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Style over Substance

Italian incompetence.

I have been looking at a number of websites and scholarly articles examining the issue of Italian military incompetence.  Some of these emphasize the most egregious example of this – the World War II (WWII) experience – and others take a broader, long-term historical view, with at least one author asserting that claims of Italian military incompetence can be found as far back as the sixteenth century (or earlier).

With all manifestations of human phenotypes, there are both biological and cultural mechanisms at play, and, of course, the biology and the culture influence each other. We must look deeply here. Some articles (and this is mostly with respect to WWII and to a lesser extent WWI) cite “poor equipment” (but others argue against this) and “poor leadership” from the officer class (who were mostly Northern Italians, by the way), but even if there is some truth there, that begs the question as to why the Italian state and military apparatus was so inept as to provide poor equipment and poor leadership to its soldiers.

The idea that this stereotype goes back centuries suggests deep-seated biological (e.g., genetic pacification starting with the Roman Empire and the dysgenic effects of war during the Roman Republic) and cultural (e.g., “La Dolce Vita,” amoral familism, a lack of a military tradition starting with when provincials and mercenaries began – to an ever-increasing extent – replacing Italians in the Roman Legions, etc.) causes. That Italians are not taken seriously as a people, in the same manner as, say, the Germans or the English, or even the French (or Spaniards for that matter, who have a much better military reputation than do Italians) is something that is very deeply rooted in Italy’s history (and by Italy I speak historically over the centuries and not just the modern Italian nation state).

One comment I found particularly interesting was that – and this again was in particular reference to WWII – Italian Fascism promoted style over substance.  Thus, the Fascist regime did not prepare the Italian military in any real sense – training, morale, an effective officer corps, equipment and other material, etc.  There was a lot of empty blustering about “eight million bayonets” but nothing substantive behind it.  It was a paper tiger, a fraud, a big show – style over substance.

Indeed, style over substance is a defining characteristic of Italians, perhaps THE defining characteristic.  Italian Fascism is a perfect example, but there are others.  Cola di Rienzi had impressive dreams, but no idea of how to actualize any into reality. Schettino is another excellent example, the stereotype of the flashy, superficial Italian womanizer, doing fancy tricks with his ship, but who is useless during an actual emergency and who becomes a meme for incompetent cowardice. Or The Great China Plague of 2020, met with Italians “singing on balconies.”  Empty and superficial – style over substance in every respect.

To the extent that this is biological, the Italian people desperately require eugenic improvement.  To the extent that it is cultural, degenerate elements of the culture – the whole “La Dolce Vita” stupidity and the emotional gesticulating “singing on balconies” paradigm – needs to change. Wine, Women, and Song need to be replaced with Authority, Hierarchy, and Discipline.

Let’s consider Italian Fascism in more detail – in what ways did it go wrong?  What could have it done instead to put substance over style in all things, including military competence and effective collective action?
Italian Fascism went in the wrong direction at its most fundamental basis. It emphasized the State, while it should have emphasized The New Man (like Romanian fascism) as well as racial improvement (like German fascism).  Italian fascism was externalized (the pipe-dream of a “new Roman Empire”) while it should have been internalized (to build a New Italy). Instead of comic opera wars against Ethiopia and Greece, Mussolini should have instead waged war against the Monarchy and the Church. He should have waged unrelenting war against “La Dolce Vita.” Instead of empty style, Il Duce should have delivered transformative substance.

f Mussolini was a real revolutionary with a dedicated vision, and far-sighted strategic planning, this could have been accomplished.  He could have slowly but surely removed pro-monarchy elements from the military and state apparatus, and replaced these with individuals who were both dedicated Fascists and also of high merit and ability.  He could have slowly but surely worked to lessen the influence of the Catholic Church over the lives of Italians, particularly the youth. He could have made fascitizing the society priority number one, with an emphasis on the youth, particularly boys and young men. He could have harnessed the vibrancy of Futurism as an underlying ideological force, focused on industrialization and science and technics, and slowly but surely (as religion waned) promoted eugenics and racial improvement. The Italian military should have been focused on for two purposes – to build a modern force of high morale and effective striking power to safeguard Italian sovereignty and Italian interests WITHOUT wars of aggression but to defend the Italian state and people (enabling Italy to be safely neutral in WWII) and as a school of national development for young men to learn discipline, sacrifice, authority, hierarchy, and heroism. Foreign policy could have followed the Montreux Conference model of promoting fascism throughout Europe and forging alliances of common interests with European fascist movements to help build a New European Order of cooperation, NOT military conquest.

