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A Method to the “Madness”

A message they do not like to hear.

Every once in a while, I like to step back and explain to the readers of this blog the underlying reason I often engage in ridicule of Der Movement and of “movement leadership,” why I continuously focus on the Trump fiasco and the “movement’s” lickspittle pro-Trumpism, why I continuously critique the “movement’s” affirmative action policy, and why I always point out the error and hypocrisy of the quota queen “leadership.”

Is it because I’m “crazy and bitter?”  “Insane” – as libelous defamers claim?  No. Just like stirring the pot for no reason?  No.  Am just, as the Alt Righters would say, a “black piller?’’ No.

Now, I’ve been involved in “this thing of ours” for more than twenty years; actually by now a full quarter-century.

Contrary to the breathless accounts of the Alt Right, and contrary to self-interested “movement leaders” who inflate their “successes” to both boost their fragile egos and to boost their bank accounts by encouraging tin cup handouts, I’ve seen very little progress (if at all) in this time-frame.  The “movement” is on a treadmill, going nowhere fast, squandering opportunity after opportunity, wasting precious time, and, worst of all, making the exact same mistakes over and over and over again: the Man on White Horse Syndrome, the selfish feuding between “movement leaders,” the cross-accusations of who is a “Jew” or a “CIA asset,” meanwhile allowing real destructive infiltrations to take place, the lack of any strategic vision or plan whatsoever, the lack of any quality control leading to taking in absolute defective dregs, the same fossilized dogmas regurgitated again and again…I can go on, but you get the picture.

If White interests are, ultimately tied to the success or failure of racial activism, then the abovementioned state of affairs must end, or Whites as a race will end. The “movement” has such a momentum of failure, the faults are such an inherent part of its character (“baked in” one can say), that I have stated, and continue to state, that the Old Movement has to go, and be replaced by a New Movement. But whether we ultimately must get a New Movement, or have radical reform of the Old, the bottom-line is the same: the Old Movement must be subjected to a relentless barrage of critique and ridicule, underlying its flaws and identifying those responsible. “Business as usual” will be the end of racial activism as an end to Whites themselves.

So, a major mission of this blog is to shine a disinfecting light on the stupidities of Der Movement, Inc. and its inept affirmative action “leadership.”  There must be identification of problems and there must be accountability for failed “leadership.”  And, when appropriate, solutions must be given.  But those solutions will never be considered if the problems are not acknowledged, and those responsible for those problems will never truly acknowledge them because that means they’ll eventually be held accountable for their responsibility in creating the problems and/or allowing those problems to fester for years or even decades.

Will rubbing the noses of Der Movement activists in the inanities and betrayals of Trump prevent another Man on White Horse fiasco?  Maybe, maybe not – but one must try.  When this blog holds the quota queens accountable for their piss-poor performance, are any of the rank-and-file listening?  Likely only very few, but a few are better than none. One does what one can.  

If you do not hold failure accountable, all you will get is more failure. How many more wasted years and decades are you willing to accept?

Of course, the ones who are criticized do not appreciate it.  Of course they object.  After all, these criticisms have the potential of undermining their status in the “movement” and, perhaps more important from their perspective, threatens the flow of supporter donations. We certainly can’t have that!  Indeed, based on self-declared fund-raising “victories” as well as publicly available databases, we observe that some of these Quota Queens are doing very well indeed. I can think of one of them who is in the top 7% of wage earners in America!  They tend to cluster in expensive coastal blue state locales (while extolling the wonders of red state flyover country to their supporters) and tend to have lifestyles beyond that of many of their supporters.  Of course they don’t want to hear criticism; of course they don’t want that gravy train threatened.  They’ll even stoop to engaging in legally actionable defamation in order to discredit their critics.  Accountability?  They don’t need no stinkin’ accountability!  Why, responsibility and accountability are for lesser mortals, for all you suckers out there sending in your hard-earned shekels.

All of you rank-and-file activists out there cannot say you haven’t been warned. The thing is that all you need to do at this point is just this…nothing.  Don’t support the Quota Queens. Don’t send them money.  Don’t write for them, don’t leave comments at their blogs, don’t defend them.  Can you do nothing?  Do you have enough sense and self-control for that?

