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Jeff and Jef

A tale of two idiots.  

First Jeff.

Sallis right again: some more folks at VDARE waking up to the monstrosity that is “America’s Senator” Antifa Jeff Sessions.  Some excerpts, emphasis added.

The survival of the historic American nation depends on addressing immigration. But according to Derbyshire and Coulter, Sessions is not only the man for the job, but the only man for the job. This is the crux of the issue. In my opinion, Sessions is neither the one man for the job, nor is he doing as good a job as they think. 

Then there are the other issues where Sessions has failed. The most obvious: the Mueller witch hunt aimed at removing Trump himself from office. Sessions gave us this issue, and it is a knife aimed at the heart of immigration law enforcement. No Trump and we are back to the Obama Regime Administrative Amnesty, or worse. 

Nothing Sessions could do at the Department of Justice could make up for losing President Trump or having his administration crippled by a Democrat Congress. And that is what the Mueller Jihad might give us. 

Sessions’ decision to recuse himself is his original sin. Such original sin requires a human sacrifice for expiation. And the only sacrifice is Sessions’ doing the honorable thing, like a noble Roman, and falling on his sword. 

Furthermore, Sessions is not irreplaceable. Offhand, Tom Cotton and Kris Kobach come to mind as skilled attorneys with impeccable immigration credentials. I am certain Cotton is confirmable, and is as hard line on immigration as Sessions, but made of sterner stuff.

And Sessions has not, I would argue, been that good on immigration…Additionally, Sessions has been a complete failure on newly-emerged issues—the Deep State and domestic terrorism being at the fore.

It makes one think that Sleepy Jeff is not sleepy, but actively sabotaging the Trump Administration. 

I don’t call this failure as being strong on the immigration issue. 

Given the emerge of a Totalitarian Left in America, domestic terrorism increasingly matters to legacy Americans. Here there have been two failures:
First, there has been no action on Civil Rights violations directed against white Americans. Thus in the Chicago Facebook Live-stream beating of a mentally disabled white man by four Blacks, the Sessions DOJ has done nothing.
Second, someone in DOJ is protecting the Communist terrorist group, Antifa, from Federal prosecution. 

Antifa operates openly, announcing their intentions in advance and attacking anyone they dislike. A few AntiFa might be arrested by local police, but most charges are quickly dropped. 

However, as I argued more than a year ago, the Federal government can easily charge those identified by local arrests with Civil Rights violations. Such cases are open and shut. For example, an Antifa terrorist, Eric Clanton, recently pled guilty after attacking seven pro-Trump Americans with a bike lock during a free speech demonstration in Berkeley that was attacked by Antifa.  

The locals allowed him to plead to a single misdemeanor with no prison time. A slap on the wrist. But why hasn’t Sessions instructed Alex Tse to charge Eric Clanton with Federal Civil Rights violations? 

Consequently, Antifa has increased their terrorism under Sessions. They feel they can safely ignore the DOJ that he controls. So confident are Antifa terrorists that that their Deep State Democrat allies control the DOJ that they are burning Federal subpoenas, taunting Sleepy Jeff to act.

Of course, the “crazy and bitter” Sallis has been criticizing Sessions in this manner for months, two examples (of many) are below.  

Sallis on Sessions.

Further back.

Sessions is in fact, by both commission (the Fields indictment) and omission (failure to take action as described in the VDARE piece) acting as if he’s the legal counsel for Antifa.  Sessions is an Antifa supporter – he’s also the scum who collaborated with the SPLC in Alabama to prosecute Klansmen, and he’s also the trash whose DOJ is looking into the “Till murder” while at the same time his own supporters get attacked in the streets of America by the same Antifa thugs he celebrates and protects.

Is Sessions the worst person on Earth?  Possibly yes. But, hey, don’t forget, Quota Queen Derbyshire and Quota King Coulter both support their fellow affirmative action specimen Sessions.  Quotas Gonna Quota!

Roissy: “Sessions as Attorney General alone justifies the entire Trump administration.”

Wrong, wrong, wrong – the existential meaning of Der Movement is always being wrong.


And now…Jef.  Jef has a lot to live for – for example, cooking breakfast for Mudshark Annie, after she’s spent the night with Dinesh.


More Blackpills

Some hard truths. In all cases, emphasis added.

