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Der Movement in Der News, 5/5/17

Der Movement’s ups and downs.

Here is an example of why I really dislike the alt Right: the smug navel-gazing attitude of memetic imperialism; that the Alt Right constitutes all of the sane/reasonable faction of the “movement.”

So, anything to the right of the Alt Right is just “White supremacy,” eh? There are no White nationalists – people who do not play the game of “supremacy” – outside of the Alt Right? Is that the idea?  We all have to scream Hail Kek, pontificate about a stupid frog, worship King Cuck Trump, engage in millennial juvenile jackassery, and value style over substance.

To be honest, I can’t wait until this Alt Right fad peters out.  How long is it going to take? Until then, we’ll have to endure all of these millennial types breathlessly rediscovering things the rest of us knew 20 years ago.  Oh, but they’ll tell us that all we old farts failed and didn’t get the job done.  Very well, but if you’re going to focus on failure, then why doesn’t the Alt Right have the moral courage to admit that the entire “movement” is a failure, and needs to be rebuilt from the ground up?

Europe is the motherland of our race. Until the aftermath of World War II, it was the exclusive homeland of our race. No other race has any legitimate claim on it. Thus there is absolutely no reason why the nations of Europe should not remove all non-whites.

Yes, indeed, including and especially “British Asians.”  Out, out, out.  And, no, we will not accept “Chinatown” colonies in Western lands, and no black-booted Chinese girls with guns to give some cheap masochistic thrills to basement-dwelling omega males and their yellow fever fetishes.


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“Instead, they use euphemisms like ‘diversity’ and ‘multiculturalism.’ Whenever a business, a church, a school, or a neighborhood becomes more ‘diverse’ or ‘multicultural,’ that simply means fewer whites and more non-whites.”

“Vibrancy” and “vibrant” are similar euphemisms. These are words I cannot use without irony or hear without feeling scorn.

I presume that a corpse riddled with maggots can be characterized as “vibrant.” Is it not teeming with life?

Spencer is right about this.  If car insurance covered oil changes, garages would be billing hundreds of dollars just to change the oil and filter.

Doesn’t the Right have people with military training and other relevant skills? Because of a profound lack of leadership, the Right always fails to use, to leverage, the resources it has. Fail.  Fail.  Fail. 

The review of other research in the paper notes northern Europe is low in “racism” (meaning: not wanting foreigners) and high in generalized trust. In southern Europe this is completely reversed. In Greece, nobody trusts anybody and nobody likes foreigners.

The obvious problem with that is that – like virtually everything associated with Tricky Dick’s pseudoscience – it is completely divorced from real world reality.  The on-the-ground reality is that Italy, Greece, Spain, etc. are being overrun with foreigners, saturated with migrants both legal and illegal, and that the governments of those nations do nothing except to welcome more aliens, and the general populations of those nations aren’t actually doing much of anything about it. Actually, in Western Europe (if we count Greece as being politically as “Western Europe” although it is not so geographically and not really culturally either), nationalist reactions against foreigners have been generally more pronounced in the north, with the exception of Golden Dawn in Greece, and they are nowhere near the levers of power.  Where’s the wop equivalent of Brexit?  Where’s the dago equivalent of Le Pen or even Wilders?  Or even an Eastern European like Orban? With all the alleged dislike of foreigners, you’d think that Southern Europe would be swarming with Le Pens, and Brexits, and Orbans, and Wilders, and that’s not the case.

And, indeed, the world sighs with relief that, say, Germany is so non-ethnocentric that Germans never displayed in their history any militant ethnocentrism, militarism, nationalism, or distrust of foreigners whatsoever. With their noted efficiency, imagine if they did!  It could, like you know, start a world war or two – wars that could have wrecked the White world instead of the bright shining utopia of absolute homogeneity and security we all enjoy today! Whew!  We all sure dodged that bullet!

Word of warning: anything linked to Lynn has to be taken with a grain of salt the size of the iceberg that sunk the Titanic.

Watchmen review.  Individuals’ opinions of the characters in that work likely reflect underlying philosophical and personality differences. For example, while I found the Comedian amusing I also found his unrelenting cynicism to be, ultimately, boringly predictable and somewhat pretentious. And while Rorschach rigid moral certitude may have a bit too inflexible for optimum outcomes, it was somewhat bracing and Faustian in its impulses. If I’m criticized for being too bitter and negative, why is it a good thing for Eddie Blake?  Because he knows how to crack a few good one-liners?  Then again, like Rorschach, I’m a moralpath.