Apostate Woes

And other news.  Some notes on scifi.

Read this utter nonsense.  That represents the archetype of the stereotypical silly, superficial, moronic, and childish apostate from Far Right politics.

First, we note that this individual’s involvement in Far Right politics was motivated by personal issues, not by ideology nor by any sort of deep ideological commitment and intellectual thought process. These types are always motivated by personal problems, a need to “belong,” a need to “rebel” against family and society, a childish need to “shock “and draw attention to themselves in a narcissistic, infantile manner. Thus, if they no longer have their personal issues, or if they discover that their Far Right comrades are more interested in actualizing political and metapolitical goals rather than being a social worker for defective losers, or if these types satisfy their person needs and mask their inadequacies through other activities, then they no longer require, or depend upon, their masquerade as a “Far Right activist.”  As there was never any authentic ideological motivation or commitment, the loss of their personal need for self-validation through rightist politics results in repudiation of their insincere belief system.  Indeed, they lash out at authentic Far Right activists who they see as “failing them,” rather than understanding that the reverse is true.  Truly pathetic.

Second, such specimens exhibit a truly childish worldview in which the objective Threat of Color must mean that every single Colored on the face of the Earth is a hostile, White-hating, criminal monster. Thus, finding some Colored individuals, even just one, who do not behave as depraved monsters is sufficient for these faux-activists to decide that the entire Colored Threat is false. This is reflective of their navel-gazing, highly personal view of rightist politics.  It’s not that masses of Coloreds, on a global level, are a threat to White racial interests; oh no, their focus is on how individual Coloreds interact with them personally.  Meet a single friendly Negro who doesn’t bash your head in and steal your wallet and your entire racial worldview immediately evaporates.  All of the objective facts that ostensibly motivated your political activism evaporate if some non-White nods hello to you on the street.  It sounds ludicrous, but this is actually the “epiphany” that many of these airheaded nitwits actually have.

Ultimately, the objection of these apostates is that have been personally disappointed by the “movement.”  It didn’t satisfy their personal and private needs and wants. Of course,the same can be said, to a lesser degree, of non-apostates who simply, quietly drop out of the “movement” “scene” without making a fuss about it.  I remember being quite stunned by one drop-out of WN 1.0 analog activism who explained himself to me thus  -“they (note: his “movement” colleagues) only pretended to like me because of the work I was doing for the group, they didn’t like me for who I am; they didn’t care about me as a person.”  Not wanting to be rude, and not wanting to add to his “emotional trauma,” I hid how shocked I was by that comment, but I remember thinking – of course that is true, how could you ever been so naive to believe otherwise?  

Why do people working together on a project, for a cause, have to like each other, and be genuine, caring friends?  That seems to me to be a quite feminine attitude – we all must hold hands, tiptoe through the tulips, and agonize about our “feelings.” No. Employees at a company do not have to like each other, players on a sports team do not have to like each other, faculty in an academic department do not have to like each other, students in the same class do not have to like each other, and people collaborating in a “movement” do not have to like each other either. Any friendships and/or relationships that develop are a byproduct, a side-effect, of the official interaction; it is not required or in any way necessary. Likewise, a “movement” does not have to satisfy the personal needs and desires of an activist. If it does so, that’s great, but it is no necessary (granted, the “movement” must not repulse its activists, but the lack of a negative is not the same as the presence of a positive).  

Anyone who leaves a “movement” because of personal disappointment in how it affected them in the sense of not fixing their deep-seated issues is not the sort of person who should have been involved in that “movement” to begin with. The problem is not Normal Lowell. The problem is the idiot who wrote that article.

