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Korean Spews Hatred Toward White America

The existential meaning of Asians is hatred of Whites and of the West.

Why be surprised?  If you read this blog, and are willing to listen to the truth (instead of HBD lies), you’d already know that Asians HATE, HATE, HATE Whites.

And, no, Breezy gets no credit for bringing this to our attention, as he has been a prime promoter of HBD and the NAM SCAM, and even in this piece, he has to end it in a desperate attempt to distinguish White-hating Koreans from White-hating Negroes.

Delenda Est Derbyshire

A perfect example why I oppose Derbyshire.

Derbyshire writes, red font emphasis added:

It looks to me as though the two-party system has been an illusion. We actually have four parties:

· The White Gentry Liberal Party, as represented by Bernie Sanders.

· The party of labor unions and NAMs—that’s Non-Asian Minorities—led by Mrs. Clinton.

· The Donorist-Capitalist-Neocon party, which rallied behind Jeb Bush and is now staging a desperate, and surely doomed, rearguard action under Marco Rubio.

· The White Prole Party, under the leadership of Donald Trump.

Well, the truth is that Asians vote overwhelmingly for Democratic candidates, Asians are a very strong partner in the Colored Minority Alliance against the Traditional White America. That is a pattern that will only continue as the American politics become more racialized; indeed, analysts of Asian voting patterns in America make clear that race is a major motivating factor for the allegiance of Asians for leftist, White-hating political candidates. After all, the existential meaning of Asians is hatred of Whites, so it should be no surprise that this hatred is manifested in political preferences.

But, alas, we see Derbyshire invoking the mendacious HBD NAM SCAM, trying to differentiate “good Asians” from “bad Non-Asian minorities,” while the objective facts clearly demonstrate there is no such difference.

Derbyshire himself must know this.  As a Trump supporter, he must know that his favored candidate is not going to be supported by Asians, who are no doubt flocking to the Clintonite banner.  Who is “Rosie” supporting, I wonder?

It is quite clear to any honest and observant person that Derbyshire’s entire worldview, his entire focus, the basis of all his political activism, is an attempt to safeguard his family’s place in a (conservative) White America, it is all about obfuscating White-Asian racial boundaries, it is all about normalizing his life’s choices – his marriage, his family – to White rightists, it is all about a relentless pursuit of his familial genetic interests.

While we must denounce his mendaciousness, his constant lies, we must admit that, objectively, we cannot fault him for pursuing his genetic interests. But we are under no obligation to facilitate that pursuit!  Therefore, I consider the traitors who enable the enemy Derbyshire to be much worse than Derbyshire himself.

Why does the “movement” enable Derbyshire’s transparently self-serving stupidity?

I can think of three reasons:

1. The “movement’s” affirmative action program.  This has two parts:
A. Derbyshire is English, so, well, you know…
B. Derbyshire’s enablers are incompetents who have no business running a lemonade stand, much less any endeavor in political activism.

2. The HBD fetish that the “movement” indulges in.

3. The over-tolerance of White male-Asian female couplings.  This may be due to point 2 and/or it may be due to the enablers themselves (secretly) wishing they had their own Asiatrix to grovel to (in a measured fashion, of course!).  Thus, they live vicariously through Derbyshire.

Whatever the case may be, not only should Derbyshire be shunned, but so should anyone who enables his infestation of “movement” precincts. Further, anyone who uses the term “NAMs” in order to separate Asians from their Colored Brothers, is an enemy of the White race, and must be considered as such.