Stop spending on her.  That includes not giving money to female Alt Lite YouTubers so that they can – in the words of a certain “movement leader” – buy all sorts of silly, frilly things.

Let’s consider prostitution. There are good reasons to crack down on prostitution, and I support such a crackdown.  However, I suspect that one reason why some people – particularly women – oppose prostitution is that it hits a bit too close to home: women exchanging sex for money is just a more crass and “in your face” version of the typical “beta bux” female approach of exchanging sex for male provision and resources.  And then there is the competition aspect – if men can get what they want with a straightforward cash payment, instead of the commitment package that includes continual emotional torment, then that may be a preferred choice, putting typical women at a competitive disadvantage.  After all, from a MGTOW perspective, marriage (or any other long-term relationship) is a form of prostitution as well.

That said, the health aspect, the family formation and societal stability aspect, and aspects of honor and dignity (for all involved) argue against prostitution – but at the same token, one must crackdown on “alpha fux, beta bux” as well. A traditional patriarchal (Western) society is a prerequisite for any serious crackdown against prostitution.

The “God Emperor” is an incompetent, disloyal, low-life cuck.

Yet all these Never Trumpers apparently have more job security than genuine Trump supporters

…The worst example of this craven behavior: the case of former White House speechwriter Darren Beattie. Beattie was fired for the grievous crime of delivering an unexceptionable speech at a conservative academic conference also addressed (equally unexceptionably) by’s own Peter Brimelow.

Remember, Beattie sacrificed his promising academic career (tenure-track position at Duke) to support Trump in the 2016 election. But that obviously meant nothing to his superiors. He was let go by a communications shop that sorely lacks the speechwriter’s intellect and courage.

Another disheartening example is found in the termination of Taylor Weyeneth. This 24-year-old worked on the Trump campaign first as unpaid volunteer, then worked his way up. Weyeneth eventually rose in the White House to take a top job in its drug policy office. But then a Washington Post story came out on his alleged lack of credentials, and he was summarily fired. His loyalty and long-time support of the President made no difference in the face of bad press. [Promoted six times and then fired: Inside a 24-year-old political appointee’s wild ride in Trump’s Washington, by Robert O’Harrow Jr., Washington Post, June 15, 2018]…

Yet ultimately, the buck stops with President Trump. He has little awareness that personnel is policy and appears not to care much about staff decisions aside from a few top aides. He outsourced staffing decisions to the GOP Establishment, which promptly filled “his” administration with Trump’s enemies.

Using postage stamps to measure East Asian erections.  Sounds about right.  They can use those stamps as makeshift bras for the “women” as well.

Let’s see.  The execrable Zman hangs out at racialist conferences, is buddies with Johnson, lacks understanding of why European nationalism is more successful than the American version (you know, the one that Johnson is a “leader” of), while at the same time not realizing that that nationalism is not half as successful as American Nutzis think it is.

Sounds about right.  And get this:

…Frodi took the opportunity to make a point that I don’t think gets made enough. What he said was that one crazy person in your movement can chase off hundreds of normal people. Therefore, the top duty of any political or cultural movement is to guard against being associated with crazies. This seems obvious to me, but our side of the great divide has struggled to get this right.

Yes sir!  After all, folks who talk about the pyramids of Atlantis being built by psychokinesis, or who promote war and ethnic cleansing among Europeans or who think “extreme vetting” is to ask “are you Swedish?” are the paragons of sanity, while those who are constantly correct time and again, who show foresight and predictive value, and who make cogent criticisms of Der Movement, are “crazy and bitter.” The problem, dear Zman, is that your “movement” “guards against” the sane, informed, and competent, while openly embracing defectives, Nutzis, and false dogma.  One wonders if any of these self-proclaimed guardians realize that some would consider them to be the crazies?

In addition, it’s a wonder that American Nutzis can get anything done at conferences held in Scandinavia.  One would think they’d be in a perpetual state of orgasm from all the concentrated Nordicness.  One could imagine some of these fellows running manically through the streets, asking random strangers (natives, not immigrants) if they would like to attend an extreme-vetted meeting.  Maybe be a guest speaker?  

These guys should instead hold their conferences somewhere in Southern Europe, where their disgust at the native population would keep them safely within the walls of the conference hall, concentrating on the tasks at hand.