This is one reason I vehemently oppose the “big tent” strategy supported by poor judgment, failed Quota Queen “leaders.” Yes, we should have outreach.  Yes, we need to recruit.  Yes, we need to reach out to the White masses.  Yes, eventually, we want a mass movement. But, the leadership cadre, the activist core, the human material that makes up your movement – assuming it is a real movement and not a fraud – need to be high quality, genuine, authentic, ideologically committed and serious people. The typical Der Movement approach of accepting any and all Whites who can fog a mirror held up to their nose and who can mumble memorized gibbering of fossilized “movement” dogma is a recipe for failure. Particularly, accepting any and all “youth,” including and especially troubled teenagers and young adults, people who are so pathetically eager for acceptance and belonging, people whose ONLY positive characteristic is being White and ostensibly on board “the movement train,” without any other positives to contribute, this is an error.  There needs to be a long apprenticeship, a seasoning, a series of trials and tests, before a person is fully accepted.

Well, well, well – the Millennial Woes scandal. Sallis right, Johnson wrong. Sallis is Milady-skeptic, Sallis promotes MGTOW, Sallis questions the presence of women in the “movement,” Sallis demands we have standards for leadership instead of affirmative action, Sallis opposes the “big tent approach.”  Johnson takes the opposite view on those issues.

I have to say I know little about this Millennial Woes person.  My understanding is – and if I am wrong I stand corrected and I do apologize – is that he is a cigarette-smoking bisexual Millennial Scottish WN 2.0 Alt Righter who makes videos and speaks at Far Right conferences. He apparently is on good relations with Johnson, and is apparently very well known among WN 2.0 Alt Right circles (which is why I know little about him, given that I am vehemently opposed to WN 2.0 and the Alt Right).

In any case, in summary, this latest “movement” humiliation and Quota Queen dust-up involves the Millennial Woes (who is openly known as Colin Robertson) scandal, which apparently has to do with some yeastbucket complaining about Robertson, re: something sexual, and Collett investigating while Robertson steps away from activism (at least for now). Apparently, Gaslighting Greg Johnson is taking a pro-Woes position while crazed ethnofetishist Colin Liddell is hostile.  Apparently the two Colins have had a falling out.  

Far from it for me to be a “low information moralizer;” so since I know nothing more about this than what is stated above, and since I don’t have a dog in the fight to care enough to learn more, I’ll limit my comments to broad generalities:

1. I could say this is what happens when you let women involved in “movement” “activism.”  But that would be unfair since (a) homosexual sexual harassment occurs in WN 2.0 as revealed by Pilleater, and (b) point 2 below.

2. I remember the WN 1.0 analog meetings we knuckle-dragging Nutzi Neanderthal Boomers and Gen Xers were having back in the 90s. There were women at those meetings.  Somehow, there were never any scandals of either the heterosexual or homosexual nature.  Fancy that.  It’s almost as if – perish the thought! – WN 2.0 is far inferior to WN 1.0 in human material and in the seriousness and judgment of its participants.  It’s almost as if – gasp! – Millennials and other paragons of “youth” act like jackasses.  

3. This is hypocrisy.  See this for what I mean by that.  Simply outrageous, particularly in the context of the previous links. A completely bizarre and cringeworthy tweet. Milady objects. Go to CC meetings at your own risk as well, Pilleater.

4. Once again, Der Movement is humiliated.  And you can’t say you haven’t been warned here at this blog (and at Western Destiny) of what an utter disaster the “movement” was, is, and always will be.  Now, WN 1.0 was indeed an utter failure and a humiliating disaster, but WN 2.0 is infinitely worse, essentially 2.0 repeats the errors of 1.0 and then adds its own layers of tragicomic stupidity. It may very well be true that Millennial Woes did nothing wrong; it may very well be mendacious yeastbucketism. It doesn’t matter. Having these WN 2.0ers publicly humiliate themselves with their drama and scandals and feuds does damage to pro-White activism, regardless of the details underlying it all.

Johnsonian hypocrisy:

Embittered people like Colin Liddell are now functionally indistinguishable from antifa. 

I despise Liddell, but that from Johnson is unfair and hypocritical.  After all, Spencer can say the same about Johnson and his obsessive critiques of Richie Rich.  Why is it that people like Johnson, who promote the idea of “punching right,” have glass jaws when it comes to criticism of themselves and their friends?  Liddell has just as much right (no pun intended) to “punch right” as does Johnson. Third party observers can judge for themselves who they believe is correct or incorrect.

