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Odds and Ends, 1/27/17

Friday’s roundup.

Roissy weeps: icy vibes.  Now, that is all irrelevant personal nonsense, but is cited to mock the pathetic worshiping of Trump by elements on the Right, including fevered (and strange) fantasies (by Roissy, who else?) of Trump such as:

Second, every man who’s lived a day in his life knows that look of a woman rocked by a silent, seismic tingle of love rushing on a current of lust. Right at the moment Herr Trumperica assumed the most powerful throne in the world, a barely-contained supernova of admiration and primal desire escaped Melania’s poise. Sex for only her man drips from her gaze in this photo.

Uh, yeah…alright.  Judge from a single photo in which she is acting for public consumption – that’s real prudent.  Video of “real-life” activity does not support Roissy’s view, but whatever.  I can’t wait for the Alt Right to rail against the “Trump’s marriage is in trouble” stories as “unfair shitlib intrusion into Trump’s private life” while the same Alt Right interprets single photos from the perspective of Don’s and Melania’s sex life.  Just like the Alt Right types getting all worked up by some dumb SNL cunt writer mocking Barron Trump, while the Alt Right bizarrely obsessed over that sleepy 10-year old just after election night, making him into some sort of racialist talisman. Hypocrisy is found on the Right just as it is on the Left – less frequently perhaps, but it perhaps stinks more for being unexpected.

But I give credit to Der Touchback for his immigration restrictionist initiatives.  It’s much too little (and too late), but it is better than nothing.

System Hypocrisy on Immigration

And leucosa Whites continue with their heads in the sand.
Now, when a state like Arizona decides it wants to enforce immigration law ignored by the federal government, that federal government then sues Arizona to prevent enforcement, on the premise that: “immigration law and its enforcement, or lack thereof, is a federal, not state, policy and prerogative.”
Very well. What then happens when a state like California decides to also decide its own immigration policy, in this case by promoting illegal immigration through the give-away of goodies, thus blatantly defying federal immigration law?  Nothing, no lawsuits, no government officials and smug commentators asserting the primacy of federal jurisdiction.
Thus, when a state wants to enforce federal law it gets sued to stop it by the same federal government whose laws it is trying to enforce, and when a state openly defies federal law, the feds look on benignly.
The retarded cuckservatives braying about “immigration reform” with the idea that “first we will secure the borders” are delusional.  Hint: the System does not want to “secure the borders.” The leadership of “both” political parties do not want to “secure the borders.”  If “immigration reform” takes place, there will be no long term enforcement.
Repeat for the naive and the retarded: 

If there is amnesty, there will be no enforcement.

And what will weak, pathetic, leucosa cuckservatives do then? Nothing. They’ll just move on to other “important” issues like the “capital gains tax rate” and other heavy breathing over the concerns of wealthy open-borders billionaires.

Government Hypocrisy

They hate you, White man.
Consider first how “our” government sues states like Arizona when said states try and enforce those national immigration laws that “our” federal government stubbornly refuses to enforce.
The excuse given is that “immigration is a national issue and localities cannot act independently on immigration.”  Of course, when localities decide to give out driver’s licenses or in-state tuition to illegals, or to refuse to cooperate with federal detainment requests, or refuse to inform federal authorities when illegals are identified – activities which ALL encroach upon federal immigration prerogatives – for some mysterious reason, no lawsuits are issued.
Puzzling, it all is.