More Odds and Ends

More “movement” stupidity.  In all cases, emphasis added.

Retarded Zman:

The point here is while those “constitutional principles” sound appealing to our modern ears, the people who actually lived them did not like them very much. Interestingly, the romantics for the 18th century politics have the same problem as fascist romantics, in that they never wonder why their ideal was a complete failure. The fascist ideal can sound pretty good, until you look at the actual results. 

Yes, the actual results.  Well, there was an alliance between “liberal democracy” and Marxism to crush Fascism, with the equivalent of three world empires – American, British, and Soviet – required to fight a bloody war to accomplish this.  With respect to internal affairs, Fascism was essentially a roaring success in both Germany and Italy.

I suppose you can assert that by its very nature, Fascism leads to war, bloodshed, and all the other world powers teaming up to destroy it (I see this is as ludicrous). .I suppose you can also assert that every political system is doomed to fail – right now, liberal democracy is leading to genocidal race replacement of founding, native populations, and other forms of government extant today lead to stagnation, failed societies that people flee from, or rehashing of other types of previous failures.  What else has been successful? What?  Monarchy?  Marxism?  What?

Fascism has been the only form of rightist politics that has fostered a feeling of self-sacrificial fanatical commitment on the part of its followers. What’s the alternative? “HBD race realism?”  A government exemplified by Derbyshire’s self-described “measured groveling” to “Rosie?”

What?  Answer please?

From a strict purist Anglo-Nordic perspective, Chile is not an especially white nation.

Rewritten for accuracy:

From a general European perspective, Chile is not an especially white nation.

When are Latinos going to stop trying to conflate their New World ancestries and attitudes with the parental Old World stocks?

Also see this.  If Amren focuses “exclusively on race” why the attacks against Italians and Romanians, if Jews – a non-European people – are “hands off?”

Watch this. Very well, makes sense.  What about White-Jewish differences in behavior?

Watch this.  That’s good.  But if true, then why be a Yellow Supremacist?  Let’s oppose HBD to prevent a Chinese takeover of America.

It is a perennial debate in White Nationalist circles whether we should seek alliances with non-white ethnonationalist groups. The trouble with these discussions is that they ignore the nature of alliances, which are generally temporary and made possible by emergencies, i.e., interruptions in the normal order of things. If circumstances arose in which White Nationalists and, say, the Nation of Islam have common concrete interests and can ally to achieve them, I have little doubt that such an alliance could take place. The same is true of any other non-white ethnic group, including Jews. But once the specific circumstances of the alliance have passed, the two groups would go back to normal, i.e., they would return to distrusting and despising one another.

But we should support strict ethnonationalism, with temporary alliances between European ethnic groups, punctuated by ethnic cleansing among them.  Got it.

Palahniuk’s vision of Caucasia is meant to be taken as a satire of White Nationalism by Leftist gatekeepers in publishing and the media. But it is really just a satire of a particular type of White Nationalism, namely the anti-intellectual, anti-cultural, anti-urban, anti-woman

Can’t have that.  Send your money so Alt Lite Youtube Yeastbags can buy “silly frilly things.”


We certainly can’t have that.

…anti-egalitarian tendency that basically reduces White Nationalism to raising white birthrates and the fetishization of “Tradition” (not all traditions are good fits for white people)…

What?  Blasphemy!  Evola!  Guenon! Savitri Devi!  The Men Who Can’t Tell Time! The Age of Tungsten!  Kali Yuga!  Yogi and Boo-Boo!

…and “hierarchy” (not all hierarchies are just) that issues in Renaissance Fair LARPing. Pretty much all these tendencies cluster around the “White Sharia” meme, so that I how I will designate it.

No, Greg, all these “tendencies” describe your entire “movement” – as a whole.

And here is the most self-unaware sentence in all of human history:

Objective merit and expertise are deemphasized, replaced by quacks who are practiced at flattering powerful morons.

That, dear reader, describes Der Movement and its entire affirmative action leadership.  Readers of this blog are well aware that that sentence summarizes the entirety of the “movement” dynamic.

Finally, a victory by the Alt Right.

God Emperor Update

In all cases, emphasis added.

