be evaluated on their own merits.

The thing about these guys is that instead of dealing with the important issues that we are facing they instead obsess over their fetishes and freakishness and retarded dogma. What else can you expect from buffoons who jumped on the Alt Right train when sober people were warning you about the dangers of the Alt Right; what else can you expect from foolish nitwits who breathlessly told us back in 2016 that Trump was the last chance, the last hope, of White America?

All of these heroes and leaders and rock stars are absolutely hopeless.

After all, that’s all that matters.  It must be difficult being such a sincere man of genuine greatness and all.

MAGA! Pepe!  Kek!  Chugging gallons of milk!

Is Greg Johnson psychotic? After months of telling us that Trump would have won with a Jeb Bush platform, because of his personality, we now see this:

Trump’s America-First trade and foreign policies, and his promise to reduce immigration — most of which is non-white — spoke to the demographic anxieties of white Americans. Trump ran as a populist, not a Republican. He won the votes of blue-collar democrats whose livelihoods are threatened by globalization. But, as a number of political scientists have argued since the election, economic populism was not enough to put Trump in the White House. His decisive advantage came from his appeal to white identity politics.

What an incredibly dishonest fraud this Johnson is. He goes from one opinion to a completely opposite one without ever admitting to being wrong about his previous dogmatically expressed and obviously wrong assertions. Then we have this:

But it looks like the Democrats may be just stupid enough to lose it. 


I hope that Trump can beat Biden.

But I thought that “Trump is toast no matter what.” No matter what – including Democratic stupidity and Johnson’s hopes.

This guy Johnson continuously disqualifies himself from having any right whatsoever even being within a million miles of even the possibility of a leadership position in racial activism. The “movement’s” ethnic affirmative action program may be the most powerful force in politics – look how much it has to overcome! – far surpassing the vaunted “Democratic Party Establishment.”

Interesting that we have back-to-back commentaries on the election by Johnson and Hampton. Enough said about that.  For now.


Trevor Lynch hated the film.

What did Greg Johnson think about it?

A mentally ill commentator:

Posted March 5, 2020 at 6:48 am | Permalink
God, the author seems so high iq I can’t even place him societally. He crosses so many vocabulary and conceptual realms. Very dazzling!

I love this younger cadre of writers.

Jeelvy is in competition with Duocoher as the worst writer in the history of Der Movement.  I agree that the spectacle is “dazzling,” but not in the manner that “Orcish” means.  But, then again anyone using a pseudonym derived from Tolkienite trash would not be expected to behave any differently, no?

Gaslighting Anti-Vaxxers

How come I’m not surprised?

The scheduled blog post for today has been postponed in order to bring you the following public service announcement.

It makes sense that the anti-White, pro-HBD, pseudoscience site Counter-Currents promotes anti-vaccination propaganda from scientifically illiterate, paranoid retards.

Once again – vaccines are not dangerous for 99.999% of people, they prevent terrible diseases, and no, “Big Pharma” really doesn’t make their “big money” from those dastardly scary needles. They instead make their real BIG MONEY from all those nice pills and syrups the peanut gallery have no problem with. Want a real scandal? How about telling Americans that they all have to be on statins and blood pressure medication and metformin, instead of telling them to stop being fat bastards?  How about telling students that they have the drug-requiring diagnosis of “attention deficit disorder” instead of being honest with them and telling them they are dumb and lazy and thus unsuited for academics? How about generics from Asia that are, literally, poison?  But, no. Those scary needles are sodomizing our babies, tainting their precious bodily fluids and given them autism, and we can’t have that. Let’s all get measles, whooping cough, tetanus, and diphtheria instead.  Good clean fun!   What about polio?  Bring back the iron lung!  Smallpox!  Rabies!  Enjoy!

Greg Johnson is not only a gaslighting, panhandling turd, he’s now revealed to be an evil gaslighting panhandling turd as well.  For all his faults, he’s educated and, presumably, has a triple digit IQ. He has to know better. But I suppose this is all part of the “big tent” approach of “reaching out to” all sorts of “communities” to “spread the message.”  That he likely thinks it will bring in more supporters and hence more “D’Nations” doesn’t (to his:”mind”) hurt either. Of course, he doesn’t realize that for every “Stan the Man” and for every “if I got bitten by a rabid animal I wouldn’t get the vaccine” Stronza he loses, alienates, and disgusts, educated STEMers. But, hey, it’s Der Movement, and there’s a reason why the Quota Queens require a strict ethnic affirmative action program to keep their positions of “leadership.”

