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Against Casey and MacDonald

This needs to be addressed.
An imbecilic and stupid post by another of Counter-Currents’ horrendous new crop of writers.So how should white advocates view abortion and euthanasia? At the very least, with a heavy dose of skepticism. Ideally, we would view them as Hippocrates viewed them, as an insult to life and to holiness. Our people are precious “from cradle to grave,” as the Catholics say.Should we then be working to outlaw abortion and euthanasia? Perhaps. Such affronts to holiness will likely be unthinkable in a white ethnostate.Thus, people dying in agonizing pain, people whose bodies are wrecked to the point that daily life is pointless and holds no meaning for them, people slowly and horribly dying of incurable diseases, people desperate for an end to their pain and suffering, must be kept alive because pathetic religious freaks have to impose their values of “holiness” on the rest of us.
We can give dogs and cats relief from suffering, but we force people to endure a living hell so Jesus freaks can feel good about themselves.  How despicable, how pompous, how deluded in the extremity of narcissism.  Excuse me, you stupid yeastbucket, you ignorant hole, who are you do tell me or anyone else what to do with our lives?  
Women have no business being medical doctors, a profession best left to the adults in the room – men.

Pathetic hand-waving:

MacDonald’s reply:  Again, as noted, I have no quarrel with the idea that the Indo-Europeans were an elite dominating a native indigenous population. My point was that Mycenaean civilization was an Indo-European culture. There is no real evidence for that.And my comment emphasized increasing I-E genetic contribution over time, suggesting selection for I-E genes. Really – now get this:The most recent samples studied by Mathieson et al. date from 1100 BC, and the most recent samples studied by Lazaridis et al. date from around 1200 BC—toward the end of Mycenaean civilization. Thus the data do not shed much light on the genetic constitution of classical Greece—the flowering of classical Greek culture dated to the fourth and fifth centuries BC that epitomized so much of what we think of as Western culture. This is certainly time enough for selection or incursion of steppe-derived genes, but as yet there are no genetic studies I am aware of for this later period. Doubly mendacious.  First, because there are not (currently) genetic samples from every era of Greek history, particularly “the flowering of classical Greek culture dated to the fourth and fifth centuries BC that epitomized so much of what we think of as Western culture” then MacDonald is free to “posit” and “suggest” and assert “reasonable” comments about his theories in the absence of any real evidence whatsoever.
Second, above he says “And my comment emphasized increasing I-E genetic contribution over time, suggesting selection for I-E genes” but now it is “the data do not shed much light on the genetic constitution of classical Greece…there are no genetic studies I am aware of for this later period.”
There’s no genetic evidence for the period, which allows him to “posit” whatever he wishes, but, at the same time, there is evidence of “increasing I-E genetic contribution over time, suggesting selection for I-E genes.”  What evidence?  I thought you just said there was no evidence?  All you have now are the previously mentioned Ancient Greek samples as well as modern Greeks, who the HBD Nordicists consider to be cringing subhumans.  So, where’s the evidence for in between those population end points?Further, there continues to be uncertainty regarding the causes of violent collapse of Mycenaean civilization inaugurating the Greek “Dark Age” (~1200BC–~750BC) of “isolation, introversion, and instability” (Hall, 2013, 82). Well, yes, we can “posit” that the Herrenvolk wrecked the Mycenaean civilization and caused a Dark Age the same as they did to the Western Roman Empire…and what their SJW descendants are doing to the West today.More importantly for present purposes is the identity of the people who later formed classical Greek culture. There is a long history of proposing a “Dorian invasion” from the north which altered spoken dialects from Achaean to Dorian as well as aspects of culture (e.g., knowledge of ironworking and a shift to individualized burial practices (Hall, 2013, p. 70; Nagy, 2019), the latter suggesting a more individualist culture. First, details about  the Dorian invasion are questionable, as regards real scholarship.
Second, even if we “posit” a Dorian invasion as MacDonald prefers, the Athenians considered themselves Ionian, not Dorian, and some scholars – to the extent that they take the Dorian hypotheses seriously – explain the Athenian-Spartan conflict as an ethnic one.  The “flowering” of Greek culture was more Athenian than Spartan, wasn’t it?T his began as a literary tradition and persisted for nine centuries, down to the first century AD and remains the “most economical hypothesis,” although the Dorian invasion hypothesis purporting to explain it remains unproven (Hall, 2013, p. 68). Remains unproven!  Well, yes, but that doesn’t stop some from invoking a Kempite Dorian Herrenvolk influx to “posit” and “suggest” “reasonable” explanations, does it?As noted, genetic data on the people responsible for classical Greek civilization are lacking; however, it is reasonable to posit a shift toward increased steppe contribution, not only during the Mycenaean period (Mathieson et al., 2018), but continuing thereafter given that genetic changes may occur quite quickly (Cochran & Harpending, 2010).“Reasonable to posit” – those weasel words again.  “Genetic data on the people responsible for classical Greek civilization are lacking” – but he’ll make conclusions regardless, or “posit” conclusions.  Note also how MacDonald’s more conciliatory and equivocal tone differs here in this review response differs from the more dogmatically HBD tone of self-congratulatory certainty at The Occidental Observer when writing on these issues, mirrored by the sweaty amen corner commentariot, who, like with all personality cults centered on gurus (like Jewish movements, eh?), personally attack critics (“Meisenberg is a mendacious Jew”) – attacks that do not receive any rebuke from MacDonald himself.
Further, do I really need to point out that the fact that “genetic changes may occur quite quickly” does not mean that they will occur or, more to the point, in this case did occur in the manner asserted by MacDonald?  The work of Cochran and Harpending is here almost irrelevant in the absence of evidence of the asserted changes.
Indeed, one can use that paradigm to “posit” and “suggest” all sorts of “reasonable” genetic selection. Maybe individualist farmer genes were quickly selected for?  Maybe those last century has seen a “rapid genetic change” in favor of hysterically SJW collectivist xenophilic egalitarianism among NW Europeans?  Who knows?  We can all “posit” anything and cherry pick reasons why it is “reasonable.”
Now, there is of course genetic evidence for a relatively small minority influx of steppe ancestry into ancient Southern Europe, overlaying the majority farmer ancestry. One can find remnants of some steppe ancestry in Southern European areas today. That does not change the fact that the overwhelming majority of the ancestry of the peoples of the Classical Civilizations of Ancient Greece and Rome was of farmer derivation.
MacDonald has a clear agenda of disregarding the contribution of farmer ancestry to European history and civilization, privileging instead hunter gatherer and steppe ancestries.  
It seems more “reasonable” to “posit” that the data “suggest” that the majority ancestry had the largest effect; further, civilization did not begin in the Mediterranean basin until the hunter gatherers were predominantly displaced by the farmers.
And, by the way, once again I note the Y axis here.

