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The Ultimate Steve Sailer Post

Superficially breezy or breezily superficial?

I can’t think of a post that better represents Sailer’s shallow stupidity than this.

Breezy, indeed.

The only thing missing is a discussion about Zimmerman playing golf while studying for the PISA test, with plans to become a real estate agent.

Race and Sex in the News, 11/15/16

Several items.

Entitlement and assumptions (emphasis added):

Not only is the POC attitude of entitlement and aggrievement ridiculous, it is also presumptuous. Trump haters assume that whomever they happen to be speaking to at that moment shares their hatred for Trump and all that he represents — the liberal bubble that we see over and over again in big cities and universities.  Many of us who do not go about their day in a MAGA hat, and appear to be otherwise in step with the mainstream of American society, will often be confused with one who has accepted the anti-Trump bias of pop-culture, which is what all “educated” people after all must believe.  They seem to take for granted that as a White person, your chief goal is to champion their causes, what they believe to be important.  I’m afraid that no longer interests us, and we have instead decided to look to our own welfare.

That’s correct. POC have a huge sense of entitlement.  Further – and this applies to liberal Whites even more so – is the assumption that any and all educated folks are liberal anti-Trump Clinton supporters.  Or, as I’ve suggested in previous posts just after the election, these White leftists are fishing for information.  From what I’ve heard, there was, at least in some locales and institutions, post-election an effort to identify Trump supporters based on their reactions to comments and questions.  So, I think that before the election it was, as the quote above suggests, an assumption of sharing the same attitudes prevalent in “big cities and universities.”  After the election, it may be a more McCarthyite “witch hunt” to uncover those dastardly Trump voters amongst us.

Women’s rights and fertility.  Something to think about, whether or not you’d take things as far as the commentator in the video.

Gwen Ifill, Negress whose debate question revealed Sander’s anti-White hatred for all the world to see, has died.  Well, she was no good, but for that one moment was the avatar of truthfulness. If only some interviewer would call out Levantine Bernie about that the next time he does his disingenuous song-and-dance about “the White working class.”  

So, Obama gave advice to Trump in their White House meeting that Trump needs to “reach out to minorities and women, etc. who feel threatened by Trump and his rhetoric.”  Another example of POC/leftist lack of self-awareness and hypocrisy.  Did Obama reach out to those White folks – particularly White men – who were threatened by the Obama regime?  Of course not; instead, he doubled down on his anti-White attitudes and polices. “Reaching out” only goes in one direction, you see.  This continues to give me hope: the Left is not, and likely cannot, learn any lessons from this election.  The lessons would go against their core beliefs and their “programming” and hence any thoughts leading to truth become short-circuited and re-routed back to their deception and self-deception.  Indeed, if Obama had followed in own advice, who knows, maybe Trump would not have been elected.  But the intellectually deficient navel-gazing mulatto is unable to see that.  It’s all someone else’s fault.

HBD, HBD, where are thou?

Predicting Der Movement’s Next Abject Failure

The next opportunity lost.

This is the sort of thing that combines race, crime, quality of life, people’s own well-being, intrusive social engineering: a perfect brew to stimulate White rage and activism, a harbinger of hatred and chaos, opportunities unlimited for a real movement with community connections, shrewd and far-thinking leadership, and the ability to pursue multiple prongs of attack against the System, including running people for political office – in other words, practical politics to promote the larger agenda, instead of just abstract “metapolitics” and “movement” fetishism.

The likely result is this opportunity will be lost, Whites will vote for cuckservatives who’ll actually support these policies, while the quota queens of Der Movement gibber about truly important matters, such as: Hitler’s flatulence, men who can’t tell time, sub-fractional admixture percentages, Julius Caesar’s eye color, Napoleon’s cephalic index, Julius Evola’s deep “thought” on “spiritual race,” and why “Mormons” don’t vote for Trump.

For the White race, to live, Der Movement must be mercilessly destroyed.

Race In the News, 5/7/16

Several items.

Counter-Currents comment:


Posted May 7, 2016 at 5:30 am |
Wow. Guillaume Durocher’s accent sounds very American. I wasn’t expecting that. Did he grow up in the United States?

Perceptive sensitivity at its best; certainly, that’s what to take away from the “accent.”
What if Whites in the military gave a “Nazi” salute? Would that be excused as a celebration?