The mindset of some of these nitwits is similar to that of the tragicomic conspiracy theorist “J Richards” at Majority Rights who peddled “moon landing hoax” theories on the premise that “if we can convince people the government lied to them about that we we can convince them the government is lying about race as well.” Just substitute “moon landing” with “vaccines” and you understand the (truly psychopathic) mindset there. The actual truth means nothing.  What these retards fail to understand is that the converse is more true – once people understand that Der Movement lies to them about moon landings and vaccines, they’ll suspect that Der Movement is lying to them about race as well (and to some extent, they’ll be correct).

This is real science.  There’s a reason why educated, rational scientists support vaccination – people who have no vested interests in “making big money” off of vaccination. Vaccination saves lives.  It reduces morbidity and mortality. It is a great invention of Western science – Jenner and Pasteur.

I’m not getting any money promoting vaccination. I’m not a MD or a member of “Big Pharma.” I AM someone who had various childhood diseases now preventable by vaccination and the thought of shitfaced scumbags promoting the spread of disease, among others, because of their self-righteous ignorance or rent-seeking grifting, is sickening. Anyone who gives these retards a platform to, essentially, spread disease and sicken White men, women, and children is a turd of the first order. That means you Greggy. Unfortunately, there’s no vaccination for stupidity or mendacity.

And the Far Right is never going to expand out of its Nutzi Retard ghetto if it continues to be a embarrassing, and-scientific, irrational gaggle of tin foil hat imbeciles. The Right always acts the fool, and the Far Right is the worst.

One sane comment:

OrcishPosted February 4, 2020 at 3:34 pm | PermalinkI wouldn’t listen to all that. Vaccines were considered a major public health breakthrough before “big pharma” existed. if the formulations in use were dangerous competitors would be all over it making safe ones.

And as I’ve written before, unlike all those nice little pills and flavored syrups the fat bastards consume as they roll along the ground, American-used vaccines are manufactured (so far) either here or in Western Europe, not in India or China. Granted, once vaccines are manufactured in India and/or China, then I’ll agree that they then would be manifestly unsafe, just like all your wonderful maintenance medicines are. But not now.

Now, are vaccines 100%, absolutely guaranteed, harmless for every single individual who may take them?  Of course not.  In biology, nothing is. Among the hundreds of millions of vaccine recipients there may be a few whose genetic background, immune systems, etc. are such that they’ll have a bad reaction. There is always some risk in life (autism in children from MMR NOT being one of them) – that’s balanced against Smallpox, Polio, Tetanus, Measles, Rabies, etc.  Is this actually a serious conversation?  Were Jenner and Pasteur “psychopathic” “Jew doctors” working for “Big Pharma?”  Stop the crap already.

As I’ve written before, the fact that objective facts about medicines manufactured in Asia are ignored in favor of tin foil hat conspiracy theories about vaccines demonstrates that anti-vaxx hysteria has it ultimate genesis in the pills vs needles dichotomy, and the psychosexual anxieties weak-minded hysterics have about being “violated” by being “forcibly injected” (“sodomized”*) by the “scary needles.”

There’s also the SJW-like ignoring of science and the smug self-righteousness of anti-vaxxers whose personal identity is wound up in their belief system. Thus, they label everyone who argues in favor of vaccination as “psychopaths” who are part of a “Big Pharma” conspiracy.

Excuse me now as I rub my hands together, cackling insanely, as I await my Big Pharma compensation check for promoting autism among vaccinated children.


*By vaccines bad.  My flirtatious Alt Right meeting attendees or by Mannerbund colleagues good, good, good!

Bottle of Asians

Asians: Shockingly, profoundly alien.

So, I have finished reading the shocking book account of Asiatic pharmaceutical fraud, Bottle of Lies.

The amount of fraud discussed is astounding, the level of Asiatic perfidy astonishing – but not surprising to anti-HBD Asia-skeptics such as myself – and the damage done to global health incalculable. In addition to everything else, there is evidence that substandard Asian drugs contribute to the emergence of antibiotic resistance in bacteria.  Asia is a threat to all humanity.

Behold completely, utterly corrupt peoples, with a mentality as alien to the European mind as that of a snake or spider.  There can be no alliance here, no similarity, and no overlap. The gulf is unbridgeable. Some sort of tentacled life form from a planet circling a star in the Andromeda galaxy would be less alien to us than these Asiatics, whose mind-numbing levels of criminal corruption and amoral mental monstrosity are breathtaking.  And lest you think this is hyperbole – read the book.  What are all the HBDers afraid of?  If they are so confident that their Asian Gods are all high-IQ, law-abiding supermen, then the truth should not be feared, right?

