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Odds and Ends, 2/5/15

Two stories from today.

The next time some “conservative Republican” starts talking about our great need for “highly-skilled labor” because we have a “STEM worker shortage” and that we need more H-1B workers to “fill the gap” please remember this story.  Now, it’s quite understandable that these hate-filled Asiatics want to displace the White man; after all, the Asian is the deadly enemy of the European. But, the fact that White politicians are aiding and abetting this invasion is something that needs to be carefully considered, and long remembered.

Then, it seems like Putin must have had his MMR vaccines as a youth.  See what happens when you inject “god knows what” into your veins?

Seriously though, this seems to be nothing more than some juvenile psy-ops against Trad Vlad.  Could a socially inept Asperger’s case rise to the pinnacle of world power, and maintain his position against his rivals, at home and abroad?  I’m no fan of Vlad, but it’s obvious that he’s an intelligent and competent leader (I just despite his leftist, anti-White, multiculturalist politics).

What does America have?  Our current President is a mediocre mulatto who cannot give a speech without a teleprompter, and who does the “pose” whenever possible – you know that thing he does, with his chin lifted up and gazing into the distance.  The President before him was a White man who was (reasonably) compared to a chimpanzee.  Before that was “White trash” getting fellated by a Jewess in the White House.  And they talk about Putin?