All of these individuals – Johnson, Spencer, Colin Robertson, Colin Liddell, Steadman, Parrott and Heimbach, Brimelow and Derbyshire, Forney and Friberg, all of the HBDers and “race realists” (Taylor, KMacD, etc.),  Anglin and Roissy, Duke and Strom, the great man on the mountaintop (*) and his feuding rival Covington, Gliebe and the swastika-soled boots, all of them – should be observed with bemusement, from a distance, from the viewpoint of a third party observer. Taking sides in these feuds and scandals is a useless exercise, because BOTH sides in each case are no damn good. A pox on both their houses. The only reasonable interpretation of this latest nonsense is that it is yet another reason to eschew Der Movement, Inc. and look toward a New Movement.  

Instead of giving those grifters money, donate to Salter instead.  On Genetic Interests alone is more valuable than all the “work” of those aforementioned “activists” put together.  

*I will say this though, for all my criticism of Pierce and his behavior and ideology, it is true that American White nationalism collapsed after his death and never recovered.  And it appears the UK is not any better.  Was the death of Pierce the real end – or at least the beginning of the end – of the WN 1.0 era?  Then there was a brief interregnum, and the rise of Spencer and Johnson (more feuding rivals) marked the rise of WN 2.0.  

Original hypothesis – given the level of neoteny in East Asians, “White male yellow fever” sexual interest in East Asian females is sublimated pedophilia.

New insight – given the relative lack of sexual dimorphism in East Asians, “White male yellow fever” sexual interest in East Asian females is sublimated homosexuality.

New synthesis, updated hypothesis – given the combination of neoteny and relative lack of sexual dimorphism in East Asians, “White male yellow fever” sexual interest in East Asian females is sublimated pederasty. 

Is “yellow fever” masking a desire to have sex with underage boys?  Does this mean that HBD is sublimated pederasty?  Are there psychological and biometric analyses that can be performed to test these hypotheses?

Typical nonsense. The best science fiction writer (by far) is the late Gene Wolfe. Nothing that anyone else has written surpasses The Book of the New Sun. That book series is the scifi/fantasy equivalent of Moby Dick. And in actuality, Bradbury’s best work is a non-scifi novel, Dandelion Wine, about an America long gone. Dune (which I have read, and saw the movie and miniseries), is a very good book, but nothing compared to Wolfe’s best. van Vogt’s Voyage of the Space Beagle is good stuff. For more light-hearted fare, Jack Vance is unsurpassed; beginners should start with his Dying Earth short tales, which have been criticized by feminists as too male-oriented, which should be the best seal of approval there is. Vance’s novels involving Cugel (one of the greatest characters in scifi/fantasy history) are first rate and hilarious, and Planet of Adventure is excellent, as are his Demon Princes stories, particularly the finale, The Book of Dreams. Asimov is over-rated, but his Foundation series is indeed excellent, and thought-provoking from a broad civilizational view. There are many other great scifi books and writers. Conflating the best to Herbert and Bradbury is absurd.

This picture does not inspire confidence in current coronavirus research.

I agree with what Johnson says here.

The American Right has morally and intellectually discredited itself with its reaction to the corona pandemic.

Very true, but as any reader of EGI Notes well knows, you read that here first, many weeks before Johnson’s belated epiphany.  The few times the Quota Queens write or say anything useful, there are far behind the curve of this blog.

And of course, by letting deranged scum like “Stronza” post comments on his moderated blog, Johnson himself must be counted among the rightists who have been so discredited.

It’s just the flu, bro!

The biography of Jack Ma?  ET phone home!

Not good enough, Trump. Please release the data.  I believe it, but how can we all build treason evidence against HBD without the stone cold facts?  Keep in mind that EGI Notes was among the first Far Right blogs promoting the “Chinese lab release” paradigm (while the HBD filth were promoting Chinese government propaganda lies about a fictional “American bioweapon.”

A better title – can you trust Der Movement?

I have a distinct dislike for the journalistic class as a whole. They do not so much report news as collectively make the news, according to a peculiar pack mentality, which combines commonly-agreed designated good guys and bad guys, but also sometimes brutal and erratic shifts collective opinion, not according to the whims of an official chief, but a strange and disturbing hive mind.