Given the links between support for Trump, immigration control, Der Movement, right-wing populism, and System resistance to all of the preceding, news concerning Trump and his shockingly inept and disorganized “leadership” is of course relevant to White EGI.  Hence, this blog will continue to turn a critical eye toward Der Movement’s beloved “God Emperor” regardless of the worshipful fanboy crowd that whines in dismay about “blackpilling” (or whatever other juvenile phrase they utter in between picking up diseased sluts in bars or drinking hard liquor in loft apartments [or in their parent’s basements]).

Read this.  Even IF the quotes are false, the underlying truths behind them remain the same.  What here is practically false?  Not much, I believe.

The New York Times published an essay Wednesday that the newspaper said was written by a “senior official” in the Trump administration, supporting a central claim in Bob Woodward’s forthcoming book: members of the president’s staff are actively working to subvert him.

Spencer is one of the few people in Der Movement willing to utter any (even mild) criticism of the lumbering idiotic vulgar ignorant buffoon Trump:

I wonder what would have happened if Donald Trump had appointed people who actually believe in his agenda?

Indeed.  But, hey, Trump has only “hired the best people” like he promised, eh?  And it’s “mission accomplished” over MAGA, no?  Interesting that the Big Mac-guzzling dullard Trump thinks it’s “mission accomplished” when he’s actually accomplished practically nothing, and his own staff is actively sabotaging him.

The unnamed official painted a portrait of a divided White House because of misgivings over the behavior of President Trump himself.

“The dilemma — which he does not fully grasp — is that many of the senior officials in his own administration are working diligently from within to frustrate parts of his agenda and his worst inclinations,” the author of the piece wrote. 

Of course he doesn’t “fully grasp” this, or anything else.  Unlike the liars of Der Movement, some of whom would wish to rewrite history whenever they rarely do criticize their bloated god Trump, EGI Notes has been critical of Trump from the very beginning.  When others foamed at the mouth that “Trump is the last chance for White America” and designated Trump as an “American Caesar” leading the USA to an “Indian summer” of “greatness” and “demographic stability,” it was the “crazy and bitter” Ted Sallis who was telling you that Trump is a vulgar ignorant buffoon, couldn’t be trusted, etc.  Who was right?  Who was wrong?  Who is always right?  Who is always wrong?

“The root of the problem is the president’s amorality. Anyone who works with him knows he is not moored to any discernible first principles that guide his decision making,” the author states. “Although he was elected as a Republican, the president shows little affinity for ideals long espoused by conservatives: free minds, free markets and free people. At best, he has invoked these ideals in scripted settings. At worst, he has attacked them outright.”

Yeah sure: those are “conservative ideals.”  No doubt, eh?  Let’s consider each in turn.  Free minds.  So, “conservative Republicans” support free speech and free dissident expression in the USA and throughout the world?  They speak out against, and pass legislation against, deplatforming and social pricing attacks?  They oppose Internet censorship?  They oppose “hate speech” laws, particularly those extant in Europe that certainly shut down all those “free minds?” They’ve spoken up in defense of the rights of Der Movement?  Free markets.  Well, sure, if it is Big Business making money off the destruction of America, then the GOP is all for it, but how “free” are the markets with Chinese protectionism and currency manipulation?  Free people.  Oh, so the GOP opposes the EU throwing people in prison for speech and political beliefs?  They’ve spoken up against that?  They oppose the persecution of Fields by Antifa Jeff Sessions?  They think that the Right should be free to assemble in public without being attacked by Sessions’ leftist thug pets?  Get back to me about all of that, please.

“The individual behind this piece has chosen to deceive, rather than support, the duly elected President of the United States,” Sanders said in a statement. “He is not putting country first, but putting himself and his ego ahead of the will of the American people. This coward should do the right thing and resign.”

Trump then returned to Twitter, where he offered a more succinct criticism of the official who had written the essay.

Twitter.  There’s a problem right there – a President who does nothing except tweet like a teenage jackass.

The “good old boys network” continues to roll along, as both Coulter (one of the boys, no doubt) and Derbyshire (likely of lower testosterone levels) continue to support the vile Antifa Jeff Sessions.

Both of these retards should consider that there are people on the Right who oppose Sessions not because of the “Russia investigation” but because he is an inert do-nothing for anything and everything except to persecute rightists and to voice support for leftist domestic terrorists.  Indeed, his past in Alabama, discussed here previously, showed him in bed with the SPLC against White activists.  I’ll go along with “Zman” here and consider quota queen Jeff as an establishment “mole” doing what he can to wreck right-wing populism.