Odds and Ends, 5/18/20

In der news.

Too bad this alternative history didn’t really occur. I realize that Yockey was not a fan of mass movements, but, still, I’m sure he would have done whatever was necessary to achieve his goals.

Super-duper missile.  And here is Trump demonstrating it. Super-duper!  Do we have a five year old as President? Well, maybe with respect to mental and behavioral age. Only a mendacious idiot would term the buffoonish clown Trump “a man of genuine greatness.” This is actually a serious matter, since Trump’s childish buffoonery and empty bluster taints the Right as a whole, and helps cement the narrative painted by the Left about everyone on the Right.

After all, we can’t stand in the way of Full Moon Ancestry’s “Bang East Europe” now, can we?

Two ripostes to Johnson:

Apostol Constant@calicantsarosReplying to @NewRightAmerica

Aside from that… If Europeans do not put up some kind of united front against the currently emerging Super-States, they will be swallowed up one by one, or relegated to remaining insignificant puppet-states.  This is the end of the nation-state, and the start of a new era.

Elected EurocratFlag of European Union@Kibus9Replying to @NewRightAmerica

European peoples/nations coming together and cooperating in institutions for their common well-being is ‘nutty’ for you?

Yes, apparently, it is “nutty” to Johnson.  You see, we can’t have “European peoples/nations coming together and cooperating in institutions for their common well-being” – instead we have to have British/Saxons using Hungary as a flop house, ethnic Danes using Eastern Europe as a bordello, and other Herrenvolk gallivanting around Europe with their noses in the air to the lowly wogs.

This is what to expect from a HBD-Nordicist site.  Comment from that post (emphasis added):

Eric Muellersays:

May 16, 2020 at 9:49 am

Totally agree! And the sphere for this moral rebellion looks like it will soon massively expand as the US leadership has proclaimed its intent to use military force to inject us with vaccinations that will modify our genetic makeup. What could be more invasive? What more a transgression against individual liberty?

This is very interesting. Greg Johnson is clearly on the side of “covid-19 is a serious problem, lockdowns and other manifestations of government authority in this crisis are good.” Johnson is sharply critical of mainstream conservatives, Alt Liters, and low level Nutzis who take the “freedom and economy uber alles” flubro attitude. Very well. But it is interesting that Johnson stays silent when The Occidental Observer (TOO) engages in the same type of nonsense that Johnson critiques in others, including gibbering, scientifically illiterate, comments about vaccinations “modifying our genetic makeup.” This suggests to me more of Johnson playing “movement politics” – offending MacDonald is, I suppose, too high of a price for Greg Johnson to pay to demonstrate character and personal integrity (interestingly, the prominence of Andrew Joyce at TOO makes us wonder if perhaps the reverse is not true). Ramsey is an easy target and costs Johnson nothing to criticize; MacDonald is another matter entirely.  “Movement” politics trumps doing the right thing.

I can be called “insane” and “indecent” but “the US leadership has proclaimed its intent to use military force to inject us with vaccinations that will modify our genetic makeup” is, no doubt, merely reflective of good old American common sense. MacDonald’s actual post making hair salon owner Shelly Luther into some sort of right-wing heroine – a modern-day Joan of Arc, I suppose – is just more g
ood old American common sense.  If Johnson really believes what his own covid 19-related tweets assert, then there should be no doubt whatsoever that he should view the covid 19-related material at TOO to be recklessly irresponsible, even dangerous.  But…crickets.  Well, I’ll say it – TOO’s “take” on covid-19 is recklessly irresponsible and potentially dangerous.

Also interesting that the commentator nitwits are not worried about “tracking devices” and “genetic modifiers” in their Adderall, Lipitor, metformin, blood pressure medications, etc. But, alas, the defective waddling hippos need all those medications to get through the day. It’s easy to sweatily gibber about vaccines, but when you don’t have the discipline to push away from the table and you don’t have the honesty to admit your children are just plain stupid, and not with “attention deficit disorder,” then you have no choice but to embrace “Big Pharma’s” maintenance medications.

And why is it that these freedom-fighting heroes and heroines need to pick measures taken during a health care crisis to take their “freedom” stand about, rather than, say, choosing racial integration or affirmative action? How about race replacement migration? Are pandemic lockdowns really the hill you want to die on?  Well, you gotta hug dem mestizas running “eyelash salons” after all – ya don’t wanna get mixed up in any of dat dere raycism or anything!  Just fight big gumminti!  Nail dem dere Lutherian theses on the door of the Texas statehouse!  Open the salons!  No doubt tons (heh) of overweight Texan women need to go to the moustache salons to get their facial hair trimmed; we cannot deprive them of that!

This is how it goes:

System: We are going to build Section Eight housing in your lily-White suburban neighborhood and we will fill it with (subsidized with your tax money, of course) housing for criminal Coloreds.

Flubro: Yes, master.

System: We are going to ship all sorts of Coloreds to your local schools, wrecking the education there, having your children physically terrorized by feral Colored children.

