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Initial 2020 Election Commentary

Not over yet…

My pre-election prediction.  Will I be wrong once again?  I hope so, and I will gladly admit it, repeatedly, for the next four years, if the obese retard Trump can pull out a victory.  Unlike the prancing Quota Queens, I can admit when I am wrong.

I am writing my analysis this morning, November 4, when nothing is settled.  My understanding is at this time:

  • Biden has a narrow lead in established electoral votes.
  • Trump has the lead in swing states, including Pennsylvania.  I have read where the polls there in PA closed prematurely once Trump started racking up a lead; in any case, the “counting” of “late main-in-ballots” in PA is, of course, ripe for fraud, particularly there is an established history of mail-in-Trump-ballots being thrown away in Pennsylvania.  The election is in the process of being stolen.  
  • Trump, being Trump, has (prematurely, but wisely) has declared “victory.”  This can set the stage for refusing to concede if the election is stolen.
  • It is seeming increasingly unlikely for the Democrats to flip the Senate, but given the mail-in-vote fraud, we cannot rule it out 100%.  This is almost as important as the Presidential election.
  • Arizona, which brought us the Far Left demagogue John McCain, is becoming “blue,” thanks to immigration, and, perhaps, due to the influx of High Trusters from California and the East Coast.
  • The Left is already becoming violent.  Does Trump – regardless of the election outcome – have any excuse not to crack own now?
  • Given the closeness of the election – polling has failed again! – and the blatant Democrat attempts to steal the election, my advice to Trump becomes ever more important.  IF THE ELECTION IS STOLEN, TRUMP SHOULD NOT CONCEDE.  
  • The EGI Notes view:  Donald Trump is the rightful winner of the 2020 Presidential election, given his lead in swing states that are based on in-person voting and in on-time-main-ins. Therefore any change in that status is clear evidence that the election was stolen.  Resist!  Unlike the Left, our resistance should be legal and non-violent, but we must use all legal means possible to stop the stealing of the election.

Obviously, I will comment more in the coming days as things become more definitive. 

But, hey, no worries, whatever happens, we can be comforted that Greg Johnson of Counter-Currents will react to the rapidly changing situation of modern day America by giving us – in his own words – “more of the same.” Whew!  How can anyone beat that level of careful strategic planning, tactical flexibility, and adaption to contingencies? That’s one of your vaunted “movement” “leaders.”  See any affirmative action yet, “Lovecraft’s Cat?”

See this.  It is interesting that I, like Johnson, endorsed Trump and hoped for his re-election, and for many of the same reasons.  Thus, I am well situated to criticize Johnson’s piece, since I am not doing in from an anti-Trump “wignat” perspective.  Johnson’s piece is confused – are we talking about supporting Trump specifically or Republicans in general (like John McCain?  Mitt Romney?).  Are we talking about “wignats” only – a numerically tiny population that is not going to affect the election in any meaningful way – or Whites in general?  

Excerpts, and responses:

In 2016, Donald Trump ran as a populist and won.

Remember when Johnson repeatedly insisted that Trump could have won on a Jeb Bush platform – his victory being solely based on his personality?  I, of course, opposed that view. Now, the fundamentally dishonest Johnson admits that Trump won in 2016 running as a populist.

…Trump’s white base — especially the white, working-class swing voters who put him over the top in the Midwest — were basically taken for granted.

For race-conscious whites, it was infuriating. Naturally, a lot of us decided that maybe we should sit this election out and show Trump that we are not going to be taken for granted. The Republicans are going to have to engage in white identity politics if they are to get white votes. Maybe if we tank Trump’s reelection and deliver the Senate to the Democrats as well, they’ll finally take us seriously. 

I was going to write that is a strawman argument, but, true enough, some other Quota Queens did take that position.

 “Wignat” stands for “wigger nationalist” and refers to White Nationalists who are handicapped by low IQs and high time preferences. 

Counter-Currents writers and commentators?

