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The Freedom Gambit

And other news.

The Freedom Gambit.  Der Right is completely discrediting itself.  Beautiful!  The sooner these absolute retards are treated with the utter disdain they deserve, the sooner we can build a real movement that actually gets things accomplished.

Let’s consider this in more detail. Is Ramsey’s objection that he believes the current crisis is not much to get worked up about and so does not merit the measures taken – with the implicit acceptance of those measures under other circumstances that he believes would merit them? If so, what such circumstances would be sufficient, since a public health crisis, recognized as such internationally, does not meet that measure? On the other hand, does Ramsey object in principle to any imposition on his freedoms, regardless of the reason?  If China was engaging in a military invasion of the USA, and the American government instituted a military draft in response, would he advocate resistance and draft evasion?  

These are all serious questions, which get to the heart of the tension between the collective social good and individual freedoms (the vaccination question is another manifestation of this). Since Ramsey is so enamoured of his freedoms, I assume he supports a system of representative democracy. If so, we can state that elected leaders can decide what needs to be done, including the temporary abrogation of some freedoms, but that they can be held to account by the electorate after the crisis is over. But, you may say, what if democracy is a sham and there is no real choice (if so, then doesn’t that tell you something about the weaknesses of democracies)?  What if the majority is wrong (ditto)?  And what if we wish to dispense with democracy and have another system that values the collective social good over individual freedoms – can we then state that this is a sharp and unbridgeable division between the Alt Liters and the Far Right?

Another thing – why is it that these types always have to make their stand about their “freedoms” with respect to public health – whether it is China Plague lockdowns or the issue of vaccination?  Why don’t they draw the line in the sand over, say, civil rights legislation and multiculturalism?  Why doesn’t these types say – “by gummint, I refuse to sell my house to Negroes and I don’t care what the government says, they can jail me or shoot me, but I don’t recognize any civil rights laws!” But, no. The vaunted freedoms “fought for by their ancestors” are all about their right to infect and kill White folks, but not to inconvenience “People of Color” in the slightest. Sorry, the hypocrisy and cherry picking of the freedom gambit leaves much to be desired.

See this.  Meanwhile, the HBD filth parrot Chinese government propaganda about an “American bioweapon.” The question is whether a FARA investigation into HBD is sufficient. Can it be said that China is “levying war” against the USA via this virus and the associated propaganda? If so, are the HBDers assisting in this levying of war? Obviously, large numbers of people – more than two! – have read the HBD material, so the “witnesses” aspect is taken care of.  So, the question that needs to be asked of constitutional scholars is this – is there a case for prosecuting American HBDers for treason? Based on the standards of the Aaron Burr case, this may be sketchy, but it needs to be evaluated. I am not taking a stand one way or the other on the treason question here, since I am not a constitutional scholar; I merely opine that the issue needs to be seriously considered as a possibility.

Note a crucially important female contribution to help against the coronavirus pandemic!  Milday stands alongside men to do the heavy work to develop vaccines and therapeutics!

Left panel – left to right – Mexican, Arab, high trust northern hunter gatherer.

Right panel – left to right – HBDer, Chinatrix getting the K-Y Jelly and strap-on ready for the HBDer, Afrowop MURDERED by the Chinatrix.

…everyone, including the New York Times, admitted that the virus was brought to Italy by two Chinese tourists…As far back as 2003, a Library of Congress report cited Lombardy as having the highest concentration of Chinese immigrants in Italy. Our media refuses to tell us this fact today—or any day. It appears that there are roughly 300,000 Chinese Nationals working in the leather, garment, textile and fashion industries in the region. Lombardy is quickly learning that there is nothing more expensive than cheap Chinese labour.

Just because those tourists came to Italy AFTER the outbreak in China was already publicly known, and just because Chinese had being moving back and forth between China and Italy AFTER the outbreak in China was already publicly known, is certainly no reason for the Italians to be upset. There is no reason whatsoever for any Italian to be in the least  way disturbed by the remorseless war of genocidal extermination being waged against the Italian people by the Chinese people. This blog counsels peace, pacifism, acceptance, and forgiveness!  Every Italian who suffered, who has seen loved ones die in agony as the Chinese chortled in glee, should embrace all Chinese as their brothers and sisters! Peace!  Pacifism!  Non-violence!   EGI Notes oozes with the milk of human kindness!

Spencer is correct, and Zturd ranks amongst the grifters. The man’s deranged.

Hmmm…read this.

Interbreeding between species may harm the genetic adaptations already established for their local habitat environment…

But, but, but…promoters of miscegenation, such as the despicable John Derbyshire, always invoke hybrid vigor (the Uighurs!) – how can interbreeding be harmful?

I also thought – according to scientifically illiterate leftists – that “if two groups can interbreed then they can’t be different species” – which is of course in reality refuted by endless examples to the contrary.

Finally, the same bio-deniers of the Left will tell us that different species must manifest radically different genotypes and phenotypes to the extent of, say, comparing tigers and domesticated cats – not true as well. Even these panda populations that differ very slightly seem to be different species.

Human races may well be different species.  Let’s consider human types that are radically different – as different as can be between human types, utterly alien from each other – Europeans and East Asians.  Certainly, different species.

If this is so, is European-East Asian miscegenation akin to bestiality?

Behold the afrowop – in the south, more “afro” than “wop.” Palermo – the real capital of Nigeria.

EGI Notes, 6/5/18      Zturd, 4/1/20    What a turd.

Let’s all become hysterical about “the dangers of vaccines” (“Jew doctors are sodomizing our babies with needles and giving them autism”), while ignoring the elephant (pun not intended) in the room – a large majority of Americans are fat slobs. Is a reason why Der Movement ignores that is that so many of them – perhaps particularly the anti-vaxx contingent – are themselves disgusting lard asses?

Read this.  Time for the HBDers to start ranting about an “American bioweapon” again. Yeah, HBDers – that Chinatrix is not saying that her name is “Ben Dover.” Likely she’s saying something else to you.

Colored is as colored does.  TROPICAL behavior, eh Derb?

The monsters are brewing more virus particles to spread around.

Hey, don’t feel too bad, monsters.  The Afrowops will serenade you from balconies.

Read this. It is quite clear that a FARA investigation of the HBDers – while needed – is insufficient.  They need to be investigated for treason as well.  Note that I do not make any accusations against anyone; I simply state that there needs to be thorough investigations with respect to FARA and treason. Whether there is “fire” or not I do not know, but there is at least a whiff of “smoke.”  If the HBDers have nothing to hide then they should welcome an investigation for parroting Chinese state propaganda in a midst of a genocidal biological crisis, the intent of which is uncertain.