Flubro: Yes, master.

System: If you sell your house (for which you will be castigated for “White flight”) you have to sell it to anyone, regardless of race. You have no choice whatsoever.

Flubro: Yes, master.

System: You are going to be discriminated against in hiring by affirmative action as will your children, who will be first discriminated against in college admissions.

Flubro: Yes, master.

System: Your children will be propagandized in school and by popular culture to hate their race and culture, and they will be encouraged to practice miscegenation.

Flubro: Yes, master.

System: We will flood the nation with race replacement migration and give illegal aliens more rights and privileges than you.

Flubro: Yes, master.

System: We will send your sons to war to die for Israel.

Flubro: Yes, master.

System: And, oh, by the way, there’s a deadly pandemic, so we are going to restrict movement and activity to mitigate disease and we are developing a vaccine.

Flubro: No, no, a thousand times, no!  Totalitarianism!  I value my freedom!  Freedom (mimicking Mel Gibson in Braveheart)!  Fight the power!  The law is not the same as the right!  Unacceptable!  A globalist plot to track us with a genetic modifying vaccine!  No, No!


May 16, 2020 at 8:53 am

This has Kevin McDonald’s name on it, but I don’t think it is his writing. Is this correct?

I thought the same thing when I read it.  Forget about the fact that I disagree with it – the writing style and arguments are childishly juvenile, superficial, and reflective of a Millennial writing in his parent’s basement. But then I remember the mental rot inflicted by an adherence to HBD and Nordicism and it all fits.

Richard McCullochsays:

May 16, 2020 at 10:52 am

In substance and style this short but powerful essay is very unusual for Kevin MacDonald. I would never guess he was the author.

I’m shocked – shocked I say! – that McCulloch supports (“powerful essay”) flubro-style polemics.  Who would have thought it?  Any comments, Johnson?

That is actually all very, very serious. One can make the argument that the lockdowns are too severe, but then you should present a reasonable alternative. Spreading disease to open “salons” without any reasonable mitigation is not a plan. Cherrypicking fights over freedom in the midst of a global health crisis is not a plan.  Hosting posts and comments ridiculing the virus and making outrageous claims that would discourage vaccination is playing with people’s lives and gambling with public health. I suppose I was right all along when I’ve been saying that “social science” is an oxymoron. There’s no real science or academic rigor at TOO, just Fox News style rants, nonsense that can have real life – life and death – consequences.  Opening up for the sake of “salons” can kill people. Convincing people not to get vaccinated can kill them. Is this what the Right wants to be associated with?  And Johnson – King of Lockdown Support – says nothing.  And these types have the nerve to label me as “indecent?”

Johnson (no longer viciously attacking Wallace and Wallace’s mental health) praises this. Very well. I’m in general agreement with Wallace’s sentiments. But, MacDonald and crew at TOO are taking the opposite view, a view I openly call out as recklessly irresponsible and potentially dangerous.  Johnson, on the other hand, the brave critic of Ramsey and Carlson, and the heroic defamer of Sallis, is mysteriously silent when “movement” “rock stars” promote flubro-freedom-conspiracy paradigms.  Who should you trust more – Sallis or Johnson?

By the way, are any of the “better people” who advised Johnson of the “indecency” of associating with Ted Sallis going to admit doing so publicly?  When I criticize people I do so publicly here at this blog.  But then, I’m not an effete blushing quota queen engaging in “movement” gossip in private conversations, quietly stabbing people in the back like a no account worm.  Character is as character does.

Meanwhile, for cheap laughs, I tuned in briefly to the 5/16/20 Full Moon Ancestry (FMA) livestream. What a bunch of self-indulgent silly nonsense. And bizarre as well. Johnson doesn’t show his face, even though his image is plastered all over the Internet, including Wikipedia. What’s the point? The Borat-like Jeelvy with his porn star moustache seems like a Balkanoid caricature, while FMA projects a lack of masculinity and of personal force that makes one wonder what’s going on with those Eastern European women (green card hunting?). It’s interesting that Jeelvy, who has complained about “mate poaching” by Boomers, has no problem being associated with a Danish-American Roosh who apparently believes he has a Herrenvolk droit du seigneur right to Slavic and Baltic women. Mate poaching! No bueno!  But then that is the sort of hypocritical inconsistency and lack of moral rigor we’ve come to expect from Counter-Currents.

I also listened briefly to the May 17 livestream. Johnson’s self-serving defense of Trump, completely ignored all of the things Trump could have done that he didn’t do (re: Antifa, birthright citizenship, tech censorship) and the things he has done – his DOJ persecuting his own supporters, pro-Negro criminal justice reform (and a Jack Johnson amnesty), as well as that rapper controversy with Sweden.  All the base got from Trump is empty tweets, bluster, and no action. Trump is so pro-Israel that they named a settlement after him, never mind signing legislation to ban “anti-Semitism” on college campuses. Johnson’s fellow Quota Queen Hood cogently pointed out that “Trump is so weak he makes Jimmy Carter look like Alexander the Great.”  There’s a reason for that.  The two Gregs can get together to discuss that. Is Hood suitable to debate?  He’s not “insane” or “indecent” now, is he?

I was also amused by Johnson stating that Biden might win. Might?  I thought that Trump was “toast in 2020 no matter what?”  No matter what!  No chance of victory whatsoever. And, now, well, maybe Biden might win. Oh, so Johnson’s already completely forgotten his flat-out, 100% certainty, dogmatic previous statement?

You see, when you call out the Quota Queens on their nonsense, then you are “insane” and “indecent.” Isn’t that convenient?  Being a Quota Queen means never having to defend your ideas and your statements from the “proles.”

