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Two Items, 1/7/17

Two items.

Another excellent Hood article, summarizing the world gone mad we find ourselves in.

Why Christianity must be mercilessly destroyed.  This religion of beta race cucks (shall we rename it Cuckinsanity?), a religion of weaklings and losers, a religion of lazy free-riders who need to import those aliens they want to “mission to” (and how well is that coming along, idiots?) – this backwards desert religion foisted upon us by hook-nosed levantine migrants (but with wonderfully high IQs! – but I guess those high IQs came later) – can we be rid of this Culture Distortion burden on us?

And for those nitwits who want to distinguish today’s weakling Cuckinsanity from “Traditional Christianity” I note the following.  Even at the height of “muscular Traditional Christianity defending Europe” the idea, ultimately, was conversion and assimilation.  The problem the Crusaders had with Muslims was simply their religion.  If the NECs had converted – presto! – problem gone. Or are the mendacious pro-Christian brigade going to lie to us and tell us that Christian resistance to the Moors and Saracens and Turks was “racial?”  It was not.  The only reason why conversion and assimilation failed in that instance is that Muslims have a strong faith and they stick with their beliefs, they want to convert us, they don’t want to be converted by us (which is why all the current “Christian missioning” is a pathetic joke).

Crush the infamy!

More White Worthlessness

The maladaptive race.

Cuck Austria.

Strom is correct that we are not going to vote ourselves out of this mess. He is wrong, however, that the solution si to buy our way out with the discredited currency of Pierce-ism.

What we need is clear-head realism coupled to a sane, fact-based, and racially progressive memetic product.  In other words: a New Movement.

The High Road and the Low Road

A look from above and from below.

Let’s consider two items.  First, the second part of Strom’s fine essay on “the arrow of time,” and second the insanely hysterical reaction to some mild joking sexual banter from lowbrow Presidential candidate Donald J. “Touchback Amnesty” Trump.

While I disagree with Strom on some issues (the Pierce legacy being foremost among them) and was disappointed to learn of Strom’s involvement in the Who We Are fiasco (although he has claimed the publicly distributed version is not the final edited one – what? – is all of Pierce’s extreme Nordicism going to be censored out?), it seems that he and I are in accord on certain basic fundamentals.  I agree on the importance of elite racialists taking a long-term – in this case VERY long-term – view, a cosmic view so to speak, of the White race and its role in the universe.  The relationship of Life – and to my mind the primacy of Information, particularly Genetic Information – in the long struggle with entropy – is something I’ve also long thought about. These are the High Road issues, the Top-to-Bottom perspective, and Strom should be commended for discussing it.

But then there is the Low Road, the Bottom-to-Top perspective, all the practical, getting-your-hands-dirty, political and meta-political work required for White racial survival in its current crisis, a survival that needs to occur or all speculations about entropy and a long-term universal future become meaningless.

Thus, the current electoral campaign needs to be considered, not because the vulgar buffoon Trump, a negro-loving race cuck, is of importance in and of himself, but because of the possibilities inherent in leveraging the Trump phenomenon for White racial advantage in the dark days to come.

So, we need to get off of the cosmic pedestal and get down into the muck, into the disgusting sewer morass, into the rancid filth, of American politics, of American society, and of Trump’s own foibles and problems.

Now, Trump is indeed a vulgar buffoon, but in this case he really did not do anything wrong. What is this?  Eleven years ago (eleven!) he made some mild joking comments, something that one would expect from a crude wealthy man who has had significant sexual success with attractive women. So what?  Where’s the problem?  Even by the low standards of contemporary American society, by the low standards of American politics, this is a non-issue.  For godssakes, Bill Clinton committed multiple acts of adulterous sodomy with a young (Jewess) intern in the White House as President, but everyone is getting hysterically worked up over brief comments made by a Presidential candidate more than a decade ago. 

The insanely hysterical reaction of the Republican Establishment is the worst of all – is this all to be believed?  Grown men – politicians – thinking this a serious issue?  Seriously demanding that the Republican nominee – the choice of the GOP electorate – should drop out a month before the election? Whining like the worst white knighting pathetic beta cucks because a man treats women like the gold-digging sluts that they are?  The American nation and the American people are going straight down the toilet and middle-aged male politicians are reacting like a screeching horde of offended elderly church ladies with their panties in a bunch.  I also note for the record that the screeching horde not only includes Trump’s own VP candidate, the vulpine turd Pence, but also Trump’s wife (Yeah…some “alpha male” he is.  Sleeping on the couch tonight, Donny Cuck?).