A biolab leak was likely accidental (if it occurred, of course), but we cannot eliminate the possibility that the Chinese figured that the rest of the world would be harmed more than them (especially with Chinese “tourists” helping to spread it), and so they would have a net advantage in the end.

A Jew wants to censor you.  Surprise!  This is a good time to re-read all my posts about free speech at this blog. For example, see this.

Now, they are saying if someone is offended, that should be a free speech violation.  Sorry, the most important issues facing a nation is going to offend someone.  Forget about race for a moment.  Let’s take abortion.  A person stating they oppose abortion because “it is murder” may well “offend the dignity and well-being” of a woman who had an abortion. ‘”Neural scans” may show that she was “”injured” by the statement.  That’s just too bad.  It doesn’t alter the strength of the argument (regardless of your position on the matter), and it is insane to forbid such comments just because of the offense taken. Likewise, racial separatism may similarly offend, but others believe that their racial survival is at stake.

We can also turn the table – forced integration injures people.  Multiculturalism injures people.  Amygdala activation when faced with racial aliens can be observed in scans.  So, let’s use the same logic as this Jew and say that since people are being offended by integration and multiculturalism then those social paradigms should be outlawed. QED.  Living amongst Jews harms Gentiles.  Let’s separate.  QED.

Well said  The Right is a joke.  This crisis may be the defining moment when all people who are both sane and have a triple digit IQ leave the Right.

By “the Right” I do NOT mean rightist politics, I mean the Right, Inc. of which Der Movement, Inc. is a genus.

Adams is correct and Spencer and his acolytes are filth.  Never forget that Spencer dated an Asian and his Alt Right had the mantra that “dating Asian women is a rite of passage.”  Hey, Alt Right, the Chinatrix is getting the strap-on lubed up real well for you.  She won’t go in dry! 

Der Right?

A sincere man of genuine greatness.

Madole Interview and Other News

Odds and ends.

James Madole interview – 8/30/67.  Let’s be honest, Madole, a central early WN 1.0 figure, sounds infinitely more reasonable and more intelligent than the mass of WN 2.0 Alt Right yokels. That doesn’t mean I agree with everything Madole said in the interview (and I oppose the whole idea of giving such interviews – why inform the enemy?), but, again, let’s be honest – compare Madole to some “Beavis-and-Butthead” Alt Right podcast and note the marked superiority of the former over the latter.  WN 2.0 is a degeneration.  Note how, back in 1967, the interviewer, although hostile to Madole’s ideology, is very polite and professional.  Note also how leftists have been illegally obstructing rightist meetings since the beginning of Der Movement, a problem that is never solved by the heroic rightist “leadership.” Note also Madole’s pan-Europeanism and his universal nationalism.  Also note his warnings about the Yellow Peril. Contrast that to the raving lunacies of Nordicists, HBDers, fetishists, WN 2.0ers, Silkers, etc. It is unfortunate that Madole later degenerated into esoteric traditionalism and other nonsense, but let’s judge him as he is presented in the recorded interview. In general, I’m impressed with 1967-era Madole, and believe he compares very favorably with other pro-White leaders of that time.

Compare Madole’s interview to this.  WN 2.0, WN 2.0.WN 2.0 marches on.

OK Millennial.

Milady makes an important contribution to the epidemiological analysis of The China Plague.  Move over, Fauci, you old stale White male, and make way for female vibrancy!  

We all do our part in the battle against the virus, within our innate biological capabilities. Men are working on a vaccine, while milady has other concerns.

Milady says – me too!  Say it ain’t so, Joe!

Read this.  It vindicates my position in my previous debates with the Silkers, you know, the trash who pretended that the only way to oppose Jewish power is to have Whites enslaved to Asians. The fact that Jews and Asians (the Chinese at least) are allies doesn’t of course have any meaning to the pro-Asian shills.  Sallis – correct; Silkers – incorrect.

A poster boy for Antifa Don Trump’s pro-Black criminal justice reform. Fat Don: A sincere man of genuine greatness!

Reading this title made me think initially that Zturd finally got a diagnosis from a mental health professional.

Alas, not the case.

I assume Zturd must think that Putin is some sort of crazed hysterical sissy, eh?

All of the epidemiologists talking about “flattening the curve” are, of course, “dullards,” engaging in magical mumbo jumbo, as opposed to the wise and heroic Zturd.  After all, if we had to choose between (a) Fauci, a man who, for all his faults, has dedicated his entire working life to epidemic and pandemic infections; or (b) a pseudononymous blogger who has written that no protections currently exist against influenza; obviously we should pick (b), right? Anyone who picks (a) is just a hysterical girlish leftist, obsessed with “credentialism,” part of a Deep State conspiracy!

Zturd is the type of idiot who, had he been an afrowop living in Dagoland, would have been one of the chorus preaching to keep everything open. The man’s deranged. What kind of retarded imbecile do you have to be to compare total number of critical cases to available hospital beds on a national level, when: (a) the problem is in the early stage in the USA, and (b) it’s not evenly distributed around the entire country at this early stage. Then add to that the mind-numbing hypocrisy that one reason the numbers are (to Zturd’s “mind”) not so great yet compared to other predictions is precisely all of the mechanisms in place to repress the spread, mechanisms that he himself ridicules.  He’s either a rank hypocrite, semi-retarded, or deranged.

Zturd is also a coward. He’ll target the likes of Spencer, but not Johnson, likely fearing Johnson’s catty vindictiveness – even though Johnson already called him out while, insofar as I know, Spencer has not, and Johnson’s tweets are just as “plague realist” as are Spencer’s.  The trash Zturd is really of a low, low character, sort of a worm of a “man.”

On Jews and Plagues.  Another fine Joyce piece.  Although he’s perhaps too cavalier about dismissing the idea that Type I Nutzis were indeed talking about “saliva on doorknobs.” Now, I agree with Joyce that’s all overblown hysteria; after all, a single Chinaman can do more damage to American health in a microsecond than all of the “coughing skinheads” one can envision. No doubt, to the extent the comments occurred, they were just stupid talk (and one wonders how much of that came from infiltrators and agent provocateurs).  However, to the extent the talk occurred and was from authentic Nutzis, I ask again – why must the Far Right (and the Right in general) always act so stupid?  Why must they be so stupid?  Why is the Right always an embarrassment? Jewish behavior and System hysteria does not excuse Nutzi stupidity. Perhaps if the Nutzis were not such stupid jackasses, Jewish behavior and System hysteria could be leveraged to make headway in making legitimate pro-White political gains.  Just saying.

Chinatrics infecting humanity.  HBDers and Silkers become sexually excited.

Remember…Zturd says that any concerns over the virus are merely womanly hysteria.  Don’t be girlish; be a real macho man like him!

And this is what EGI Notes has been saying all along, as the experts were saying otherwise.

Liars are going to lie.

