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Murros on Le Pen

Speaking the truth.

See here, emphasis added:

I have the greatest respect for Marine Le Pen. However, I am afraid she is fighting a losing battle. Current populist parties in Europe are only the first wave of nationalism. These parties still operate within the framework of liberal democracy — and often the activists in these parties actually believe that they can change things by playing according to the rules set by the enemy and while society at large is vehemently against them.

The parties of the first wave of nationalism do not challenge the very concept of liberal democracy (for practical reasons this is, of course, perfectly understandable). Also, these parties seldom challenge the prevailing paradigm of modern economics and therefore they do not challenge globalization as such either. Marine Le Pen, however, is a refreshing exception to this and deserves our respect for it.

The parties of the first wave of nationalism often represent the attitude of “business as usual but without the immigrants” or “business as usual and only those immigrants who work [serve us with low pay]”. The parties of the first wave of nationalism often reflect middle-class egoism and bourgeois social opportunism. Unable to grasp the true causes and effects of globalization, these parties often descend into reactionary “conservativism” complemented with economic liberalism and in the worst cases to outright anti-nation state libertarianism.

Marine Le Pen is, thankfully, free from this ideological blindness but as a representative of the first wave of nationalism she can never be radical enough. What Marine Le Pen is lacking is what the Germans call “Wille zur Macht”, the will to power.

However, what Marine Le Pen and the parties of the first wave of nationalism are doing is that they are resurrecting ethnic nationalism, making it culturally acceptable and helping to transform it from an undercurrent to mainstream – racism will be the new black. The radical left is absolutely right; you should never give a platform to nationalists – but this socio-economic/cultural process is beyond anyone’s control and the material forces in history also make it unstoppable.

The second wave of nationalism would be impossible without the Great Paradigm Shift – Marine Le Pen and the first wave of nationalism are indispensable for this shift. The second wave of nationalism is then ruthlessly radical and aims at nothing less than a total destruction of the liberal capitalist system. The violent and totalitarian nature of the second wave of nationalism simply wouldn’t wash without the masses being already conditioned to it by the Great Paradigm Shift.

For a serious political movement to reach the pinnacle of power always requires the collapse of the economy – already nicely under way – and the ensuing revolution/civil war. Islam is the new communism, the fear of which will pave the way for nationalists to absolute power. This unpalatable truth is, no doubt, too much for Marine Le Pen to digest. Therefore, FN is not a revolutionary party and has no chance of achieving even a fraction of what it promises to people. The second wave of nationalism then finally delivers.


Kai Murros Moscow Speech

Excellent material.

I wholeheartedly endorse Murros’ vision. The only difference in our viewpoints is that I am far more pessimistic that any European resistance will ever come to pass.
But as regards what should happen, he and I are on the same page, so to speak.

Subhuman Finns?

Derbyshire at it again.

After Derbyshire’s despicable attack on Finnish patriots and the Finnish people as a whole, you would think that he would steer clear of the topic.

But, no.  The Derb simply cannot control himself; therefore he reproduces the following “reader letter,” emphasis added:

The name “Soldiers of Odin” is probably just a marketing ploy,  as Väinämöinen Sotila  would be hard to understand for the Mail. And since the group has a couple of chapters in Norway already, it was probably wise. (Finns are to large extent still looked upon as subhumans in Scandinavia, even if they are 68% of the same stock.)

Yeah, Derb, that’s great.  Now, apologists for the crown prince of measured groveling yellow fever would say that he is simply reproducing a reader’s letter.  Yes, indeed, assuming the letter is genuine, then he chooses to publicize a letter that considers the “Odin” to be a “marketing ploy” (rather than an honest reflection of identification with Norse mythology in Northern Europe) and, more to the point, emphasizes that Finns are “looked upon as subhumans in Scandinavia.”

Now, is the letter correct?  Is that how Finns are viewed in Scandinavia?  I do not know. I would not be surprised – after all, groveling to Third World invaders while considering Northern European Finns to be “subhumans” is something to be expected from ultra-liberals (and I’m sure TOO would have all sorts of pontifications about “universalist hunter-gatherers” to explain it all to us).  Perhaps nationalists such as Friberg and Hagberg (and/or Murros) can illuminate this for us, and provide an honest, unbiased observation on Germanic Scandinavian-Finnish relations.  We certainly cannot trust Derbyshire, or any of his readers, to provide a truthful assessment of the ethnic/racial/cultural/historical dynamics at play there.

At this point, we can ask: what’s with this obsession HBDers have with Finns?  True enough, the main (White) targets of HBD are the low-IQ, high-anxiety, neurotic Schettino wops (*) as well as “White rednecks” who they propose will be assimilated into “Redblex” along with Blacks and Hispanics (**).  Still, one remembers Razib’s obsessive ridiculing of Finnish men at GNXP, and now we observe Derbyshire’s obvious anti-Finn fetishism, and so we can wonder what’s going on here?

Personally, I consider the Finns to be an impressive people.  Indeed, one Kai Murros is worth more than an infinite number of miscegenating Derbyshires; the Derb being a “man” whose most famous accomplishment in life was being physically humiliated by the predominantly Chinese Eurasian hybrid Bruce Lee.

*That as opposed to low-anxiety, non-neurotic, stoic, phlegmatic Jews and non-anxious, heroic Korean ship captains.

**With upper-class Whites being wonderfully intermixed with Jews and other Asians into a “Jeurasian” ruling elite.