And there’s a big difference between my cynicism and that of the Comedian. Unlike the Comedian, who just made a show of his negativism and never offered any constructive suggestions, I have put forth ideas on how to rebuild the “movement” from the ground up. If my ideas and suggestions are ignored does not mean that those ideas and suggestions are not out there, for the “taking.” Eddie Blake, by comparison, was just a drama queen trying to impress with his “bad attitude.”

Since we have anti-vaxx scum numbered among the “movement” I’d like to point out that have a lot to talk about with their Somali buddies, sitting in a doctor’s office among the infected simians.

Race and Culture News, 2/8/17

Several items.

Here is an excellent podcast about David Lynch, whose body of work I also appreciate.

Here are two videos that well represent the Lynchian approach:

The defeated Democrat Presidential candidate unburdens herself, also discussed here. I have previously observed that the Left is unable to learn from the Trump election, and here we see it on display.  It hasn’t occurred to these folks – or more likely they do not care – that their anti-White-man identity politics was a major driver of Trump’s surprise victory.  Keep on bashing the White men and those men – and many White women married to White men – will become more and more bloc voters for the populist Right. The Left will not learn because they cannot learn, and do not wish to do so. Breezy Steve Sailer is correct: the Left is held together by their hatred of White men and so they cannot and will not accept the idea that they need to alter their approach and worldview to become more palatable to White men. So the much-needed division and balkanization will continue.

And another piece of evidence for the Left’s cluelessness: the idea of a “women’s strike.” Err…”ladies” – men do not want to be around hysterical SJW fatties and varied assorted blue-haired freaks and dumpy menopausal hags.  So, a “strike” is something that’s going to backfire, big time.

Speaking of Breezy Steve, one of his few good ideas is using the RICO laws against organized leftist thuggery.  Now’s the time, is it not?  With “God Emperor Trump” as President, and Sessions on track to become Attorney General, why can’t that be done? Why can’t the leftist thugs be declared a terrorist organization, as one online petition calls for? How about actually cutting Berkeley funds? Can Trump do something else than tweet in his bathrobe?

Der Movement in Der News, 2/7/17

Several items, the last one being the most important.

Reynolds on free speech.

That’s all good.  And I’ve hears Mr. Dilbert is cutting Berkley off – Whites should put their money where the mouth is; that’s good as well.  But, you know, God Emperor Trump – Roissy’s wet dream – is now President and he as the power to take action in this direction.   But so far it seems he’s more interested in tweeting about SNL and Celebrity Apprentice. We must have our priorities!

A good movie review.  Indeed, I remember some Negro activist on a PBS news program openly scoffing that anyone ever did actually land on the moon (sort of like Der Movement’s conspiracy theorists) – enraging a White astronaut (Aldrin?) who was also a guest.

I don’t want Iranians in Der Movement, but I also don’t want the typically stupid “movement” dogma either.  Take a look at this nonsense from

That Iranians could in any way contribute to Western civilisation is simply not true. In Sweden, their overrepresentation in crimes such as gang rape, the drug trade, murders and assaults are profound. They are parasiting on a host civilisation they cannot aspire to ever embed themselves in. The avg IQ of Iran is 85 vs the European avg IQ of 100. Any claims of close genetic relationship must also be disputed, the typical Iranian DNA contains large amount of sub-saharan haplogroups, something which led to the medieval Persian reversal after the extensive sexual mating with black slaves, and since it has been a culture in apathy and permanent decline. They are just a bunch of mongrels. President Trump’s branding of Iran as enemies to the USA and Western world at large is apt and to the point. Altright should endorse this view point and disengage from this sandmonkey,

Where did that “IQ score” come from – Tricky Dick’s “work?”  If Iran really had an average IQ of 85, we wouldn’t be worried about them developing nuclear weapons and ballistic missiles.  And don’t give me the “outliers on the bell curve” nonsense – do any of Der Movement’s Nutzis believe that “American” Negroes, on their own, could develop ballistic missiles and atom bombs?  Please.  Now, true, Iranians obviously aren’t as bright as North Koreans (“muh HBD”) – the Koreans were able to develop plutonium implosion bombs (technically more difficult but easier to obtain the fissile material), while the Iranians are seemingly stuck trying to develop the technically simpler uranium gun bombs, which require the purification of high grade U235 – all those centrifuges and the like. But, hey, as the HBDers tell us, we all can’t be as big-brained as dem dere Northeast Asians.  This whole idea of past Aryan glories ruined by “Black admixture” leading to absurdly low IQs is another of Der Movement’s Ostara-like fantasies.  I don’t believe Iran has an IQ of 85, and I don’t believe that they were ever “Aryans” as Der Movement envisions them (e.g., Dolph Lundgren as Cyrus the Great).  

