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Odds and Ends, 10/13/20

In der news.

And it’s another great moment in Counter-Currents history!  Nature finds a way!

Laugh at this.

This is why I argue that ethnonationalism is the best system for handling the politics of identity. Ethnonationalism upholds the right of all peoples to sovereign homelands if they feel their identities are threatened in multicultural, multiracial societies.

Does that apply to Hungary as well?  Out, Morgan, out!  In my opinion, the Hungarian people should eject the invaders in their midst by any means necessary.

White Nationalists are fond of the phrase “Our race is our nation.” But this is not literally true. The white race is not a people, because peoplehood is more than just kinship, which brings us to the second pillar of white identity politics: culture.

As if there is no underlying common culture, known as Western civilization. Keep on selling books on, or by, Yockey, you hypocrite.

I’m no fan of Liddell, but, still.

Something else we learn from this – genetically speaking, Corsica should be part of Italy.  Hello, Napoleon!

Hunter Wallace 

OCTOBER 10, 2020 AT 9:16 PM


Donald Trump literally had four years to do something about Antifa. FOUR YEARS. He didn’t do a damn thing about the problem except blame it on “Joe Biden’s America.” He is the president and evidently he is helpless.

Further, all of Trump’s recent activity (obviously politically motivated and election-induced; typical Trumpian selfishness) against “diversity training” has come four years too late.

Gee, if Johnson agrees with Zman that boomer-bashing is stupid, then he should talk to Borat Jeelvy (No Bueno!) about that. I didn’t listen to the whole Johnson-Zman livestream– once Zman started talking (with Johnson’s prompting) about his coffee and tea drinking habits, that was enough. What navel-gazing, self-indulgent buffoons these morons are. So, at the risk of being called a “low information moralizer” (since I do not know what was discussed after the great caffeine revelations), I have to say that what a major topic of discussion and debate should have been was Johnson’s and Zman’s drastically different “takes” on covid-19.  Even if there was some discussion on that after I tuned out (or before I tuned in), that would still be clearly insufficient – covid-19 should have been the top priority topic. But given how fundamentally dishonest Johnson is, it is no surprise that we didn’t get a full-throated debate on this issue. They could also have debated the extent to which the “Jewish Question” is relevant.

Johnson is also hypocritical talking about “bitter” people whose sense of “not getting justice” makes then behave badly (Sallis?).  Very well. Three names to throw out here with respect to Johnson’s bitterness – Spencer, Friberg, Forney.  What about that?

By the way, if a buffoon like Zman is really a STEM worker, that’s frightening.  The rot in STEM has obviously affected the Right as well as the Left.

See this.  The Sardinian-Sicilian hope for the Italian Right.

Counter-Currents quality!

Much of my life has centered around fantasy books, role-playing video games, and heavy metal music…Perhaps the biggest influence of my life has been heavy metal music…we enjoyed complimentary drinks from the bar while listening to classic heavy metal songs all night.

WN 2.0!

Can we doubt that Whites are a grossly inferior race?  Hypothesis: the Herrenvolk will be over-represented among the “Black owned movement.”  Just the folks you’d want dominating (no pun intended) the leadership positions of the “movement.” Question: is HBD a “Yellow owned movement?”

Yeastbucket news.

The Tropical Alliance continues.  The existential meaning of Asians is hatred of Whites.

Weidman a HBDer?

Hey!  What about those high, high IQ Jews and Orientals?

Der Movement marches on:

polistra says: • Website

October 12, 2020 at 11:21 am GMT • 100 Words   ↑

The plain fact is that Columbus is irrelevant. He didn’t do what either side claims. He didn’t discover anything. He landed on Haiti, not North America, and thought he was in Indonesia. He certainly wasn’t the first European; the Vikings had been here much earlier. He’s not worth fighting over.

Before the 1930s, school history texts didn’t emphasize Columbus. They correctly treated the Vikings as the first discoverers.

Columbus became a big deal in the 1930s because the Italians had the guns. Now the blacks have the guns, so their heroes get the national holidays. Heroes are just an expression of power.