The comments about whaling – horrendously stupid. The objection to whaling is not because “the water becomes red,” idiot. It’s not because people are “over-sensitive” to visual slaughter. It is because whales are highly intelligent animals, likely sentient, and killing whales in that sense is as bad, or worse, than Chinese killing and eating dogs. And so you know that whale hunting is not terrifying and painful to the whales?  Have you had a heart-to-heart talk with Moby Dick about that recently? Having intelligent aquatic mammals chased through the water for their lives and then harpooned to death is just good clean fun for them, eh?

There may have been excuses for whaling in the past – ignorance about the nature of whales and a need for the oil that has no effective substitute. There is no such excuse today.  Whaling is immoral; it is barbaric savagery.  Perhaps not surprisingly, two-thirds of the HBDers’ planned Jeurasian contributory stocks currently pursue whaling. For the other shoe to drop, all we need now is to find out that it’s funded by Jews, to complete the trifecta. In all seriousness though, once again the Right, and the “movement’s” favorite ethnies (including Orientals), are on the wrong side of naturalistically moral arguments. Slaughter whales yet welcome criminal genocidal migrants. Sounds like a plan!  Yes we can!  High trust northern hunter gatherers!

We can see why these specimens avoid debates with people who have triple digit IQs and label them as “insane” and “indecent” to avoid it.  

The HBD gods are at it again.

See this.

A good idea for Milady.  Sometimes the old ways are best.

Italics on the March

At the end, a summary of the three pillars of “movement” stupidity.

I have previously written about last year’s paper on Ancient Roman genetics, which has also been discussed at Italianthro here.  As part of my own work, I mentioned the functional gene data, and Italianthro has a post showing the actual data here

So, I’ll briefly comment on that again.  Of course, one has to look at the actual sample points and not just the trend lines. Overall, it is quite clear that lactase persistence is a more recent introduction to the Italian genepool and that the Iron Age/Republic samples did not exhibit lactase persistence – here the samples and trend lines match well.  For eye color and skin pigmentation, overall it seems that those phenotypic traits have been relatively constant from the Iron Age/Republic era to modern Roman Italians – put another way, based on the available samples, starting with the Iron Age/Republic period, the fraction of blue eyes and light skin pigmentation was never higher than it is in modern times. Phenotypically, the Ancients and Moderns are similar for these metrics, except that the Moderns have more lactase persistence – it’s the Moderns who are “more northern,” not the reverse.

Readers of this blog know I am skeptical of many admixture studies given the typical lack of proper reference populations (see footnote below).  However, even if admixture studies may be sometimes flawed in an absolute sense (e.g., what are the ancestral components of population X), there can have value in a relative sense; e.g., how do populations X and Y compare with respect to whatever ancestral components are being studied – at least for unsupervised (*) admixture analyses. Thus, the admixture analyses in the supplemental section is of utility in the sense that it allows “admixture profiles” to be compared, so as to gauge how similar or dissimilar they are. There are not very big differences between any of the European-derived samples, but when comparing the admixture timelines (*) we can see that the various Roman/Italian samples over time are the most similar to each other, including the Moderns, compared and contrasted to other populations such as those from Northern Europe. The biggest difference within the Roman/Italian set is that the Imperial Period is decreased in WHG and Steppe compared to the others, but the overall patterns of relative similarity between Roman samples remain. And the contrasts to more northern populations remain. These contrasts are most obvious in the unsupervised admixture analysis as compared to the supervised (*), but can be observed in both. That’s all consistent with the PCA data that put the Ancient samples in the continuum of Modern “Mediterranean” genetics, overlapping from Northern Italy/Spain to Southern Italy/Sicily and to an extent Cyprus. And, as stated, the functional gene data are “Mediterranean” – thus, the data are internally consistent.

Der Movement’s paradigm of “Nordic Romans” being mongrelized by non-White slaves/migrants to produce modern “Mediterranean Italians” is refuted by these data.  With respect to functional genes the Ancients are no less “Mediterranean” than the Moderns, and with respect to lactase persistence, actually more so. The overall ancestry data support that. If anything, the long term trend, starting in Late Antiquity, was “mongrelization” with “Nordics” – which just happened to coincide with “the decline and fall of the Roman Empire” and its aftermath of declining living standards and the complete collapse of the Classical Civilization.  

Kemp weeps.  Interesting how this paper has been studiously ignored by Der Movement. You well know that if the data had shown that the Iron Age Republic samples were akin to Swedes, then Der Movement’s spontaneous ejaculations would have been like this.

Italianthro has been criticized thus:

This blog isn’t much more than an ethnic-Mezzogiorno public relations effort.

Fair enough, but then that can be turned around to criticize Der Movement:

This “movement” isn’t much more than an ethnic-Nordic public relations effort.


Ancestry estimates can be estimated more accurately in supervised analysis because there is less uncertainty in allele frequencies. Interpretation of results is simplified, and run times are shorter owing to the reduced number of parameters to estimate. Both the number of iterations until convergence and the computational complexity per iteration decrease. However, we caution that supervised analysis is only suitable when the reference individuals can be assigned to ancestral populations with certainty and ancestral populations are fairly homogeneous. For exploratory analyses, unsupervised analysis is more appropriate and therefore remains the default in ADMIXTURE.

Note that the potential problems with supervised analysis is consistent with my previous criticisms of admixture studies and commercial testing that invariably use supervised analysis with questionable reference populations. Also note that in the Rome paper the supervised analysis yields less informative data than the unsupervised analysis.

More retarded shilling for ethnonationalism.

What right has any Westerner to tell me that I am basically the same thing as a Serb, with minor linguistic differences?


What right has any Turko-Albanian “Macedonian” to tell Sicilians that they have nothing to do with Italy and instead are Greco-Spaniards, with minor linguistic differences?

See how that works?  Maybe “brothers” having their own houses can mean that the brothers mind their own goddamned business with respect to the ethnic identity of others.