Why do Republicans pander to non-whites but scrupulously avoid addressing specifically white interests?…But wouldn’t Republicans gain even more votes if they followed the Sailer strategy and just focused on increasing their share of the white vote, perhaps by making explicit appeals to white identity politics?…The Republicans obviously think not. Why?…Republicans believe that if they don’t pander to minorities, they will lose more white votes than they would gain. Republicans, moreover, believe that if they explicitly appeal to white interests, they will also lose more white votes than they will gain. It’s all about the white vote in the end.

That’s Johnson’s major insight here. The problem though is that it doesn’t go far enough. Johnson views the situation as unidirectional – that the Republicans merely react to the sociopolitical and moral views of White Americans.  What the limited-mentality Johnson fails to realize that it is bidirectional. The White electorate also are influenced by Republican politicians (just look at the effect of Trump’s 2016 populism in legitimizing certain aspects of Alt Lite civic nationalism among some fraction of the White population).  Politicians have a forum, a bully pulpit, to influence the public’s sociopolitical and moral views. When the Republican Establishment rejects White identity politics that is not only a reaction to the opinions of the White electorate, it also influences those opinions; this is a positive feed forward cognitive and behavioral mechanism. Of course, there are outside sources – the whole Left/System – that infects Whites with anti-White memes. But the anti-White meme cycle, once started, is enabled and promoted by the fact that the GOP promotes it as well, erecting a cordon sanitaire around White identity politics, and, by rejecting those politics, delegitimizes them to the White public. Politicians should not merely be followers, drifting along with whatever the extant social currents are; they should be leaders as well.  When Whites see the ENTIRE ESTABLISHMENT, including the most conservative Republicans, rejecting pro-White interests, they themselves, as conformists, will also reject these interests. But if they see politicians speaking out in favor of White interests, that may embolden some of the White electorate, and create a virtuous cycle of, in selected districts, pro-White politicians emboldening rightist Whites, who may elect those politicians, giving more incentives for pro-White politics and giving these politicians more legitimacy and a bigger platform.

Supporting Trump was prudent. But we should convince Whites in general to withhold support from Republicans in general if those Republicans will not support White interests.  Yes, that will require metapolitics – I do not argue against that.  But those metapolitics will have an effect only if Whites stop voting for anyone and everyone with an “R” next to their name.

The point is not Trump. The point is Republicans in general. The point is not “wignats” but Whites in general.  The point is not politicians purely reacting to the electorate but also setting the boundaries of acceptable discourse.

There may well be Republican politicians who will reject White identity politics under ALL circumstances.  Very well.  These need to be weeded out, selected against.  And let’s not underestimate the power of Whites who are – if not WNs – at least are pro-White in attitude. Many political races are decided narrowly; if those Whites refuse to vote Republican, Republicans lose.  Would they lose anyway – and by a larger margin – if they repelled “woke” White Republicans in the electorate? Maybe. But how many “woke” Republicans are “woke” because they sincerely believe it (they could vote Democrat after all), or because they have internalized the idea that White identity politics are off limits? How can we ever know if the GOP refuses to test the waters?  If pro-White Whites vote Republican no matter what then there will NEVER by any incentive for Republicans to take up pro-White talking points and to leverage pro-White metapolitics into the political realm.

…the Alt-Right cost Trump more votes than it gained him, both by turning off Republicans and energizing the Left. You know damn well that’s what Republican campaign strategists told Trump. They might have even told the truth.

But then he later says that the Republicans don’t have enough information to calculate the net effect of WNs.

Obviously, the only way to change Republican behavior is to attack the anti-racist moral consensus that lies behind it. But changing the moral consensus of society is a metapolitical task, not a political one. Until anti-white racism loses moral power, racially-conscious whites will not gain political power.

Why make this distinction between metapolitics and politics?  Why can’t the latter be used to influence the former (and of course vice versa)? Is it because that will divert money and other resources away from Counter-Currents and its fundraising?