Rather than have me just repeat the book’s content with myriad tales of Indian and Chinese incompetence and corruption – just read the book.  If there’s one book that I recommend my readers to read in 2020 it is Bottle of Lies – the perfect, unanswerable riposte to the monstrous lie of HBD.  The Indian cognitive elitists exposed.  The high, high-IQ Holy Orientals from The Land of the Gods exposed.  Read it and weep  – we will weep because of how not only are we in the USA dependent upon Indian and Chinese poisonous fraud but we have all of these “cognitive elitists” invading the American academic world, displacing Whites, and destroying the American (and Western) scientific enterprise with Oriental fraud and Asiatic incompetence.  The HBDers will weep as the facts take a hammer to their fallen Yellow and Brown (*) idols.

*The reality of jugaad is that is a clever euphemism for corruption and fraud.

HBD is a monstrous lie.

The Johnson Conundrum

The resiliency of Greg Johnson: An analysis of a skillful political actor.

Question: How has Greg Johnson not only survived various scandals and other embarrassments but emerged stronger than ever?

After the episode of the Pilleater Chronicles and its fallout and then the revelations about Polignano, folks like Forney were telling us (and this was nearly a year ago) that “Greg Johnson is finished” etc. The whole Forney-Friberg-Spencer anti-Johnson axis (that exists even though they may have squabbles among themselves; e.g., Forney being critical of Spencer) more or less adopted the line that Johnson and Counter-Currents were in terminal decline – “finished”- and  that there was no recovery from the scandals. These types were saying the same thing after Johnson was publicly humiliated by the HopeNotHate Hermansson infiltration, and his having Hermansson give the keynote address at a Counter-Currents meeting.  Then there was the Lewis infiltration.  Any one of these scandals would have been sufficient to delegitimize, perhaps terminally sink, another, less resilient, “movement leader.”  After each of these scandals, Johnson’s leading rivals in the Alt Right loudly predicted his imminent “movement” demise.

They were of course wrong, and Greg Johnson and Counter-Currents continues to go on strongly, raising money, continuing to be “big” in Der Movement – in fact, it is the Forney-Friberg-Spencer faction that seem to be in decline. If there has been any “victor” in the feud, it has been Johnson. Forney continues doing his thing but with very limited influence, Friberg apparently the same, and Spencer is reduced to wrapping himself in the Iranian flag and tweeting about his love life. On the other hand, the destructive Frankenstein monster that is Counter-Currents keeps on lumbering along, and it was Johnson who made international news after being arrested in Norway.  Johnson stands up there with Taylor and MacDonald as among the “Elders” of the (particularly, American) “movement”- I would argue that Greg Johnson’s power and influence within the “movement” has never been greater.

So, how has this happened?  How did Johnson emerge like a phoenix rising out of the ashes from these scandals to reach a pinnacle of influence, despite the scandals, and, perhaps just as importantly, despite the fact that Counter-Currents has displayed a shocking decline in quality, with the most moronic, superficial, hypocritical, pretentious, and juvenile crop of “writers” ever assembled at any one Far Right site?  Counter-Currents should be sliding into Majority Rights-style oblivion and irrelevancy, but, so far, unfortunately, the opposite is happening.

It would be instructive to examine why all of this is so. Such an examination will shed much needed light on Der Movement, and illuminate the underlying rot within that allows someone like Johnson to prosper.  After all consider – Spencer received more criticism, attacks, and disavowals because of the nonsense of Hailgate than did Johnson for the Pilleater and Polignano scandals, which were, at least in my opinion, far worse.

I don’t recall Taylor, Brimelow, and Devlin et al. publicly distancing themselves from Johnson over issues that are far more serious than Spencer acting like an immature jackass.

Some possible reasons for all of that include:

The affirmative action program.  The “movement’s” ethnic affirmative action program is an important factor here. Johnson claims to be of English descent, of founding Old American stock, whose family has been in America since colonial days; he is also phenotypically Nordic.  Now, since Spencer himself is an Anglo-Germanic Nordic, and he has collapsed as an activist, having the proper ancestral (and phenotypic) bonafides is necessary but not sufficient.  One can have the “proper” ancestry and phenotype, but if they crash and burn completely, and are politically inept, nothing will help them. On the other hand, if Johnson was a wop or hunkie – or even possibly a “Nordish” mick – he would have not survived the scandals, regardless of anything else. Ancestry and phenotype are important factors here.

Lesson.  If you don’t have the “right” ancestry, forget about trying to have any influence in Der Movement. If you do have the “right” ancestry, then you really have to be incredibly inept and politically clumsy to fall from grace (e.g., Spencer).

Costs vs. benefits.  Let’s compare Spencer’s Hailgate to Johnson’s scandals with respect to the response (or lack thereof) of other “movement leaders.” I argue that “movement leaders” may well have had practical political reasons for disavowing Spencer while being silent about Johnson, through the weighing of costs vs. benefits.