Possibly, once the “movement” peanut gallery digests the latest genetic information about the Vikings, their fetishistic ardor may diminish; on the other hand, Der Movement Inc. has never let facts get in the way of dogma, so who knows?

The bottom line is that European colonization of the New World (and elsewhere, for the most part) only started after Columbus. Whatever occurred before had no geopolitical impact. In this sense, it were the “school history texts” “before the 1930s” that were biased, not the ones who came after.

Or, please tell us how the initial Viking exploration led to large scale European colonization.


Proximate White Racial Interests?

It’s wrong to emphasize the proximate.

Let’s consider this again.  I object to basing pro-White arguments solely on proximate issues of Whites being better with respect to some traits.  See my arguments here (at TOO of all places!):

…that what’s it is all about is race and genetic interests, not about legality, IQ, economics, the environment, or what have you.  It’s about White vs. non-White demographics in America, and all the rest is a smokescreen obfuscating this key point…Summary: It is about Race, or the Race-Culture; it is about genetic interests, and these are things that can be, in the long run, defended only by Explicit Whiteness. If we can’t talk about racial interests as Whites, we can’t win. All these other arguments are ultimately meaningless if they don’t serve ultimate interests.

It is inherently dangerous to center the debate about White interests on proximate issues. After all, one can always make arguments that other groups manifest the positive traits in question and in some cases may manifest these proximate positive characteristics better than do Whites.  To put it crudely, only Whites can be Whites, but Asians can be “high-IQ and law-abiding.”  Which then is the more stable and directly definitive argument in favor of White interests: White uniqueness as a people in the sense of a distinctive extended kinship family or arguments that Whites are better than other groups in certain ranked traits?

By the way, remember Senator Vaile’s defense of the Reed-Johnson Act:

Let me emphasize here that the restrictionists of Congress do not claim that the “Nordic” race, or even the Anglo-Saxon race, is the best race in the world. Let us concede, in all fairness that the Czech is a more sturdy laborer … that the Jew is the best businessman in the world, and that the Italian has … a spiritual exaltation and an artistic creative sense which the Nordic rarely attains. Nordics need not be vain about their own qualifications. It well behooves them to be humble.What we do claim is that the northern European and particularly Anglo-Saxons made this country. Oh, yes; the others helped. But … [t]hey came to this country because it was already made as an Anglo-Saxon commonwealth. They added to it, they often enriched it, but they did not make it, and they have not yet greatly changed it.We are determined that they shall not … It is a good country. It suits us. And what we assert is that we are not going to surrender it to somebody else or allow other people, no matter what their merits, to make it something different. If there is any changing to be done, we will do it ourselves.”-Cong. Rec., April 8, 1924, 5922

Thus, kinship-based arguments independent of claims of superiority, have already been successful in American history for appealing to the high trust northern hunter gatherers.  Why then use HBD proximate arguments that can be hijacked to promote the interests of Jews and Asians?  Unless of course that is the real intention.

This reminds me of Ian Jobling, whose “activism” on behalf of Whites was motivated by his belief that Whites were the only group capable of prompting the liberal democratic universalist values – including Rawlsian ethics of all things! – that he espoused; essentially he thought Whites embodied the leftist egalitarian creeds hastening our destruction.
A problem with basing pro-White activism on proximate values is that it legitimately smacks of the very sort of “White supremacy” that kinship-based White nationalists are unfairly accused of.  Indeed, if you are going to argue that Whites are important to you precisely because they are better at X,Y,Z than are other groups – and in some cases claiming that Whites are unique in being the ONLY group capable of manifesting these positive traits and creating the desirable societies resulting from such traits – then how else will that be construed other than overt White supremacy?  Such an approach will likely repel Herrenvolk Whites even more than a simple kinship-based “we are all one big extended family” approach to the problem.

But, hey, maybe I’m wrong.  This can only be determined empirically.  If the MacDonald-Duchesne school of thought is correct, then they should achieve success in using their strategy to push Whites toward the “ethnicized individualism” they envision.  Does anyone truly believe they will achieve such success?  Hasn’t all of these proximate arguments already been made – and failed spectacularly?

