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Odds and Ends, 7/2/20

In der news.

Andrew Joyce speaks.  If my opinion is worth anything to Joyce, I have a positive opinion of that podcast and would be interested in hearing more, and I wrote as much on the comments thread there.

One point of criticism in the Joyce podcast – mispronunciation of forte.

Genuine greatness!

One legitimate criticism of Yockey (among several) can be of his insistence of labelling his philosophy “Imperialism” – which is not only vague and uncertain, but has reactionary undertones and does nothing but agitate the hysterical fantasies of the petty nationalists. That hysteria would be from “Imperialism” in the intra-White context.  What about globally? Really, do we really want Imperialism with respect to the non-White world? Even if that was realistic, which it is not, cross-civilizational Imperialism always backfires on the Imperialists.  The conquered always tend to, ultimately, conquer the conquerors.  Look at Britain today.  

And Yockey was perhaps a bit of a Daltonite when he wrote: “Street meetings are themselves victories, but a speech in a hall of old ladies, from which the enemy is excluded, is a political nullity.”

Well, today, we can’t even have a meeting “in a hall”: – which shows you how backwards we’ve gone in the last 70 years.  Thanks, “movement.”

Gee, too bad nobody warned you about Trump back in 2016.  Oh, wait…Sallis

More genuine greatness!

More Yockey quotes:…

a pen-name is just as “real” as any other. The determining thing about a name is whether one can be proud of it or ashamed of it.

Food for thought for the Type Is who debate about the appropriateness of pseudonyms.

When a man devotes himself to a negation thus, he inevitably turns into a carbon-copy of that which he is supposedly resisting.


Whenever anyone announces and formulates an Idea which cuts across all older classifications and theories, he may expect that petty-raceless dimwits from the day-before-yesterday, survivals from the previous century, will fail to understand, and will greet with great hatred that to which they are not equal.

Hence, the petty nationalist ethnonationalists reacting to pan-Europeanism.

In the Massie book, Peter the Great, we read the following on 17th century Russian attitudes toward women:

…a woman was regarded as a silly, helpless child, intellectually void, morally irresponsible and, given the slightest chance, enthusiastically promiscuous.

Looking back from the perspective of 2020, can we honestly say that they were wrong?

Spencer and Conte are teaming up again for podcasting?

I told you that Carlson was useful.

As TOO says: Cue the Vikings.

So, for (many, most) Whites we have outgroup (pathological) altruism coupled to a lack of ingroup altruism. Related to this perhaps?

Sallis predicted the downfall of the Alt Right as far back as late 2016.early 2017.  And by March 2018, the “insane and indecent” Ted Sallis was already recognizing that the Alt Right was dying.

Whose judgment should you trust in the dark days ahead?

Odds and Ends, 6/29/20

In der news.

In preparing for possible legal and government regulation action against certain left-leaning institutions, I came across one vulnerability that may be useful.  Interestingly, certain Far Right entities are probably even more vulnerable to the same approach.  I obviously will not discuss what it is here – I’m not in the business of assisting the Left nor of warning the Quota Queens.  I’ll simply continue to plan ahead for possible legal action against the aforementioned leftist entities (if necessary).

But I will say that this all confirms to my mind the ineptness and reckless stupidity of the Quota Queens, and the manifest inferiority of WN 2.0 (WN 1.0, insofar as I know, didn’t make the same error). It also underscores to an even greater extent how moronic and inefficient the Left is – for all their massive resources they leave low hanging fruit unplucked.  Or is it that they are afraid that the same approach can be leveraged against them? Perhaps that is it.  But given the anarcho-tyranny of a biased legal and government system, do they really need to worry about it?  Will the same consideration of System protection of the Left (i.e., protection of itself) hamper my own anti-leftist efforts in this regard?  On the other hand, for some entities, the thing they fear most of all is bad publicity. So, in that sense, the Left has far more to lose (given that the Right is already always portrayed badly in any case) unless the Left’s control of the media results in their bad publicity being squashed.  But in today’s era of the Internet and social media, I’m not sure that even the Left can put a lid on bad publicity.

Moving on…

In the short storyNever Meet Again by science fiction writer Algis Budrys, a German scientist lives in a late 1950s alternative reality in which the Axis won the war and Germany is a prosperous and happy National Socialist regime. The scientist is himself personally unhappy because he blames the Nazis for the death of his wife.  So he designs a device that allows him to travel to an alternative reality that he thinks will be better – one in which Germany lost.  So, he does so – and ends up in a real dystopia, our reality, in which he turns up in Soviet-controlled dark and dreary late 1950s East Berlin. All around is squalor and miserable people. There, he meets that reality’s version of his wife, still alive, overjoyed to see him, since he himself was killed by an American bombing in this reality.  At which point, the wife, upon learning what he had done, turns him over to the Soviet authorities who want him to rebuild his machine to be used as an anti-American weapon.  Budrys was, in the word of the Alt Right: “based.”

Then we have Tau Zero by Poul Anderson, who was of Scandinavian descent, a book which pictures a future Earth ruled by (an ethnically homogeneous and very Nordic) Sweden.  That book displaces porn as onanistic material for Durocher.  Put that book down Durocher, lest you get a priapism.