These are things that would have been perfectly feasible, given Mussolini’s decades in power (and he would not have been deposed in 1943 if Italy had not been involved in the war).  All of the fascist energy should have been turned inward, to purge Italy of “La Dolce Vita” hedonism and instill in the youth a sense of purpose and greatness. Real improvements in industry, education, culture, military, and science could have been achieved.  Eugenics to improve the stock and undo centuries of dysgenics and genetic pacification could have been instituted, to biologically enhance the Italian breed, to go along with the important cultural changes. 

Mussolini’s war against the mafia was more or less effective (although that could have been done better as well), indicating that firm internal action was possible (the mafia was brought back to power by the Americans). That same drive and determination should have been applied to society as a whole. The Catholic Church was (is) a mafia, the Monarchy was a mafia – those deserved the same treatment as did the criminal mafia itself.  Of course, the tactics would have had to be different, the timetable slower.  But the ultimate endgame should have been the same.

But, no. Instead, Mussolini was the Donald Trump of European fascism – all bluster, no action; all style, no substance.  A blustering, bloviating fraud.  Talk loudly and carry a twig.

And so, in 2020, we get “singing on balconies” – essentially Schettinoism applied to the covid-19 response.  My dear Italians – you need less singing and more fighting.

The purpose of this post is not merely yet another critique of Italy and the Italians. Italy is an important cornerstone of Europe, particularly of Western Europe.  Italy – along with Germany, England, France, and Spain – was always cited by Yockey as one of the core pillars of his Western Imperium. Ultimately, Italy will be one key to ultimate success for the White, Western cause.  Therefore, that nation and its people need to do better than Schettino jumping into a lifeboat and do better than “singing on balconies” in response to the Chinese war of genocide against Italians and the rest of humanity.

Of course, nation-wide comprehensive change cannot occur under the present System.  But we need Italians to begin to step up now, as they are today. Not all of them, but there has to be a healthier, right-wing element that can begin to foreshadow, today, the New Italian of tomorrow.  The Italian Far Right needs to step up and become a key player, a serious player, for the fight for the West and for the White Race. And we need them to start right now.

It is time for substance over style. It is time to become a hammer of history and not an anvil.

The time for “singing on balconies” is over. 

Odds and Ends, 7/18/20

In der news.

Sallis (of course) right once again – mainstreaming is an utter failure.  It doesn’t matter the pontifications of Quota Queens and Jekyll and Hyde Frenchmen (or more properly, the singular: Frenchman): There was never any data supporting mainstreaming as a viable strategy, while there is a mountain of evidence against mainstreaming.

Mainstreaming is a failure. Mainstreamers are failures. Dumb “activists,” prancing around as mainstreaming supporters to prove how much more “pragmatic” and “sophisticated” they are compared to us knuckle-dragging “extremist” yokels, are failures.

Perhaps Mainstreaming Marine, who singlehandedly wrecked the Front National, can answer one question for us: If you are going down to one humiliating pathetic defeat after another, then what was the benefit of the compromising of beliefs and the dilution of ideology?

So, dear reader, whose judgment should you trust? The usual suspects promoting (as usual) failure and defeat, in this case via mainstreaming, or Sallis, who has been a clear and open opponent of the mainstreaming strategy for years here at this blog?

Like Trump?

A reason to have contempt against Italians because their behavior allows snide comments such as here:

Chris Needham1 year ago (edited)You forget that Italian tanks had 1 forward and 8 reverse gears. Maybe these elite men had the same philosophy (running away)Hillcapper11 year agoElite protective militia were Italians, that was the problem.Murderous KittenMurderous Kitten1 year ago (edited)italy was bad at everything and anything .