A better version:

I have a distinct dislike for Der Movement as a whole. It does not so much report the truth about race as collectively distort the truth, according to a peculiar Nordicist and/or HBD pack mentality, which combines commonly-agreed designated good ethnies and bad ethnies, but also sometimes brutal and erratic shifts collective opinion, not according to the whims of an official chief, but a strange and disturbing hive mind.

Der Race and Der Movement in Der News


I do not disagree with any of this.  But it does not go far enough.  Everyone who took Heimbach seriously is an idiot.  Anyone who took seriously Heimbach associates like Parrott is an idiot. That’s a lot of people in Der Movement, including some of your vaunted “leaders,” and, yes, some of the people pointing fingers at Heimbach today. How soon the rank-and-file forgets.  I, alas, do not.

That’s why EGI Notes at least has consistency. I have long maintained that the ENTIRE “movement” is a pathetic joke, which is why a significant portion of the efforts here are dedicated to mocking and ridiculing said “movement,” with the aim of deconstructing it and exposing it for what it is. Once the niche space of Far Right activism is opened up for a New Movement, then real progress can be made.

Do I believe that will happen?  No.  In all likelihood, we’re doomed, with the buffoonish “movement” providing comic – tragicomic – relief amongst the chaos.

Black Man – note this.  It is time for the Black Man to stand up and DEMAND access to China and all that China has to offer.  China is the Promised Land for the Black African. It is time for the Black Man to seize what is rightfully his – the land, resources, and females of China.

Read this. Emphasis added:

Group identity, we see repeatedly, is not exclusively human. Sperm whales learn and announce their group identity. Young fruit bats learn the dialects of the crowds they’re in. Ravens know who’s in, who’s out. Too many animals to list know what group, troop, family or pack they belong with. In Brazil, some dolphins drive fish toward fishermen’s nets for a share of the catch. Other dolphins don’t. The ones who do, sound different from the ones who don’t. Various dolphin groups who specialise in a food-getting technique won’t socialise with other groups who use different techniques. And orca whales, the most socially complex non-humans, have layered societies of pods, clans and communities, with community members all knowing the members of all their constituent pods, but each community scrupulously avoiding contact with members of another community.

Sounds real xenophobic and all.  Group identity is important – who would have ever guessed? Want to bet there are genetic differences between these groups, including enhanced kinship within the group?

 All this social organisation is learned from elders.

Animal Boomers.

Elders appear important for social learning of migratory routes. Various storks, vultures, eagles and hawks all depend on following the cues of elders to locate strategic migration flyways or important stopover sites.

No, no, a thousand times no!  The Millennial and Generation Z storks, vultures, eagles and hawks know better!  They use smart phones to migrate.

The crazed madness of the high trust northern hunter gatherers.  Rights for jellyfish!  Stop breeding your dogs!  Let them choose their partners!  Gay dogs!  Trans dogs!  Female Chinese dogs abusing HBD White male dogs!

Vegan dogs!  A lifestyle choice!  How about metrosexual vegan dogs who support Feline Rights?  Let the dogs run free!  And, hey, if they attack someone, bite, if they maul and kill children, it’s, like, you know, an evolving interaction between humans and animals!  Vibrant diversity!  Canine Supremacy!

Really now.  I’m sorry, ”movement,” but your Nordo-Herrenvolk are nuts. They’ve gone off the deep end, they need a bit of pragmatic realism from hard-headed greasy swarthoids and slant-eyed mongolslavs. Der Master Race belongs in a nut house. This is the same madness that results in SJWism, Merkel’s “yes we can,” dreadlocked German sea captain whores crashing ships into Italian harbors to offload invading Third World scum, Hubert Humphrey groveling to Martin King, John Brown, abolitionists, John Lindsay siding with Blacks and Hispanics against White New Yorkers, the whole bit.

Another contribution of milady to the scientific work on The China Plague.

It’s Der Movement:

The chip is a huge improvement on what they already had.
The other point is simply to make vaccines mandatory, so that they can poison more people and lower IQs.