But that’s ethnoimperialism, you see, the real face of the ethnonationalist fraud. Indeed, ethnonationalism is a sham, a technic to atomize Europeans and allow ethnoimperialist elites to dictate ethnic identities to others, live in the nations of others, and treat other people’s nations as bordellos, sampling their women (or men, as the case may be).


Gee, I suppose we can inject bleach into folks’ lungs and then shove a UV light in there.  I seem to recall someone calling Trump a vulgar, ignorant buffoon back in 2016. I wonder who that was.  Oh, that’s right – Sallis, when the Alt Right was all literally worshipping their God Emperor.  But, hey, what does good judgment have to do with anything?  When you have an ultra-strict, ultra-rigid ethnic affirmative action program, merit and judgment count for nothing.

Naïve retardation.  Reality? Obvious reality that the triple digit IQ crowd well understand. Yet another example in an endless series of the mind numbing horrifically bad judgment of the inept Quota Queens.  Affirmative action is as affirmative action does.

Sometimes ridicule is the best medicine:

Martin Palm tree Heideggroyper

Congrats on getting Trump to tweet something. Yuge. Maybe if you get everyone to vote for him he’ll start monitoring the situation in his next term!

Don’t forget…Trump is a “sincere man of genuine greatness!” But, he’s “toast in 2020 no matter what he does”  because “he did nothing about immigration” but he’s great again because of an “immigration moratorium” but now “Kushner ruined it” but….

Greg is getting dizzy trying to remember his latest “take” on Trump.  Must be hard and all trying to to determine what Spencer “thinks” and then asserting the opposite.  

Speaking of bad judgment and of Spencer, how is the Alt Right’s favorite former Presidential candidate doing these days?  I seem to recall someone correctly identifying Yang has someone obsessed with promoting the interests of his own racial group.  You know, Sallis, as opposed to the Quota Queen losers moving back and forth between endorsements of Andy Eggroll, Princess Tulsi Coconut, and Sir Bernie Redjew (Bloomberg was getting some love there as well for the duration of his five minute campaign).  But, hey, let’s not be too hard on the Alt Right. It’s difficult to think straight when you have a Chinatrix’s strap-on rammed up your ass. Let’s not be too hard on Yang as well; after all, as a TROPICAL COLORED ANTI-ARCTIC NON-WHITE BIZARRE ALIEN he has to look after his own, in typically ethnocentric, White-hating, whining-about-racism TROPICAL COLORED fashion, right HBDers?

A “Caputo” insults Chinese.  The HBDers are doubly offended.

It’s Der Movement, from the Tinfoil Hat Kevin’s sweaty fetishist blog:

The test cannot even detect individual kinds of coronavirus, it only detects genetic material, which could be quite likely exosomes.

Sure!  Exosomes from human cells that just, like, you know, happen to contain RNA that matches that of a coronavirus.  It’s a coincidence!   We’ll skip over the antibody tests as well.

No electron microscope photograph of a ‘novel’ virus has ever been presented.

Another Der Movement lie (putting “Der Movement” and “lie” in the same sentence is a redundancy).

Has anyone seen one?

Wrong, wrong, they’re always, always, always, always, always, always, ALWAYS wrong. Here we see the typical bombastic “movement” statement that is not only wrong, but so obviously wrong that the true facts can be quickly determine with about 30 seconds (or less) of Google searching (one is reminded on Muscleman Mangan’s breathlessly smug assertion that “most Italian Americans are of northern Italian descent” – an obviously ludicrous error easily identified as such by about 30 microseconds of information gathering)..

Reject the hex, better sane than suckered.

I agree.  Be sane, reject Der Movement.  Don’t get suckered, don’t give a money to those lying grifters.

How I loathe Der Movement and its bold declarations of obvious error and confused stupidities.

We can summarize the three pillars of “movement” stupidity – bad judgment, complete ignorance of subject matter, and paranoid ideation.  All three have been on display with Der Movement’s decades-old lies about Ancient Rome (and Greece) and their refusal to admit being wrong. We’ve had sterling examples of those three pillars over the last few days. Thus:

Bad judgment – after four years of constant empty blustering and broken promises from Trump, Greg Johnson immediately declares victory with Trump’s meaningless “immigration ban,” mocking “wignats” for not accepting this wonderful victory.  And within a day (!) the other shoe (predictably) dropped, and Johnson himself was mocked:



·Apr 22

Replying to


I knew this would age poorly but it’s hilarious that it spoiled so quickly.

Complete ignorance of subject matter – a TOO poster/commentator (see above) declares The China Plague a possible hoax because the “genetic material” is likely from “exosomes.”  And that ignorance about basic molecular and cellular biology is followed by the bald-faced lie that there has been no electron microscopy of the virus and that no one has seen one.  

Paranoid ideation – “Stronza” tells us that shortly after the end of the lockdown, all non-human animal life will be wiped off the face of the Earth, everything, all non-human life that moves will be destroyed by “bullets flying everywhere.” Those of you not familiar with “Stronza” from Counter-Currents comments threads can be forgiven for thinking that statement was meant as comic trolling; unfortunately, it was all too serious. I won’t even get into “movement” drivel about Bill Gates and “microchipped vaccines.”

There is ZERO – absolute zero – chance that the “movement” can attract and maintain sane, rational, logical, intelligent, empiricist individuals as long as Der Movement specializes in memes and paradigms based upon those three pillars.

Points to Ponder

Der Right marches on.

…I have an impressive history of drinking Finnish metalheads under the floor, throwing chairs at Polish football hooligans, seducing Russian and Romanian airheads, picking apples in my grandfather’s orchard with the CEO of an Italian automobile producer, collapsing in a drunken heap on top of a heap of drunken Irishmen, falling face-down in the mud of a wetland because an Iraqi challenged me to jump over a creek, helping an Austrian playwright put on a show, kissing a French girl in the shadow of the church of my baptism, carrying a drunk Croat twice my height on my back, regaling drunk working-class Englishmen with tales of throwing chairs at Polish football hooligans, and trussing up a refreshingly sober American writer for Counter-Currents on my back, wrapping him in Macedonia’s ancient flag and carrying him up a flight of stairs.