Behold a nation of filth.

Di, Di, di, di…verseiteee….

This is the mentality of the Right.  Some folks sometimes lie to you about some things. To the Right, that means they always lie to you about everythingQED.

There’s a fable about this – about a boy and a wolf. Both the System and the Right should look it up. The System needs to consider how their lying has made people question a real public health emergency, while right-wing retards (a redundancy?) need to consider that sometimes a cigar is just a cigar. Yes, cigarette smoking promotes cancer and cardiovascular disease. Yes, men landed on the moon.  And, yes, The China Plague is a real threat.  Not everything is a conspiracy. If you can’t understand that, if you think Northern Italy becoming a charnel house is just a “hoax” and an “urban myth,” then you reveal yourself to be an unserious person who should go back to folding your tin foil hat and leave serious issues to the adults in the room.

Newsflash to the retards – your beloved “movement” lies to you as often as the System does.  When are you going to be skeptical about that?

Compare John Campbell’s sober analysis to Zturd’s deranged hysteria.

The Zturd strategy in action.

Remember, this is all an “urban legend.”   Zturd says so, so it must be right!

Nick Griffin on the Alt Right

Food for thought.

I’m no fan of Nick Griffin, nor do I agree with his ideology, but his book AltRight – NotRight is useful in exposing some of the insanity of the Alt Right – you know, the stupidity that I was denouncing from its very beginning, while all the Quota Queens were openly praising and identifying with it.

Some of Griffin’s warnings about the homosexual cabal and their agenda of “pinkwashing” (Griffin’s word) are useful, and he has interesting things to say about Jez Turner (that I neither endorse nor reject, since I know little about the man), including Turner’s association with Greg Johnson, which are too lengthy to quote here, so read Griffin’s book.


It is also simply impossible to import homosexuals into any group without them bringing with them their scratch-your-eyes-out, handbags at dawn hostility to people with whom they fall out.

Err, yes.  Watch out, Nick, you’re “crazy and bitter.”

This is interesting:

Given the close connections between Johnson and Richard Spencer – the Counter-Currents boss is a regular speaker at NPI events – it remains to be seen what will happen to Arktos if Friberg and Jorjani fall out over the former’s increasingly strident condemnations of homosexuality and the latter’s acquiescence (to say the least) in the pinkwashing of the movement.

I’m not sure when Griffin wrote that.  It seems the book was published in 2017, at which time Johnson and Spencer had seemingly already fallen out. If Griffin actually wrote that earlier, then he is somewhat prescient, given that not only did Johnson end his association (at least insofar as I can see) with NPI, but Jorjani did indeed have a falling out with the Spencer-Friberg fraction (although that seemed to be more about Iranians than about homosexuals).

Note this:

It is worth noting here that the Hungarian government explained its 2014 expulsion of Richard Spencer on the grounds that its security services had concluded that he was a CIA agent seeking to embarrass Viktor Orban…

I never participated in this fad of accusing activists of being “Feds” or “CIA assets”- that strikes me as truly paranoid, but here it seems Griffin is simply repeating the excuse of the Hungarians, so we can take it for what its worth.

Now, here is what Griffin claims is a quote from an individual that Johnson stated will be one of the voices of WN 3.0:

These are refrains I’ve heard endlessly repeated as the discussion over WHITE SHARIA has advanced. They are coming from women and a few weak men countersignaling the WHITE SHARIA meme. Rape is a property crime and nothing more. First a crime against the property of the father, and then a crime against the property of the husband. …hitting a woman out of her head was seen as benevolent and a universal necessity in every marriage until the sixties, and even portrayed positively in movies and film. Regular slapping and the occasional vicious beating of a woman was a necessity in every household..

Keep in mind that Johnson poses as a White Knighter (“Joan of Arc!”), criticizing activists for their alleged misogyny.  Interesting.

Griffin concludes:

What must be done is very simple: A ‘No Platform’ policy ruthlessly enforced in each and every organisation. Do not give homosexualists a platform. Do not share a platform with homosexualists. Do not advertise platforms run by or favouring homosexualists. And publicly admonish those who break this rule.

We do not have to agree or accept all of Griffin’s accusations to understand what a disaster the Alt Right has been.  The historical evidence of the last few years is clear, underscored by the fact that several of the main Alt Right leaders no longer identify as such.

What all of you out there need to decide is this – who is more worthy of being listened to, whose judgment should you accept?  Those who were 100% on the Alt Right train and who lectured us all that “The Alt Right is White nationalism or it is nothing at all”  OR those who were warning you as far back as four years ago that the Alt Right was a destructive disaster, with a short shelf life, and that it should be eschewed before it takes racial activism down with it when it collapses?

What’s more important to you?  Sound judgment and merit-based leadership or your ethnic fetishism and your acceptance of a strict “movement” ethnic affirmative action program?

Your choice.

Yet More Odds and Ends

In der news.

See this.   Remember, Zturd says concern about all of this is “alarmist madness.”

Hail Zturd!  Hail Der Movement!  Hail!

A free online ”scholarly” journal about “Fascism” – so entitled.  A leftist System perspective – may be informative, certainly will be amusing.

Behold capitalism!  More “sweet business deals,” I suppose.  Then we wonder why the American health care system is such a wreck.

How about that – Jeelvy and I 100% agree on something:

Nicholas R. Jeelvy

Posted March 20, 2020 at 2:48 am | Permalink

The Chinese state is what it is, but the Han are a disgusting race of unhygienic, Mammon-worshipping bugmen. Their repulsive dietary habits are to blame for not only Corona, but also the Spanish flu and the Black Death.

Most pandemics in the world can be traced back to a Han eating, or a Bantu fucking a known disease carrier.

Quite right.  And yet Zturd thinks this is all “alarmist madness” and we shouldn’t be doing anything about it; indeed, he and his acolytes mock and ridicule the epidemiological paradigm of “flattening the curve.” Simply astonishing.

By the way, all those people who die of other causes because the health care system is saturated with China Plague victims should also be considered as having been MURDERED by the Chinese “people.”

Kabaservice says the tendency of GOP voters and officials to downplay the risk partly reflects Trump’s initially dismissive messaging about the crisis. But it may also relate to a deeper ideological suspicion of scientists, the media, and subject-matter experts within the federal government.

“This is something we’ve gone through a while here among Republicans,” Kabaservice says. “The feeling increasingly is that experts and the media are all part of this elite class that is self-dealing and is looking down on less-educated and less-fortunate people, and [that] they can’t be trusted to tell the truth.” He adds, “That dynamic … has been reinforced” by the emergence of the “conservative media ecosystem,” which unstintingly presents “elites” as a threat to viewers.