Hailgate – although in and of itself petty nonsense – became national news because of the Alt Right-Trump connection and because of Spencer’s notoriety at the time, and because of the fact that the 2016 election results were fresh in everyone’s memory. The media leveraged Spencer’s poor judgment to attack other Alt Right leaders as “suit and tie Nazis.” This endangered the status, reputation, and money-making ability of various “leaders” and gave them a very strong motivation to publicly disavow and criticize Spencer. The benefits of disavowing Spencer were clear. What about the costs? These “leaders” probably considered Spencer an immature lightweight and judged that the costs of disavowing Spencer were minimal – Spencer would not, or could not, mount an effective counter-attack against them, and the supporters of these other “leaders” would be unlikely to withdraw support over their Hailgate criticism.

On the other hand, Johnson’s scandals have not been national news and have not directly impacted other major Alt Right figures. These others may have a moral and ethical obligation to criticize Johnson, but what do any of these types care about morals and ethics?  It’s a purely utilitarian consideration for them – there are little practical benefits for disavowing Johnson.  On the other hand, there are real costs. Johnson is a much more dangerous person than is Spencer, and more likely to mount an effective counter-attack. One could imagine Counter-Currents suddenly critiquing Amren over the JQ or once again saying Amren conferences are a waste, or critiquing VDARE’s taking so much “movement” money or once again criticizing Derbyshire, etc.  The same intensity that Counter-Currents focused on the likes of Spencer and Friberg would now be aimed at these other targets.  So, there’s a cost with no practical benefit, and issues of morals and ethics and character mean nothing.  So, these folks give Johnson a “pass” for things worse than what Spencer did.

Lesson. Morals, ethics, and character count for nothing in Der Movement and among “movement leaders.” It is all practical considerations of image, status, and “movement” politics, with a focus on assuring maintenance of supporters and supporter donations.  A well-connected person whose influence is feared by others of like standing can get away with more than someone like Spencer, who is more isolated and is not considered to have the gravitas to be a “heavy player” in the “game.”

The political game.  Johnson, for all his manifest faults, is very, very good at playing the political game – or at least as good as someone who has horrifically bad judgment and who likes feuding can be. Johnson inevitably ends up on bad terms with people in the “movement,” including former allies, but you’ll note that he typically only engages in one major feud at a time.  Former allies may become enemies, and sometimes, typically briefly, vice versa, but these twists and turns occur one at a time. He never engages in any major “two-front war.” Alliances are formed and broken, one feud is engaged in and won, former allies then become foes, new allies are recruited, etc.  Jorjani was used skillfully here – and that was as much the result of Spencer’s political clumsiness and it was Johnson’s skill at using people for just as long as he needs them to undermine his main foes. All these people are used and discarded as fits the agenda, with consummate political skill. As historical analogies, consider Julius Caesar using and discarding Pompey or Augustus doing the same with Marc Antony.  Or how Catherine the Great used and discarded “court favorites” (including lovers) to achieve power. Hitler used and the discarded various people during his rise to power – Eckart, Strasser, Rohm, etc.  One can consider how various organized crime figures rose to prominence through alliances, which they later discarded when it no longer suited them (often killing the former allies).  The Kennedys used Mafia connections to reach the White House, after which Robert Kennedy moved against these former allies. Then there’s the Hitler-Stalin Pact of 1939.  You get the picture.

Johnson is also good at “glad-handling” and having friendships with “movement” bigwigs that – for as long as they last before falling apart – provide a cushion of support and prevent those bigwigs from calling out Johnson’s faults. Taylor as an example.  Note that Johnson won’t call out Taylor for “being in bed with the press” (as I note here), while criticizing others. Note that Johnson now supports and attends Amren conferences despite telling us several years ago that attending such meetings was a waste of time and money (money being, of  course, better used for “D’Nations” to Counter-Currents).  Thus, in summary, despite his proclivity to feud, Johnson has still maintained friendly relations with a number of “movement” bigwigs, and that no doubt helps insulate Johnson from the consequences of his manifest failures and various scandals.

Further, whatever what actually happened, the actual “technics” of each accomplishment, the end result was that – if Polignano’s correspondence with Friberg can be believed – Johnson was able to remove Polignano as having any control over Counter-Currents. And John Morgan, originally with Arktos, has ended up with Counter-Currents.  Whether all of this was the result of Machiavellian plotting or just serendipity, one cannot argue with the results. Johnson has weathered all sorts of storms, out-maneuvered rivals, and has a firm control of the Counter-Currents “empire,” such as it is. He therefore is revealed as a reasonably savvy player in the game and art of “movement” politics.  Much better than the likes of Spencer, who, by contrast, is politically clumsy and inept.