Whatever you want to say about WN 1.0, it never reached that level of childishness and juvenile jackassery. Once again – Jeelvy is, by far, the worst writer in the history of White racial activism.  Durocher is dethroned, hail Jeelvy.

And this hero claims that Europe is going to come to the rescue of the White Diaspora. Sure it will. That’s the same Europe whose White population has the fertility rate of a cadaver, the average age of a Galapagos tortoise, and the testicular fortitude of a female mouse.

Duchesne is 100% correct here.  What does that say about HBD, which literally – not figuratively, but literally – worships the Chinese? Following Duchesne’s logic to its ultimate conclusion, we must assert that HBD is the biggest internal threat to Whites and to the West.

HBD must be mercilessly destroyed.

What I don’t understand is activists who criticize Jews (e.g., Strom) or Chinese (e.g., Duchesne) but who do not criticize HBD – HBD being a cult-like political movement whose objective is to promote Jewish and Asian interests over those of Whites.

Der Right marches on.  Wrong, wrong, they’re always wrong.

Tinfoil Kevin’s asinine HBD-Nordicist website continues to be a pathetic embarrassment. So, only “immunocompromised” people have a problem with The China Plague, eh?  What about folks who lived a wonderfully “immunocompetent” life but who are now old. Is being old their fault?  And then we have “toxic vaccines.” How about toxic Chinese?  God forbid we criticize the holy orientals!  TOO drops its pants and bends over as the buck-toothed, flat-chested, greasy-haired Chinatrix approaches.

Comment from that article on the HBD-Nordicist Tinfoil Kevin site TOO:

“Germs” don’t cause disease; disease causes germs. Viruses don’t cause anything. That is pure propaganda.

Therefore, let’s inject rabies virus into this moron’s brain.  Nothing will happen!  Der Right is a pathetic, disgusting, anti-scientific mishmash of  medieval stupidity. But, hey, is there any difference between this insane gibbering overturning all we know since Koch’s postulates (that can be modified and extended to viruses as well as bacterial) and MacDonald’s insane gibbering about HBD Nordicism?  It is all one.  Interestingly, TOO has surpassed, by far, Counter-Currents and the “movement” blog most resembling Majority Rights in its tragic and comical decline.

In any case, within five years, any “White ethnostate” run by Der Movement will be like this.

“Ostara Publications” – I mean, you can’t make this stuff up.  Der Movement is a moving target with respect to mocking ridicule – its reality is constantly surpassing whatever sarcastic scenarios I could invent.  I suppose “Hobbit Hole Publications” is next.

I support Amelia.  Never forgot that Spencer dated an Asiatrix.  Always there’s an Asiatrix involved with these types.  Meanwhile, we should expect HBDers to be rather cranky these days. After all, the lockdown inhibits their favorite activities, albeit in their case, it would be with someone like this.

Voryn Illidari

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Greg, this Dr. Fauci is saying that people should completely abandon the social custom of shaking hands forever. Conspiracy theories aside, can you at least agree that that is a case of serious quackery on this guy’s part?

Someone on the Right really should do digging on this guy’s past. Lefty shitheads like Lily Singh and Trevor Noah seem to love him.


Greg Johnson

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Fauci, Kissinger, etc. are megalomaniacs who don’t ever want this crisis to end

I agree with Fauci. I’ve always despised the forced contact of “shaking of hands.”  Consider the average moron.  Can you imagine what their hands are like?  How many times have I’ve seen people in the men’s room (including restaurant workers!) sitting in the stall, obviously doing “number two,” and then they leave without washing their hands.  Shake away!  Flu season – shake away!  Norovirus – shake away!  Yegads!  How about a Roman salute instead? Hail!

This book does not follow conventions of organization; its style is sometimes rambling and rushed, and it sometimes lacks empirical evidence.

Anyone who has been reading EGI Notes and this blog’s criticism of HBD will not be surprised by that. Note especially – “sometimes lacks empirical evidence.”  Come now!  Empirical evidence is akin to “credentialism,” don’t you know.  Instead, Dutton.s sweaty neurotic ramblings are the truth, not any of your elitist credentalist nonsense!

Those of you who promote the HBDers, please watch this.

It’s not only China that needs to be investigated.  The whole nest of vipers of HBD needs to be identified, studied, and the damage done quantified and they all need to be held to account.

Odds and Ends, 4/9/20

In der news.

I agree, Greg.  Now, when are you going to denounce Zturd with the same intensity as you denounced Ramsey?  A real disavowal, not some mild critique.

As we see, “Macedonians” are sweaty fetishists as well.

A casual stroll through Sicily gives one the feeling of a place Spanish and Greek, but scarcely Italian.

You don’t have the slightest idea of what you’re talking about, idiot. Likely, the closest this moron has ever had to “a casual stroll through Sicily” is watching The Godfather Part II.  Or III.

So, this fool should have no problem, looking only at the images (and not the actual URLs), determining which pictures are of Sicilian cities and which are those of other cities in Italy, right?  Real casual and all.

For this reason, Europe, like our forefathers the Romans…

Rewritten for more accuracy in his case:

For this reason, mystery meat middle easterners passing ourselves off as “Slavs,” like our forefathers the Ottomans….

Once again, as I’ve always said, Jeelvy is the worst writer in the history of Der Movement, a juvenile, ignorant, pretentious jackass.

An appropriate comment left in response to his childish post:


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So I take it you’re under quarantine and playing strategy games?

Jeelvy has just discovered “Risk.”   Move two armies to North Africa!  Roll the dice!

Look at this nonsense.  No, the virus is not “believed to have originated in China.” It DID originate in China.

In any case, EGI Notes is, of course, a pacifist blog that oozes with the milk of human kindness.

