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More Evidence Supporting a Connection Between Racial Diversity and Autism Prevalence

Causing autism.

Half the increase in prevalence is “unexplained.” Note the increase started to “take off” from the mid-1970s, when the post-1965 alien influx starting being felt throughout America and there was increased diversity experienced not only in “real-life” personal contact but also through exposure to images in the media.
More prevalent among boys – males historically being the ones to defend the tribe against alien incursions. The amygdala is larger in males than in females. Indeed that paper states:

Lastly, autism, a developmental disability that is characterized by significant deficits in emotion, communication, and social interaction, is approximately four times as common in males than in females. The social and emotional deficits in autism have been speculated to result in part from an altered amygdala function in individuals with autism, partly on the basis of similar deficits that have been observed in patients with lesions to the amygdala (Adolphs and others 1995). The link between the amygdala and autism is further supported by neuroimaging evidence that the amygdala in children with autism undergoes abnormal development (Schumann and others 2004).

The amygdala functions in the response to race and skin color, providing a mechanistic connection between racial diversity and autism.  Greater amygdala function is observed both in autism and in response to the racially alien.  Coincidence?

There also seems to be higher autism rates among non-Hispanic White children in the USA.

Are the high rates in South Korea due to exposure to White and Negro Americans since the time of the Korean War?  Hence, in any given majority culture, an influx of aliens and alien images generates the diversity that causes higher prevalence of autism.  Perhaps the higher prevalence will be seen in the children of the aliens themselves, being exposed to novel majority phenotypes?  Diversity harms everyone.
Some evidence suggests that in European countries, autism prevalence has increased along with diversity with no clear link to “MMR vaccines.”  It’s not the vaccines, my friend, maybe it’s the South Asian doctor administrating the vaccine, whose physical appearance damages the amygdala of your child.
Mixed-race/multiracial seem to have high rates of autism. That not only blasts another hole in Zivian “hybrid vigor” flim-flam, but consider the implications. The mixed race have a neural network, including the amygdala, etc., derived from distinct racial groups, and they are being constantly exposed to people of different races, even within the family. Their race-recognition/amygdala “software” will be permanently “scrambled.”
Why hasn’t there been a serious and OBJECTIVE study examining the link between increasing racial diversity and increased autism?  And the racial diversity must be measured not only by actual “on the ground” diversity, but also diverse imagery in the mass media. A White child may live in a predominantly White city, state, or nation. But if they are bombarded with images of alien hominid phenotypes through TV, movies, books, Internet, comics, etc. then the exposure is there. How much autism has been induced for example by flooding the media with images of Malik?  Science is – or should be – about skepticism, and trying to disprove (falsify) hypothesis.  Those that resist falsification are more likely to be true, but we always have skepticism.  However, the testing needs to be fair, thorough, and without political motivations. The diversity-autism link may be false, but it needs to be fairly evaluated. Fat chance of that – and fat chance of finding being release if the link is supported by the evidence.

Racial Liberalism is Equivalent to Brain Damage

Mind control through magnets.

Read here. 

But I would interpret this study another way—modern leftism is a form of brain damage. In order not to see the harmful consequences of mass immigration, you literally have to give yourself a magnetic lobotomy.

That comment is very true. But a question more to the point: ask youself, why was this study done in the first place?

Indeed, one often finds “studies” aimed at controlling “racist” dissent.

Is the System afraid of losing control of the situation?

Addictive Pathological Altruism?

The following is a hypothesis, not “movement” solipsist pontificating.

Both the “movement” and HBDers often discuss the pathological outgroup altruism extant among Europeans, and relatively lacking in other groups.  The HBDers would stress clines of this within Europe itself, with meta-Germanic NW Europeans being more prone to this than other groups (topics discussed at, e.g., Evo and Proud as well as The Occidental Observer).  So, one can view  a major dichotomy with respect to pathological altruism being Europeans vs. non-Europeans, with the Europeans being further divided between NW Europeans and other groups, and the non-Europeans being divided as well (e.g., groups like Jews and East Asians likely being particularly ethnocentric and non-altruistic). Thus:

Northwest Europeans > Other Europeans >>> Most non-European peoples > More extreme non-European ethnocentric types.