Now, those are comments about the prescriptive components of the MacDonald thesis.  I’ve already commented and critiqued the descriptive.  I’ll say only one thing.  How about trying to demonstrate the validity of genetic-based ethnic behavior by examining whether these behaviors are stable in novel environments – like the USA?  Can differences be observed between, say, Anglo-Americans and Swedish-Americans on the one hand, and Italian-Americans and Russian-Americans on the other?  Here I talk about people of unmixed ethnic ancestry, whose families have been in America for 100+ years.  If the traits are inherited, it should be stable in the New World.  If the argument is that the differences are an emergent trait of having communities of these peoples, instead of isolated families, then I suppose you can compare Swedish-Americans in Minnesota to Italian-Americans in New Jersey.  Of course, the same approach applies to non-European peoples as well.

Laugh at this.   MacDonald doesn’t seem to comprehend that by his own theories (!), the Herrenvolk ancestry of those two is precisely the reason why they support the Left, and will continue to do so.

If one wanted to adopt a top-down approach as part of their overall activist strategy, targeted White elites, particularly wealthy White elites, then the optimal approach would be to target individuals for which there was at least a slight possibility of sincere conversion to the cause. In contrast, Bezos and ex-wife have very clearly demonstrated that they are committed enemies of White interests, with no indication whatsoever of being susceptible to change.  To the extent that their “northern European extraction” is relevant here, then – according to MacDonald’s own theories – that would make them less, not more, likely to accept pro-White arguments and to be converted to promoting White interests.

MacDonald’s tweet merely demonstrates the strong hold Nordicism still holds over Der Movement (Nordicism here defined in its broadest sense, by ancestry, since if we consider phenotype, then Bezos resembles a cross between a Jew and an earthworm).

It is baffling how the author of the Jewish trilogy – an important piece of serious scholarship – can descend so far as to make such childish Type I tweets.

In any case, that tweet is a perfect example of the dogmatic fetishism that has led the “movement” to decades of unremitting failure.  Instead of focusing on the “low hanging fruit” of (allegedly) “modestly collectivist” Southern and Eastern Europeans, your “leaders” fixate on wealthy Herrenvolk who have an objectively documented history of giving hundreds of millions of dollars to fund your racial enemies.  At what point are the rank-and-file going to wake up and realize how they are being so badly misled?

But, hey, Bezos is of great benefit to all humanity and we need more men like him!

Competent wops?

Read this.

You may have never heard of Frank Borzellieri, but from 1993 to 2004, he was the most famous local politician in the country. He first ran at age 30, and was releected three times to the school board in the Bronx, New York. He blasted anti-white bias and the idea, that, in his words, “white Europeans are to blame for all the historical troubles of man.” He caused a huge stink and he got more of the vote every time he ran. He lost reelection only because all the school districts in New York City were rolled up into one giant one. He influenced and inspired countless people. If you are smart and energetic, you can do the same.

And he ended up having his life ruined because of his pro-White activism.  To his credit, Derbyshire did direct attention to Borzellieri’s plight and asked people to help, but in general, Frank was abandoned by Der Movement (do we really need to wonder why?).

And then we have:

…it may be that the most important thing you can do is give money to people and organizations doing work you respect. Every activist organization needs money; without contributors they die.“

D’Nations!”  Maybe Der Movement should first demonstrate concrete positive achievements with the millions of dollars they have already received before they ask for more.

They’re “cute.”  T level = zero.

He’s HuWhite.

Here’s something for Andrew Hamilton to enjoy.  See this as well.  But, hey, keep on whining about the odd Egyptian in Napoleon’s Imperial Guard.

Odds and Ends, 4/29/20

In der news.

This is all milady’s fault.  Minorities and women, women and minorities – it is all one.

Well, well, well…closing in on the monsters. Next, we need FARA and treason investigations for leading HBDers. 

Following up on this, some papers on the origins of lactase persistence in Europe (emphasis added) – See this.