Rather than “Republican dad script”  I’d just call it the typical “Der Right script” – anti-science, anti-empiricism, a reverse snobbery against experts, framing everything as a leftist conspiracy, obsessed with economics over people, an extreme solipsism that confuses belief and faith with reality, and an extreme allergy for fact-checking, with the consequence of being wrong about just about everything.  But, hey, Zturd knows more than Fauci, so let’s take the “party on” advice.

And don’t start quoting HBDers as “proof” that the Right embraces science – HBD, and most of what passes for rightist “science” – is not science, but a secular religion, a fossilized dogma, pure pseudoscience.  Instead of worshipping the god of the bible, the Chinese are worshipped instead.  Same difference. As I’ve written before, the Right’s close association with religion and “tradition” have much to do with its hatred of, and complete misunderstanding of, and practical rejection of, science and empiricism. Anti-elitist, anti-government, anti-intellectual, reactionary, libertarian strains of “thought” make every expert suspect to this mindset – genuine expertise is scorned as “credentialism” and any person’s private opinion becomes conflated with objective reality.

The kind of folks who downplay The China Plague (emphasis added):

...the Senate Intelligence Committee chairman sold stock in mid-February that he knew would take a hit due to the coronavirus pandemic. And while Burr downplayed the threat of the coronavirus publicly, NPR obtained a recording of him privately warning of its dangers.

“There is one thing about this,” Burr is heard saying in the recording, “it is much more aggressive in its transmission than anything we have seen in recent history. It’s probably more akin to the 1918 pandemic.”

The 1918 pandemic to which Burr is referring is estimated to have killed between 50 million and 100 million people worldwide.

Carlson slammed Burr not only for insider trading, but also for not warning the public about how dangerous the coronavirus actually is.


This is HBD (and please note the Yellow Fever connection, once again confirming the psychosexual connections between Yellow Fever and HBD) (emphasis added):

Jud Jackson

Posted March 20, 2020 at 9:02 am | Permalink

This is all very troubling for me. I am a white American: 50% English, 25% Irish and 25% German. There aren’t too many people whiter than me.

But we all know the Chinese IQ is 105, 5 points smarter than we are. We also know that Chinese living in America have lower crime rates, higher IQs, and are more sexually restrained than we are. I think the work of J. P. Rushton would back me up 100% on all of this. I worked as an engineer in America for 23 years and my experience with Chinese engineers was that they were smarter than me, very kind to me, and all and all excellent engineers (better than I was and I wasn’t that bad).

On the other hand, Mao was the worst mass murderer of the 20th Century. My first serious girlfriend was from Taiwan. She hated Mao and her parents left the mainland in 1949 or so just as Mao was taking over. It didn’t work out with her but she was very ladylike, anti-feminist, and I don’t regret at all the two years we were together. I also knew some delightful Chinese ladies in Engineering School at Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo.

So I don’t quite get it calling Chinese scum and so on. Their government may indeed be aweful but is it much worse than ours? Did they drop atomic bombs on the Japanese? Did they firebomb Dresden Germany and kill thousands of white German Civilians? No, we did that. Or at least our government did.

I can’t claim to be an expert on the virus, but I do read articles about it every day. I certainly wouldn’t put it past our government to have generated the Covid virus but I really don’t know.

Translated: The Chinese are our betters and masters.  I pitfully grovel before The Altar of Asia. I’m obsessed with East Asian females and my idea of heaven is to be pegged by a buck-toothed, flat-chested, greasy-haired Chinatrix for all eternity.  And by the way, America is much worse than China and probably invented Covid-19 to torment the intelligent and honorable Chinese.  Hail HBD!

More HBD pseudoscientific crap.  The coronavirus crisis, if nothing else, is doing a marvelous job discrediting HBD, not only the worshipping of the Chinese, but I suspect that as the virus spreads in Europe (and Africa), the Frost-Welton narratives about viral susceptibility will be increasingly discredited as well.  We’ll see. Once things become clearer I hope to discuss those issues here.  As regards that Amren piece, it is all hand-waving “just so” stories, promoting the Alliance’s narratives.

The female economy adjusts to social distancing rules.  Milady is certainly adaptive!

To get a better grasp of the Chinese, and of East Asians in general, please read this; excerpts, emphasis added:

COVID-19 first appeared in China sometime in November of 2019.  One theory of the virus’ inception is that it came from a Chinese “wet market, ” where live animals are sold in the open, including dogs, cats, fox pups, koalas, bats, and other “meats” that are uncommon to Europeans. Whether or not this theory proves to be factual remains to be seen. However, no matter where the virus originated, the barbaric practices of the dog meat trade, among others, should not be ignored. If nothing else comes from the wet market theory, we should understand the Chinese are radically alien people who do not leave their customs at the border when they arrive in Europe or the United States. Pets have been found on countless occasions at these open-air markets; kittens and pups with collars and name tags are not uncommon. These practices, along with other anti-nature barbarisms such as shark-finning, are common throughout all of China, Korea, Japan, and the rest of Asia. These are not the type of people I want as neighbors under any circumstances.

HBD says that East Asians are our betters and masters – all hail Asia and all pitifully grovel – measured groveling, eh? – before The Altar of Asia.

With that said, the hostile media and diaspora Asians living in the U.S. and Europe have, on some level, picked up on this sentiment. There was general disgust at the revelation for many people at the types of “food” the Chinese and others were eating, along with the horrific methods of preparing the “food,” such as skinning and boiling dogs and cats while alive. Then there were legitimate examples of early “social distancing” on public transit, to which Asians noticed and took offense. Some of the reports from the mainstream media:

Colored is as colored does. After all, COLORED, TROPICAL, ANTI-ARCTIC aliens become very easily offended.  Are East Asians even more unlike Whites than are sub-Saharan Africans?  Derbyshire weeps bitter tears.

After Italy took reasonable precautions, like ending flights to and from China, a group of Chinese nationals in Italy put on a display of sorts called, “I’m not a virus. I’m a human. Eradicate the prejudice.” At this display, a Chinese man offered “free hugs” to help end so-called xenophobia (the fear of the stranger). Shortly thereafter, over 1,800 Italians are dead from COVID-19, all of Italy is on lockdown, Spain and France have followed suit, and the number of Europeans infected continues to skyrocket. 

It seems more and more clear that the Chinese intentionally infected Europe.  They are conducting a remorseless war of genocidal extermination against Whites, who do absolutely nothing in response.

Then came the day-to-day terror from the diaspora Asian community in what they found to be good-natured humor to combat “racism.” A viral tweet with over 200,000 likes read, “Coughing real loud on the subway today to see who’s racist.” Another Asian living in the U.S. decided to more explicitly harass a passenger, by coughing towards them, in a viral video with over 380,000 likes. Min, the Asian Twitter user, then went on to berate the woman for racism and stupidity, finally claiming she was the victim of discrimination because the woman covered her face and eventually moved away. 