The issue with Iranians is not with their IQ or haplogroups or anything else like that – it is instead that they are a NEC people from Asia that have been enemies of Europe since the time of Ancient Greece.  They are not only not “us” but have actually been historically opposed to us; indeed, Stoddard identified Iran as the spiritual center of “Brown Man’s Land” – an identification with merit. Who are, after all (stupidity such as the comment above aside), the most intelligent, most militant, and most technically capable of the NECs?  The answer is obvious.  The long-term solution is the same as for “Yellow Man’s Land” – peaceful coexistence and peaceful competition.  The various Civilizations can progress in parallel and each can achieve its own specific destiny.

But this goes back to the whole madness of having a representative of this anti-European people rising high in the councils of the Alt Right.  And this is a perfect example of why I’m not a fan of the Alt Right, and why I object in the strongest possible terms to any identification of White nationalism “being the Alt Right.”  White racial nationalism cannot be held hostage to the whims and poor judgment of the Pepe-Kek-Undercut-Millennial snark crowd.  To the extent that the Alt Right is its own separate group/groupuscule, I don’t care what they do.  But you know that’s not the case.  They have delusions of grandeur and illusions of subsuming the totality of (at least American) White racial nationalism, and the general public shares the perception of those illusions.  Therefore, it is incumbent upon non-Alt Right WNs to speak out against Alt Right error for as long as the idea is peddled – by both Right and Left – that the Alt Right and WN are synonymous.

Sallis’ Shiv

Pareto Principle again.

There’s another navel-gazing Costello piece, which violates my version of Occam’s Razor (in honor of Roissy, we can call it Sallis’ Shiv): “movement” freakishness should not be multiplied beyond necessity.  To “normies” the idea of racial nationalism itself is weird and freakish.  We have that hurdle to get over.  Why complicate it by adding on superfluous memes (regardless of whether you think they are valid or not) – supernatural obsessions, ethnic fetishism, movie obsessions (e.g., True Romance or Fight Club or the Pesci scene in The Good Shepherd), conspiracy theories, becoming overly crazed about Jews  (not to say that the Jewish Question is not fundamental but one can go too far), excessive interest in racial history or genetics or appearance, fanboy love of The Man on White Horse, sweaty ranting about “The Federal Reserve,” statements about smoking or vaccination that go against all biomedical evidence, gnostic esotericism, Hitler fetishism and other Nutzi obsessions, sexual interests (e.g., yellow fever or promotion of homosexuality or over-the-top homophobic gay-baiting specifically targeted to political enemies in Der Movement), or what have you?  Save your private obsessions for your personal life and do not bring them into racial nationalism and make things more complicated for the rest of us.

Following the Pareto Principle, we should make racial nationalism just as complicated as it needs to be and not more.  With the 20:80 rule – 20% of the core of racialist ideas give us 80% of the value (and virtually all of the real value), and the other 80% is peripheral nonsense that may add 20% of “value” only to the extent it pads the rolls of “activists” with more defectives so as to inflate “movement” numbers and thus make us all look so much more important and impressive (while turning off normal people).

Business Not Personal

Stating the obvious.

Some recent Der Movement correspondence leads me to state that my (sometimes harsh) criticism of (White) racial nationalists is business, not personal (*).  And, of course, I’ve already stated, multiple times, the over-the–top rhetoric that accompanies some criticism is tongue-in-cheek and not to be taken purely seriously.  But the serious criticism, which should be taken at face value, is business: a different view of ideology and of the direction that the “movement” needs to move. There is always – even if weak – an underlying attitude of all belonging to “this thing of ours” and therefore at least some minimal “professional courtesy” is in order (again excluding the obviously sardonic mocking of “movement” Nutzi lunacy).

With respect to individuals who are not racial nationalists, my criticism may very well be personal as well as business – Derbyshire is a classic example.  These people are beyond the pale of respectability as defined from a racial nationalist perspective, there is no underlying sense of community, and some of the harsher criticisms are not necessarily tongue-in-cheek.

All of this would seem to be (at least intuitively) obvious, but I suspect it is not.

* Similar as explained in this swarthoid movie.

Fight Club

Der Movement’s empty soul exposed.

Fight Club has to rank – perhaps only after True Romanceas Der Movement’s favorite movie.  Before recently, I never saw it.  But, finally, I decided to watch it and see what all the fuss was about.

I shouldn’t have been surprised by how boring and stupid I found the film – pretentious, juvenile, moronic, shallow, so bad I almost shut it off multiple times but forced myself to finish it.  What absolute crap.  I shouldn’t have been surprised because that is how I view most of Der Movement these days – pretentious, juvenile, moronic, shallow, absolute crap.