We infer that the coevolution of European LP and dairying originated in a region between central Europe and the northern Balkans around 6,256 to 8,683 years BP…After the initial slow increase of LP frequency in those populations and the onset of the Central European LBK culture around 7,500 BP, LP frequencies rose more rapidly in a gene-culture co-evolutionary process and on the wave front of a demographic expansion (see Supplementary Videos S1, S2 and S3), leading to the establishment of highly developed cattle- (and partly also goat-) based dairying economies during the Middle Neolithic of central Europe around 6,500 BP. 

We estimate that strong selection occurred within the past 5,000-10,000 years, consistent with an advantage to lactase persistence in the setting of dairy farming; the signals of selection we observe are among the strongest yet seen for any gene in the genome.

It would appear that there had already been strong selection for lactase persistence in Northern and Central Europe long before the Roman Republic. Yet Roman samples from the Iron Age/Republic period lack lactase persistence, and thus are distinct from Northern and Central European populations, instead being Southern European/Mediterranean. In fact, lactase persistence became present in Roman samples only in later ages of Roman history, upon the influx of Germanics into Italy, bringing the Fall of the (Western) Roman Empire and the death of the Classical Civilization.  The PCA (with Rome-specific admixture at right) is here for examination.  Kemp weeps.

Of course, the last time archaeogenetics refuted Kemp, Der Movement interpreted that as “Arthur Kemp was right.”  You just can’t make this stuff up.

How about autosomal DNA analysis of the “Nordic” Napoleon Bonaparte (who was, we were told, “born in Sardinia of French noble ancestry”…laughter ensues)?  After all, Nap’s NRY is so wonderfully Nordic.

(spelling corrected) 


Napoleon belonged to haplogroup E-M34. This group originated approximately 7.000 years ago at the east coast of the Mediterranean Sea between and Egypt and Turkey. Today this haplogroup can most frequently be found in Israel, the Palestinian territories and Lebanon. Also 10% of Ashkenazi and Sephardic Jews belong to that haplogroup.

Saint Adolf can productively comment about that NRY as well.  Arya…Arya….

Why does Duchesne waste so much time with that HBD-Nordicist nonsense? By the way, looking at the (mostly, unsupervised) “admixture” data from the Rome paper in a relative, comparative fashion, it seems to be that the wonderfully heroic and individualist (*) steppe and WHG ancestries are approximately similar between Iron Age/Republic and Modern, even though the former are supposed to be representative of a wonderfully heroic and individualist character while the latter are said to be cringing collectivist Outer Hajnal mongrelized swarthoids. Further, even the Imperial Roman samples still retain steppe ancestry, although WHG is mostly lost there and steppe may be somewhat decreased.  And where does the WHG return and steppe reach to modern levels?  Late Antiquity – the time of maximal corruption, maximal decline, followed by the Fall. That is, increased “northern and western” ancestry correlated to maximization of all the behavioral negatives allegedly due to “southern and eastern” ancestry (latter ancestry peaking when the empire was in fact at its maximum of power and efficiency).  

The major point is the broad similarity between Roman Republic and Modern with respect to the HBD Nordicist’s favorite ancestral components, with a secondary finding that, with respect to steppe ancestry, even the Imperial samples aren’t too different.

You do know that HBD-Nordicism is not any way supported by actual evidence?  You do know that it simply combines the errors of HBD and the errors of Nordicism into one tragicomic whole?  Der Movement can label MacDonald’s flim-flam as “landmark” or “groundbreaking” – it doesn’t change the fact that it is just more HBD pseuodoscience, which will be continuously debunked just like Kemp is.

*I’m being sarcastic, if you can’t tell. I find it difficult to believe you can make simplistic deterministic behavioral conclusions based on the relative proportions of hunter-gatherer, steppe, and farmer ancestries in European populations.  But even if you go down that rabbit hole, the data don’t support a significant difference between Iron Age/Republic Romans and Modern Romans

Laugh at this:

Travis LeBlanc

Posted April 25, 2020 at 6:13 pm | Permalink

To me, American nationalism is merely the acknowledgement that white Americans are a distinct group of people and must be appealed to in a certain way.