Talk of a race-conscious Whexit seems to be premised on the claim that “the Alt-Right memed Trump into the White House.” If we managed to elect Trump, they reason, then we can also defeat him. This argument is a tissue of delusion and puffery. The proper response came from Innsmouth Elle Reeve when she told Richard Spencer, “I think you’re a fraud.”

We really need to analyze the sources of Johnson’s hatred of Spencer.  I do not believe it is solely because of the Hungary meeting or ideological and strategic/tactical differences.  There likely must be some sort of personal basis for this fixation.

The claim we put Trump in the White House is not based on any factual analysis of the electorate or the actual election results. We don’t know how many White Nationalists are out there, where they are located, or how politically active they are. We are an unknown quantity, so the Republicans can hardly factor us into their calculations.

I thought they are calculating that “we” are damaging them?

But they can very plausibly claim that we were a net detriment to Trump because we turned off some Republicans and energized Democrats to vote against him. They may even have data to support it. Until we do actual studies of the electorate, we cannot refute them or make any plausible claims about our electoral clout. 

That takes money.  Hey, but keep on sending money to Brimelow instead.

The only thing that will change that is a moral revolution. Until then, all white political organizing will be impeded by a gale-force moral headwind, and wignat talk of Whexit is just spitting into it.

The moral revolution will be brought to you by The Hero of the European Men’s Room Urinal.

Race-conscious whites are not going to change Republican voting patterns by staying at home and pretending they are “exercising power.” Again, we are not going to gain political power without overthrowing the moral consensus that white racism, and only white racism, is the wickedest thing in the world. That’s a metapolitical task. It requires changing people’s minds. It is an educational project, which requires that we stay online and able to reach the public.

First, what plan to you have for leftist censorship other than “more of the same?”  Second, why can’t electoral politics, including third party races, be used as a “metapolitical“approach to educate the public?  How is voting for the likes of Mitt Romney “exercising [real] power?”

The other crucial reason is that Trump has slowed white demographic decline, which buys us time. We need to convert anti-whites to pro-whites.

By talking about The Age of Aluminum and The Men Who Can’t Tell Time.  By running juvenile essays accompanied by crude anti-Negro racial cartoons.

If we can get enough people on our side, we can save our race in America. Trump gives us more time to do that…

Der Movement, including Johnson, wasted the last four years of Trump. What makes you think they wouldn’t waste another four years?

Don’t be a chump. Vote Trump.

Don’t be a chump.  Never forget what Johnson wrote about the election and about Donald Trump. Never forget, as Johnson would put it, “no matter what.”

Greg Johnson

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1. Criticizing people on the Right with bad ideas is a necessary part of metapolitics.

Thus, my criticism of Greg Johnson is a necessary part of metapolitics.  With failed “leaders” like him filling up “movement” niches, we will never make any progress.

Question for MacDonald. On the one hand, your recent HBD-Nordicist work tells us that Nordics are Inner Hajnal High Trust northern hunter gatherers and individualistic steppe peoples, with a  disinterested lack of ethnocentrism and pathological altruism. On the other hand, you hope that Jeff Bezos will suddenly become a rightist and support Far Right causes – thus becoming highly ethnocentric – because he is of “Nordic ancestry.”  Can you explain this inconsistency?

Question for Der Movement’s rank-and-file: Was MacDonald’s comment about Bezos any less ludicrous that Roissy predicting a “hard turn right” for Bezos because Jeff has been working out?

Chinese Free Riding on the West

And other news.  In all cases, emphasis added.

Let’s take a look at this again.

After saying some positive things about the Chinese, which I obviously do not agree with, Salter gets to the meat of his argument, and it is very interesting.

This relates to a matter of equity that is rarely discussed. 

Certainly not discussed by Asian-worshipping HBDers like Canlorbe.

