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Punchgate, Spencer, and NECis

Punchgate and related matters.

The System has been crowing about the attack on Spencer, praising the attack, saying it was great, making musical memes about it, and publicly discussing such action as appropriate and “American” (like slavery and segregation, eh?). It has been truly disgusting, but, in the long run, from the balkanization standpoint, the Left’s action may backfire on them.

This essay summarizes the reality of leftists who call us “fascists” but who believe that political violence against their enemies is justified.  But this is nothing new.  Back in the 1930s, there were a number of major street brawls in American cities between the Right (Silver Shirts, Bund) and the Left (Jews, anarchists, communists).  The basic total outcome of those brawls was a victory for the Left (the more things change, the more they stay the same) – there’s a reason why Oliver was talking about 50 years of “movement” failure back in 1969.  Joyce’s essay on “anti-fascism” is mostly true, but it skips over the reality that the Left still rules the streets, as they’ve done in America for nearly a century. And while European nationalist parties may come to power in such circumstance, America for now seems different.  If we cannot break out of the digital sandbox and go analog, it’s not going to work out.  Triumphalist essays about how “anti-fa is dead” while Spencer can’t stand in DC without being punched in the face doesn’t cut it. Sorry.  And even the European nationalists hold meetings, have street demonstrations, etc. – so Joyce’s arguments don’t hold there either. Would the European nationalists have achieved their level of accomplishments (such as they are) if they and their leaders were unable to go out in the street without being punched in the face?  Let’s have triumphalism after real triumphs, not after mocking defeats.

Praise Kek!  Spencer seems to have learned something from Punchgate. First, he admits he is worthy of criticism for his naiveté and lack of preparation and security.  Second, and more importantly, he seems to understand things must be different going forward. WE SIMPLY CANNOT AFFORD MORE INCIDENTS LIKE THIS.  IT MUST STOP.  WE MUST DRAW A LINE IN THE SAND.  That requires proper operational security and planning. Now, if after this, these incidents keep on occurring, that proves all my comments about “quota queens” are correct.

Also, despite my problems with Spencer (*), he is presently the best and most well-known public spokesman for the American Far-Right.  We can’t afford to have him as a subject of physical attack and subsequent Internet mockery.

*Besides the latest incident, there was Hailgate (not so much a big deal in my view), the Hungarian meeting fiasco, and, sadly enough, the serious inherent problems with the project. Shockingly enough, I have to agree with Silver again (yegads – my worldview is crumbling) – I don’t understand why Spencer is associating with a half-Iranian NECist, whose moronic ramblings has brought out other NECists on the comments threads at AltRight, posting Cavalli-Sforza charts from more than 20 years ago as if they were still relevant given the march of population genetics.  NECism keeps on popping up, and misuse of scientific data contributes to this. While I await a global assay of genetic kinship (the only genetic metric that is politically relevant), based on all the data I’ve seen, there’s no doubt that “Persians” will have the greatest kinship with other “Asian Caucasians” and not with Europeans. What outliers “look like” doesn’t matter.  Grasping comments about “artificial boundaries” doesn’t cut it – the European boundary is biologically relevant. Even a no-good low-IQ knuckle-dragging Euro-Swarthoid like myself had “Iceland” as one of my top hits in a company’s kinship measure of raw genetic data.  Would a “Persian” rate the same?  Let’s say I doubt that very much.  Morons talking about “artificial boundaries” don’t get that (1) Identity has culture-historical elements as well as biological, and (2) more relevant to all the racial heavy breathers, race and culture influence each other.  Populations that share foundational cultural/civilizational bases – such as “Western Christendom” – will tend to genetically align over historic time, while others that share “Eastern Islam” will align as well. Populations tend to be genetically similar to geographically close populations, except where there are reasonable boundaries to inhibit gene flow. These boundaries have never been perfect and do not need to have been, as long as gene flow has been repressed over historic time. Mountain ranges, bodies of water, these are geographical boundaries to gene flow – not perfect, but over time, they have serious impacts. Cultural/civilizational boundaries also have very serious impacts on gene flow.  True enough, Persian antipathy to Arabs may have reduced the extent of gene flow there, but the flow was even more markedly reduced between “The West” and “The Rest.” And it is doubtful that Persians were ever genetically similar to modern Europeans.  Prediction: genetic kinship assays will show “Persians” as closer to Iraqis and Afghans than to Europeans.