I’ve always thought it was kind of larpy to identify as a “European”. To me, “Europeans” are people who are obsessed with soccer, take 3 hour lunches, make incredibly boring art films, have no sense of humor, and are perpetually on strike. They are people whose politicians have public mistresses, and whose women don’t shave.

Asking white Americans to identify as “European” is kind of like asking them to identify as a mammal. On some level, everyone knows they are one but it is too grandiose of a concept to wrap their heads around on a day to day basis.

Americans have a certain joie de vivre that is very attractive and distinct to them. You can go any country in the world and you will find people trying to talk, act, and dress like Americans. Everyone in the world wishes they were American except for the Alt Right who wish they were Germans in the 1930’s and that’s a goddamn shame. We literally invented the concept of “cool” and no one does cool better than us.

Forget “It’s OK to be white”. It’s OK to be American.

If this moron thinks that “everyone in the world wishes they were American” he’s delusional and has never left his parents’ basement.  Even if that was true, which it is not, it confuses descriptive and prescriptive. The objective is not to embrace the current America or the current Europe. The objective is not to make either Americans or Europeans feel good about the sorry state they are each in. The objective is not to divide Euro-Americans from Europeans, or to promote crass Americanism, which is exemplified by overweight lardasses waving American flags and screaming about “my freedom” in response to “lockdowns” while they say absolutely nothing when their “freedom “is violated on a daily basis by forced racial integration, de facto censorship, and rampant political correctness.  Stop already. It’s not “OK to be American.” It’s not “OK” to be an ignorant, cowardly fat bastard.  Yet more evidence that Counter-Currents is diving headlong into a Majority Rights-style decline.  By the way, the above quote comes from the comments thread of the original laughably superficial and juvenile post.

Let me explain the facts of “movement” life to all you rank-and-file guys, the types who breathlessly read such nonsense. Both the “Amnats” and the “Wignats” are failed, useless, moronic WN 2.0ers who are going nowhere.  Fuentes IS part of the “movement.”  All those guys are part of the “movement.”  The entire “movement “is an unmitigated failure.  What you have is various failed factions of a laughably incompetent and tragically inept overarching failure blaming each other as being specifically responsible for that failure, while the truth is that they have ALL contributed to it.


If you visit the science and mathematics department of any elite university you will find it crowded with Chinese. They did not get there by affirmative action. They got there by talent and hard work.

I have written about this before, but once again I would like to give the reader a STEM insider’s broad overview as to why you find so many Chinese – particularly Chinese nationals – in American STEM.  The process is as follows. It all starts with White and Jewish Principal Investigators (PIs) who preferentially take Chinese students and hire Chinese postdocs, etc. because “unlike Americans, the Chinese will work 20 hours per day in the lab and never complain” – an actual quote I heard.

Now, it is true that the Chinese will work long hours and won’t complain (at least in English). Unfortunately, what they will do is waste hours gibbering to each other in Mandarin, playing the stock market on the computer, conducting sloppy experiments, fabricating data, sabotaging the work of non-Chinese, stealing the ideas and data from non-Chinese, etc. They then leverage their fraudulent “accomplishments” (and in the case of one Chinaman I knew, writing letters of recommendation for himself and then forging the signatures of PIs on them) to get academic positions, becoming PIs themselves. At this point, not only do they continue their lying and cheating, but they also only hire Chinese, only collaborate with Chinese, and give excessively positive manuscript and grant reviews to fellow Chinese (while giving unfairly poor reviews to others, particularly to Whites).  These self-reinforcing processes, continuing year after year, are what results in the outcomes so beloved of HBDers like Engelman.

Hail Tom Cotton!  That is the most beautiful thing I’ve heard an American politician state in decades.  Beautiful!  Let’s do it!  Cotton for President!

Typical flubro:

Jason ChapmanWell your fear doesn’t trump my freedom. My children won’t have a country left if we let people like you continue to make decisions. The mortality rate is bellow 1% and you want to continue to keep America closed. You must not pay much in taxes I presume.