We are seeing a large-scale transfer of intellectual property from the West to Asian nations, such as Japan, Korea, China and Taiwan. Japan and lately Korea and Taiwan have been contributing to that knowledge for several decades. 

Those Japanese and Korean contributions are not only very recent (as indicated) but minimal and, in virtually all cases, merely building upon ideas copied from the West. There have been no truly innovative concepts coming from that direction. Nor should we expect any.

That vast body of knowledge took centuries for the liberal world to develop, often at large material and human cost. (By “liberal” I mean rule-of-law and civil rights, which led to representative democracy.) That vast store of knowledge is now treated as something that should be free for all. That seems unfair. 

It is unfair. Asians, particularly the Chinese, are free riding on the West’s cultural and scientific accomplishments.

China is a regimented, undemocratic, low-wage society that has taken jobs and wealth from the West. 


It has not adopted the democratic and liberal institutions compatible with creativity; instead, it has been parasitic on Western liberalism. 

The Chinese are parasites. That is an excellent insight. Here, Salter and I are in perfect accord.  

Liberalism has a price. It yields creativity and innovation, but also causes conflict and disorganization.


Is it right that China have free access to Western intellectual property? 


If it were feasible, it would be good to see the creative cultures of the world join together to bargain collectively with the less creative cultures. Our centuries-long investment in civil rights and democracy should be made to pay dividends.

The Chinese and other Asians should reimburse the West for the use of our knowledge. Instead, they flood us with immigrant invaders (who, when in the West, side with the anti-White Left), infect us with pandemics, and leverage the copied knowledge for economic, military, and geopolitical advantage.

And good luck getting the arrogant, ethnocentric, and White-hating Asians to admit that they owe the West anything.

Laughingly, Canlorbe’s hero, the execrable scum Richard Lynn, actually wrote an article in The Mankind Quarterly, attempting to explain, in HBD terms, the lack of creativity among East Asians. Perhaps Canlorbe can get around to reading that, once he pulls that Chinatrix strap-on out of his ass.

Other news:

Read this.  I am very happy indeed that this Jew had to suffer in school the same as I did and as did many millions of other real White people. It was his people who were responsible for the civil rights movement and racial integration, resulting in incredible suffering for millions and millions of Whites, including White children, and resulting in the destruction of a once great predominantly White American nation. What? Some isolated Jews here and there got caught up in the nightmare unleashed by their own people? Great! I find that blow-back beautiful, and I read that Amren article with great pleasure. However, I was very saddened to read:

Eventually, my family left California, and I was out of danger. Those four years of forced busing had left me traumatized

This scion of the race of destroyers got to escape…others were not so lucky.  And then this Levantine alien, this bizarre Middle Easterner, this infestation from a Magian culture, has the audacity – the chutzpah we can say – to whine about being “traumatized” by “four years of forced busing.” Four years!  Poor baby!  Oy vey!  Oh the persecution!

Please note that while Sallis has written many essays describing the things we need to do under different election result contingencies, particularly the event of a Biden victory, while all Greg Johnson can say is that in the event of a Biden victory, Counter-Currents will merely do “more of the same.”

Hey, ”Lovecraft’s Cat,” any more agonized questions about affirmative action of your hero, The Phantom of the European Mem’s Room Urinal?  Or are you understanding it?  Getting through to you yet?

Sallis right again.

The main sponsor of the resolution, Crystal Zhao

ZhaoThe existential meaning of Asians is hatred of Whites.  Derbyshire and Canlorbe weep.

More of the same.  You see, this is how EGI Notes differs from HBD. Sallis views this Asiatrix as a bizarre alien, akin to a sentient octopoid from the Andromeda Galaxy, and seething with genocidal hatred toward what it, rightly, sees as a competitor species – i.e., Homo sapiens. The HBD reaction is “measured groveling” perhaps followed by “pleased to meet you, Ben” and a “dropped bar of soap in the prison shower” scenario. Quite obviously, there is a wide gulf, that cannot be bridged, between the Sallis Groupuscule on the one hand and HBD on the other hand.

