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4/23/16: A Question For the Esteemed and Respected Mr. John Derbyshire

One question.

Sir: who did “Rosie” vote for?

After all, in a previous election, the Derb unburdened himself thus about familial politics:

And then there is that other fruit of my loins, Miss Nellie Derbyshire, who actually is old enough to vote for the first time. Though she is cagey about her intentions, I know an Obama voter when I see one. As futile as it may be in New York state—a foregone conclusion, election-wise—Nellie’s vote needs to be countered, if only for the sake of the nation’s popular-vote totals.

To be fair, Derb’s other “fruit” – the high-IQ macho military man – supported (as, apparently, did Derb himself) the “conservative Republican” ultra-cuckservative Mitt Romney – you know, the plastic phony who straps dogs to the tops of cars, and who now denounces Trump.  And, hey, in this case VDARE is right – he really is a Mormon!

It’s Getting Almost Comical

The 2016 GOP primaries have become almost a parody of the Lind hypothesis.

Trump was always supposed to win New York. Yet the scope of tonight’s win was surprising. As of this writing, Trump is hovering around 60% of the vote in his home state, with Ted Cruz a distant third under 15%. Cruz will win no delegates from New York, while Trump looks like he will capture over 90 over New York’s 95 delegates. 

In terms of momentum, this is a dramatic shift. The contest moves to Northeastern states where Trump’s only real competition is John Kasich, who thus far has only won his home state of Ohio. Polls show Trump has a lead in every Northeastern state yet to vote and it’s hard to imagine Cruz rebounding in any of these areas.

In Staten Island, Trump’s margin of victory was remarkable:

Trump, who visited the Island on Sunday, got an astounding 80 percent of the vote here…

…Local Republicans gathered at Giovanni’s Trattoria in Eltingville, where Ron Castorina Jr. celebrated his victory in his unopposed race for state Assembly. 
Castorina is a Trump supporter, as is Councilman Joe Borelli, whose former Assembly seat Castorina was just elected to. Borelli (R-South Shore) is a co-chair for Trump’s campaign in New York and was in Manhattan for the big win. 
Pleasantly surprised by Trump’s big win in the 11th CD, GOP Chair John Antoniello said, “It’s pretty awesome, for any candidate in any election to get 80 percent. That’s a landslide by far.”

Lind, Lind, where art thou, Lind? Apparently, Lind is safely in the Reality Gap, having escaped the collapse of the Ethnic Gap. HBD and Der Movement can, of course, continue to talk about “Mormons” and the incoherent ramblings of triracial Jamaicans. 

The truth of this blog vs. “movement” and HBD dishonesty – which do you prefer, reader?

Pre-Primary NY Stats

The usual.

Here’s the trouble for Trump: Each of New York’s 27 congressional districts has three delegates to award. If the Donald clears 50 percent in a district, he lays claim to all three — but if he comes in anywhere below that threshold, even at 49 percent, he collects two delegates, and the runner-up takes one. According to a Politico poll released last week, Trump runs up big margins in Long Island, Brooklyn, Queens, and Staten Island, but he’s stuck around 40 percent in many districts upstate. And then there are districts like Charlie Rangel’s up in Harlem, where the race will be decided by, approximately, two Republican families. The Politico poll suggests that Cruz and Kasich could scoop up as many as 24 of the state’s 95 delegates. With Trump’s path to a pre-convention majority already claustrophobically narrow, the front-runner has to hope that late-deciders upstate give him a few more district-level landslides.

I’m shocked, shocked.

Just about time for VDARE to talk about “upstate NY Mormons.”