Imagine if Blacks were doing this with Ebola – the HBDers and “race realists” would be foaming at the mouth for months, writing pseudo-erudite articles about “Black psychopathic behavior.” Never mind if afrowops did anything like this – the priapistic excitement among the HBDers would last for years.  But here?  Move on, move on, there’s nothing to see here.  HBD is a political movement with the objective of enslaving Whites to Asian (and Jewish) interests.

Former presidential hopeful Andrew Yang, in a tweet ostensibly covering for his fellow Asians, wrote: “The fear of the coronavirus is likely to be as or more destructive than the virus itself.” 

Yang – you know the guy that some Alt Righters were endorsing for President, for which they were criticized here. Sallis, right again. Der Movement, wrong again.  I’m shocked, shocked I say!

People are dead. They are dead because of a disease that came from China, yet Asians living in White nations are more concerned people might gaze at them too long or move away from them. 

Asians are a psychopathic, TROPICAL, colored race.  Derbyshire’s “Arctic Alliance” is a discredited joke. Hopefully, everyone understands the reason why Derbyshire promoted that nonsense. If Derbyshire was married to a White woman, and had White children, do you think the words “Arctic Alliance” would have ever been spewed from his lips, or emanated, like a vile substance, from his fingertips at his computer keyboard?

People have lost loved ones, and Asians think this is some sort of joke…

I (who know Asians very well) have been telling you here for weeks that the Chinese (and other Asians) are laughing at us over this.  I’m serious my friends. There is a reason I always write that the existential meaning of Asians is hatred of Whites. The unfettered, exuberant, exultant joy felt by Asians over the deaths of Whites caused by this virus is a shocking spectacle to behold. To them it ia joke. The Yellow Fist of Hatred slaps away the weak and insipid White Hand of Friendship.  When will we see The White Fist of Hatred?

…or that perhaps they are the real victims here at the hands of White people who have a bit of their self-preservation instinct left. 

They want Whites to die.

The first instance of COVID-19 in the United State was a Chinese man who returned on or about January 14, 2020, after visiting family in Wuhan, China. [14] China reported the virus to the World Health Organization on December 31, 2019, and had documented the novel virus since sometime in November. 

So, just like in Italy, the Chinese knowingly seeded coronavirus in America after the disease had been known to be raging in The Land of the Gods. The Chinese are conducting biological warfare against humanity. In response, humanity does nothing.

More than ever, this is clear evidence that our current elite must be replaced with those who have their sights not on today’s stock index

That leaves out Zturd.

…but eternity. Those who are not going to concern themselves with the feelings of alien interlopers (who already have their own homelands)…

That leaves out the HBDers.

This is Der Movement:

Carte Blanche
It pains me to see red-pilled White Americans who know the media is lying and gaslighting us into total submission fall for this Virus Hoax. President Trump calling it the “invisible enemy” is more profound than he knows!!

Sure!  All the deaths in Italy, Spain, etc. – all a hoax!  The spread in Europe – a hoax!  Fauci’s 19 hr days are just him on the computer surfing webporn sites!  All a hoax!  A beautiful side effect of this crisis – the complete discrediting of Type I “movement activism.”

Watch this.  Political maneuvering at its finest.  One can spectacle that similar happens among Quota Queen infighting in Der Movement.  Note the involvement of cocaine in the episode, and then consider Pilleater’s accusations of cocaine use in Der Movement.  Of course, in Der Movement, the Negress would be replaced by a Chinatrix – “verbal abuse and colonic irrigation, “ indeed.  That’ll induce some “measured groveling,” no doubt.

A Waste of Digital Bits

Fisking Hood.  And another Unzian note.

Read this, excerpts, emphasis added:

If we adopt the military analogy, in 2016 and 2017, white advocates did not follow Washington’s example. Unite the Right was the equivalent of throwing colonial militia against disciplined redcoats in a pitched battle. This isn’t because marchers were defeated physically by antifa. Antifa were not the problem. Instead, city and state police deliberately failed to keep the two sides apart and used the ensuing — and inevitable — violence as an excuse to shut down the rally. In the aftermath, leftists unleashed “lawfare” — a host of crippling lawsuits — against pro-white organizations, threatening their very existence. White advocates lack the legal infrastructure — pro bono lawyers, friendly judges — to fight back.

And why is that, my dear Hood? Why after decades of organized “activism,” after millions and millions of dollars being donated or given as “membership dues,” after all the bombast and promise, why is your “movement” so utterly helpless, so fragile, so bereft of the most minimal infrastructure, so inferior to the organizations assembled by, say, “African-Americans” whom your kind label as inferior? The answer is at the end of my comments, below.

Even organizations that had nothing to do with the rally, including and American Renaissance, lost platforms.

My heart bleeds.

The mistake at Charlottesville was understandable…

No, it wasn’t, you liar. That there was no strategy, no infrastructure, and no contingency planning was obvious to anyone with a triple digit IQ.  Even some of the other Quota Queens (of all people) had enough sense to express skepticism.

…just weeks before, there was a peaceful and successful Free Speech Rally. No one could have predicted that the Charlottesville chief of police would say, “Let them fight; it will make it easier to declare an unlawful assembly.” No one imagined a police officer would abandon her post at an intersection, so that James Fields could easily drive his car into demonstrators.

Moronic strawman arguments. No one predicted or imagined those specific things but people did predict and imagine that Alt Right events in general would always end up as disasters because the Alt Right itself was a moronic disaster.

What no one imagined…


Just four years ago, I would roll my eyes at excitable activists predicting censorship, arrest, or imprisonment. 

Which means you were a naïve idiot.

Today, I’m happy I still have a bank account.


What is to be done? We should look to our Anglo-American traditions.

The same traditions which led America to its current sorry state.

In the English Civil War, the American Revolution, and the American Civil War, the civic order didn’t collapse into anarchy. There was no mob or revolutionary vanguard that enforced its will as happened in the French Revolution, the Bolshevik Revolution, or the March on Rome. Violence, coups, and even Yellow-Vest-style mass rallies are not part of our tradition.

No, selling off your posterity to Jews is part of your tradition. Mazel tov!

Instead, Anglo-American revolutionary movements proceed through legal or quasi-legal authorities, from the Rump Parliament, to the Continental Congress, to the Southern state legislatures that voted for secession.


Set aside apocalyptic fantasies. 

Preach that to the Type I retards that your site caters to.

Instead, think of ways to gain control of state and local institutions. This includes supporting movements to break up and rearrange states, localities, and school boards. This may seem fanciful, but movements are already under way that would have sounded absurd just a few years ago.

What will be the outcome?  Let us “predict” and “imagine” – nothing.

Conservative upstate New Yorkers have called for secession for decades. 

