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And It’s Another Great Day in German History

Michels the Michel.

A typical day in Germany.  A relatively small group of “far-right” protesters (who are all of course xenophobic hooligans according to Yahoo) speak out against NEC animals running wild in Cologne, and they are met with a shrieking mob of self-hating German (redundancy?) leftists with their ugly, autism-inducing NEC allies.

The PEGIDA protesters Saturday were greeted by 1,300 leftist demonstrators who staged a counter-protest, chanting “Nazis raus!” (Nazis out!), as hundreds of the 2,000 deployed police separated the crowds. “There is nothing right about Nazi propaganda,” read one sign, while another said “Fascism is not an opinion, it is a crime”.

The typical leftist screed: opinions that differ from their own are not opinions, they are a crime. They’re all for “free speech” and “civil liberties” as long as you agree with them. Otherwise, your freedoms are criminalized.

We are there to tell them to shut up. It is unacceptable for PEGIDA to exploit this horrible sexual violence perpetrated here on New Year’s day and to spread their racist nonsense,” said Emily Michels, 28.

Certainly Germans who speak up for German interests need to “shut up.”  Germans defending their own ethnic interests are “unacceptable.”  Blaming NEC brownsters and their Big Mama Frausow Merkel for mass sexual assault is just “racist nonsense.”  Let’s jail PEGIDA and release the immigrant rapists!  I like the name of this idiot – “Michels” – which should resonate with those who remember Yockey’s fulminations against “the German Michel” – liberal decadent elements of the German population, just as there is a general “European Michel.”  Yes, “the Michel element of the West,” dumb harridan Emily is well-named indeed.

Half a dozen Iraqi and Syrian refugees were among the counter-demonstration, together with a Jordan-born woman running their local shelter, Dana Khamis. “I told them the demonstration is about women’s rights and against sexism and against facism (sic), and they said they wanted absolutely to be part of it,” said Khamis, 27.

Sure, why not?  NEC filth, invading someone else’s country, protest against those few natives speaking out against their dispossession.  That’s what is known as “chutzpah” – a behavioral characteristic Middle Easterners all apparently have in abundance.