I always envision people like this (including “women”) as looking like Matt Heimbach and being on all sorts of maintenance medication.  Hey!  Maybe there’s some of dem dere microchips in your Adderall and statins!  Is your blood pressure meds lowering your IQ?  Something obviously is.  Maybe it’s all that fast food you’re shoveling down your gullet. Poison!

I’m shocked, shocked , I tell ya!

Another clueless rightist

The lockdown has demonstrated that you can impart knowledge just as effectively over a computer, but then the purpose of modern academia is not to impart knowledge. It’s to provide sinecures for man-bunned lefty academics and bureaucrats and allow them access to the soft, bendable minds of our young.

That is what passes for right-wing “thinking” and “logic.”  Note to Der Right: If you can impart knowledge effectively over a computer (and you can) you can just as effectively “access…the soft, bendable minds of our young” over a computer.  Do you think that “diversity training” and “critical race theory studies” have suddenly stopped just because classes are online?  Why is the Right always so breathtakingly stupid and naïve?

Richard Spencer?

Pink-frilled Republican becoming less pink?  Hannity is correct; China infected the world. Graham is correct. Sanction China. The Chinese people are conducting a remorseless war of genocidal extermination against humanity. Interesting how mainstream conservatives are more correct on this issue than are certain elements of the “Far Right” who are, as you read this, bending over with their pants down, awaiting proper attention.

Looking Forward to the 2020 Election

Some sense.

Some in Der Movement tell us that “the Alt Right memed Donald Trump into the Presidency,” while others admit that’s not true. Some claim that since there is some fraction of the White population that “hold political views somewhat sympathetic to that of the Alt Right,” then Der Movement can influence the election, others claim that this is nonsense and that the “movement” will be completely irrelevant to the election’s outcome.  Some say we should hope for a Trump victory, others are openly promoting Trump’s defeat. Some predict an easy Trump victory, others say that “Trump is toast no matter what” and that he will “lose in a landslide.”

Let’s consider together. In outline form:

1. Anyone who tries to predict the outcome of the 2020 election today (or worse, even earlier, say, last year) is really an unmitigated idiot (if the shoe fits…). And anyone who not only makes a prediction, but makes it in a dogmatic fashion (e.g., “Trump is toast no matter what…he will lose in a landslide”) is obviously a political retardate with less good judgment than highway roadkill (again, if the shoe fits…). The intelligent approach is to plan contingencies for either outcome, instead of acting like a know-it-all ignorant jackass.

2. I never believed that the Alt Right had any significant effect on the 2016 election whatsoever (apart perhaps from causing Clinton to make her stupid “basket of deplorables” comment) and I certainly don’t think that Der Movement will significantly affect the outcome in 2020 (other than, possibly, by acting stupidly and allowing Trump to be smeared by a non-existent connection between himself and Der Movement). Even if there is some fraction of the White population that “hold political views somewhat sympathetic to that of the Alt Right,” these people are NOT going to vote dependent upon what Der Movement says.  Just because “Joe and Jill Sixpack” may have some inchoate Alt Right beliefs that does not mean that they are going to vote for Trump because Jef Costello says so or not vote for Trump because Richard Spencer says so or believe that “Trump is toast no matter what” because Greg Johnson says so.  Most of those “Sixpack” types  have never heard of any of those great and good Quota Queens, so let’s not have delusions that The Master of Disaster or Gaslighting Greg or Mudshark Annie’s Breakfast Butler are going to be kingmakers.

3. In the short term, a Trump victory is good for us, and a defeat will be bad. I am not a believer in the moronic “worse is better” thesis as a general rule. Whites are not like other races; thus, Whites can take racial and cultural abuse unlimited without properly reacting. Worse is, in most cases, simply worse. The damage that will be done to White American interests by a Democrat Presidential victory in 2020 is clear; Trump may be a weak, vulgar, retarded traitor; but any of the Democrats candidates will, as President, work tirelessly and effectively to wreck White America.  