Lesson. Being right is not enough to advance your position; being wrong is not enough to retard your progress.  Humans are essentially political animals, and in any grouping that has individuals vying for status and to advance their agendas, political maneuvering will be important.  Johnson is a savvy political operator and thus has not only survived scandals that would have wrecked other prominent activists, but he has prospered while his main rivals (e.g., Spencer) have fallen by the wayside. 

Should activists involved in Der Movement concentrate on such internal politics? The benefits are clear.  What about the costs?  There are costs of time and energy.  There is the mental costs; this can be exhausting, particularly for people who are by nature introverts.  Political maneuvering can always backfire. It also compromises, to some extent, honor and integrity, and, if it is noticed by others, can stain one’s reputation as an honest broker.

A cost-benefit analysis can be done. It depends on context.  An overt and public activist like Johnson has more to gain from politics than someone pseudonymous; however, pseudonymous activists can still benefit. Extroverts have it easier than introverts, but as long as they are not extreme and semi-autistic, introverts can still benefit from politics. The main thing is the affirmative action program.  An activist of Northwest European ancestry – particularly those of British/German/Scandinavian ancestry – can derive great benefit from engaging in “movement” politics since they have great potential for advancement and a rapid rise to leadership. On the other hand, activists of Southern (especially) or Eastern European ancestry  have little or nothing to gain since, regardless of how skilled they may be at the political game, their ancestry bars them from rising to the extent of those from more favored groups. Years of effort can be quickly wiped out by comments about “Moops and Mongols” and other manifestations of “movement” ethnic fetishism. So the relative costs and benefits in this case primarily vary based on their potential benefits, and that varies based on the ancestry of the activist in question. Now, in a truly pan-European movement, this factor would be eliminated, but perhaps there political maneuvering would be somewhat less important than it is in Der Movement.

The cabal and the alliances. Political connections go beyond just one-on-one relationships and include group alliances. There has been talk about a “homosexual cabal” in the “movement” – one that I was warned about as far back as the early 2000s.  There is also the HBD-ethnonationalist-Nordicist alliance. All these groupings, working behind the scenes, can provide crucial support for “movement leaders” who are well-connected.  On the other hand, people like Spencer, more isolated, and whose support is out-in-the –open and very shallow, have no deep support network that can provide a cushion in times of crisis.

Lesson. What goes on behind the curtain is often more important than what goes on in front of it.

The personal revelations. The personal revelations on the Pilleater tape did not have the effects that Forney, Friberg, and company thought, because it was basically an “open secret” in the “movement” for anyone who had a triple digit IQ, and anyone demanding “proof” was basically just engaging in obstructionism or were low-level idiots without any standing in the “movement.” Other aspects of that tape didn’t have much of an impression because things – such as bad behavior at meetings – have been rumored for a long time.  As far as Polignano goes and the revelations in that discussion with Friberg, who in the “movement” really cares about someone with a name like “Polignano” anyway?  Someone named “Johnson” screwing over someone named “Polignano” is a positive in Der Movement, not a negative.

Lesson. What people think is going to have a profound effect upon revelation may not do so, if the revelations are already suspected and/or known, or if the people hearing the revelation actually don’t think what they are hearing is really a bad thing at all.

Ideological flexibility.  Johnson maximizes support with remarkable ideological flexibility – what some would call inconsistency or even hypocrisy.  Johnson is a leading proponent of petty nationalist ethnonationalism – yet Counter-Currents publishes and promotes the work of Francis Parker Yockey and previously hosted some of my own essays promoting pan-Europeanism.  Counter-Currents has both promoted and criticized HBD, has both promoted and criticized Nordicism, has both promoted and criticized racial purity, has both promoted and criticized Amren conferences, has promoted both Traditionalism and Futurism, has White-Knighted as well as run the work of Devlin, Johnson has harshly criticized Derbyshire and then shared the stage with him at Amren – you get the picture.  This maximizes support and lets Johnson have a foot in different “movement” factions.

Lesson. Being two-faced has its advantages.

Practical consistency.  The ideological inconsistency doesn’t bother the Type I retards that constituent the majority of Der Movement, since their own “ideology” is simply a mash-up of Kempian Nordicism, chugging gallons of milk, screaming “Kek!,” etc. Indeed, as stated, the inconsistency is an advantage to maintain appeal among “activists” who are a cut above the dimwit majority and actually do care about ideas, but themselves are still too dim too realize that Counter-Currents has been all over the board on a number of important issues.