The existential meaning of Asians is hatred of Whites

Healthy comments about this alien filth:

Martina Vaslovik 

I’m betting she’s a CCP plant, maybe in the Confucius Institutes.


You can take Bandy Lee out of communist China, but you can’t take the communist Chinese ideology out of Bandy Lee.

Logic and facts are not her forte.

Labeling anyone a Nazi is not a coherent argument – it’s a hysterical tactic used by leftist against pro-limited government people.

If Trump really was a Nazi, Bandy X Lee would be permanently unemployed, silenced, and imprisoned or deported.

Psycho Feminist Asian Bandy Lee needs a check up from the neck up.

Next time I read anything about Asians or Feminist being discriminated against, I will point to Bandy Lee as an example of a stupid Asian Feminist that benefited greatly from Affirmative Action.



Replying to 


She needs to go back.

That’s right. She needs to go back. And “Rosie” as well.

Is that “cute,” Greg?  T level alert!  

Savitri Devi weeps.  Arya…arya…not.

First consider this.  Then consider this.  Send in dem dere “D’Nations!”  What exactly is that space being used for?

Then we have this.  Some vague admission by Johnson that he was previously skeptical of Trump’s re-election, but he, of course, he dishonestly omitted the whole absolutely dogmatic “no matter what” nonsense. No plan, of course. Someone asked – what to do if Biden wins? Johnson says “just shoulder on” – what an unimaginative dullard – “catch as catch can.”  In contrast, at EGI Notes you can actually read a plan. 

“In the long, we’ll win” – wishful thinking. Again, no plan. “Driving centrists toward Trump” – that’s why Whites are voting for Biden.

Was MacDonald joking about Bezos?  “Bezos is of Nordic ancestry”– so he may turn to the Right. Was that meant to be serious? Roissy said that Bezos would make a “hard right turn” politically because he was “jacked” – MacDonald says Bezos will “turn right” because he is a High Trust Herrenvolk.  Meanwhile, in the real world, Bezos will continue pushing a Far Left agenda. But, hey, he’s of “Nordic ancestry” so it’s all OK! 

This really has nothing to do with Nord vs. Med debates or any of that – it is just the ludicrousness of it all.  What does MacDonald expect?  That one day Bezos is going to look in the mirror and have an epiphany –  “Hey!  I just realized…I’m of Nordic ancestry!  So, I am going to start funding the Far Right and I am going to make Greg Johnson the Editor-in-Chief of The Washington Post.  Dat Right!”  That’s as silly as Roissy thinking that Bezos was going to become a Trump supporter because Bezos started lifting weights.  Are there any adults in the room in Der Movement?  Apparently not.

Hood says we should build the institutions. Great – why haven’t you done anything for all the time you’ve been a major player in Der Movement?  Why was the last four years of the Trump Presidency wasted?

“Not really a White vote” – very good, Hood. Go on now and tell McCulloch that.Trump’s “political malpractice” – gee, who was telling you the man’s a retard and a buffoon?

Gee, Greg, Trump is a “huckster?”  I thought he was a “sincere man of genuine greatness?”  A problem with character? Again, I thought he was a “sincere man of genuine greatness?”  Johnson and Hood think that Trump is not a idiot?  Really?

Hood is correct about the Left’s hypocrisy about The China Plague.

I didn’t finish the whole thing – Johnson’s dishonesty is just too much to take in one sitting, and I still can’t believe what MacDonald said about Bezos.  

Odds and Ends, 10/13/20

In der news.

And it’s another great moment in Counter-Currents history!  Nature finds a way!

Laugh at this.

This is why I argue that ethnonationalism is the best system for handling the politics of identity. Ethnonationalism upholds the right of all peoples to sovereign homelands if they feel their identities are threatened in multicultural, multiracial societies.