The Italians had the opportunity recently to overcome this reputation (and Schettonism) by dealing with The China Plague in the appropriate anti-Chinese manner.  Instead, they “sang on balconies.” What to expect from a people who butchered Rienzi and Mussolini in like manner for the “crime” of trying to lift the Italians to greatness.  Then there was the cowardly murder of Giovanni Gentile as well.

If the Italians want to put on a show, I have a suggestion other than “singing on balconies.” How about this – a crowd of black-clad, grim-faced Italians marches, with military precision, to the Chinese embassy to lay mock coffins at their door, and hold a protest against Chinese biological warfare against the Italian people. And also, to protest the demographic and economic penetration of Italy by Chinese invaders. Next, the crowd can march on the offices of those Italian politicians who betrayed their people, and facilitated the covid-19 disaster, starting with Mr. Hug-an-Asian.
Start with those things, try and recapture some dignity and gravitas, instead of living down to stereotypes with “singing on balconies.”

Of interest.

In response to Spencer’s call for money:

Greg Johnson@GregJohnsonPhDReplying to @RichardBSpencerDouble of nothing is still nothing.crimson thread@ThreadCrimson

spencers done far more than you ever will which i guess makes you less than nothing.

Does Flahertyreally think that Asians are on the same side of Whites on this?  Can he really be so naïve?

San Marco?  A high trust northern hunter gatherer?

Odds and Ends, 6/21/20

In der news. In all cases, emphasis added.
Another example of how ethnonationalists ruin everything they touch:

1999, a manifesto of a second ‘European Liberation Front’ was published in Paris, but there is apparently no more active organisation of that name now. The manifesto takes its ideological inspiration from Yockey, and from Otto Strasser, who was expelled from the Nazi Party by Adolf Hitler in 1930.

Despite the pan-European style of its title, the ideology of the manifesto is ethnic and racial nationalism

Take over the name of Yockey’s organization and then promote an opposing ideology.  Very good!  Hail Der Movement!

Authentic pan-Europeanism does not exist in any organization of which I am aware over the last 50 years or more, except Lowell’s in Malta.

Forney on Spencer Part I.Part II.
Note that I do not agree on Forney on all his comments, but, nevertheless, the rank-and-file needs to understand where their affirmative action program leads.  I also find Forney’s glee at Spencer’s problems unseemly.  It is not funny, it is a tragedy.  I don’t care about Spencer himself, but we all need to realize that the White public – you know, the folks that your “movement” wants to recruit from – do not make fine distinctions between Spencer, Johnson, Forney, Taylor et al.  It’s all one.  Spencer’s downfall therefore reflects badly on the entirety of racial activism in the public “mind.”  
That downfall, ultimately, derives from the lack of judgment of “movement” “elites.”  Spencer should never have been allowed to be the head of NPI in the first place; that position should have gone to an older individual with more experience, maturity, and gravitas. Spencer should instead have been groomed for electoral politics, as the smiling young face of the Far Right, with mature adults as his behind-the-scenes handlers. 
The past cannot be changed. But going forward, the affirmative program needs to be eliminated.  That is step one.  It’s not a case of a single rotten apple that needs to be gotten rid of, it’s a whole case.  And as soon as one apple becomes so horribly decayed that it is thrown out, another one joins in. The entire crate needs to be thrown out, and the entire process of picking rotten apples changed.

A sincere man of genuine greatness.

Glad to see we got dem dere Republican conservative judges like “Earl Warren Jr.” Roberts there.

I’m no fan of Rushton, but the retraction of his hypothesis paper was unfair and disgusting, and I agree with this analysis, which is a refutation of leftist hysteria that helped get the paper unfairly retracted.  I also agree with the analysis in that the author of the leftist attack on Rushton-Templar doesn’t understand what pleiotropy is, possibly confusing it with epistasis (or who knows what).  I am also amused by the leftist critique of Rushton-Templar for having a “political bias.” Hoho!  What about the leftist critic’s bias?  Would he care to inform us on his views on say, race in America?  What’s his party affiliation?  Who did he vote for in 2016? What about, say, Lewontin’s biases?  Any comments on that?
If the Rushton-Templar paper was inherently flawed – even as a hypothesis – and this somehow escaped the notice of the reviewers at that time, then the appropriate response is to write a paper (for publication) refuting the Rushton-Templar logic and/or do studies that produce data refuting the Rushton-Templar hypothesis. Retracting the paper is politically motivated censorship, leading us to a scientific dark ages. The retraction is a disgrace.

