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Starbuck’s Moral Cowardice

The Moby Dick character, not the coffee company named after him (who are, ironically enough, also moral cowards).

I have always considered chapter 123 of Moby Dick to be of the most pivotal points of the story, in which Starbuck must make a choice between being authentically moral by his own standards (here I make no judgment of whether or not I see Ahab’s quest as right or wrong, the point is Starbuck very clearly considered it both practically wrong as well as immoral and “ungodly” – blasphemous even) or being a moral coward.  He chose the latter.

…outside Ahab’s door, Starbuck sees a loaded musket, and debates openly whether he shouldn’t simply shoot the captain and take over command of the ship. Although Starbuck knows that to kill is evil, he wonders whether it is not ethically preferable to kill Ahab and save the rest of the crew from certain doom. But, at the last moment, Starbuck lowers the “death tube” of the musket and puts it back—he does not have the heart, or the mind, to kill Ahab…

…he reasons about his possible murder of Ahab and mutiny in morals terms—weighing the life of one man versus the lives of many. Yet within that moral reasoning is also a question of conviction or willingness to act boldly, and Starbuck’s moralizing ultimately comes to be connected with a lack of will, a lack of exactly that over-riding sense of self….

I make an analogy between the moral cowardice of Starbuck and that of racialist activists who know that Der Movement and its “leaders” are failing not only those activists, but the entire White race and its civilization, but who do nothing.  It’s easier, you see, to just “go along and get along,” appease the quota queens, and maybe get “rewarded” with a metaphorical (or literal?) pat on the head, praise for a comment, perhaps even an invitation to write a post or attend a meeting.  The moral weaklings do not have the strength of character (or just, perhaps, a lack of self-interested dissimulation) evidenced by the child in The Emperor’s New Clothes – to state the truth even if it is unpopular or makes those in power uncomfortable.  Now, here I talk about those activists who have enough sense to realize that decades of endless failure is a problem, who recognize one wasted opportunity after another, who understand the enormity of “movement” uselessness and ineptness, and recognize the rent-seeking behavior of the useless panhandling “leadership.”  True, a fraction of activists are so dim and/or deluded they do not realize this, and for those people we talk of cognitive deficiency, not a lack of moral courage. But for those who know better, and anyone (sane) with a triple digit IQ should really know better, then this is a deficit of character, not of intelligence or sanity.

It’s just too comfortable to engage in hobbyism, to be conformist, to fit in with the crowd, to make believe black is white and wrong is right, than to stand up, speak out, hold the failures accountable, and demand that the cause is what is sacred, not the personality cults and not the nutty dogmas folks feel obligated to pay lip service to so as to “fit in.”
It will be interesting, for example, to see the reaction to the horrific and disgusting revelations about Rushton.  Assuming for the moment that the evidence against him is solid – and it has been discussed at the pro-HBD TOO blog of all places – then this is a betrayal of the first order, not only a complete moral collapse on Rushton’s part, but utter racial hypocrisy, as well as confirmation about all I’ve been saying about the mendacious perfidy and pseudoscientific lies of the anti-White HBD political movement. Will any of Rushton’s buddies among Der Movement’s leadership admit they were wrong about him and his work?  Will they denounce him and his behavior?  Will they distance themselves from the HBD scam, which as I have long discussed here, is based on a foundation of lies that go far beyond Rushton?  Or will they “circle the wagons,” and at most mumble something about being “disappointed” and move on, move on there’s nothing to see here?

There are many Starbucks in Der Movement.  And they’ll all go down with the racial ship, just as Starbuck and the crew went down with the Pequod.  And, unfortunately, the rest of us will go down as well, since we are all passengers on the same ship of race and civilization.

Moral cowardice has costs, and we will all pay in the end.

The "Movement’s" Moral Capital

A question of credibility.

Greg Johnson writes:

White Nationalism is a tiny movement. Compared to our enemies, we lack money, organization, talent, and supporters. Our only real advantage is telling the truth about race, multiculturalism, the Jews, etc. Our credibility is a precious commodity. So it is deeply disturbing to me that so many White Nationalists in the West are willing to burn up that small capital of credibility repeating insultingly crude and dishonest Russian propaganda about Ukraine.

The same applies to any other “movement” meme. People already consider WNs as defective solely for championing White interests. Don’t add another layer to that, don’t squander whatever small credibility and moral capital we have by defending Putin, by championing bizarre racial theories and histories, by foaming at the mouth about “moon landing hoax,” “vaccines killing babies,” “smoking doesn’t cause cancer,” “man above time,” “Aryans from Atlantis,” “admixture coefficients and cephalic indices,” etc.