More important perhaps is consistency in the practical realm.  Successful activists tend to be ones that consistently are associated with a particular project or group or organization of project.  Taylor with American Renaissance.  Johnson with Counter-Currents.  MacDonald with The Occidental Observer and his various books.  Pierce (and Strom, who has survived controversy of his own) with the National Alliance. On the other hand, the more unsuccessful activists, whose careers are less than the sum of their parts – Spencer and Duke for example – have a history of jumping from one failed project to another.  At some point, I lost track of all of the various groups that Duke formed, led for a few years, and then abandoned. There was the White version of the NAACP (NAAWP), then wasn’t there something called NOFEAR, then EURO, etc?  And that was after his Klan days and his foray into electoral politics.  Spencer has had his varied Alt Right websites sites and the Alt Right corporation, and all sorts of other podcasts and projects, jumping from one to another. All of this failure and inconsistency  does not inspire confidence. On the other hand, stability such as Johnson with Counter-Currents gives him an air of “competence” and is another reason he survives scandal better than Spencer.

Conclusion. This is by no means a comprehensive analysis, but touches upon what I see as some of the main reasons why Johnson has survived and prospered, while Spencer has imploded.  Of course, some of it is just better judgment – Johnson had the good sense not to be involved in Unite the Right.  But, still, comparing the flak that Spencer got for Hailgate compared to Johnson thriving after scandal begs for an explanation – that I have tried to supply.  As further events unfold, more such analysis may be forthcoming.

The underlying lessons here demonstrate the importance of political networking, and various non-merit attributes, in elevating and sustaining individuals in positions of prominence in Der Movement. They provide a blueprint for “activists” with the proper affirmative action-approved ancestral backgrounds to follow to effectively play the political game, and allow others to better understand how they are being “played” by the “leaders” they so blindly support.

Johnson is not going anywhere; he is seemingly here to stay. Although there are some in the “movement” who will never accept him, enough others will so as to ensure that he will be a force within Der Movement for years to come, barring any unforeseen circumstances. And it is difficult to imagine what such circumstances could occur that would dethrone Johnson from his “leadership” position. Given the previous incidents and scandals that have proven unable to do so. As we can see, Amren continues to peddle Johnson’s work. One can expect that Greg Johnson and Counter-Currents will continue to have a significant impact on racial activism and prove the predictions of Forney false.

In any case, we can hope this analysis provokes more discussion and debate and, perhaps, soul-searching among “movement” “activists” with respect to their “leadership.”

Der Movement Marches On, 1/8/20

It’s Der Movement!

Read this. That’s not the first time this has happened to Taylor. It seems every few months he’s writing an article telling us how his “faith in people” and “trust in people” was violated by some journalist who “lied.” In fact, this seems to occur over and over and over again, and yet he doesn’t learn to avoid the media, it doesn’t occur to him he has the option of refusing to deal with them.  When I criticize the judgment of “movement leaders,” remember this.

And notice that Johnson has nothing to say about those incidents, while criticizing others for being “in bed with the press.” Johnson is very good at playing the “movement” political game, which will be discussed as part of a forthcoming piece.

Laugh at this – about a paper I discussed here long ago. Emphasis added.

Not surprisingly, there has been gene flow over the centuries back and forth between East Asia and Europe. For example, a couple of my friends in high school who were of European descent, one Hungarian, one Russian, had slightly East Asian looking eyes.

By golly, with evidence like that, why does Sailer even need to look at population genetics papers?

A 2015 paper in Scientific Reports (thanks to iSteve commenter Anti-HBD)…

Anti-HBD?  A commentator with the King of HBD?

…looked at current (not ancient populations) and tried to estimate admixture by treating the French as representative Europeans and the Dai of Southern China (and also of Laos and Thailand) as representative East Asians.

EXACTLY what I have criticized such papers and especially the testing companies about. The results of “admixture estimates” are going to depend fully on what populations are chosen as the references.  Gee…French are treated as “representative Europeans.”  Let’s guess that other Frenchmen sampled will turn out to have very low levels of “admixture” – at which point Der Movement will foam at the mouth about “French racial purity.”

Quantitating and Dating Recent Gene Flow between European and East Asian Populations
Published: 02 April 2015
Pengfei Qin, Ying Zhou, Haiyi Lou, Dongsheng Lu, Xiong Yang, Yuchen Wang, Li Jin, Yeun-Jun Chung & Shuhua Xu
…we detected gene flow between Europeans and Asians were prevalent for most populations including even those from west-northern Europe and East Asia which have been generally regarded as less admixed. . .

It’s of great benefit to all humanity, no doubt..

. . . CEU populations mostly originating from France and Germany had a small fraction (0.7 ± 0.8%) of genetic material from EAS. 

Shocking!  I mean, if you use French as the population representing “European,” who would have ever guessed that other French samples tested would have low admixture?  If you essentially compare people to themselves (other co-ethnics), would you expect otherwise, you morons?

People from Great Britain such as British (GBR) and Orcadian inherited 2.5%–3.8% from ancestral EAS. Finnish (FIN) and Russians inherited significantly more genetic material (>12%) from ancestral EAS, which is consistent with their historical record of admixture with Mongolian populations. 