Hey, it’s time for Trump to tweet LAW AND ORDER!  That’ll fix it.  Fat Don is like, you know, demonstrating his sincerity and his genuine greatness!

I was looking at Amazon reviews of Robert Griffin’s One Sheaf One Vine book, of interest to me since I am one of the people featured in it.  Two excerpts from the comments I found amusing:

1. Interesting anthropological study. Nothing really new here, but contains only interview available of Alex Linder. No other interviews with people who would go on to become personages. 

That’s a stinging rebuke of my lack of accomplishment I suppose.

2. Another observation I make, is that none of the people in the book, offer any solutions to the racial problems they criticize. In numerous cases, they simply flee those high-‘diversity’ problems by moving to other, whiter states. But none of them seem to envision the new domiciles undergoing future change.

Let’s see.  I spend a significant portion of my interview talking about practical things that should be done.  So it would seem that this individual lacks any reading comprehension skills whatsoever.  As well, with respect to the second half of the criticism, I’m not one of the “numerous cases” since that’s nowhere in my section.
Also interesting is that if you search on Amazon for a book like this, you get “suggested reading” consisting of a host of anti-White diatribes.  Like Google, Amazon is another company I am going to personally “deplatform” from any spending.

Thus in summary: Sallis right, Johnson wrong.

Kevin Strom:

The purpose of the race that is is to bring into being the race that is to come. Let’s concentrate on that. Let’s concentrate on being the ones who decide that.I have been in this cause of ours for nearly 40 years. I have seen and heard and read so much wasted verbiage about why Russians or eastern Europeans generally, or southern Europeans generally, or even other odd subracial or national combinations should be read out of the White race. I have heard it all, please don’t repeat it to me. I’m sick of it.
The group or groups which coalesce to save our endangered race will be the ones who determine its genetic future. Beyond the obvious aesthetic that we know White when we see it, and a future that can include (but not be totally ruled by) accurate genetic testing, that’s all we need to know. If the White future is primarily Russian or Hungarian, so be it. If the White future is primarily pan-European American with strong German, Anglo, and Irish components, so be it. If the White future is predominantly Greek or Italian or Bulgarian or Nordic, so be it. None of us are in a position to pick and choose right now, nor does such picking and choosing make sense during this crisis.
Let’s just admit that every single group and sub-group of Europeans has racially devolved — due to dysgenics, due to genetic drift, due to past mixtures. Let’s just admit that every single White nationality could be — and, if we have anything to say about it, will be — helped by a healthy dose of eugenics.
But never forget this: We are targeted and marked for death as Whites. It is as Whites — not as dolichocephalic Red Nordids, or Paleo-Atlantids, or western Europeans only — that we must become awakened and fight back.

Very good; I obviously agree.  But then Strom has to admit that much of the work of Pierce and of the National Alliance was and is de facto opposed to that pan-European view. As regards Pierce accepting people with fractional Amerindian ancestry (and Pierce’s gibbering about “Caucasian” Amerindian tribes is nonsense – whatever their appearance, they are racial aliens from Asia), we must remember that the “Indian princess” stories – real or imagined – typically derive from “Nordish” Anglo-Americans. They’ve always gotten a “pass” for that – the “Pace Amendment” for example.

By the way, even Yockey himself wasn’t immune to a touch of Nordicism, with respect to his rhapsodizing about “Northern barbarians” in both Imperium and, more especially, Thoughts Personal and Superpersonal. I suppose we can forgive Yockey for that lapse, since the broader “movement” he derives from has always been marinated in Nordicism, but it is rather hypocritical of him given his pontifications about horizontal vs. vertical race.  And what would he think today, with all of the “Northern Barbarians” being the biggest race cucks of them all?