Of interest are the mental processes occurring as one moves to the left of that spectrum, in the direction of more maladaptive outgroup altruism. I theorize that the “rewards” are not only social approval or avoidance of “guilt” but, importantly, positive feelings experienced as a result of these behaviors – feelings of euphoria, bliss, calm, lowered stress, etc., possibly mediated by endorphins, varying neurotransmitter levels, decreased stress hormones, etc.  I speculate that ethny-abnegating actions cause a biochemical brain reaction that is experienced positively and may be, in a real sense, addictive.  This may be an aberrant signaling due to imprinted mental feedback that would be more adaptive in a homogeneous society.  For example, in the homogeneous context, a muted form of outgroup altruism, allowing for alliances outside the extended family, would allow for the type of disinterested politics essential for building social capital, to enhance social harmony and, perhaps, to boost individual fitness through adapting the individual to “fit in” better in complex Western societies.  However, in racially diverse, heterogeneous societies, particularly societies in which altruists live among highly ethnocentric non-altruists, this addictive behavior is maladaptive, both on a group and individual level, as it has spiraled out of control.  Being addictive and easily manipulated by a certain Levantine Tribe, the outgroup altrusim is no longer muted, but excessive, and is no longer confined to extra-familial co-ethnics, but to peoples of widely divergent genetic origins.  Indeed, given globalism, even homogeneous nation states can be harmed by excess outgroup altruism, as they would invest heavily in those outside their nation at the expense of those within.  The maladaptive nature of excess outgroup altruism in the context of globalism and multiculturalism is a serious problem for Western Man. 

Of course, unlike the HBDers, I do not propose that these behaviors are purely biologically determined, there are important cultural influences as well. But, there is likely predispositions in different populations to becoming physically addicted to excessive outgroup altruism, and the biological underpinnings of this contribute to the hypothesis presented here.

Hence, racial liberalism can be seen as a form of mental illness, an addiction to certain mental stimuli that, in current environments, decreases fitness. I would predict that the same mental modules that find “release” in acts of ethnoracial masochism would also tend to favor a similar “release” in acts of sexual masochism – the same patterns of abnegation and pleasure in self-denial would obtain.
This analysis (see page 141) suggests that sexual masochism is predominantly a Western phenomenon.  The author proposes certain theories for this, and for the fact that such practices started becoming noticed around 1500 AD.  Those theories may or may not have validity; however, the author’s observations also can be interpreted according to the hypothesis presented here.  Thus, the Western localization of masochism is consistent with the ideas presented in this post – that European peoples are more prone to achieve mental “release” through thoughts and actions that are self-abnegating.  Further, the 1500 AD time point may have biological as well as (as the author suggests) cultural significance – if one accepts Frost’s theories about genetic pacification.  If Westerners were becoming increasingly selected for altruistic, pacified types starting around half-a-millennium ago, then it would not be surprising that submissive and (at least symbolically) self-destructive sexual practices would become more prevalent.  This would tie into the idea that Europeans are prone to become “addicted” to the positive mental feelings induced by acts of self-abnegating outgroup altruism.

The author suggests that there are differences in the predisposition to masochism even within Western societies, with the upper classes demonstrating this more than the lower. Again, these differences can have biological as well as cultural explanations: upper class Westerners, as a group, are likely more pacified, outgroup-altruistic, “over-civilized,” etc. compared to the lower classes. Consider the stereotypes of (1) the effete limousine liberal, the SWPL-style progressive upper-class White oozing with concern with coloreds, contemptuous of other Whites, physically non-aggressive; and (2) the lower class blue collar “White bigot” who displays a more healthy attitude of ethnocentrism and a down-to-earth physicality. Which is more likely to be involved is self-abnegating sexual masochism? Which is more likely to be involved in ethny-abnegating sociopolitical masochism? I would suggest that a similar difference in brain chemistry (albeit possibly of lesser magnitude) would obtain between upper/lower class Whites as between Whites and non-Whites: upper class Whites would experience positive mental feelings as a result of ethnoracial-abnegation, while lower class Whites would more likely feel angry, threatened, and otherwise upset and at unease. There must be differences between people beyond ethnicity and class: hence, racial nationalists would be “constructed” to react to ethnoracial-abnegation with anger and disgust, while racial liberals would feel bliss. Whether these differences extend to interpersonal relations and to the sexual sphere remains to be determined.
A question would be how to deal with all of this.  It would be helpful if biocultural/societal mechanisms can be put into place that would release these positive feelings for adaptive within-group altruism, rather than of the outgroup manner. 

I have no solutions at present, but hope that these theories can evolve into more testable hypotheses, producing data that can be utilized to formulate therapeutic approaches for enhancing European ethnocentrism and a more strictly ingroup altruism.

Indeed, in a perfect world, sufficient funding, coupled to a lack of sociopolitical restrictions, would allow for hard science (not Lynnian pseudoscience) research on neurobiology and biochemical psychiatry to determine the neurological pathways underlying the mechanisms outline here (assuming they exist as proposed).  The objective would be to design methods to repress negative outcomes such as excessive outgroup altruism and topromote positive, healthy, and adaptive outcomes, such as increased ingroup altruism, intolerance, ethnocentrism, and racism.