Durocher I’m sure will tell us that the British, Orcadian, and Finnish results are of great benefit to all humanity.

Admixture proportions for some CSA are relatively small, for which Kalash has 20.7% EUR ancestry…

Der Movement: “But, but, but, they look White…”

In addition, Russian and Finnish populations show ~13% Asian ancestry.

The Finnish data are, of course, of great benefit to all humanity.

Keep in mind, however, that 2015 was a long time ago in population genetics . . 

Which is why these guys keep on dredging up Cavalli-Sforza data from the early 1990s.

Laugh at this, emphasis added.

I take solace in the fact that the pain we are feeling at every new blustering Tweet — the embarrassment, the cringe that reaches to our very core, continuing on into the subatomic level…

Not that long ago Johnson was telling us that Trump is a man of “genuine greatness.”

So what should White Nationalists do about this horrible blunder?

Make bigger blunders themselves?

First, we take stock: there are some things we can do…


and some things that we can’t.


We have a shrinking number of beleaguered outposts on the internet from which we can speak the truths that the establishment denies. And despite all the attempts to deplatform us, our audience and our credibility are growing. This is where we need to concentrate our efforts. No matter what Trump’s blunder leads to, we can turn it to our advantage by using it as an opportunity to speak forbidden truths.

Truths like that Der Movement is a money-making enterprise full of Quota Queen grifters.

The bloody-minded stupidity of the Republican grifters

Pot meet kettle.

We lack the numbers, money, or legitimacy to constitute a voting bloc, so pretending that we are going to punish Trump by throwing the election to the Democrats just makes us sound like hysterical fantasists, which undermines the credibility that is one of our biggest assets.

Sure!  Being always wrong, about just about everything, builds credibility. Lying and gaslighting on a continuous basis builds credibility.  Talking about a “race war” “kicking off in the summer of 2021” doesn’t make you seem like a hysterical fantasist, no sir!

Right now, the United States is in the intolerable position of being merely a plaything of Jewish interests. 

Sounds just like HBD.

A comment for Derbyshire:  

White/Asian hybrids are crazy and stupid, like they have a race-riot going on inside their heads. Burn the rice, pay the price:
Michael Fay — “You mean spray-painting cars and stealing road signs is a serious crime in Singapore?”
Elliot Rodger — “I have a BMW! Why are beautiful women I won’t even say hi to not jumping on my dick?”
Daniel Holtzclaw — “Wow, ever since I became a cop, black hookers are really eager to suck my willy. What could possibly go wrong?”
Matthew de Grood — “Must…kill…vampires…”
Miriam Weeks — “I love choking on pornstar cock, it’s so empowering!”

Is there any actual evidence that Fred West had any non-English, or at least non-British, ancestry?  Other than “looking distinctly like a Gypsy?” I realize to Der Movement, subjective opinions about physical appearance equate to actual objective genealogical/genetic ancestry, but for the rest of us, where’s the evidence that West was a “minority?”  What about his wife, by the way?  Maybe West was an alien, but if so, I cannot find any evidence online to support that claim – and the TOO article certainly did not supply such evidence.  That’s yet another example of Der Movement’s gaslighting on race and ethnicity.

Long after Salter and I critique Kaufmann, the likes of Zman wake up.

Under the Hood

Gregory Hood, that is.  And other news.  In all cases, emphasis added.

However, there are no grifters among white advocates — at least no successful ones. No one I know is doing it “for the money.” There is little money. 

What a disgusting liar Hood is.

…four groups at the forefront of the white nationalist movement to register as charities and raise more than $7.8 million in tax-deductible donations… 

The Connecticut-based VDare Foundation is led by Peter Brimelow, founder and editor of an anti-immigration website. Brimelow, who spoke at the National Policy Institute’s conference last month, founded his nonprofit in 1999 and raised nearly $4.8 million between 2007 and 2015. 

Brimelow received $378,418 in compensation from his nonprofit in 2007accounting for nearly three-quarters of its total expenses that year. Brimelow says his salary that year was $170,000 and the rest reimbursed him for travel, office supplies and other expenses.

From 2010 through 2015, VDare Foundation didn’t report any compensation directly paid to Brimelow. But, starting in 2010, the nonprofit began making annual payments of up to $368,500 to Brimelow’s Happy Penguins LLC for “leased employees.” Brimelow disclosed his ownership of that company on tax returns.

Little money!  Right?  Little money!  Liar.  What’s “little” in “little money?”  Millions of dollars is “little?”  Hundreds of thousands of dollars per year is “little?”

(There’s not even a PayPal). 

No, but donations are tax-deductible – special IRS status. The System that all of these “revolutionaries” are so very bravely and very boldly “resisting” has granted to them special tax privileges.  Fight the power, eh?