If you’re angry about The China Plague – and you should be – the proper response is politics (broadly defined), not moronic Type I acts of Bunkerism.  

The objective is racial separation. The objective is repatriation of Asians to their homelands.  Making Asians into whining victims, objects of sympathy, is dumb.

What I urge my readers to do – the readers I care about, the ONLY readers I care about – those of European descent – is to save yourselves during this pandemic, preserve your health, preserve your life, come out of it in one piece, ready for the political struggle.  Do NOT do anything else.  No Bunkerism, no acting out, no violence, no slurs, no stupidity of any kind. Hunker down – like Saint Adolf in his bunker – and ride out the disaster.

Yes, it’s true that China was sending people throughout the world when they knew they were carrying The China Plague. Yes, they are responsible. The answer must be a purely political one and it must be a positive one.  Educate yourself.  Get involved with some Far Right groupuscule, or start your own. If at all possible when this disaster is over, and you survey the ruins of a world wrecked by yellow malice, do something positive and help your fellow Euro brothers and sisters. As the Asians chortle with glee at the death and suffering they’ve caused, ignore them, and succor your racial-cultural kin. 

 Be patient. One day we’ll be the ones laughing.  Not today though.  Be patient.

Colored is as colored does.  TROPICAL Asians are just like TROPICAL Negroes and TROPICAL Hispanics – there is NO difference.

Always remember – the existential meaning of Asians is hatred of Whites.

The remorseless war of genocidal extermination now waged by the Chinese against Whites via coronavirus is just the latest manifestation of this burning, all-consuming hatred.

This is Der Right, courtesy of the HBD-Nordicist TOO site’s comments section (emphasis added):

Our winter was mild, as were the previous three. Before we were told that we have the COV, and it’s killing us wholesale, I did not even hear as much as a sniffle from the people around me. (And still no sniffle to be heard.) Even so, many are hanging bits of flimsy cloth on their noses for self-protection [sic]. The great majority believes that the new plague is among us. This credulity is rampant: For almost two weeks, they told us that our Prime Minister has COV symptoms, then that he was hospitalized, then under intensive care, but was still in good spirits, and running Parliament. 

I believe that this whole thing is a huge ruse most likely by the W.H.O. which we fund along with Bill Gates. This quack Dr. Fauci also is involved with it somehow it seems. I believe that if he hasn’t done it already, that President Trump has suspended funding to the W.H.O.

I also read today that Fauci and Gates are pushing for mandatory vaccinations; and yes, you can inject a micro chip into the bloodstream. Scary stuff.

What else can you expect from a ludicrous HBD-Nordicist website, dedicated to lies and pseudoscience?  Why should you be surprised that MacDonald – Tinfoil Kevin! – and his website continue to exhibit a tragic decline once HBD-Nordicism was embraced?  Don’t get vaccinated!  Fauci is gonna plant dem dere microchips in your bloodstream!  And those microchip vaccines will sodomize your babies and give them autism!  Dat right!

Don’t worry about real conspiracies, like Rotherham and its cover-up. Dealing with that would be too difficult.  Instead, let’s fantasize about a “covid hoax” engineered by Bill Gates and Fraud Fauci, meant to forcibly sodomize sniffle-less freedom fighters with microchip vaccines. 

If you are really worried about covid vaccines, instead of gibbering about microchips, worry instead that a Chinese or Indian manufactured vaccine would be ineffective or contaminated.

And the problem with these conspiracy mongers is that there is no way to prove them wrong in a manner that they will accept.  For example, if Boris Johnson were to die from The China Plague, the tin foil hat crowd would say that he’s really still alive somewhere hiding (on an island with JFK and Elvis) or that he was murdered by a “Jew doctor” who injected him with a “toxic MMR vaccine.”  Or  that “he died with covid than from covid.”  QED.

It is entirely possible that the outcome of all of this will show that the covid alarmists will be wrong and the minimizers right.  Tucker makes good points.  But if this is so, it would be an error in judgment, not a conspiracy. Further, this all doesn’t excuse Zturd and Ramsey, because their paradigm was “business as usual” even if the worst predictions would come to pass.  By the way, Carlson should reflect on that, say, 60,000 deaths are greater than that of the Vietnam war, and are in addition to, not replacing, all of the other deaths he mentioned.  He should also consider that the flu comes from China, as does much opioid production.  So, it’s all part of the same problem. The fact that “our leaders” don’t care that the Chinese have been murdering (White) Americans by the flu and drugs doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t care about tens of thousands of our people being murdered by the monsters via covid. Now, the economic considerations are real.  But, what does he propose we do? What do the TOOers propose we do? 

Instead, we get stupid conspiracy fantasizing.

Der Right is wonderfully discrediting itself and it’s beautiful!

Meanwhile, with all of the talk of American Negroes suffering from this virus, I’m definitely keeping tabs on all of the previous HBD claims that Blacks will be relatively unaffected by this virus, as will be Northern Europeans.  Let’s tally up the damage at the end, shall we?


1. HBD will once again to be shown as completely, utterly wrong – wrong, wrong, they’re ALWAYS wrong.

2. They’ll pretend like all of their nonsense about this disease never happened and they’ll go back to gibbering about Hajnal lines and high, high, high Chinese IQ.

Sallis right once again – Northern Europeans have contempt for Italy and Italians because of Italian La Dolce Vita hedonism, laziness, and overall comic ineptness.

Note that the same Germans who don’t want to give a dime to Southern Europe – including to Italy that contributes more to the EU than it gets back – are the same krauts who grovel to Afro-Asiatic migrants, whose “yes we can” ship captains crash into Italian harbors to unload Africans and Arabs, and who blush gently and smile benignly as their women get mass-molested by brownsters in Cologne.

So, I suppose the contempt can go in both directions. The wops are comical gesticulating Schettinos who sing on balconies, while the krauts are xenophilic cucks who drop their pants and bend over to the world of color.

