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Der Movement in Der News, 1/17/17

The usual stupidity marches on.

Looks like my “Buyer’s Remorse” post was very timely indeed. What’s going on, Der Movement? Losing faith in your latest Man on White Horse even before he officially becomes President?  I can say I told you so, so I’ll say it: I told you so.  Look, while there were good strategic reasons to support Trump’s candidacy – and I did support it and did so publicly, having endorsed the fat slob (and voted for him) – there was never any excuse for being fooled about what Trump really is. And make no mistake, people were fooled (and the pathetic fanboy Roissy still is).  The quota queens can spin and retcon all they want, but it was the Alt Right and Alt Wrong who were breathlessly telling us that Chubby was “the last chance for White America,” and getting all hot and bothered with every Trump tweet and electoral victory (while studiously ignoring just who it was who got Trump the nomination through primary voting).  In contrast, EGI Notes was VERY clear from the beginning: Trump was a “vulgar buffoon” and a “beta race cuck” and all his foibles and Jewish connections were laid bare here.  Der Movement was implored not to make a fool of themselves over the Trumpian phenomenon, but to just consider Der Touchback as a tool to achieve specific goals.  Now, all these folks are disillusioned, and the more mendacious of them (the HBD race realist crowd) have the “chutzpah” to pretend like they were always “wise” to Trump’s shallow veneer of implicit Whiteness.  Does the reader begin to understand why I’m so disgusted with Der Movement?

Good news: NPD not banned.  Bad news: the rationale basically is that it is considered that they have zero chance to achieve their aims.  Implication: if they become more successful, expect banning, unless the German judiciary changes by then.

My pet peeve: Jef Costello’s self-indulgent navel-gazing.

Before reading this, I never heard of “Michael Enoch.”  I know next to nothing about this whole drama, and really do not want to know, and the only take home lesson is that it reinforces my desire to keep Der Movement “at arm’s length.”  Der Movement lurches from one self-inflicted public embarrassment to another, doing all it can to repel normal, healthy people.

Shut Up, Durocher, 8/29/15

Will someone shut this fool up?
Yes, Zeman’s idea is good, but for godssakes man, can you stop talking about Orban as if that scum is any sort of nationalist leader?  Hungary has been in the news alot the past couple of days and for two reasons:
1. Budapest’s train stations have been turned into refugee camps, so many have entered Hungary recently.
2. Orban’s dreaded “razor wire fence” has turned out to be a big joke, with grinning invaders simply climbing over it or tunneling under it, then walking by Hungarian police who just stand around and watch.
Hint, Durocher: Orban’s “big talk” is to win right-wing votes away from Jobbik. His “fence” has the same objective. The only thing he’s actually accomplished, re: race and nation is to shut down the NPI conference, thus satisfying the real wire-pullers behind the scenes.
Mainstreamers are becoming mockeries of themselves.
And at this point I’m going to anger the extreme anti-Semitic set by suggesting that suicide rather than murder is a better analogy for the Death of the West and the Destruction of the White Race.
Yes, I know: Jews, Jews, Jews.  But I look at Germany, and see that German-hating, genocidal monster Merkel opening her nation up, with great enthusiasm, to the invaders and I ask – isn’t Merkel German?  Wasn’t she elected with German votes – the same Germans who won’t vote for the NPD? Isn’t the same true of every other European nation?  Are Jews going to the polls with White voters and forcing their choice?  Yes, I know: “control of the media” and “poisoning the culture.”  Anyone who reads this blog knows full well that I do in fact pin much of the blame on the Jews.  But we can’t put all the blame there. We can’t just say “murder” and “parasitism” and absolve Whites for all responsibility for their fate. The recent “Camp of the Saints” style invasion of Europe is due principally to the pathetic weakness and softness of Whites, and whatever blame you want to put on Jews for that, the ultimate responsibility lies with the Whites themselves.