We’re doing it because we must.

We must rattle the tin cup.

No other movement creates the return on investment we do. 

If by that you mean no other movement takes large amounts of money and achieves absolutely nothing, then I agree wholeheartedly.

The most powerful media platforms on Earth demonize and suppress us…

While the US government grants you tax-exempt/tax-deductible donation status.

…yet we keep growing. If we ever get a level playing field, we’ll win. I think our opponents know this, which is why they’re so paranoid.

So paranoid they grant you special tax privileges.

Hood used to be a writer I read regularly and, more importantly, one of the few writers/activists in the “movement” that I respected.  Now, I cannot get through his Amren scribblings without absolute contempt for him bubbling up.  He’s been tainted by the Alt Wrong, by Der Movement Inc., and is just another gaslighting liar.

However, I want to make clear that I am NOT saying that you should never financially support Far Right causes.  However, three points:

1. You should take care of yourself first, and that “taking care” should include savings, investments, and retirement planning.  Don’t be suckered in by rent-seeking grifters and their “everything is going to collapse in 5-10 yeas, so why save – give to us now.” They’ve been spewing that self-serving nonsense for more than half-a-century.  Only after you’ve taken care of yourself, in every way, should you even just consider the possibility of giving “D’Nations.”

2. You should give to those who deserve it.  You should not give to freaks, fetishists, people who have racial contempt for you (for the “White ethnics” out there), Quota Queen incompetents, Type I Nutzis, gaslighting liars, tragicomic inept buffoons with an unending record of unremitting failure, morons with poor judgment, perverts, obvious grifters, etc.  I realize that eliminates basically the entirely of Der Movement Inc. (a money-making enterprise), but that’s their fault, not mine.

3. Folks whose operations are pulling in six figure annual inputs – and in some cases in the mid-six figures – should not be crying poverty.  Certainly, if they were deserving of support, they could ask for more, they could rightfully claim that the Left has much greater resources, they could claim that they – if they were competent – can get more done with more money. But they shouldn’t pretend that they’re “poor freedom fighters” eating cat food and wearing rags when they are financially better off than many of their contributors and in some cases live in comfortable blue state coastal enclaves. I don’t  know, for example this photo does not in my opinion reflect struggling, piss-poor dissident freedom fighters.

Tolkien: The ideological hero of the Type I “Twigs and branches” nitwits.  Yes, indeed, let’s stay “snug in our hobbit hole in the forest” enjoying all that “de facto anarchy” while the Chinese rule the world and conquer space (using White-invented technology). On wonders. Is the promotion of anti-technological Tolkien “traditionalism” for Whites part of the HBD agenda?  Let’s convince Whites to unilaterally surrender to their Asian overlords, eh?  Don’t worry, the Silkers will jump in and tell us that black-booted Chinese girls with guns can guard our borders, so no problem!

Recently, I discussed an Amren article describing Italy’s abysmally low native birthrate, and the fact that 9% of the population is already composed of foreigners – and compared that to the assertions of the great and good Sir Desmond Jones that Italy is 100% ethnoracially homogeneous and will remain so until the end of time, forever and ever, amen.  Of course, the great and good Sir Desmond Jones said the same thing about Russia and Eastern Europe in general. As we know that Der Movement is always wrong, about EVERYTHINGwe thus read (emphasis added):

But it is Eastern Europe where the population crisis is most advanced.
At the end of the Cold War, Bulgaria had 9 million people. By 2017, that had fallen to 7.1 million. In 2050, Bulgaria’s population is estimated at 5.4 million — a loss of 40% to death and migration since Bulgaria won its freedom from the Soviet Empire.
By 2050, Ukraine and Poland are each projected to lose another 6 million people, and Hungary will lose 1.5 million.
Lithuania and Latvia have seen serious population losses since the end of the Cold War and are in the front rank of European nations losing people at the fastest rate.
U.N. demographers project Russia’s population may fall from 145 million today to 121 million by 2050. Such losses rival those that Russia suffered under Lenin, Stalin and World War II.
The Far East is home to some 6 million Russians who dwell on that vast tract that is so full of natural resources like timber, oil and gas.
“The population continues to decrease almost everywhere in the Far East,” lamented President Vladimir Putin at an investment conference in Vladivostok: “The inflow is increasing, but it does not cover the number of people leaving the region.”
In the Far East, Siberia and the Lake Baikal region, investors and workers from China are appearing in growing numbers.

Wrong, wrong, they’re ALWAYS wrong.

Let’s see – the far-left Neocon Antifa Don Trump can’t protect America’s borders, but he can start Zionist-inspired military conflicts with Iran.  He’s a sincere man of genuine greatness, right Johnson?

Wrong, wrong, they’re ALWAYS wrong.