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The Future is White

Good essay and video.

See this.

Which is the video version of this.

I have written about racial envy and resentment, which I suspect is the root cause of much anti-White hostility, see here.

One can imagine Negroes in particular being embittered about having to live their lives out as Blacks.
I remember Negro Chris Rock once arguing against the reality that Blacks are catered to and given unfair advantages. To paraphrase: “How many of you White guys would want to be Black? How many of you would want to exchange places with me?”
His illogic is on display there. Just because we recognize that someone has an unfair advantage does not mean we would want to be them. Imagine the wealthy child of a billionaire, born into a life of power and privilege. Now further imagine that child is a sickly retardate. Would you want to be them?
Who would want to be Black? Not many Blacks themselves, I suppose. ‘Sour grapes” is strong with them.

Race Is Everything: More Typical Negro Behavior

Racial realities in the news.

“A tendency towards violence….” Are any of us surprised?

A recent Scientific American had several articles about cities. Cities are the future, don’t you know; cities will be ecologically friendly, recycling wastes, with family-friendly spaces where people can walk or bike to work, which will close to where they live.  And we will have driverless cars!  What efficiency!

Well…no.  And the key is race.

Suburban sprawl and long commutes are due to the fact that most jobs are in the cities, but White folks can’t live in those cities because of Color. So, yes, live in cities and “walk or bike to work” and get attacked by groups of feral Negroes and Hispanics.  Ecologically friendly cities? – look at Detroit, Camden, Baltimore, the Bronx, look at the Colored proclivity for filth and littering and disdain for recycling. And driverless cars?  A new weapon for NEC terrorists.

Race is everything.  Everything.

Race and Culture News, 2/8/17

Several items.

Here is an excellent podcast about David Lynch, whose body of work I also appreciate.

Here are two videos that well represent the Lynchian approach:

The defeated Democrat Presidential candidate unburdens herself, also discussed here. I have previously observed that the Left is unable to learn from the Trump election, and here we see it on display.  It hasn’t occurred to these folks – or more likely they do not care – that their anti-White-man identity politics was a major driver of Trump’s surprise victory.  Keep on bashing the White men and those men – and many White women married to White men – will become more and more bloc voters for the populist Right. The Left will not learn because they cannot learn, and do not wish to do so. Breezy Steve Sailer is correct: the Left is held together by their hatred of White men and so they cannot and will not accept the idea that they need to alter their approach and worldview to become more palatable to White men. So the much-needed division and balkanization will continue.

And another piece of evidence for the Left’s cluelessness: the idea of a “women’s strike.” Err…”ladies” – men do not want to be around hysterical SJW fatties and varied assorted blue-haired freaks and dumpy menopausal hags.  So, a “strike” is something that’s going to backfire, big time.

Speaking of Breezy Steve, one of his few good ideas is using the RICO laws against organized leftist thuggery.  Now’s the time, is it not?  With “God Emperor Trump” as President, and Sessions on track to become Attorney General, why can’t that be done? Why can’t the leftist thugs be declared a terrorist organization, as one online petition calls for? How about actually cutting Berkeley funds? Can Trump do something else than tweet in his bathrobe?

Odds and Ends, 1/26/17

Several items.

Not a happy penguin.  Well, look, those six figure incomes have to come rolling in, after all.

Should Trump restrict his Secret Service protection to White men only?  Is there is clear, factual evidence for immediately distrusting other demographics?

I note that Roissy states that future immigration to America (after a “time out”) should be essentially restricted to “AngloGermanics.”  Actually, my view is somewhat similar; as I’ve written before, any (small amount of) immigration to America should be restricted to (indigenous) Europeans and should reinforce the founding stock and associated groups, with other Europeans allowed proportional to current population.  Thus: British Isles populations > other Northwest Europeans > Italians > Poles > other Southern and Eastern Europeans.  Those admitted should be English-speaking high achievers.

The ironic nature of Roissy’s opinion comes from his other “interests.”  His comical (and sexually ambiguous) worship of Trump is contrasted to his desire to restrict (future) immigration to those peoples who, outside of the South, markedly rejected Der Touchback during the GOP primaries.  Then, Roissy is a confirmed, self-admitted race-mixer, with a fondness for Negro females with “asses that defy gravity.” Thus, one would expect that he would favor Congoid immigration, so as to increase the stock of the Congoid females he can choose from as he “sits poolside.”  But, anyway, yes, AngloGermanics, particularly Anglos, should have immigration preference to the nation that they founded.  We can do without the gravity-defying Negro females however.  Roissy can move to Africa or the West Indies if he prefers the Negro female.  To each his own, as they say.

Diversity in the Windy City

Typical Negro behavior.

See here.

Negro behavior is one of those proximate issues that should in theory induce Whites to pursue their ultimate (i.e., genetic) interests, if for no other reason than to get away from Negroes and other coloreds.

So far though, the White response has been atomized – individual “White flight.”   It needs to be collective and political, and voting for a Negrophilic beta race cuck like Donald J Trump doesn’t cut it.

Meanwhile, speaking of Trump, he has so far been silent about this incident (in which his name featured prominently), while the much-maligned-by-the-right Obama has at least come out to publicly condemn it.

And of course the usual suspects come out to defend Trump’s silence, just as they defend Trump’s slavish pro-Israel attitudes  Cucks gonna cuck, and it’s funny how the folks who point fingers at others as “cuckservatives” do their own major league cucking when one of their Man on White Horse superheroes is involved.

A Clear Case of Negro Superiority

Negro superiority in the racialist sphere.

Read here.

First, note how the NOI is labeled “separatist” (*) while White groups are “supremacist.”  A study of the memes generated by both sides would suggest that those labels should be reversed, but, then, when doesn’t the MSM lie?

