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That’s One Dirty Mountain


This latest from Strom reminds me that I have been following – not too closely, of course – this whole NA vs. NARRG fiasco.
Yes, I know: conflicts are a part of any political grouping, mainstream or dissident.  Yes, I see how even Presidential candidates of major mainstream parties mock each other over the size of their hands (or other body parts), whether they “peed their pants,” and other important world historical issues. And, yes, I know that the great and good Saint Adolf had to deal with issues like this, with, for example, the Strasser brothers and Rohm.
However, still, the NA mess is an embarrassment.  I have no idea who is in the right here; I suspect neither side is.  All sorts of “movement” dirty laundry is being aired for all to see, an absolutely perfect example of the “movement’s” affirmative action policy on display.  And that’s not just the current circus and the various clowns making fools of themselves and of racialism in general. No, blame can also extent to The Great Sage on the Mountaintop, who created an organization that was essentially a personality cult (highly unusual in that the subject of the cult didn’t have much of  a personality to begin with), with no staying power once the Great Leader left to go the that great Valhalla in the Sky. Was there any trained cadres ready to take over?  No. Was there any individual ready to step into Pierce’s shoes, anyone who – despite the “great man’s” flaws – was even half as talented as he?  No. Basically, it was a hollowed out organization, a money-making machine, a book-selling operation, and the more than a dozen years of chaos that has ensued is to a large extent due to the lack of any long-term planning and foresight from the “racially superior” leader who looked down on others but who couldn’t be bothered to organize even at the level of a Negroid Black nationalist.
Essentially, the Great Man, and his current legacy of the NA circus, is as useful – and ironic – a refutation of his racial views as one could hope for.