Does that apply to Hungary as well?  Out, Morgan, out!  In my opinion, the Hungarian people should eject the invaders in their midst by any means necessary.

White Nationalists are fond of the phrase “Our race is our nation.” But this is not literally true. The white race is not a people, because peoplehood is more than just kinship, which brings us to the second pillar of white identity politics: culture.

As if there is no underlying common culture, known as Western civilization. Keep on selling books on, or by, Yockey, you hypocrite.

I’m no fan of Liddell, but, still.

Something else we learn from this – genetically speaking, Corsica should be part of Italy.  Hello, Napoleon!

Hunter Wallace 

OCTOBER 10, 2020 AT 9:16 PM


Donald Trump literally had four years to do something about Antifa. FOUR YEARS. He didn’t do a damn thing about the problem except blame it on “Joe Biden’s America.” He is the president and evidently he is helpless.

Further, all of Trump’s recent activity (obviously politically motivated and election-induced; typical Trumpian selfishness) against “diversity training” has come four years too late.

Gee, if Johnson agrees with Zman that boomer-bashing is stupid, then he should talk to Borat Jeelvy (No Bueno!) about that. I didn’t listen to the whole Johnson-Zman livestream– once Zman started talking (with Johnson’s prompting) about his coffee and tea drinking habits, that was enough. What navel-gazing, self-indulgent buffoons these morons are. So, at the risk of being called a “low information moralizer” (since I do not know what was discussed after the great caffeine revelations), I have to say that what a major topic of discussion and debate should have been was Johnson’s and Zman’s drastically different “takes” on covid-19.  Even if there was some discussion on that after I tuned out (or before I tuned in), that would still be clearly insufficient – covid-19 should have been the top priority topic. But given how fundamentally dishonest Johnson is, it is no surprise that we didn’t get a full-throated debate on this issue. They could also have debated the extent to which the “Jewish Question” is relevant.

Johnson is also hypocritical talking about “bitter” people whose sense of “not getting justice” makes then behave badly (Sallis?).  Very well. Three names to throw out here with respect to Johnson’s bitterness – Spencer, Friberg, Forney.  What about that?

By the way, if a buffoon like Zman is really a STEM worker, that’s frightening.  The rot in STEM has obviously affected the Right as well as the Left.

See this.  The Sardinian-Sicilian hope for the Italian Right.

Counter-Currents quality!

Much of my life has centered around fantasy books, role-playing video games, and heavy metal music…Perhaps the biggest influence of my life has been heavy metal music…we enjoyed complimentary drinks from the bar while listening to classic heavy metal songs all night.

WN 2.0!

Can we doubt that Whites are a grossly inferior race?  Hypothesis: the Herrenvolk will be over-represented among the “Black owned movement.”  Just the folks you’d want dominating (no pun intended) the leadership positions of the “movement.” Question: is HBD a “Yellow owned movement?”

Yeastbucket news.

The Tropical Alliance continues.  The existential meaning of Asians is hatred of Whites.

Weidman a HBDer?

Hey!  What about those high, high IQ Jews and Orientals?

Der Movement marches on:

polistra says: • Website

October 12, 2020 at 11:21 am GMT • 100 Words   ↑

The plain fact is that Columbus is irrelevant. He didn’t do what either side claims. He didn’t discover anything. He landed on Haiti, not North America, and thought he was in Indonesia. He certainly wasn’t the first European; the Vikings had been here much earlier. He’s not worth fighting over.

Before the 1930s, school history texts didn’t emphasize Columbus. They correctly treated the Vikings as the first discoverers.

Columbus became a big deal in the 1930s because the Italians had the guns. Now the blacks have the guns, so their heroes get the national holidays. Heroes are just an expression of power.

Possibly, once the “movement” peanut gallery digests the latest genetic information about the Vikings, their fetishistic ardor may diminish; on the other hand, Der Movement Inc. has never let facts get in the way of dogma, so who knows?

