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The Birth Lottery

The newest liberal stupidity.
Similarly, the fact that I was not born the son of Bill Gates means that I unfairly lost the “birth lottery” and, therefore, Mr. Gates is ethically obligated to share his billions with me.
Dear stupid bastard Bergstrom: tribalism has been part of human identity, part of the human experience, since the days that australopithecines and hominids first started walking erect. Tribalism is a form of extended family (hence the validity of my Gates analogy) and the nation (opposed to the state) is an extended version of the tribe-family.  It is natural and normal for tribes to form boundaries and exclude other tribes, such is the definition of a group, that it defines itself as much as by what it excludes as by what it includes.  And while, philosophically, one cannot derive an “ought” from an “is,” it is equally true that one cannot derive a “not ought” from an “is.”  There is no inherent logical reason to reject the adaptive state of nature of tribalism. And, if the state of nature regarding tribalism should not be, according to you, respected by law, tradition, and ethics, then at least be consistent and say the same about family.  Go and tell people they are ethically obligated to ignore their own birth children in favor of others – strangers – who were so unfortunate to lose the “birth lottery” and be stuck in less favorable circumstances.
And while you are at it, go tell China and Israel that they are obligated to accept the endless hordes of, say, sub-Saharan Africans who lost the “birth lottery” and didn’t get born in the promised lands of the Levant and East Asia.  Never mind all the Arabs who, by dint of correcting the “birth lottery,” belong in Israel, and the various non-Chinese Asians who likewise belong in the Middle Kingdom. Ethics need to be universal, no?

No Such Country as White

Establishment stupidity.
In my recent readings, I came across some moron who stated that “White nationalism” was a meaningless term because “there is no such country as white.”
A “country” is a state.  A nation, on the other had, can consist of any people who believe themselves to have a common identity and destiny, regardless of whether or not they currently have a state (“country”), and regardless of what others, on either the Left of the Right, think about that chosen identity and destiny.

The ultimate aim of a nation without a state is to create a nation-state (or “country’).

Now, run along and play in your little conformist System sandbox.