Anyway…note how folks like this never complain about “my freedom” when the government tells them who they can or cannot live among, who they can or cannot rent to or sell their home to, who their children have to go to school with, no murmurs about “my freedom” when free speech and free association get thrown out the reason to satisfy Colored/Jew/SJW demands.  No sir, when Colored barks, Whitey obeys, when Jews order, Whitey obeys. But have a lockdown during a pandemic and then, by golly, your fear doesn’t trump my freedom!  No sir!  Now, let me show my house to this nice Black couple with 50 children who are going to buy it with government subsidies. I really don’t want to sell to them, but, hey, what can you do? After that Section Eight housing was built next door, against the wishes of the neighborhood, I gotta sell!  And with the Blacks being bused into my kids’ school, my children are getting assaulted on a daily basis, and when I complained I got called a racist, fired, and my Twitter was deleted and my YouTube channel disappeared – but your fears don’t trump my freedom!  Freedom!

Surprise!   Counter-Currents commentator:

I was watching the debate with JF on Youtube, and Greg is offering a really weak showing on the data front. This is irritating because the data is on his side.

That’s the consequence of affirmative action.  Merit doesn’t matter.

This is Der Movement:

StronzaPosted April 28, 2020 at 8:06 pm | Permalink@Reb.

10th: Viruses don’t cause disease (cluster of symptoms). Their appearance in your body is a reflection of your overall health (“immunity” is one aspect of this.)

Blaming “germs” (viruses/bacteria, etc.) for one’s health problems is childish. Right up there with “evil spirits” of the past, to be cured by beating the tom-tom and uttering incantations; and, today, supposedly prevented by injecting a sickening list of chemicals. Time for everyone to grow up, to turn a page. Until this happens, we are sitting ducks for WHO, CDC, politicians, media, and every other party wanting to control the world.

Viruses don’t cause disease!  I issue the Stronza challenge: get injected with live rabies virus, and refuse all treatment. It is, after all, childish, akin to “beating the tom-tom and uttering incantations,” to think anything bad will happen.  After all, the appearance of rabies symptoms after transmission of this virus from one infected mammal to another is just a coincidence – it’s the “overall health” of the mammal that causes the disease.  Let’s ignore all of the White man’s science since the late 19th century so we can indulge a bunch of cranks.

Der Movement – perhaps thankfully – is NEVER going to make headway among educated and sane people as along as it allows deranged cranks a forum – folks who tell us that viruses don’t cause disease and yet assert that all non-human animal life is going to be soon wiped off the face of the Earth by “bullets flying everywhere.”

Note – Greg Johnson allows “Stronza” to comment on his moderated blog, but “bans” me.  That’s all the evidence you need to prove to you that Johnson is a grifting fraud.

This is Der Movement, exemplified by another commentator:

This Virus is eugenic, cleaning up an overpopulated planet of it’s deadwood. Who die from this virus? The elderly, the obese, the unhealthy and weak. It is perfectly eugenic, removes useless consumers, it is good for the environment. It should be allowed to run rampant. The more it kills the better it would seem to me.

All of these commentators need to get the story straight.  How can the virus be eugenic if it doesn’t cause disease?  Meanwhile, Johnson answers this comment, but not Stronza’s. Does he agree with the latter?  Inquiring minds want to know.

Babe Ruth.  Ty Cobb.  Lou Gehrig.  Men.  And then you have Milady’s contribution to the great sport of baseball.  What would we all do without Milady?  Joan of Arc, Joan of Arc, a lesbian love affair for my Joan of Arc!

This is beautiful!  Black Man – rise up against your Yellow Chinese oppressor!  Asia belongs to The Original Black Man!  China is The Promised Land for the Black African!  It is time for the proud African to migrate en masse to China and take what is rightfully yours!  You cannot steal from the Chinaman – everything he has is rightfully yours.  Take it back! China is by right part of Africa!

We gotta have dat dere globalist capitalism!  Libertarianism!  Mises!  The free flow of capital!