Why is the Right always taken in by this sort of thing?  The whole subjective Nazi-Larping nonsense about “Aryans” or “Indo-Europeans” gives an opening to NECists to get a foot in the door.  [Note: ironically and inconsistently, the “racial purity” Larping crowd overlaps the “big tent” “Aryan” crowd – as if Iranians or Hindu Indians are “more pure” than wops and hunkies!] Even “White” is subjective.  Then there is the cherry-picking of population genetics to favor particular agendas, even to the point of dusting off studies a generation old.  The same flaw that leads to conspiracy theorizing and breathless interest in gnostic traditionalist esotericism also leads to “gosh-isn’t-that-brilliant” acceptance of pseudo-intellectual faux-erudite claptrap of “parapsychology” and so forth that further entraps ECs into the NEC web.  

You know, American WNs look longingly at European nationalists and say “it proves the value of ethnonationalism” – but they ignore the fact that successful European nationalists don’t obsess over “Aryans” or population genetics or cephalic indices or Kali Yuga or Beavis-and-Butthead trolling lulzing. Listen to a Europa Terra Nostra podcast and contrast that to an American podcast or website.

Der Movement in the News, 10/10/16

It’s…Der Movement.

This is a commentator (plain font) at Roissy’s Pussy Pedestalization blog, with Roissy’s homoerotic Trumpite responses in bold font:

Mr Bigglesworth
We’ve all just witnessed what happens when you attach white survival to the political fortunes of a preening, showboating narcissist. He lets you down in a YUGE way.
[CH: he hasn’t let anyone down except the self-righteous cuck that resides in your fevered fantasies.]
Is there a single person here who still predicts a Trump win? Genuinly?
[yes. genuinely.]
Living inside your own protective bubble, blocking out reality and bitching about anyone who points out glaring truths isn’t “Alpha” at all.
[you aren’t pointing out any glaring truths. you’re pointing out what a pussy you are for getting verklempft over some bawdy lockerroom talk.]
It’s pathetic and an insult to your own intelligence. Have some dignity and stop embarrasing yourselves.
[you are a demoralization agent. you bring nothing substantive to the discussion except your mental fainting couch and debbie downer kvetching. you’re done here.]

I agree that the “lewd” comments are nothing.  But that’s a side issue.  We’ve had months of evidence that Trump is a lazy buffoon who is perhaps the worst general election political candidate I’ve witnessed in my lifetime.  If he wins – which is unlikely but possible – it will be in spite of his laziness and incompetence and solely due to the pent-up anti-PC rage of the GOP base.  If he loses, he’d have thrown away an eminently winnable election – and fanboys like Roissy will NOT be allowed to forget how they tried to tie White racialism to the Trump balloon (given his BMI, “balloon” is appropriate).

But let’s be fair, Der Touchback seems to have done better – much better – in the second debate, and the “because you’d be in jail” was classic.  At this point, Donny Cuckamnesty has little to lose and may as well go on the offensive, but in the calm and direct manner as the above quite illustrated.  Well done, Don Fats!

The GOP Establishment.

Remember that in 2020 when they try and foist a prime cuck on the American public with the mantra “we Republicans have to stick together to beat the Democrat.”

MacDonald on Trump’s “lewd” comments.