Let’s call it like it is: The Republican Establishment has reacted to Trump by essentially becoming an integral part of the Clinton campaign.  The GOP base should never forget this. For decades, the Establishment put forth cuckservative milksop candidates and pontificated to the base that they had to support such undesirable candidates because “we need to stand together to defeat the liberal Democrat.”  Now that the shoe is on the other foot, and the base chose the candidate they wanted, the same Establishment has been rushing headlong into the arms of the liberal Democrat, and they were doing so before these laughable “revelations.”

Maybe Strom is wrong then?  A race that can produce trash like that, an objectively worthless race that has proven itself maladaptively unfit in a myriad of ways over the last half-century, can this loser race actually be the vanguard of Life in the eternal struggle against entropy?

One wonders if a tribe of jungle pygmies wouldn’t be a better choice.

Suffer the Little Children

Whites take abuse unlimited.

Read this.

The 2014 outbreak of AFM occurred at the same time as a far larger outbreak of enterovirus D68 across the United States. The vast majority of patients infected with the virus developed only a respiratory illness. Some physicians were convinced that EV-D68 was the cause, not only because both outbreaks occurred at the same time but also because of a study that identified a particular strain of EV-D68 in the airways of children with AFM.

It is very plausible that this virus entered the USA via immigration, including from “unaccompanied Central American children” as well as our usual flood from Mexico and assorted other flotsam and jetsam.
Why do Whites tolerate this? Even if there is only a remote possibility this is from immigration that should be sufficient to stir outrage and reaction in any sane and healthy people. I’m not saying Whites need to riot and rampage in an orgy of bloody destruction – which is what EVERY other people would do if subjected to a fraction of what Whites endure – but what about politics? Even a Negro-loving ultra race cuck like Trump, who is at least a mild immigration restrictionist, cannot get a large majority of the White vote.
Whites are maladaptively unfit; they are not only inferior, but subhumanly inferior.

Race in the News, 9/13/16

Germans and Negroes.

I assume there will not be any breathless VDARE posts about that.

Right vs Left: after the most minuscule of “wins” the Right declares victory and goes home, to celebrate among a plethora of “we’ve arrived!” and Pepe cartoons; the Left posts real WINS and then they roll up their sleeves and grimly march forward, never satisfied and always demanding more.

Guess who is advancing and who is declining?

EGI Notes prediction: Merkel will be easily re-elected.  Germans will joyfully flock to the streets in celebration over a mass increase in the refugee/migrant influx, with German women cheerfully submitting to being sexually assaulted by marauding gangs of NEC savages.  Any German who refuses to join in the celebration will be arrested and charged with a hate crime.

Yeah, Adam Jones, you retarded turd: those poor “people of color” don’t have the same free speech rights as their Whitey overlords.  That’s why the great scientist Watson has been reduced to an “unperson” trying to peddle off his Nobel Prize for cash, merely for having the temerity to discuss race and IQ, while Al Sharpton, of Tawana Brawly and Freddy’s Fashion Mart fame, is a respected political commentator, friend of the President, and has spoken at a previous DNC.

Put another way: compare Adam Jones to John Rocker, and the reaction to each.  Is Adam Jones going to be suspended and forced by Organized Baseball to undergo “psychological counselling?” Why not?

I hate being vulgar, but sometimes it is justified: so a hearty Fuck You to the simian Adam Jones.  If baseball is a “White man’s sport” then White Orioles fans should boycott the team until they have an all-White lineup. Better yet: drop sports altogether.  Hey White men: guess who is ultimately paying Jones’ inflated and ill-deserved salary?  You are, you jock-sniffing suckers.

Race in the News, 9/6/16

Two items.

Alinsky’s farting Negroes.  What I take away from that story is the following. Yes, Alinsky has the typical rat-faced, leering levantine look of the typical Jew.  And, likely, his genetics would have revealed his ancestry.  But those are just two components of overall Identity.  it is in their totality that Jews are alien to Europeans – that of course includes physical appearance and genetics (but not always in every case), but, also, self-conception, behavior, history, culture, and religious belief (where it exists).  Alinsky perceived himself as belonging to a different people than the White Gentiles he wished to offend with his planned vulgar display, he viewed himself as a member of a radically different tribe at war with those self-same White Gentiles.  Indeed, purely biological characteristics do not capture the extent of these differences; in a sense, Alinsky was as alien to those White Gentiles as any Negro could ever be.  That’s the real lesson here.

The real shocker is that Merkel has any political viability left in Germany at all, and is not already on trial for treason and crimes against humanity.

Who’s to Blame for Kaepernick?

Are you ready for some football?

Who’s really at fault about Colin Kaepernick?  Kaepernick himself?  His mother?  The nitwits who adopted him?  Outraged conservatives?  

How about all the White men who obsess about football, and about sports in general, and who enable trash like Kaepernick with their tendency to jock sniff the colored athlete?  Stop using sports as a proxy for tribalism and instead get involved in real tribalism. Grow up for godssakes!