And by the way, Yockeyites past and present should know that The Doctrine of Fascism they so admire was really written by Giovanni Gentile, not Benito Mussolini.  But Gentile was one of those two foot tall superstitious Sicilians who so vexed Humphrey Ireland, so who cares about facts?

Newly discovered!  A film clip of Humphrey Ireland being overwhelmed by the scurrying Sicilian hordes.

Odds and Ends, 5/7/20

In der news.

What was the discovery?  How to spread it to Whites more effectively?  Seriously though, one wonders why one Chinese would kill another with this coronavirus connection.  It does make one wonder.

Another Asian beauty!  Awkward squad sweatily murmurs, “hubba hubba.”

Yet another Asian beauty!  The face that launched a thousand vomits.

I mean, can you get any more alien and TROPICAL than that?  That’s part of the pan-colored TROPICAL ALLIANCE against Whites.  Derbyshire weeps.

This is the natural outcome of the anti-White Jewish-Chinese alliance.  The truth has been revealed. Silkers weep.

“Canada is also viewed as a very multicultural space, a safe space,” she said. In the past, many newcomers from India would settle in the Toronto area, but now, there’s “a saturation of too many international students in Ontario” so they’re looking further afield, and attending colleges, as well as universities, to take courses that will lead to work here in Canada.

In other words, the niche space of Ontario is already full of yellow and brown Asiatics, who have depleted that space like a plague of locusts descending on a crop field. Time to move on to fresh pastures!

Who is betraying White interests in Canada? Must be a wop, right?  Looks like a Med!

The comments are the best part of this absurdly biased tweet.  Methinks Duchesne is reading too much MacDonald.  “Important” – the only thing the krauts are “important” for is forcibly spreading multiculturalism in Europe.  If your taint of MacDonaldism is too strong to consider any Southern Europeans as “important” enough, then how about Russia?  Or are they out for being not “Western?’’ I agree with the commentators who aver that if Duchesne’s options are our only choices, then we’re done.  It’s all over.

And that is why I have contempt for Italy and Italians.  They allow themselves to be so airily dismissed, to be considered unimportant in world affairs; worse, they apparently have so little dignity and pride that it does not bother them that they are held to no account.  And that is why it is unfair to criticize, much less mock, Cola di Rienzi and Benito Mussolini for their failures.  At least they tried.  What could they do, given the abysmal human material they had to work with? 

As regards any progress from today’s Italy, one can only hope that Milady Meloni has the “balls” that Italian “males” so obviously lack. The “males” can sing from balconies…in soprano.

To better understand why the Alt Right collapsed, the following are the chapters, in the Sedgwick book, on “emergent thinkers (sic)” on the Far Right:

art III Emergent Thinkers

12 Mencius Moldbug and Neoreaction

13 Greg Johnson and Counter-Currents

14 Richard B. Spencer and the Alt Right

15 Jack Donovan and Male Tribalism

16 Daniel Friberg and Metapolitics in Action

And there you go….a Jew, a mendacious gaslighting Quota Queen grifter, The Master of Disaster, a homosexual, and a Swede once allied with the Spencer faction (albeit I know little about Friberg and as of today have no “beef” with him).

After reading this, I have the following to say. HBDers support Jews and support Israel.  HBDers literally worship Jews the same as they worship East Asians.  HBD is the enemy.  What will YOU do to oppose HBD?

Anthropological note: Has anyone else ever noticed that East Asians typically have long and thin fingernail nail beds (I presume the feet are the same – maybe some awkward squader can inform us about that after they get up from some measured groveling)?  That contrasts to the shorter and broader nail beds of Europeans (and West Eurasians in general). Interestingly, watching a YouTube video, I noticed that a (predominantly) Amerind “Hispanic” also had long thin nail beds, suggesting a general racial characteristic pre-dating the East Asian/Amerind split (assuming these anecdotal data are reflective of the broader reality).  What the adaptive value of this may be, I do not know.

The other shoe drops?  I suppose Johnson realizes his ethnonationalist shtick is not truly compatible with White nationalism, so the latter must be bashed.  Hey Greg, the problem is with Der Movement (including you), not with “White nationalism.”

That “traumatic” start to the sex life, I suppose.