Counter-Currents commenter on East Asians:

In addition, the author’s comments about East Asians also rings true. Their lack of inventiveness, in technology, political science, art, music and every field of endeavor is obvious. Their gene pool does not produce European-type geniuses who create and move humankind forward. The Europeans who landed in the 1700s were amazed by the complete lack of progress in every field of endeavor as they compared that China to Marco Polos writings. Had Europeans never encountered Asia, it would still be almost exactly as it was in the 1700s.
Asians are separated from Europeans by 30K years, they have very different brain equipment. They cheat in tests because it is advantageous to do so, and they do not have inborn guilt to prevent them from doing so. They optimize their situations by cheating when available, it is logically the most beneficial choice. An Asian reading that “you shouldn’t cheat” because it is “unfair” or “immoral” to do so even though it greatly helps you would probably find that to be a silly and nonsensical statement.

Der Movement in the News, 8/28/16

The usual stupidity.

Of course Sailer doesn’t see any problem in using standardized test scores to “estimate” IQ, which invariably puts groups like Northeast Asians (and that other very honest and ethical Asiatic group, the Jews) at the top. 
Hey, weasel-faced Jimmy Wideassmann – was German immigration an “unalloyed good” for America? (Better than that post-1965 influx though, eh?) Guess who brought in dat dere anarchism before dem wops? Was that part of the “race replacement that dare not speak its name,” Desmond Jones? A White nationalist “Kodak moment?” 
The fundamental dishonesty and all-around beta race cuckiness of Trump and his general election campaign.
A wise Counter-Currents commentator: 

Regarding Ann Coulter, much as I like much of what she says and writes, I myself would not want to enter her bed because it is defiled.

Hey! Don’t you know that the fossilized “movement” dogma is that Coulter is a “goddess” and a “lioness?” Just because she engaged in activity that Billy Boy Pierce considered worthy of being strung up in public in The Turner Diaries should just conveniently be ignored! 
The best part is Trump shilling for South Asian cogelite immigrants while the Der Movement continues creaming their pants for him (but not his supporters, that’s a bridge [or rather a wop] too far). 

Laguna Beach Fogey
August 27, 2016 – 9:49 am | Permalink
We’re sending shitlords and Alt-Right operatives into local Republican party organizations and GOP clubs. All their base are belong to us.

OK, fair enough. I’ll believe it when right-wing populist GOP candidates are elected to Congress in 2018, and when such a candidate is nominated for President in 2020 (assuming Der Touchback goes down in flames this November, or is elected and adopts the HBD-Neocon immigration policy). 

In a recent interview Ann Coulter made the observation that this election cycle may be the last chance for traditional America to regain control of the US government.

That’s great. And what happens if Trump loses? Will the “goddess” and “lioness” Coulter snuggle up in bed with Dinesh; maybe he’ll cook her some curry in the morning? 
A “Serbian” or “Serbian-Greek” or (whatever it is this week) doesn’t like dat dere Eastern Europe: 

silviosilver ✓ᵀʳᵘᵐᵖ ˢᵘᵖᵖᵒʳᵗᵉʳ advancedatheist • 14 hours ago

You see the same thing in Europe, especially eastern Europe. Lovely thin, well-dressed white people everywhere, it’s beautiful. (And I say that as someone not typically enamored with anything eastern European.)

A General Question: Is the Alt-Right’s 15 minutes of fame over yet?

Racial Cuckoldry

A different type of cucking.

With all the talk of “cuck this” and “cuck that” in Der Movement these days, I had forgotten that I had written this article, back in 2009.

Although there does not seem to be any link between that article and the Great Cuck Meme Explosion of 2015, the fact remains that the article in question is, insofar as I am aware, the first use of the cuckoldry meme, re: race.

On the other hand, years earlier, I wrote (at the old LE site) about Salter’s “Blank Slate Hypothesis” in refutation of the absurd claim made by an individual (who shall go nameless since it was on a private discussion list) that S. Euro men were engaged in mass-cuckoldry of N. Euro men (*).

So, that’s two articles – ahead of the curve, I guess.

*At the same time, we are told that N. and S. Euros are so physically distinct that they are completely different and completely unassimilable races.  How that can be compatible with mass cuckoldry is unclear, unless it is taking place in a colony for the blind.  Never let it be said that Der Movement is strong on logic, common-sense, and consistency.

