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Is National Review All Wrong About White America’s Savior?

No, they are not.

Let’s look at the core of the argument that is relevant to race and culture. Emphasis added:

His signature issue is concern over immigration–from Latin America but also, after Paris and San Bernardino, from the Middle East. He has exploited the yawning gap between elite opinion in both parties and the public on the issue, and feasted on the discontent over a government that can’t be bothered to enforce its own laws no matter how many times it says it will (President Obama has dispensed even with the pretense). But even on immigration, Trump often makes no sense and can’t be relied upon. A few short years ago, he was criticizing Mitt Romney for having the temerity to propose “self-deportation,” or the entirely reasonable policy of reducing the illegal population through attrition while enforcing the nation’s laws. Now, Trump is a hawk’s hawk. 

He pledges to build a wall along the southern border and to make Mexico pay for it. We need more fencing at the border, but the promise to make Mexico pay for it is silly bluster. Trump says he will put a big door in his beautiful wall, an implicit endorsement of the dismayingly conventional view that current levels of legal immigration are fine. 

Trump seems unaware that a major contribution of his own written immigration plan is to question the economic impact of legal immigration and to call for reform of the H-1B–visa program. Indeed, in one Republican debate he clearly had no idea what’s in that plan and advocated increased legal immigration, which is completely at odds with it. These are not the meanderings of someone with well-informed, deeply held views on the topic. 

As for illegal immigration, Trump pledges to deport the 11 million illegals here in the United States, a herculean administrative and logistical task beyond the capacity of the federal government. Trump piles on the absurdity by saying he would re-import many of the illegal immigrants once they had been deported, which makes his policy a poorly disguised amnesty (and a version of a similarly idiotic idea that appeared in one of Washington’s periodic “comprehensive” immigration reforms). This plan wouldn’t survive its first contact with reality.

Donald Trump: ignorant buffoon. Donald Trump: racial liberal. Donald Trump: fan of non-White legal immigration.
Racialist supporters of Trump: affirmative action recipients whose leadership roles wouldn’t stand a chance in an open marketplace of ideas sans ethnic preferences.
Idea that Trump is the last hope of White America: absolutely ludicrous.
HOWEVER: I still advocate (at least as of today) voting for Trump, for reasons outlined in previous posts. There is a public perception of him as a White supremacist anti-immigrant proto-fascist hater. Now, that perception says more about how far to the left America has drifted, rather than being any sort of reasonable description of Trump himself. Nevertheless, the perception exists, and it must be exploited instrumentally to increase balkanization in America.
The objective is to increase the following in America: balkanization, distrust and hatred across racial and cultural/civilizational lines, alienation, “bowling alone,” chaos, disregard for “making the system work,” cynicism, inter-group conflict, despair, lack of confidence for the future of America, anger toward political correctness, hatred for the Establishment, acceptance of far-Right memes, acceptance of radical measures, hostility toward diversity, infiltration of multiculturalism for pro-majority purposes, group identity politics, inability of different types of people to work together, societal dysfunction, intolerance of all sorts.
In my opinion, the perception of Trump, coupled to his continued success, promotes all those good things. Therefore, despite the fact that he is a racially liberal ignorant buffoon: Trump 2016!

Three Reasons to Vote for Trump

Hold your nose and vote for the ignorant fraud.

Readers of this blog know I am highly skeptical of the Jew-connected, Negrophilic, affirmative action-loving, “man on white horse” savior of White America, Donald Trump.

I see him as an American Putin – superficial aspects appealing to a hero-worshiping far-Right concealing inner convictions that are anathema to that same far-Right.

Nevertheless. I would promote folks voting for Trump for reasons also previous explained here – that the (mistaken) public perception of Trump as a far-Right hater means that increased Trumpian success destabilizes the System and promotes chaos and racial-cultural-social balkanization.  

Here are three articles supporting that view; three reasons to vote for Trump:

National Review cuckservatives denounce Trump.

Hollywood degenerates somehow believe Trump supporters care what the Left “thinks.”

Putting aside Buchanan’s wrong-headed embrace of a reactionary worldview, his essay is the most important, as he predicts, as I have here at this blog, that the Right Populist phenomenon will not end with Der Trumpening.  It is only the beginning.  Davos, cuckservatives, and the Hollywood Left can cry all they wish, but Trump has let the genie out of the bottle or, if you prefer, the toothpaste is out of the tube and cannot be put back in.

And, by the way, the Davos and National Review reactions underscore why conservatism, free-trade, and the whole mainstream Right must be utterly destroyed.

What we need is ultra-radical pan-European national socialism, not “capital gains tax cuts” or whatever other nonsense cuckservative mewling faggots believe is “political red meat” these days.

This Is Conservatism

Conservatives: enemies on our left.

Piece of filth Kevin D. Williamson, cuckservative extraordinaire, expresses the conservative view of racial nationalists:

Yes, there are racists in the world, and they are engaged in politics, mainly in the form of basement-dwelling losers with Dungeons & Dragons avatars oinking about on Twitter. They are a significant consideration if you are Donald Trump’s psephological engineers. 

And this is the conservative worldview on race relations:
Everybody understands racism, too, and all people of good will reject it…

We can debate “no enemies to our right” (that is, if there is anyone to your right), but as far as enemies on your left – everyone to your left is an enemy, including and especially conservative trash, like the Jew-loving and Negro jock-sniffing losers at National Review, feebly “fighting battles” to the amused mockery of the Left, and defending a “conservatism” which is exactly what extreme liberalism was 50 years ago. And 50 years from now, assuming a nation called “The United States of America” still exists, and that National Review still exists as a forum of mainstream cuckservatism, then the “Kevin Williamsons” of the future will be defending the “extreme conservatism” of Obamacare, Black Lives Matter, gun control, open borders, UN control of the US military, etc. (also known as the Jeb Bush 2016 political platform).

In a White ethnostate, conservatives should be among the first to be strung up. They are the lowest form of filthy scum imaginable – what would have been considered the shitlibs of the 1950s are the “conservatives” of today. The conservative motto: always surrender. Yesterday’s lost position is “backwards” and rejected by “all people of good will,” and the latest leftist victory becomes enshrined as the new status quo to be defended by cuckservative numbnuts – until such time that position is defeated by the Left, and is abandoned for a new “conservatism” even farther to the left than before.