So, my advice to serious racial nationalists – if you want to bore yourself to tears for more than two hours watch this train wreck of cinematic flotsam and jetsam.  And then wonder about a “movement” that considers such stupidity as some sort of life-altering high art.

Der Movement: Devoid of a soul, devoid of common sense, devoid of a higher calling, devoid of anything worthwhile of a higher humanity.

Derek Black, Quota Queen

Quota queen alert!

Let’s take a look at past Counter-Comments comments on this issue:

The way he has treated his father is absolutely shameless, and if Derek has any conscience to speak of, he’ll regret it down the road. But Derek has also behaved shamelessly toward our cause in general, a cause from which, as alleged and to all appearances, he voluntarily accepted benefits and perks until quite recently. Those who are making excuses for him are making a mistake. Sympathy is a positive trait, and a sign of decency and character. But it can be misplaced, and condoning gratuitously crummy behavior is misplaced sympathy. We may sympathize with his having been born under the klieg lights, and we may understand why he wanted out of the movement. So far, so good. Leaving is fine, but you don’t get to lob hand grenades on the way out.

I would like Derek to see how he can walk away from the issue of White Genocide with just a shrug. You can change your mind on things like “white nationalism” or similar topics, but no one can just shrug off genocide. So, either he doesn’t believe it or he doesn’t care.
If he doesn’t care, that would be sociopathic. Nothing else need be said. If he doesn’t agree that we are seeing genocide through social engineering, than he never actually understood the real fact supporting that claim

This is exactly what I think.  Look, the facts are clear: by any reasonable definition of genocide, including that of the United Nations, Whites are being subjected to genocide.  I do not quite grasp how someone can understand that one minute and then, after their transition to a saintly progressive, all of a sudden all of these same facts and concepts are not understood. All of the facts and trends that Derek Black cited when he was WN still exist today; it’s just that his attitude changed.  Thus, after being scolded by a bunch of whining Jewboys, Derek has decided that a set of facts which he previously understood were consistent with White genocide no longer matter.

Dropping out of the dysfunctional freakshow of Der Movement is one thing. It’s quite another to reverse yourself on basic principles.  White genocide is true or it is not.  If it is true, then the commentator’s designation that Derek’s current attitude is “sociopathic” is correct.  If it is not true, why did Derek believe it before?  That he was “misled” by Der Movement?  Misled how? Are the facts correct or are they not? The long-term demographic trends, and the policies driving those trends, have not changed. Only Derek’s attitude toward the reality of those trends have changed.  Ergo, White genocide is real, and Derek Black is a sociopathic quota queen.

Nepotism, yes.  The fact that this empty vessel – who turns his worldview on its head because a bunch of Jews made him feel bad – was elevated to leadership simply because of who his father is, that’s bad enough.  But, let’s face facts: Derek Black is also the perfect example of Der Movement’s ethnic affirmative action policy, tailor-made (or is that Taylor-made?) to appeal to the flotsam and jetsam of “movement” masses. That’s what you get when you elevate people for reasons other than merit: institutionalized incompetence, “crummy” behavior, mental weaklings, traitors, morons, and decades of unremitting failure.

I found the following comment I made over at Counter-Currents a few years ago relevant to this situation (the italics are quotes from another comment that I was answering):