As to all the supposed “good” the lifeless Sessions is “accomplishing” re: immigration, nothing prevents Trump from filling the position with someone else as good or better in that regard.  Do it now, when the GOP still controls Congress…but, then again, reading the above, it is clear the GOP would likely sabotage any future rightist appointments. 

Regardless of these practical matters, it is still right and proper for those on the Right to criticize that which deserves to be criticized.

The Six Percent Has Collected Some Interest

Odds and ends.

Ted Sallis, 8/28/18.

Der Movement, 9/4/18

Apparently, the six percent has collected a week’s worth of interest.

Once again: you want cutting edge racialist ideas?  Come to EGI Notes. Want belated second hand views?  Check out Der Movement, Inc., a money-making enterprise. 

The problem you see is taking someone like Ryan Faulk seriously, just like Der Movement took Jorjani seriously, just like they take anyone seriously who has a pulse, is at least semi-White, and mumbles something close to being pro-White.  There is no quality control in Der Movement.  There is no ability to discern what is or is not important.  The more they talk about eschewing defectives the more they embrace them.  This long and rambling Counter-Currents article would have been unnecessary if Faulk has been (properly) ignored in the first place.  Indeed, one of the basic flaws of Der Movement is getting involved in these autistic (which is why it attracts autistics in the first place) nitpicking “arguments” from every droolcup who has an Internet connection.  So, Faulk is “down” on WN?  Who cares?  There’s a problem with the “Genetic Mesh” whatever that is?  Let’s worry about the “Genetic Knit” instead, or perhaps the “Genetic Slipknot.”  Some random retard on the Internet decides he thinks that “Europeans are not as genetically similar as he thought?”  Who cares?  The genetic data are what they are, regardless of whatever someone thinks about them; genetic similarity is a relative term, with meaning when compared to others, as Salter’s work made clear 15 years ago.  Indeed, the fact that Faulk gets several orders of magnitude more attention from Der Movement than does Salter tells you all you need to know.  Dat dere “genetic mumbo jumbo” is just too sophisticated after all, let’s have discussion instead about  “Kali Yuga” and “hobbit holes” and leave talk of genetics to “experts” such as Faulk or anyone else who can fog a mirror held up to their nose.

Three major errors WNs make, especially when debating critics:

1. Not understanding descriptive realities.  For example, genetic relationships between Europeans, or any group, can be discerned from population genetics. Those studies tell us that there is often less genetic diversity within the continent of Europe as a whole than there is among certain non-European single ethnic groups.  Europe is the most genetically homogeneous of the continents; of course there are significant differences as well (North/South; East/West).  The biopolitical implications of these similarities and differences are discussed in Salter’s work.  More recently, I tackled the issue of “genetic integration” here at EGI Notes.  If you do not know the facts, then don’t bother debating with online retards who are equally ignorant of the facts; you all just make fools of yourselves.

2. Not understanding that descriptive realities can change over time.  The king of this stupidity was the great and good Sir Desmond Jones, who pontificated that demographic snapshots of, say, the year 2000, could be projected into the future, unchanging to the ends of time, forever and ever, amen.  That’s great.  Hey!  America in 2018 still has a majority-White population; hence, 100 years from now, it is guaranteed to also be majority White, because things never change, and trends never come to fruition. The current snapshot exists forever without change, right?

3. Most of all, not understanding the difference between descriptive and prescriptive.  Even IF something is true now, and even IF we disregard trends suggesting change, isn’t it the whole point of dissident revolutionary politics that you promote prescriptive policies that constitute a change from current descriptive state of affairs?  True, there are some things that can never be changed, but we are not talking laws of nature here; instead, we are talking about politics (ever changing) and human characteristics (that, even at their most biological, change over time due to evolutionary forces, etc.).  If there is some given factoid that really does argue against some tenet of WN, then this is something that should be changed (if it can be, and usually it can be). If there is some sort of mental or political or social impediment to the world we want to see come into being, we must work to remove the impediment not just placidly and passively accept it.  One can take passive acceptance of the descriptive to the extreme: America is currently a multiracial nation immersed in anti-White policies and headed to minority-White Third World status.  If we cannot change any descriptives, then we must accept America as it is and just “defend the racial status quo” (as Amren Jews advise us).  I suppose “conservatives” would oppose change, regardless of how beneficial, and would always value descriptive over prescriptive.  But a true movement of change would push a prescriptive agenda, backed by a rock solid core ideology, and always understand that descriptions of reality are ever-changing (see point 2), not set in stone, and it should be our prescriptions, not that of the Left, that changes the description of reality.