More to the point, I am skeptical that Der Movement, in its present form, can survive the attacks that will result from a Democratic administration, which would amplify anti-Right persecution. Because of the tragicomic ineptness of Der Movement’s affirmative action Quota Queen “leadership,” because of the retarded stupidity of the majority Type I rank-and-file, because of the lack of any meaningful infrastructure and the lack of anyone with any sense of good judgment and strategic planning, and because of all of the freaks and the defectives and the grifters, the “movement” is exceedingly fragile. It has zero resiliency. It may not be 100% destroyed – something difficult enough for any decentralized dissident activity – but it can be rendered functionally harmless (I mean, even compared its laughable state today); so it can be functionally destroyed, if not literally.  It may take a generation to rebuild American racial activism in such a scenario, if there is not any pre-existing infrastructure of a New Movement already in place. I’m sure the Quota Queens have no contingency planning for this scenario, other than to grift for money and engage in embarrassing stupidities. 

Keep in mind that a Trump victory, however it may be immediately beneficial short term, merely “kicks the can down the road” for another four years. Come 2024, we’ll be in the same quandary, because even if Trump wins, it is almost guaranteed that Der Movement will waste the next four years in the same manner they’ve wasted the last four. They will have accomplished nothing, done nothing, built nothing, planned nothing, and thus we’ll be in the same situation in 2024 as we are in with 2020, except another four precious years would have been wasted.

So, unless Der Movement is replaced by a New Movement, unless the next four years are used to rebuild racial activism from the ground up, even a Trump victory is nothing more than delaying the inevitable reckoning by four years.

Some may say – “But we thought you always advocate for Der Movement being destroyed?”  Yes, but I want Der Movement destroyed from within, by Far Right activists, and replaced by a New Movement, not destroyed from without by the System and replaced by nothing.  Der Movement is so weak and pathetic that the latter is a real possibility, and since Der Movement currently has a near monopoly on (American) racial activism, the System-caused outside-in death of Der Movement under current circumstances may wreck the chances for White racial activism, as a whole, for a generation.  And we don’t have a generation to waste.  Enough time, many decades, have already been wasted.

True, in the long term, it is necessary to politically punish traitors like Trump and the GOP. But that requires a healthy, real movement to be in existence. So, what about the argument of some Quota Queens that it is necessary to “destroy the GOP” and so “Trump must be defeated?” I have myself argued for the destruction of the Republican Party, as part of the Sallis Strategy. The question is whether this is something to be hoped for in 2020 (as written above, I doubt that the Far Right has much influence, but it can at minimum hope and advocate).  The problem is that the Quota Queens advocating for Trump’s defeat and the end of the GOP are the same ones who have created a situation in which such a Republican defeat would be exceedingly dangerous for the “movement.” These are the people who have so wrecked the “movement,” who have made it so weak and fragile, that I’m not confident it can withstand a liberal Democrat-dominated, GOP-less political scenario. The Master of Disaster is one of the leading voices on the Far Right calling for Trump’s defeat and the political destruction of the GOP, and I can’t think of anyone else who has done more to so damage the “movement” so as to make a Democrat victory an existential danger for Der Movement’s existence in its current form (i.e., with a significant open, above ground component). They themselves are responsible for making the outcome they advocate completely untenable.

4. What to do?  I have already discussed many times what needs to be done – the triad of true metapolitics, real world electoral politics, and real community building and infrastructure, all through a New Movement based on quality fundamentals.  

If Trump wins, there will be a four year window to get something done; however, I doubt anything will be done. Further, there needs to be planning now for the eventuality of a Trump loss, but I doubt anything like that is happening either.

Ultimately, the “movement’s” grifting, incompetent, affirmative action Quota Queen “leadership” needs to be deposed and replaced by an authentic, sincere, competent merit -based leadership. Do I expect that to happen?  NO.

5. What will happen?  Essentially nothing positive from Der Movement.  Events will unfold independent of whatever Der Movement says or does (unless they do something very stupid and destructive). I am profoundly pessimistic.  We do not have the requisite human material at all levels, particularly “leadership,” we do not have the proper ideology, we have no infrastructure, we have nothing.  Unless there is radical change, the only hope for long term survival is the rhizome structure of groupuscules. But even that will need to struggle against persecution.  2020 or 2024…the future looks grim.