The Nation has been largely closed off to outsiders, making it impossible even for those who follow the movement closely to gauge its strength. Neither Farrakhan nor the head minister of the movement’s Mosque Maryam in Chicago, Ishmael Muhammad, responded to interview requests.

White groups on the other hand are completely and naively porous, infiltrated, and have “leaders” who grovel to the media for 15 minutes of fame.

Still, Farrakhan and his message of black empowerment clearly have an ongoing impact. The Million Man March he organized in 1995…

White leaders have trouble organizing dozens.  Yes, I know the System really doesn’t fear their Negro pets and there is a social pricing difference involved.  But still….

…drawing hundreds of thousands to Washington, remains a cultural touchstone, and hip-hop artists praise him in their music. The Nation has an extensive prison ministry, along with health and social service programs, and the movement’s militia, the Fruit of Islam, provides security at public housing and elsewhere.

I’ve previously discussed how the allegedly inferior Negroes have more intelligently organized (**), and have demonstrated more long-term strategic patience, than have “the boys” among the White “movement.”  This is a flaw with HBD and “movement” dogma: “studies” and rhetoric are all well and good, but when push comes to shove, and serious racial politics are at play, Negro racial nationalists out-perform White nationalists by a large margin (***).  The margin is so large it CANNOT all be explained by System preference or social pricing (****).  There’s an underlying difference there.  Is one reason a lack of an internal affirmative action program among the Black dissidents?  Or are they all serious while the Whites are LARPING?  Or are the Negroes genuine while White leaders are “happy penguins” raking in their 170K/year salaries (*****)?  Happy, indeed.

This is a “movement” specific problem.  In almost every other area (except sports), Negro performance is markedly inferior to that of Whites; but when it comes to racial (nationalist) politics and activism, the Negro far outshines the White.  As I’ve said, the fact that the System has its thumb on the scale to favor the Negro is only a part of the explanation, and, in my opinion, NOT the most important part.  The fundamental problem is inherent within Der Movement itself.

That name recognition and high level of organization has left the Nation well situated to take advantage of the current political moment, including the emergence of Black Lives Matter protests over police shootings of black men.

And the White “movement” flops around incoherently even after the gift of Trump, attacking each other over stupidities like “Hailgate.”  Are they squabbling over all dem dere tax exempt donations?  The penguins pecking each other so as to “wet their beaks” (as the lowly swarthoids would say)?

This nonsense will continue until the rank-and-file of White activists demand better, and stop enabling the antics of the quota queens, happy penguins, and the rest of “the boys.”

We need fewer happy penguins and more angry eagles and more vicious vultures.


* The question remains whether these Negroes are truly separatist or whether they simply want to extort more goodies from White SWPL and SJW types.  Do they really want to give up the exploit-Whitey gravy train?

** This in a relative sense, compared to White ineptness. In an absolute sense, the Negroes haven’t made huge progress either. I can clearly remember hearing Negroes talking excitedly after the Million Man March about “we are going to organize across the country and in 10 years we’ll be an unstoppable force.”  Didn’t happen.  The System co-opts the Negro like everyone else.

*** I’m not saying that racial science (forget about HBD flim-flam) is wrong about the Negro. In general, Negroes are far less capable than other races.  But thus the point: if the Negro is so incompetent, and yet they outshine Whites with respect to racial nationalism, what does that say about Der Movement?  Even if one takes into consideration pro-Negro and anti-White external factors, it is still obvious that the White “movement” is shockingly incompetent and ineffective.

**** And not only (economic) social pricing.  Can you even imagine “antifa” types trying to physically break up NOI meetings the same as they do to Der Movement?  The very idea is laughable.  No one dares lift a finger against the Negro, while the White man is considered easy prey, weak and unable to defend himself.

***** I have previously written about how it will be a turning point for Der Movement when full-time activists can lead stable, middle-class existences, since that would be a blow to social pricing, and allow more competent Whites to dedicate themselves to the cause.  To paraphrase Joe Biden: racialism is great, but you can’t eat racialism.  But, alas, it are the wrong activists living an UPPER-middle-class existence.  Brimelow?  And where is the money coming from?  That it is the Jew-friendly Alt Wrong that gets the most donations suggests that Jewish money is a factor there.

Race in the News, 10/14/16

Two items.

As we know, the superior stocks of Northern Europe tend to be taller than the stubby subhuman swarthoid kebabs of Southern Europe.  A study concluded (emphasis added):

First, the Iberian Neolithic and Chalcolithic samples show selection for reduced height relative to both the Anatolian Neolithic (P = 0.042) and the central European Early and Middle Neolithic (P = 0.003). Second, we detect a signal for increased height in the steppe populations (P = 0.030 relative to the central European Early and Middle Neolithic). These results suggest that the modern South–North gradient in height across Europe is due to both increased steppe ancestry in northern populations, and selection for decreased height in Early Neolithic migrants to southern Europe.

Once again, we see that a genetic difference between North and South in Europe was most likely already in place by the Neolithic. That’s actually consistent with much of Der Movement’s heavy breathing about “high-trust” hunter gatherers, and is also consistent with other findings as well.  It is also consistent with the Ancient Romans (including those of earlier periods) noticing profound phenotypic differences between themselves and the Gauls and Germans (including differences in physical dimensions), and the Ancient Greeks noticing differences between themselves and other Europeans as well.  Of course, Der Movement doesn’t want to realize that the Neolithic preceded the Classical World and not the other way around. Can’t let anything disrupt the Narrative – that would be blasphemy.

Typical Negro behavior here.  Multiply incidents like this a million times, and throw in the usual addition of criminal violence, lazy stupidity, and an utter lack of any creativity, productivity, and achievement whatsoever and you have a recipe for complete civilizational collapse.