The bottom line is that European colonization of the New World (and elsewhere, for the most part) only started after Columbus. Whatever occurred before had no geopolitical impact. In this sense, it were the “school history texts” “before the 1930s” that were biased, not the ones who came after.

Or, please tell us how the initial Viking exploration led to large scale European colonization.


A Complete and Utter Failure

It’s Der Movement!

A sincere man of genuine greatness.  This emphasizes why it is so important to be factual, eschew pseudoscience and fossilized dogma, and promote merit as opposed to affirmative action Quota Queens. Any mistake, any error, any gibbering stupidity, will be ruthlessly exposed and exploited to delegitimize racial activism.

These anti-White activist types will attempt to discredit actual truth; can you imagine how easy it will be for them to address Der Movement’s pathological lying about race and other issues?

MAGA!  Pepe!  Kek!

Now, these things happen because Der Movement is a complete and utter failure.  Der Movement has no political support, no elected officials, and not even remote fellow travelers. Der Movement controls no media outlets, and has not even one single sympathetic reporter in any mainstream news entity. Der Movement has no overt representation in academia. Der Movement has no daily or weekly publication that is read regularly by Whites, nor any monthly one either.  Der Movement – which scorns real science and alienates whatever STEM people may have been within its ranks – has no support within the scientific community.  Instead, Der Movement is denounced from across the political spectrum, is relentlessly attacked in the media, and is victimized by targeted political prosecution and persecution by the legal system.  Der Movement is delegitimized by academia, and attacked by science even though in theory science supports the Right more than the Left; the Right’s anti-science attitudes has ruined chances for a defense based on empiricism.

After decades of pitifully failed “activism,” after countless millions of wasted dollars, after the rise and fall of a series of ethnically-approved Quota Queen “leaders,” Der Movement today has, in essence, nothing. It lurches from disaster to disaster, with no plan, no strategy, no contingencies, and as the coming months and years reveal to us all the spectacle of an unprepared “movement” crumbling under the strains of increased leftist pressure, you can remember what you read here at EGI Notes.

But, hey, keep on supporting the Quota Queens!  Send in dem dere “D’Nations!”

Meet Der Movement:

The sad fact is that Italians certaintly didn’t inherit the mantle of Rome, but the genes of barbarians and north Africans. The predominate language of the globe may be a mutt, but the people of Italy certainly are.

HBD wet dream.

More HBD (real online quote, circa 2016):

But, yes, I prefer Nordics and East Asians to Italians, Spaniards and Slavs. think that East Asians generally have more in common with Nordics / Northern Europeans than Southern and Eastern Europeans do. (E.g. Harder working, less impulsive, more industrious, more collaboratove, less violent.) if anything, southern and Eastern Europeans seem to have quite a bit more in common with Africans. (Explained partially by the amount of inbreeding they’ve done with Arabs and Africans.)

To put a point on it, I put East Asians above Southern and Eastern Europeans in my racial hierarchy.

So, now, let’s pretend that HBD is not slavishly pro-Asian. Let us pretend that HBD is not opposed to pan-Europeanism. Let us pretend that HBD does not want to divide Whites against each other to benefit East Asians and Jews. Let us pretend that HBD doesn’t want the Jeurasian future of a mixed race East Asian-Jewish-Nordic caste as the middleman managers for the Jewish and East Asian elites, controlling a “Redblex” (“redneck” and ethnic White, Black, and Hispanic) underclass.

While we are at it, we can pretend that Der Movement doesn’t have an ethnic affirmative action program (after all, lisping Quota Queens denounce the idea to “Lovecraft’s cat”), and we can pretend that any mongrel wop or hunkie can rise to the rarified heights of The Hero of the Montana Trust Fund  and The Phantom of the European Men’s Room Urinal.

We can pretend many, many things.  We can even pretend that Der Movement will one day be successful.  Or is that a bridge too far for pretending, a stretch of the imagination too absurd to even consider?