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Book Review: The Iron Dream

Book review.

The Iron Dream, by Norman Spinrad

A few words on the “metafiction” book, The Iron Dream, by Norman Spinrad, written as a spoof of Nazism and, even more so, of the alleged Nazi-like motifs inherent in much of sci-fi/fantasy literature.
Rather than waste time giving a detailed synopsis of this book, I direct the reader to an excellent Wikipedia summary of the book’s plot, a plot which is composed of two parts: first, an early 1950s science fiction story, Lord of the Swastika, “written” by an Adolf Hitler who had immigrated to America in 1919, followed by a critical analysis of the Hitler book “written” by one “Homer Whipple.”
The Wikipedia page links makes the necessary historical links between the major characters and places of Lord of the Swastika and the real-life Hitler story. Thus, protagonist Feric Jaggar is an idealized and Nordicized version of Hitler himself; the dark, slight Seph Bogel, an ambitious but loyal orator, is Goebbels; Stag Stopa, head of the Knights (SA), first loyal but then executed for treason, is Rohm; the fanatical head of the book’s SS, Bors Remler, is Himmler; Heldon is Germany; Borgravia is Austria; Zind is the USSR; other characters are undoubtedly Goering, Hess, Ludendorf, etc.; and the dreaded Dominators are the Jews.

The Hitler fiction story is amusingly entertaining and indeed reminds one of standard “movement” racial history “non-fiction” texts.  After all, the “movement” has six foot tall blonde Nordics creating every civilization between Gibraltar and the Himalayas, while Lord of the Swastika ends with seven foot tall blonde Nordics rocketing off to conquer outer space.  Same difference. The following quote from the book summarizes the basic Piercian plotline:

Every inch of advance was a concrete step forward toward the goal of an earth inhabited entirely by tall, blond, genetically purebred supermen totally free from even the possibility of racial contamination.

I don’t know, Spinrad, that really doesn’t sound so bad to me.  Yes, it is “anti-Med,” but that fictional future is a hell of a lot better than the present-day reality of the multiracial nightmare of America and the entire “West.” Hail Jaggar!

Ironically, in my “Nazi” opinion, Spinrad’s spoof backfired on him. The part of the book which reads most like a sarcastically critical spoof is not the Hitler story itself, but the critical analysis by Whipple (who even Spinrad described as a “tendentious pedant”). Whipple’s analysis is the usual warmed over, sexualized, Freudian psychobabble, an ad hominem attack in which the author Hitler is described as a (probably) syphilitic, crazed, obsessed, sexually repressed latent homosexual.  Sound familiar?  And, despite the Anglo-Saxon surname “Whipple,” this New York-based critic might as well have been named “Jewenstein.”  It’s that “over the top.”  And, given the context of the alternative history of The Iron Dream, in which a dominant Soviet Union controls most of the Earth, except a despondent America and a militant Japan, one can’t help admire the vision of Lord of the Swastika and despise the pedantic Whipple.  Further, there is an implicit whiff of subtle praise for Hitler in the very format of this book’s alternative history – in the absence of Nazi Germany, Stalin’s USSR would have conquered all of Europe and most of the world.

With all of this kept in mind, The Iron Dream is recommended reading.

The Death of Joe Tommasi

Another “movement” death.

I recently mentioned the killing of Rockwell by Patler.  A less mentioned “movement” death needs to be mentioned: that of Joe Tommasi.

Not long before this, Joe Tommasi had been a uniform wearing National Socialist who pretty much went by the book, and had been NS in spirit since his early teens. Having inherited a house in El Monte, he allowed it to be used as a headquarters for the old Rockwell Party, then led by Matt Koehl. He recruited many people in the L.A. area, and deployed many marches. 

Joe Tommasi was a natural leader of men, and did not really believe in going strictly by the book. He went along with some beer drinking at headquarters, and had an occasional female companion in his room. This was one of the things which led to his downfall. 

Matt Koehl was an unmarried bachelor-type and, like too many National Socialists back then, was a tight-ass. Koehl wanted to run headquarters like a monastery. This didn’t sit well with Joe, a working class guy who knew how to handle working class people. He was evolving through the early Brown Shirt stages into a true Freebooter, ready for NS type street action. 

Then Commander Koehl sprung a trap on him. He called for a national convention in Cleveland where at one of the meetings Joe and some other officers, who also owned buildings used as party headquarters, were coerced into signing them over to the National party, meaning Matt Koehl. Not long afterward, using the excuse of Joe’s El Monte headquarters hijinks, Koehl kicked him out of his own House. 

Joe Tommasi then created the NATIONAL SOCIALIST LIBERATION FRONT, a ‘loose cells’ organization presaging The Order. They wore street clothes and surplus military jackets, much like the old left. They grew long hair, many had beards. They could move through the seas of L.A. without the slightest notice. No flags, no arm bands, no badges, no targets on their backs! 

They trained in the mountains and in the deserts. They attacked Marxist book stores and left wing meetings. They ‘may have’ bombed some porn shops. They published a slick magazine, sporting large captioned pictures with mottos like “POLITICAL POWER STEMS FROM THE BARREL OF A GUN”, and filled with revolutionary tracts. 

Ominously, while this was all happening, Joe fumed about the home he was swindled out of. Every few days he would drive by the old place. NSWPP Headquarters was then being run as a Hollywood caricature — full uniforms, spit and polish…. and armed guards. One day while passing by, 19-yr-old guard Clyde Bingham flipped him the bird. Joe slammed on the breaks, got out and and headed toward him. Nearby, 18-yr-old guard Jerry Jones drew a .45 just as Bingham was holstering his. As Joe approached, the ‘little fat kid’, as Rose Tommasi called him, shot him in the head. 