How’s that working out?

Finally, there’s the “State of Jefferson” effort in Northern California, which has smoldered for decades.

And will continue to “smolder” for decades to come.

What does this mean for white advocates? We should take advantage of the existing political system. 

I’ve been advocating that here for years.

Rural America is losing population and is plagued by opioids. That’s where we should be, building institutions and businesses, concentrating geographically, working openly for our people, helping our neighbors, and building local political power. We may not be able to form a mini-ethnostate like Orania, but we can build something close. We can build communities where we can be safe, survive economically, and use the American constitutional system to our advantage. Secession efforts show that white Americans want self-determination, even if they aren’t willing to be explicitly racial about it yet.

I’ve been advocating that ever since I was interviewed by Griffin for One Sheaf One Vine. No one is doing it. The “leaders” have failed. What happened when, many years ago,  I “dipped my toe” into the “movement’s” leadership pool? There was a vitriolic response from the Type I fetishists. It was made very clear that I would never be accepted as any sort of leader in Der Movement.  Very well.  Instead, I create content and make suggestions. Those individuals who are acceptable as leaders and who have been, and currently are, play-acting as leaders, are the ones who have the obligation to get things done. YOUR “leaders” – the ones who are ethnically acceptable to the rank-and-file and to the other “leadership” cadres – continuously fail to enact the activities you propose.

There is no chance of seizing national power now. President Trump has done many good things, but he has so far missed a historic opportunity to stop immigration and save the nation. Perhaps another candidate — Matt Gaetz, Kris Kobach, Ron DeSantis, or even Tucker Carlson — will be someone we can support. However, for now, we need to go among our people — learning trades, making money, running for local elections, building tribes and Bible study groups — working to build real communitiesThe Mormons did this, just like our pioneers ancestors.

Then do it. Oh wait, you cannot and will not. BECAUSE YOU HAVE NO EFFECTIVE LEADERSHIP.

What is to be done? It’s not trying to “take over” the GOP — the rise of Bernie Sanders and President Trump show that candidates can run strong campaigns without support from the party establishment, but we don’t have the power or the reach to champion a national candidate.

After decades of “activism”…nothing.

However, we do have the power to build non-political institutions in conservative, rural communities. We don’t want to “take over” towns. We should just be friendly citizens and be good at our jobs, just as Douglas Hyde’s Dedication and Leadership recommends. We need nursing homes to care for our elderly, gyms to strengthen our young, drug treatment plans to support addicts, credit unions for financial services, and group medical insurance. These things are all possible. With that foundation, we can survive and help struggling whites who need our help.

Sound familiar?  Read Rienzi in Griffin’s book.  That was nearly twenty years ago.

Wherever you are in life, whether you’re a father like me…

Pity the children.

Build networks, concentrate in rural areas, create businesses that can support friends and fend off any attempt to get us fired. Let’s build the world we want from that ground up by uniting and building peaceful, effective systems that will improve our lives individually and strengthen us collectively.

OK, do it. What’s stopping you?

In the second-best speech I ever heard Jared Taylor give (the best being the one in Budapest), he said that one day we will have a place on this continent that is ours, and only ours. Many are willing to suffer or die for this, but I’m asking you to live and work for it. Treat other races with respect, fulfill your obligations as citizens, obey the law. Yet every day, act as if our true homeland already exists. We achieve our homeland by building it from the ground up, within the existing system. Let’s show the millions of whites who already agree with us that it’s not just possible, but a reality. If they shut us down with violence, our example will only inspire others.

Delusional.  Hey, why doesn’t Taylor show leadership and help this get organized? Why don’t YOU do it?  You’re acceptably “Anglo” aren’t you?  Leaders have responsibilities and obligations, not just perks, donations, power-wielding, and ego-boosting status. You’re the leaders, so DO something.

Like the Mormon pioneers, let’s be willing to move to the places where we can do what needs to be done. Like George Washington, we must avoid suicidal charges and instead build strong points (strong institutions) that will sustain us. Let’s project strength, like the Continental Army of our forefathers, representing the cause in the face of all obstacles. Let’s keep an army in the field, not armed with guns and artillery, but with knowledge, bravery, and the determination to defend our identity and rights against all opponents.

Just do it. Like the Nike slogan says: Just do it.

In the past, there have been times where I wanted to quit and be “normal.” Today, such thoughts make me sick. How can we say that we are afraid when we see what our ancestors achieved? How can I, or any of us, shirk duty?

Just do it.  Talk is cheap.  Empty words are worthless.  Go ahead: Do it.

We must possess an unshakeable faith that our cause is moral, our victory inevitable, and our future glorious. 

Yawn.  We’ve all heard that before, haven’t we?  Sound and fury signifying nothing.

In the name of the best within us, let’s show the world what People of Light can do, not online, not in Washington D.C., but in the places where our people need our help and need a voice to speak for them. I hope I will see you out there soon. The opportunity is here. Let’s seize it before we lose this race against time.

The basic problem with Hood’s screed is not the content, much (not all) of which I agree with it. The basic problem is that it is a waste of digital bits, a complete waste of time. I know and you know and, yes, I’m sure that even Hood knows, that what he proposes will not be actualized in the near future, and perhaps not ever. How many times have articles like this been written?  Answer: At least several times per year (I do so myself, but I’m under no illusions about the outcome). People read it, nod their heads in agreement, and maybe leave some stupid comment, and then everyone does ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. Subsequently, a few months later someone else (or even the same person) writes a similar article, everyone agrees, and then, again, nothing gets done.  Month after month, year after year, decade after decade, nothing gets done.

The even more basic problem is that Hood and his acolytes do not identity the underlying problem, and would never admit it even if they did identify it – a complete and utter failure of “movement leadership.”  The “movement’s” ethnic affirmative action program protects, enables, and promotes do-nothing incompetents and grasping grifters.  

Another Unzian note:

See this.  A long rambling, incoherent analysis that obfuscates that the HBDers have been running a pro-Chinese narrative for weeks.

See this.

Chinese social media abounds with conjecture that the virus was engineered by the United States as an agent of biological warfare against China. 

Social media in China…and HBDers in America.  A connection?  Keep in mind that “social media” in China is censored, and so the “conjecture” there matches Chinese government agendas. Isn’t it interesting that the Chinese-HBD campaign to obfuscate the disease’s origins nicely dovetailed with the rapid spread of the disease outside China (never mind the increasing grumbling inside China against the its leaders)? To deflect the righteous anger of humans vs. Chinese, and to salvage China’s international reputation, the lies flow free and easy.