No, sorry, the “giants” had money. They had supporters. For decades. And what did they do? Hide out on a mountaintop, bashing the people sending them money? Engaging in serial monogamy with mail order Eastern European brides? Writing cartoonish versions of “history?” Marching around with swastika armbands? Or, others who have plenty of our “dinero” over the years hosting meetings so that the Chosen Ones can insult the audience? While the “giants” insult their own supporters while placating the enemy? Or maybe “giants” taking the “dinero” and gambling it away?
Who? Who are these giants? We’ve wasted decades, and we have a fundamental problem because of social pricing, because the “movement” humiliated itself for decades, because of the White tendency for individualism. The people we need to be active, to step up as leaders cannot, or will not, do so, for the reasons just mentioned. So we have by default the loony-tunes brigade, the sieg-heilers, the dysfunctional.
Perhaps some of you “elites” of the movement could get off your ars…er high horses and start working with these folks instead of bashing them.
Work with whom? Thanks to “movement” stupidity and the “as long as they say they support us they must be OK” mindset, a large number of the “folks” are gov’t informers, “anti” infiltrators, or just plain nuts. That’s the reality. One does not have to be wealthy or an “elite genius” to use a bit of common sense. But most of the “folks” don’t have even that.
And I’m feeling a contradiction between the admonition to balkanize, balkanize, balkanize when we are also not supposed to be “endlessly running to ever more remote suburban enclaves.”
There’s no contradiction. If you “run to the suburbs” and then vote for Obama or Romney, you’re part of the problem. If you “run to the suburbs” and contribute in some way to delegitimizing the System, you are part of the solution. I criticize the implicit whiteness of “soccer moms” and “soccer dads” who run away from diversity while at the same time supporting the very system that forces them to run away in the first place.
Hindsight is 20/20…
Yes, one needs a lot of “hindsight” to avoid those things mentioned in the first paragraph here, which is just the tip of the iceberg. No, the problem is that “movement” dysfunction is self-perpetuating. Because of a lack of discrimination (ironic for “racists”), any droolcup or opponent who professes support is accepted and given the keys to the kingdom. After the inevitable disasters, well-meaning and rational potential supporters become discouraged, leaving behind the dregs. The dregs contribute more stupidity and over time we have a “movement” consisting of people who almost exactly match the stereotypes of our opponents.
The only way to break the cycle is to be intolerant of past, present, and future dysfunction. The “giants” wasted countless piles of CASH and DINERO, they wasted years/decades of peoples’ lives, they caused chaos, and they delegitimized WN to people who otherwise would have been more amenable to it.
We do not stand on the shoulders of giants. We are trying to dig ourselves out of a hole created by pygmies.

Again, going back to Derek Black: I agree with commentator Trainspotter: dropping out is not the problem; the problem is turning against a set of ideals you previously professed to base your life on, and to do for the most flimsy of reasons.  Did Derek even care to find out if the propaganda from his new Jewish friends was correct or not?  Why didn’t he go to his father and say: “Hey Dad, I’m having a crisis of conscience about this whole racial thing? Look at these articles I found.  Is this true?”  And, hopefully, the elder Black would have been able to direct his son to the proper ripostes to the Jewish flim-flam and then Derek would have realized that Moshe Finkelstein and company were lying to him.  But, no. He just “went thermonuclear” as the commentators put it, abandoning WN without even giving WN a real chance to answer back.  Which tells me he was never actually committed to begin with.  I’m sorry.  Anyone who knows anything about the real science of racial differences (not HBD trash which is all about reducing the entire White race to the equivalent of a pussy-whipped Derbyshire and his “measured groveling” [his own words!] to “Rosie”) would be able to produce an enormous amount of material countering lies that Negro incompetence was due to “racism” or ‘White Privilege.”  Even mere common sense would tell any half-way honest person that if the facts were on the side of the progressives, why must they silence and persecute those who think different (James Watson being a prime example of Left hysteria)?  Just bring out all dem dere “facts” and win the debate. And, as stated above, the issue of White genocide is beyond question.  That little Derek couldn’t effectively argue back against Jewish lies is evidence he never understood what is was all about to begin with.  Just like some affirmative action Negress baffled by an assignment she does not understand and cannot perform, little Derek was thrust into a position of authority into an endeavor more important than any other – White racial survival – and his ineptness has helped ruin it.

And the problem goes deeper.  While I do not want to “pile on” to the Black family (who are suffering over this),it is clear that Derek should never had been put squarely into Der Movement’s public eye at such a young age. What did the Blacks think would happen if Derek was sent to some sort of leftist college, full of non-Whites?  What kind of honest communication was there between father and son that the elder Black ended up being shocked by the betrayal?  

The affirmative action label apparently doesn’t stop at Derek.  This all becomes all the more tragicomic when one realizes that Don Black was promoting Kemp’s March of the Titans from the very start.  Yeah, the Blacks are real “titans” and all that, they really are showing off their racial superiority and Aryan nobility with this whole sordid episode.

One is reminded of The Good Shepherd – a movie Der Movement typically misunderstands (with its onanistic heavy-breathing focus on the Pesci scene).  The fictional “Wilson” family, modeled on real-life people, had a hereditary entitlement to the Ivy League, Skull and Bones, and high-level government positions.  And the payoff?  Three generations contributing to American decline: Generation One – traitor, Generation Two – gross failure, Generation Three – traitor and tragicomically inept incompetent.  And then there’s the corrupt “Phillip Allen” who one could imagine in a Der Movement context gambling away supporter’s donations, or using “membership dues” to practice serial monogamy “on the mountaintop.” Not that we know anyone who fits those descriptions, of course. Meanwhile “Tomato Joe” Tommasi was murdered in front of his own house, swindled from him by quota queens who eventually degenerated into esoteric Hitlerism.   These things are connected, whether Der Movement wants to believe it or not.