Read this.

Thoughtful? I immediately knew that nothing I said would be reflected in the article…

Why did you do the interview in the first place?  Johnson was right about one thing: all these “leaders” use the media to help anoint them, and confirm them, in their (affirmative action allowed) “leadership” positions.  Oh boy, look, Brimelow is attacked as a “racist” in print, let’s send him some more money.

For the record, I regard myself as a civic nationalist…

Of course.  After all, nothing is more important than keeping “Rosie and the kids” in America.  That’s what HBD is all about.  And we wouldn’t want Derb to get upset or anything and stop posing for those CT suburb lawn chair photos.

HBD Nordicist Gamester Roissy: Sessions as Attorney General alone justifies the Trump Presidency.

Sallis: Antifa Jeff Sessions is a do-nothing quota queen traitor and idiot.

Hey, Roissy, apparently your “God Emperor” agrees more with Sallis.

Again, again, and again: Sallis right, Der Movement wrong.  They are always wrong.  In fact, the only thing they are right about is being consistently wrong.

Keep on supporting them though, and then wonder why racial activism goes nowhere.

Alt Right Decay and Other News

More odds and ends.

I must have missed all of this when I was offline. Very interesting.

Please note the mention of July 22, likely related to this.

I mean, how much does Sallis have to be right over and over and over again before all you rank-and-file activist retards (yes, that’s appropriate if you don’t change your ways) wake up and realize that all your leaders are pitifully inept and morally obtuse?  It’s one defeat after another (and I’m not even going to get into Kessler being publicly humiliated by his father, since he’s living with his parents and obviously too dense to realize that if they oppose his views he probably shouldn’t be podcasting out of their home, particularly when they are there) – they are all hopeless.  They are pure – PURE – affirmative action appointments, and it are all of you, dear retards, who are the ones doing the appointing.  Keep it up and soon the “movement” will end up consisting of two guys wearing clown suits, throwing pies in each others’ faces, as the Guk audience laughs it up.

And, no, Greg, being a purebred mountain wop didn’t save you from being the middleman in another “movement” fiasco.  These Stepandfetchit Shabbos Suds never learn. You’re just not “leadership material.”  You are just a lowly pawn, not a Quota Queen.  No, not a “general,” maybe a “lieutenant.”  But only the latter as long as you keep your girlfriend around.

Also see this.

Eulogy for the Alt Right: this is absolutely hilarious, Semitic gold.  Oy vey! stick a fork in it. 

Who was it who termed the Alt Right as “Beavis-and-Butthead White nationalism?”  Who was it who criticized the immaturity of all these nitwits?  Who predicted (and hoped for) the collapse of the “Alt Right brand?”  Who was it who warned that equating White nationalism with the Alt Right was a deadly mistake (at the same time that others, who now make believe they were always disdainful of the Alt Right brand, were writing that “the Alt Right is White nationalism or it is nothing at all”)?

Readers of this blog know the answer to those questions, eh?

Outrageous hypocrisy: this from someone advocating Europeans ethnic cleansing each other. Is it wise for any of these types suggesting that their ideological opponents are motivated by personal issues?  One can point the finger in many directions as far as that goes.

And this reminds me how amused I was with people taking sides in the Greg Johnson vs. Richard Spencer feud.  From my perspective, the two of them are the same.  As a Jack Vance character would say: “it is all one.”  These are all failed leaders killing your race, my race, our race.  And YOU allow them to.  Can you look at yourself in the mirror?

Let’s rewrite:

“Remember you are an Englishman and have consequently won first prize in the lottery of life.” — Cecil Rhodes, British imperialist, 1910


“Remember you are ethnically an Englishman (or of related stock) and have consequently won automatic elevation to leadership of Der Movement, Inc. (a money-making enterprise)” – Ted Sallis, disgusted Nutzi swarthoid, 2018

Another cogelite.  Colored is as colored does: the South-South alliance continues.