Now a dose of reality (emphasis added):

…nobody can deny that lab safety is a major concern in China. A safety breach at a Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention lab is believed to have caused four suspected SARS cases, including one death, in Beijing in 2004. A similar accident caused 65 lab workers of Lanzhou Veterinary Research Institute to be infected with brucellosis in December 2019. In January 2020, a renowned Chinese scientist, Li Ning, was sentenced to 12 years in prison for selling experimental animals to local markets.

So, was the Li Ning case the fault of Americans as well?  DARPA!  Whitey did it!  HBD filth

The government’s actions have lent credibility to the thesis that the coronavirus accidentally escaped a laboratory. In February, China appointed Major General Chen Wei, China’s top biowarfare expert, as head of the BSL-4 laboratory at Wuhan Institute of Virology. Because of Chen’s background, the appointment fueled suspicions about the virus’s possible connection to the BSL-4 lab. Then, on February 14, Chinese President Xi Jinping highlighted the need to incorporate shengwu anquan (which in Chinese could mean either “biosecurity” or “biosafety”) into its national security regime. 

Reality check: The virus originated in China, due to Chinese deficiencies of one sort or another. Just because the HBDers are sexually desperate for hordes of Chinatrices does not give them the right to obfuscate the facts of the matter.

Looking Forward to the 2020 Election

Some sense.

Some in Der Movement tell us that “the Alt Right memed Donald Trump into the Presidency,” while others admit that’s not true. Some claim that since there is some fraction of the White population that “hold political views somewhat sympathetic to that of the Alt Right,” then Der Movement can influence the election, others claim that this is nonsense and that the “movement” will be completely irrelevant to the election’s outcome.  Some say we should hope for a Trump victory, others are openly promoting Trump’s defeat. Some predict an easy Trump victory, others say that “Trump is toast no matter what” and that he will “lose in a landslide.”

Let’s consider together. In outline form:

1. Anyone who tries to predict the outcome of the 2020 election today (or worse, even earlier, say, last year) is really an unmitigated idiot (if the shoe fits…). And anyone who not only makes a prediction, but makes it in a dogmatic fashion (e.g., “Trump is toast no matter what…he will lose in a landslide”) is obviously a political retardate with less good judgment than highway roadkill (again, if the shoe fits…). The intelligent approach is to plan contingencies for either outcome, instead of acting like a know-it-all ignorant jackass.

2. I never believed that the Alt Right had any significant effect on the 2016 election whatsoever (apart perhaps from causing Clinton to make her stupid “basket of deplorables” comment) and I certainly don’t think that Der Movement will significantly affect the outcome in 2020 (other than, possibly, by acting stupidly and allowing Trump to be smeared by a non-existent connection between himself and Der Movement). Even if there is some fraction of the White population that “hold political views somewhat sympathetic to that of the Alt Right,” these people are NOT going to vote dependent upon what Der Movement says.  Just because “Joe and Jill Sixpack” may have some inchoate Alt Right beliefs that does not mean that they are going to vote for Trump because Jef Costello says so or not vote for Trump because Richard Spencer says so or believe that “Trump is toast no matter what” because Greg Johnson says so.  Most of those “Sixpack” types  have never heard of any of those great and good Quota Queens, so let’s not have delusions that The Master of Disaster or Gaslighting Greg or Mudshark Annie’s Breakfast Butler are going to be kingmakers.

3. In the short term, a Trump victory is good for us, and a defeat will be bad. I am not a believer in the moronic “worse is better” thesis as a general rule. Whites are not like other races; thus, Whites can take racial and cultural abuse unlimited without properly reacting. Worse is, in most cases, simply worse. The damage that will be done to White American interests by a Democrat Presidential victory in 2020 is clear; Trump may be a weak, vulgar, retarded traitor; but any of the Democrats candidates will, as President, work tirelessly and effectively to wreck White America.  

More to the point, I am skeptical that Der Movement, in its present form, can survive the attacks that will result from a Democratic administration, which would amplify anti-Right persecution. Because of the tragicomic ineptness of Der Movement’s affirmative action Quota Queen “leadership,” because of the retarded stupidity of the majority Type I rank-and-file, because of the lack of any meaningful infrastructure and the lack of anyone with any sense of good judgment and strategic planning, and because of all of the freaks and the defectives and the grifters, the “movement” is exceedingly fragile. It has zero resiliency. It may not be 100% destroyed – something difficult enough for any decentralized dissident activity – but it can be rendered functionally harmless (I mean, even compared its laughable state today); so it can be functionally destroyed, if not literally.  It may take a generation to rebuild American racial activism in such a scenario, if there is not any pre-existing infrastructure of a New Movement already in place. I’m sure the Quota Queens have no contingency planning for this scenario, other than to grift for money and engage in embarrassing stupidities. 

Keep in mind that a Trump victory, however it may be immediately beneficial short term, merely “kicks the can down the road” for another four years. Come 2024, we’ll be in the same quandary, because even if Trump wins, it is almost guaranteed that Der Movement will waste the next four years in the same manner they’ve wasted the last four. They will have accomplished nothing, done nothing, built nothing, planned nothing, and thus we’ll be in the same situation in 2024 as we are in with 2020, except another four precious years would have been wasted.

So, unless Der Movement is replaced by a New Movement, unless the next four years are used to rebuild racial activism from the ground up, even a Trump victory is nothing more than delaying the inevitable reckoning by four years.

Some may say – “But we thought you always advocate for Der Movement being destroyed?”  Yes, but I want Der Movement destroyed from within, by Far Right activists, and replaced by a New Movement, not destroyed from without by the System and replaced by nothing.  Der Movement is so weak and pathetic that the latter is a real possibility, and since Der Movement currently has a near monopoly on (American) racial activism, the System-caused outside-in death of Der Movement under current circumstances may wreck the chances for White racial activism, as a whole, for a generation.  And we don’t have a generation to waste.  Enough time, many decades, have already been wasted.

True, in the long term, it is necessary to politically punish traitors like Trump and the GOP. But that requires a healthy, real movement to be in existence. So, what about the argument of some Quota Queens that it is necessary to “destroy the GOP” and so “Trump must be defeated?” I have myself argued for the destruction of the Republican Party, as part of the Sallis Strategy. The question is whether this is something to be hoped for in 2020 (as written above, I doubt that the Far Right has much influence, but it can at minimum hope and advocate).  The problem is that the Quota Queens advocating for Trump’s defeat and the end of the GOP are the same ones who have created a situation in which such a Republican defeat would be exceedingly dangerous for the “movement.” These are the people who have so wrecked the “movement,” who have made it so weak and fragile, that I’m not confident it can withstand a liberal Democrat-dominated, GOP-less political scenario. The Master of Disaster is one of the leading voices on the Far Right calling for Trump’s defeat and the political destruction of the GOP, and I can’t think of anyone else who has done more to so damage the “movement” so as to make a Democrat victory an existential danger for Der Movement’s existence in its current form (i.e., with a significant open, above ground component). They themselves are responsible for making the outcome they advocate completely untenable.