Joe Tommasi died in front of his own house! 

Tommasi was a realist, and what he thought then is in some ways still relevant today; for example:

Tommasi was among the first to fully grasp the truth of the strategic situation–in the milieu of the radical right, no one is to be trusted, anyone could be (and probably is) an informer for the government or for one of the many watchdog organizations monitoring radical right wing activity, and short of divine intervention, public support would not be forthcoming no matter what tactical approach the movement was to adopt. 

The “movement” wasn’t having any of that.  Their response to Tommasi’s input and leadership is summarized thus:

Tommasi was derisively nicknamed “Tomato Joe” behind his back by rival neo-Nazis because of his Italian heritage and somewhat swarthy features.

Well, then.  Those folks really showed us!  What? We’ve had 40 years of glorious success since then, no? 

The “movement” must be completely, utterly destroyed, while at the same time something new and better must be built to take its place.

Remember: You Can’t Spell "Vlad" Without A-D-L

What’s behind the “rampaging neo-Nazis” remark?

Further comment following up my last post.  There are two likely reasons behind Trad Vlad’s “neo-Nazis” comment.

First, he’s a committed multiracialist, a pro-diversity pluralist, an anti-White Asiaphile (in more ways than one?), who has an agenda to use Brown and Yellow Asiatics to bolster Russia’s demographics and restore the USSR (“Eurasian Union”).  Essentially, an advocate for race replacement of native Russian Slavs, destroying Russian EGI, to follow the dream of a rebuilt multicultural empire (a mirror image of America and the EU, eh?).

Second, and here’s a point no one has made yet: his comments seem to be a thinly veiled appeal to Western liberals, to the American media, to the Jews:

“Hey guys!  I’m not really a bad fellow!  Stop comparing me to Hitler, please!  It’s those guys in Kiev I’m against – they’re a bunch of Nazis! Haters! Racists!  Anti-Semites!  I’m really on your side, I want  a pluralistic Russia, I want to integrate the Muslims, the Asians. I crack down on the Russian Nazis too!  Hey, and all that anti-gay stuff is just to placate the Orthodox Church, so they don’t give me a hard time when I import millions of Muslims and destroy the Slavic and Orthodox character of Russia!  I’m building the Brown and Yellow Russia of tomorrow!  I’m tolerant and against all those nasty rampaging neo-Nazis!  I’m really, really, really one of the good guys!”

If you think that too harsh – consider what the great “anti-globalist traditionalist” said:

“We have a request of the legitimate President Yanukovych to protect the welfare of the local population,” he said. “We have neo-Nazis and Nazis and anti-Semites in parts of Ukraine, including Kiev.”

Oy vey!  Sounds just like it came from an ADL press release.  Anyone in the “movement” who supported Putin before this is merely discredited for bad judgement; anyone supporting him after this is simply deranged, or themselves anti-White.  

If you are interested in what the future face of Russia is, check out this “close and trusted friend” and “heir apparent”of the anti-Nazi liberal Trad Vlad – the Tuvan/Russian hybrid Sergei Shoigu, who puts a human face on the policy of “Eurasianism.”

Truly, Trad Vlad is eager to sacrifice Russian EGI on the altar of Asia.  With his vehement pro-Jewish and pro-Asian attitudes, is Trad Vlad a closet HBDer?  He certainly is anti-White enough to qualify.

So, when are the pathetic nancyboys in the American “movement” going to get over their estrogenic schoolgirl crush on the great traditionalist?  Is he still the shining “White Knight” to fulfill their omega male fanboy yearnings? Will they continue to praise Putin as Trad Vlad denounces “anti-Semitic Nazis” and grooms a Siberian hybrid to be the next leader of Russia?

Enough is enough.  The American “movement” is a joke and has to go. 

Rampaging neo-Nazis

Trad Vlad or the ADL?

Putin is all upset about “rampaging neo-Nazis” in the Ukraine.

Hey!  Was that Trad Vlad who said that, or the ADL?  Kind of hard to tell the difference, you know.

At Counter Currents, Greg Johnson writes:

Putin is not a White Nationalist but a Russian imperialist. Dugin is not an ethnonationalist but a transparently dishonest apologist for Russian imperialism…

…There is something deeply silly about White Nationalists who are all a-tingle for Putin, who, for all his macho charm, does not stand for what we stand for. This silliness is strictly analogous to the White Nationalists who got excited about Ron Paul, or the Tea Party, or Rand Paul. These people are such born followers that they will jump on board a movement that is going in the wrong direction, just for the thrill of being part of something happening. They are so wrapped up the superficial that allow themselves to be cuckolded over and over again by politicians with fundamental ideological disagreements, who are all too willing to cash their checks but otherwise ignore them.

I’ll agree with Greg Johnson here.  That’s what I was saying on his blog long before this Ukraine crisis erupted.  It was OBVIOUS that Putin and Dugin are hostile to racial nationalism and the genetic interests of the Russian people.  Just as obvious that the “libertarianism” of Ron/Rand Paul flies out the window when the subject of race comes up.  Do you REALLY believe that Rand Paul running for President is going to endorse the idea that folks should be allowed freedom of association to discriminate and segregate based on race?

Do you really believe that Putin cares whether Russia in the future is populated by Russian Slavs, or by the flotsam and jetsam of Asia? 

Unfortunately, there are some, including regular writers for Johnson’s blog, who are “movement” activists who are “all a-tingle” for Putin.  So, it’s not only the likes of Dugin who have been totally discredited in this crisis.  

All those in the “movement” onanistically foaming at the mouth over the great Trad Vlad have also been discredited, they should be ashamed of themselves, and do us all a favor and take their piss-poor judgment and quit the “movement” before they mess things up even more then they are now.