Mission accomplished!  Trump believes he’s made American great again, already, you know, with continued unchecked Third World immigration, both legal and illegal, Antifa rioting in the streets with impunity, a Far Left Attorney General, his own sky-high disapproval ratings, White dispossession on schedule, and a Left culturally triumphant at every step.

But, hey, he pardoned Jack Johnson so, as he says, mission accomplished!

Never forget that Der Movement, Inc. (a money-making enterprise) labeled Trump “the God Emperor” and while that designation may have been tongue-in-cheek, the statements that he was “the last chance for White America” and an “American Caesar who will stabilize White demographics” were not.

Red Chile: More racial delusions – another retarded Amren article on race.

Chile has never lost a war, and today its technologically advanced, well equipped, and well trained military is feared and envied by its neighbors.

Yes, that feared Chilean military.  How about a war with a European nation and we’ll see how that turns out?

In the 19th century, Chile decisively defeated its two northern neighbors Bolivia and Peru…

Another great moment in military history; the campaigns of a Caesar, Napoleon, or von Manstein are nothing compared to that.

Chile is 88.9 percent white, 9.1 percent Araucano Indian, and 2 percent other—almost entirely composed of other much smaller Amerindian nations.

And then he cites population genetics studies that demonstrate that most of those “Whites” are actually mestizos.

A Chilean who is 50 percent Italian, 25 percent Basque, and 25 percent Greek would be considered white as well—though his skin may be darker than a Chilean who is actually less European, such as one who is 10 percent Araucano, 10 percent Incan, 50 percent Spanish, and 30 percent Belgian.

Gasp!  OMG!  Note the word “may.”  Yes, and an Englishman “may” have skin darker than a light-skinned Korean, and a planet in the Andromeda galaxy “may” be made of yellow cheese.

Because of the large presence of Mediterranean whites, the genotype and phenotype of whiteness in Chile do not correlate as neatly as in the Anglosphere. The result of this is that Chileans have a “big tent” view of whiteness…

You see what is going on here.  All sorts of Latino and NEC mixed-racers eagerly try and grasp onto “Med” coattails to prove how very “White” they are.  Here’s the bottom line: compare a “White” Chilean to the base parental populations from Europe – mostly Spanish and Basque, but perhaps some Italians and others as well, and get back to me.  Oh wait, it’s already been done, with the cited population genetics papers.

And as far as the pictures go, Navarro and Vidal are clearly non-White, by any European standard (including swarthoid ones), so I’m not sure what the point is there, except to confirm that the “big tent” view of Whiteness of Chile does not correlate to anywhere in Europe, not only the “Anglosphere.”

The Six Percenters

Lost opportunities.

Consider the condition of White America today and the continued deterioration of the White racial position.  6%?  Six?  It should be, at least, 60%.  What kind of pathetic maladaptive sick losers are White people?  Whites are positively subhuman in their lack of adaptive fitness, in their pathological altruism, in their demented and disgusting self-abasement.  And even if the 6% is a low figure, because “people are afraid to give honest answers in the survey,” would it really speak better of Whites if it was, say, 8% or 9%?  And do you really expect people who are afraid to even answer a survey honestly to be useful potential recruits for an activist cause?

However, even if the 6% figure is shockingly low, it still translates into millions of people, as many as 11 million.  How is Der Movement utilizing this potential pool of recruits?  Consider if Der Movement was just able to mobilize 10% of those people to start with.  That’s 1.1 million White Americans – a considerable activist force if properly utilized and motivated.  If each of those contributed just $10 per year (just $10!) that would be $11 million added to “movement” coffers (putting aside that current “movement leaders” would waste the money).  If each gave $100 per year – that’s $110 million.  If these activists and their donations were in part utilized to recruit more of the remaining group of the “racist 6%” then all these numbers would grow dramatically.  

All this potential, all this opportunity: wasted.  Instead we get prancing quota queens with their Unite the Right cosplay rallies, their bizarre fossilized dogma, their errors and stupidities and obsessions, their complete lack of security, their Jew-worship and Yellow Supremacy, everything designed to repel and repulse potential recruits.

Only new leadership, with fresh ideas, strategic vision, and a commitment to long-term planning can win over the six percenters.  The “movement” has had its chances, and failed time and time again.