Please watch this.  Focus especially on 4:19-4:30.That short clip is vintage EGI Notes, folks – what I’ve been warning you all about for years.  Asiatic cogelites taking over American STEM, displacing White Americans, and spying for their racial homelands. The only thing Tucker misses is that the Asians not only “crowd out Americans” and spy, they are also dishonest, engaging in scientific fraud, while engaging in ruthless ethnic nepotism to hire only their own, and be biased in favor of their own in paper and grant reviews.

Once again, Sallis right, HBD wrong. Are you surprised?

Odds and Ends, 4/6/20

In der news.

This is beautiful!  Hail India!  Brown better than Yellow.

Read this. HBD is openly aiding China. HBD is the traitor within the gates in Der Movement.  HBDers are unmitigated filth.  In addition, dependent upon the outcome of a fair and thorough investigation, they may be criminals and traitors to America.

Colored is as colored does.  Non-White, anti-White, TROPICAL, COLORED Asians whine, whine, whine about “racism,” making common cause with their COLORED allies as part of The TROPICAL Alliance.  Derbyshire weeps bitter tears.

Face facts, folks.  Asians are as bizarrely alien, as racially alien, as racially distant, from Whites as are Negroes from deepest Africa.

Biological warfare.  Was this intentional infection of America by the Chinese people? Another question: Are the Chinese people joyously laughing at the pain and suffering inflicted upon the American people?  The Chinese attitude toward White people.  Derbyshire weeps.

Note that groups representing more of original racial stocks have higher autism than do Hispanics. According to my theory of autism that is NOT due to “hybrid vigor.” Instead it is due to “amygdala shock” from the brains of children from groups evolved to live amongst more clearly defined racial categories, but who are being exposed to all sorts of bizarre hybrid phenotypes representing hybrid genotypes.

As someone with a STEM background, I can tell you this is 100% absolute nonsense.  “No such thing as herd immunity”– what a stupid ignorant bastard.  Dump wop.

The virus mutates!  We can’t vaccinate!  Like the flu, eh?  But then again, a la Zturd, Der Right doesn’t acknowledge that a flu vaccine exists, so there.  We can’t vaccinate – the virus doesn’t give immunity!  First, we don’t know that at the current time.  Second, it is possible to create vaccines that are more immunogenic that the wild-type pathogen.

What else can you expect from an embarrassingly ignorant HBD-Nordicist pseudoscience trash website like The Occidental Observer?  It’s interesting that MacDonald went from a serious scholar to a tragicomic crank in the direct proportion to his embrace of HBD-Nordicism.

Male HBDer after “measured groveling” to Chinatrix.  If you imagine that the “lotus eater” was instead a Chinatrix rather than an Anglotrix, then this film clip would very well summarize the fundamental essence of HBD. “Another round-eye bites the dust,” indeed. Awkward squad!

Milady contributes to the biomedical and epidemiological research on covid-19 in the manner to which she is so eminently suited.  Everyone does what they can in terms of their biological capabilities and limitations!

Please note that the pandemic of anti-White hatred discussed here includes Asians as a key component of the anti-White Rising Tide of COLOR TROPICAL ALLIANCE.  

The existential meaning of Asians is hatred of Whites.

This is the Asian reaction to the suffering inflicted by The China Plague.

Noted for the record: Four periods that was particularly enriched in high quality human material: Periclean Greece and immediate post-period (Pericles, Socrates, Plato, Aristotle, Alexander, etc.)  Late Roman Republic (Marius, Sulla, Caesar, Octavian, Cicero, etc.), Italian Renaissance in Tuscany (Alberti, Da Vinci, Michelangelo, etc.), 1750s to1850s America (Washington, Hamilton, Jefferson, Burr, Madison, Monroe, Jackson, Clay, Calhoun, etc.).

High trust!  High trust!  Inner Hajnal!  Whatever Der Movement worships, you should look at askance. A people that tolerates this deserves contemptuous scorn, not worshipful adulation.

Citizenism and Mainstreaming Failure

More fails.

Trump so far has illustrated the underlying flaws of Sailler’s “citizens” (warmed over civic nationalism).  While Trump proved that, under the right set of circumstances, there was a narrow electable window for citizenism to come into power, he is also proving how utterly useless citizenism is – and will be – once elected.  Citizenism is “weak sauce” – half measures, compromises, furtive implicitness, which at its best would only slow the decline and delay the inevitable day of reckoning.  However, the Left – nay, the entire Establishment – views citizenism as equivalent to neo-Nazi White supremacy, and thus they oppose and sabotage even the most modest citizenist initiatives of Trump. Thus, while citizenism has proved electorally successful – at least this one time, with a very unconventional candidate – it is inherently doomed to fail, caught as it is between two pincers.  On the one hand, it really cannot solve the Race-Culture problem, because that’s not what it meant to do; on the other hand, it triggers the whole Establishment the same as if it really could effectively deal with Race and Culture.  It’s the worst of both worlds – not radical enough to actually achieve the required outcomes, but just radical enough to trigger a vociferous opposition that prevents even the most modest outcomes from being achieved.

Meanwhile, the “label Antifa as a terrorist organization” has passed the required number of signatures to be considered by the White House.  The ball is in your court, Mr. Trump – as is the question why you have to be forced to consider it (assuming he actually does, and doesn’t blow it off) rather than just doing the right thing to begin with.

I can’t think of a more wonderful test of Trump’s “God Emperorness” than this.  At what point will the sweaty homoerotic fanboys give up on their hero? This is something he should have done after the Inauguration riots.

They never learn.  Electoral failure, inability to appease opponents, unlimited ability to disgust the base. Mainstreaming is a perfect example of what happens when adherents to a plausible hypothesis refuse to give up that hypothesis even when faced with overwhelming evidence to the contrary.

That applies to almost everything about the “movement,” by the way.