4. What to do?  I have already discussed many times what needs to be done – the triad of true metapolitics, real world electoral politics, and real community building and infrastructure, all through a New Movement based on quality fundamentals.  

If Trump wins, there will be a four year window to get something done; however, I doubt anything will be done. Further, there needs to be planning now for the eventuality of a Trump loss, but I doubt anything like that is happening either.

Ultimately, the “movement’s” grifting, incompetent, affirmative action Quota Queen “leadership” needs to be deposed and replaced by an authentic, sincere, competent merit -based leadership. Do I expect that to happen?  NO.

5. What will happen?  Essentially nothing positive from Der Movement.  Events will unfold independent of whatever Der Movement says or does (unless they do something very stupid and destructive). I am profoundly pessimistic.  We do not have the requisite human material at all levels, particularly “leadership,” we do not have the proper ideology, we have no infrastructure, we have nothing.  Unless there is radical change, the only hope for long term survival is the rhizome structure of groupuscules. But even that will need to struggle against persecution.  2020 or 2024…the future looks grim.

It’s Der Dutton!

And other news.  And a statement of principle.

This is how Dutton responds to criticism:

Credentialists tend to be low IQ and uncreative. This is why credentials are so important to them. The aim of science is consilience, hence all important thinkers pursue areas they lack formal qualifications in. You interlocutor is a credentialist and thus a nobody.

No neuroticism there, no siree.

But, hey, I agree, we should fundamentally critique ideas, not credentials or the lack thereof.  Dutton should be eschewed because – independent of credentials – he is a typically dishonest and ignorant HBDer who covers up the vacuity of his “thought” with his shtick of juvenile jackassery.

Further, by Dutton’s logic, Ted Sallis has just as much right to comment on issues such as HBD and race science as does Dutton, Lynn or anyone else. EGI Notes is consilience, don’t you know. I lack formal qualifications in psychometry; hence I am an important thinker in the field (Duttoninan logic). Lynn and MacDonald then are credentialed hacks – just following the logic of Mr. Hello Hello Hello.

Dutton’s appeal to reverse snobbery obviously has its limitations. When a paper in the scientific literature is peer-reviewed, that review is typically performed by someone with expertise (“credentials”)  in the relevant field, so as to (in theory) submit an informed judgment. The fact that HBD’s Asian gods pervert the process through rampant ethnic nepotism does not alter the validity of the idea behind the process.  When the military wants better nuclear weapons designs, they go to nuclear physicists and nuclear engineers, not to plumbers.  Altering gene expression via CRISPR might more dependably be done by a molecular biologist rather than by a florist. A chemist might be a better source of information on how to synthesize novel organic compounds than a janitor.  

Yes, it is true that all ideas must be evaluated on their own merits, but dispensing with the value of expertise through ad homenim perjoratives like “credentialism” would so distort the signal-to-noise ratio as to make scientific and technical progress virtually impossible.

But, you see, HBDers don’t care about scientific or technical progress and they certainly don’t care about the truth. HBD is a political movement aimed at replacing kinship-based racialism with a form of aracial “cognitive elitism” that benefits Jews and Asians.

I view HBDers with the same sort of visceral disgust that the average person would view a festering wound swarming with maggots.

Dutton fits in well with Spencer.  Two tragicomic imbeciles.

This is a good Taylor video.

Read this.

The rise of the Ultras to prominence is an understandable response to news that Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte has granted permission for two migrant NGOs to land refugees at Italian ports, intends to reintroduce benefits and protections for asylum seekers that were previously scrapped by Matteo Salvini, and will reinstate residency permits for illegals.

Conte’s actions will inevitably further inflame a precarious situation, especially after a group of Nigerians dismembered the body of eighteen-year-old Pamela Mastropietro in Macerata, three migrants raped and murdered sixteen-year-old Desiree Mariottini in the San Lorenzo area of Rome, and a recently arrived Ghanaian man is convicted of desecrating the Basilicas of Santa Prassede, San Giovanni de Fiorentini and San Vitale.

I don’t understand.  The great and good Sir Desmond Jones has told us that Italy is 100% homogeneous and will remain so until the end of time, forever and ever, amen.

Nigerians?  Ghanaians?  Pfah!  Simply some Sicilians and Calabrians.  Nothing to get worked up over.

See this. Remember, Greg Johnson has stated that Trump is a sincere man of genuine greatness, so it must be true!

Watch this.  Someone forward that to The Master of Disaster, who is no doubt shedding trust fund tears over the tail-between-his-legs exit of King Andy Eggroll from the Presidential race.

Now, a statement of principle, given once again, for the benefit of newer readers.  

You may have noticed that this blog is sharply critical of (among other things) what I call Der Movement.  My critics – the Quota Queen grifters who sponge off of the “D’Nations” stupidly given them by naive retards – call me “crazy and bitter” and given to “the paranoid style” and “with nothing positive to contribute” (When I was writing for their own websites, indirectly helping them to rake in the shekels, then I was A-OK, of course. Of course).

I will explain, once again, what the criticism is about. I have been involved in the “movement” – in WN racial activism – since the mid-90s, that’s ~25 years, a quarter-of-a-century.  That’s been both analog and digital activism, I’ve met with or corresponded with all sorts of “big names” (including a private face-to-face audience with The Great Man), I’ve written for all sorts of racialist websites and journals (including those of people who call me “crazy” today), I was interviewed for Griffin’s book, I’ve seen all sorts of activists and organizations and websites come and go, and I’ve been following all of the “movement” politics and drama, from the days of Pierce vs. Covington to the days of Johnson vs. Spencer.  I’ve seen it all, so to speak.

And so I am telling you now, based on all of that experience, and based on my considered judgment (that honest readers can discern is generally sound), that the “movement” as it exists today has an ABSOLUTE ZERO chance of getting anything constructive done. It’s a joke, it’s a grift, it’s a dead end, it’s a cul-de-sac.  Continuing to “throw bad money after good” (figuratively as well as literally) with this failed “movement” will lead to total defeat and to racial destruction.

We need a NEW MOVEMENT that:

1. Is based on sound principles

2. That rejects the affirmative action policy and has a merit-based leadership

3. That eschews defectives and defective paradigms

4. That thinks strategically, with long term plans and plenty of contingency planning as well

5. That not only engages in (real) metapolitics (not grifting), but also electoral politics (where and when appropriate), and (real) community building (not homosexual hook-ups at meetings)

There is only so much niche space – as long as Der Movement exists, a New Movement will not really be able to get off the ground.  Hence, Der Movement needs to be opposed, and if that opposition must take the form of mocking ridicule and deconstruction, so be it.