Race in the News, 8/15/16

Several items

The liberal media hate, despise, and fear Donald Trump. Never in my lifetime have I seen such an outpouring of malice for one man. Not even the height of the Nixon impeachment crisis saw such vindictive passion.

That is correct. As I have said here before: Hatred of Trump is a proxy for hatred of Whites. Hating Trump with “vindictive passion” is a socially safe way of publicly expressing hatred of Whites in like manner.

All of us “subgroups” who stand outside of “Western civilization” are in danger.

If we’re going to stand against this rising tide of hate, we’ve got to stand together. So let’s keep building bridges. Surely that’s something even we lowly “subgroups” can contribute.

But, hey, “Jews look White to me,” right? Unfortunately, they do not “look White” to themselves.
The Invasion, or perhaps, in honor of Merkel, Der Invasion.
These Republican elites behave as if Trump become the nominee by some sort of coup, some subterfuge, some kind of “act of God,” and not by getting the most votes ever in a Republican primary season. True, he’s running a horrendously bad campaign and is a buffoon. But, that is what the GOP cucks get for ignoring White interests.

Nick Dean is Right

An intelligent comment on TOO…will wonders never cease.

Nick Dean

August 5, 2016 – 1:56 pm | Permalink

They are not automatically on our side who just admit we’re right about something. Something could be anything.

Lynn’s brand of HBD is a fraud, as a wise blogger has pointed out. We want to preserve our OWN biodiversity. The Jewish authored HBD ideas that eliminate biodiversity as such from discussion, but prioritize behavioural diversity are a threat, not a friend.
I mean, it’s McInnes, ffs!

Nick Dean – 100% correct.

As stated here many times, HBD is a political movement. Now, I sometimes engage in a bit of hyperbole, and say that HBD “wants to enslave Whites to their Jewish and Asiatic masters.”
The reality is close to that though.
HBD is all about co-opting racial science and genuine race realism in the service of Jewish and East Asian – also also South Asian – interests. HBDers aim at aracial cognitive elitism, with a favored objective of an admixed Jeurasian elite, consisting of higher-IQ Whites, Jews, and Asians. Racial nationalism is opposed and Salterism attacked; anything that elevates race and kinship over IQ is considered anathema.
That isn’t anything any real racial nationalist would, or should, want to have anything to do with.

Latest from Der Movement: Nuclear Weapons Are a "Jewish Hoax"

Courtesy of (surprise, surprise) TOO’s comments threads.

Nuclear weapons are a Jewish fraud, like the ‘Holocaust’. The important question with Kennedy and other non-Jews was how much they knew of this. (Similarly with Stalin, and Mao). All the discussions about the (((Manhattan))) Project, Hiroshima, Dimona, ‘Samson Option’, Cuba Crisis, (((US ‘atom spies’))), should be examined through the Jewish lies filter. Including: which documents are chosen to be ‘released’, concealed, forged/misrepresented etc.

The link given by the commentator leads one here.

Those with long memories will recall the novel The Jesus Factor (emphasis added):

In the novel, the nuclear attacks of World War II are simulated using aeroplane-mounted magnesium flares and dispersed radionuclides, taking advantage of the destruction caused by an earthquake. An international conspiracy hides this fact in the interest of maintaining nuclear deterrence.

The story concerns events when this status quo is threatened by one of the original bombardiers, who discovers the conspiracy while running for US president with a policy of nuclear disarmament.

Well, why not? Der Movement’s “racial science” and “racial history” read like something from a graphic novel put together by a retarded 10 year old on LSD, so why not use concepts from silly novels to assert that nuclear weapons are a hoax? And, yes, also, the movie Capricorn One is a thinly veiled documentary about the dastardly moon landing (Jewish!) hoax conspiracy (Mars being a transparent proxy for the moon). Dat right!
Actually, the real hoax is that anything resembling a real American racialist movement exists. Is the hoax Jewish? Who knows? They certainly benefit from it. The synergistic relationship between Der Movement and the watchdog groups is certainly something to consider.