About 1,000 right-wing extremists and others protesting Chancellor Angela Merkel’s refugee policies squared off with about 4,500 counter-demonstrators…the anti-Merkel rally drew only about a fifth of the numbers organizers had expected and three counter-protests drew about 7,000 people.

Christianity must be mercilessly destroyed. Christianity is the traitor within the gates, Christians are filthy race traitors or simple-minded imbeciles. Crush the infamy!
Not part of the Trump tribe.  Hmmm…I remember someone writing of a Jew-“Yankee” (and Black) alliance. Lind, Lind, where are thou Lind? Not anywhere in Der Movement’s sights, that’s for sure. Also note how the GOP “loyalty pledge” turned out to be unidirectional. Keep on voting GOP, White man, support those who hate you.
Is he advocating for them to mug, steal, kill, and carjack?

Political Jock-Sniffing

Political parties as sports teams.

Read here. Emphasis added:

“What’s changed is people’s perception of other ordinary citizens,” said Doug Ahler, who studied polarization at the University of California at Berkeley. “We’ve become so entrenched in our partisan identities. . . . It’s like a really intense sports rivalry. It’s not about policy but an emotional distrust of the other side.”

Exactly.  Policy does not matter. All that matters is whether “our team” (the guys with the “R” next to their names) beats “their team” (those dastardly people with the “D” next to their names) – regardless of whether members of both teams actually agree on the most fundamental policies and issues. Related to that is the pathetic fanboy political jock-sniffing of celebrity political figures, saviors on white horse who do nothing but disappoint, but who distract the White masses away from any genuine political activism.

But there is some good news:

A senior White House official put it event more bluntly: “We’re literally growing apart from each other.”

Balkanization, distrust, and despair.  To the extent Der Touchback contributes to that, I can tolerate some of the pitiful homoerotic “game” jock-sniffing of Trumps “alpha jerkboy charisma.”

More Political Delusion

VDARE article in general agreement with my recent analyses.

Obama is playing the same tired game: White Americans have “economic insecurities” that are being exploited by “race-bating” Republicans.
Boring…or as the VDARE article so cogently notes, the GOP may be “dog whistling” to the base, but that dog never gets any treats. There’s a solid list of historical GOP treason against Whites listed there.
All of these analysts refuse to acknowledge that while, yes, economic insecurity is an important issue, the fundamental anxiety is about race, culture, demographics. 

I’ll say it again: The System’s fundamental basis, its raison d’être, is hostility toward Whites and toward White interests. Therefore, representatives of the System cannot even acknowledge, much less care about and act upon, the promotion of White interests, for that would undermine the very System of which they are a part. 

This cannot be stressed often enough.

While Trump’s utility is as a bringer of chaos and division, one must look at practical politics as well. I believe there is little chance that Trump as the GOP candidate could win a national election. That’s fine as far as it goes as long as chaos and balkanization occurs.  However, a Trump loss as the GOP candidate could potentially damage the political legitimacy of right-wing populism for several electoral cycles, poisoning the well for future, better, right-wing populists.

Perhaps the best outcome is for the GOP Establishment to “screw” Trump, nominate a cuckservative, and see the Trumpite base abandon the party, wrecking the GOP and smashing the political status quo in this country.

In the News, 11/26/15

Some items.

A senior German police official says some of the migrants reaching Europe are Islamic State radicals planning terrorist attacks…The Austria Press Agency cited German federal police chief Hans-Georg Maasen as saying that some who blend in with the migrants fought with IS and are planning a “combat mission” once they arrive in Europe.

I’m right once again, and the leftists wrong, wrong, wrong. And then we read:

Scores of migrants stranded at Greece’s northern border have clashed with police while trying to force their way into Macedonia.

The migrants from Iran, Morocco, Pakistan and several other countries…

Hey! I thought they were all poor, persecuted “refugees from Syria?”
2. The purple-lipped, jug-eared mulatto currently living in the White House today compared Syrian refugees with the Pilgrims, and that today we celebrate those people (the Pilgrims) fleeing persecution, and those people (the Native Americans) who helped them. Perhaps the teleprompter-reading idiot would like to re-think that comparison? How did all of that end up for the Native Americans, hmmmm?
3. The System is really getting hysterical over Throwback Trump. Of course, it doesn’t help that Der Trumpening is a childish obnoxious buffoon.