The Slavic soul.

A perfect example of why Counter-Currents is despicably dishonest – a commentator there writes:

I don’t see eye to eye with Nicholas R. Jeelvy on a lot of things, but he hit it out of the park with this analysis. “Racist Liberal” only came about as a term of insult in March 2020 in response to White Nationalists who were opposed to the COVID-19 shutdown. Basically, COVID exposed a schism between WN’s who support freedom and individualism vs. WN’s who come from a Leftist or even Communist background and thus are highly in favor of collective measures, which they justify under the guise that they are “protecting society.” Hunter Wallace, Richard Spencer, Matt Parrott, Keith Woods, Eric Striker, Marcus Cicero of Daily Stormer fame, and numerous Twitter accounts – especially the ones using fake Black People names – are all in favor of collectivism and “What’s Good For Society” over individual liberty for White men and White women. The term “Racist Liberal” was invented by these people.

Excuse me, but the “collectivism and ‘What’s Good For Society’ over individual liberty for White men and White women” mindset this commentator decries is not only exhibited by “Hunter Wallace, Richard Spencer, Matt Parrott, Keith Woods, Eric Striker, Marcus Cicero of Daily Stormer fame” BUT ALSO BY GREG JOHNSON HIMSELF.  And does the “great man” come in to reply to this comment and defend his covid-19 views?  Of course not. Later in the thread he responds to someone asserting that the sneering Frenchie poodle “scientist” won the covid-19 debate because Johnson’s ego is bruised by that, but he doesn’t directly defend his collectivist pro-lockdown views when those are ascribed to a “Leftist or even Communist background.”

Johnson won’t do it, but I will, since I’ve been more on the covid-19 is a serious threat side as opposed to the flubro side.  Talking about “Leftist or even Communist” is simply ad hominem.  Collectivist action could be fascist, national socialist, Far Right, what have you. The good old “freedom and apple pie” USA always had no problem with collective action in wartime; the military draft being a prime example. Indeed, sometimes society requires protecting, and that usually entails collective action and investment in common social goods, not “sturdy individualism.”  “Freedom and individualism” requires collective action for protection, as others with less adherence to those principles will use collective action to strip those from you. Better collective action voluntarily by Whites, in a White manner, sacrificing some “freedom and individualism” to save the remainder, than to have alien outsiders use collective action to strip the White man of everything.  And, as I’ve said before, and I’ll say it again, the whole covid-19 lockdown issue is a strange “hill to die on” for the rah-rah individualists. Maybe being so militant would have served better as regards forced racial integration, affirmative action, mass immigration, etc. But I suppose defying White doctors and scientists is easier than defying Colored militants and their Jewish controllers, eh?

Introducing the Costello Counter-Currents diet plan.

This is TOO:

Let’s look at the term aryan used by hitler the nazis and also the roman salute. The iranians are these days some of the most racially mixed peoples, on averege 15% east indain also part arab and so on. Hence the old aryans are dead.

The term “Aryan” is moronic.  The “Aryans” were never what the fetishists though they were.

As for the roman salute, most italians are mixed with arabsa and north africans these days, partially as an effect of the roman empire.

Sallis’ Law in action again.  Remarkable that after the Roman genetics study – mysteriously completely ignored by Der Movement – that we continue to have such comments, but there you go.  What about East Asian/Siberian admixture in Northern Europe?  Move on, move on, there’s nothing to see there – and it’s of great benefit to all humanity, and don’t you forget it!

The swastika, is mainly used in india, where whites tried to stay separate but all mixed with non whites to some degree, the cast system probably reflects an attempt at keeping the mixture lover for parts of the population.

The cast system?  By the way, when were there “Whites” in India, in the sense of the word meaning Europeans?  The British control to be sure, but before that?  India was never “White” to begin with – “beige” perhaps?

Gene tests of hitlers relatives has shown mixture with berbs, north africans (could be berbs and arabs occupied spain, then spain occupied The Netherlands that is a neighbour country to germany which is bordering austria)…

First, that’s the NRY.  Second, amusingly, we note here that any potential admixture in Hitler is blamed on…Spain.  But of course. And what is a “berb?” The same as a “blurb?”

Hence all the choices of symbols by the nazis hevily represents racemixing. The ideology also led to 40 million people dying, most of them whites, 8 million of them german.

The Nazis supported race-mixing!  QED!  But, hey, at least the Iranians, Italians, Indians, Nazis, and Hitler knew basic spelling, which is more than what can be said about this minor Herrenvolk nobility.

This is correct.

Hey now!  It’s time to discuss the racial admixture of the “dago” Frank Rizzo and his “big meatballs.”

Standing six-foot-two and built like a rhinoceros, Frank Rizzo has been called “larger than life”…

Are you sure that’s not “five-foot-two?  After all, we don’t want the moldering corpse of Humphrey Ireland to get confused or anything.

Odds and Ends, 6/21/20

In der news. In all cases, emphasis added.
Another example of how ethnonationalists ruin everything they touch:

1999, a manifesto of a second ‘European Liberation Front’ was published in Paris, but there is apparently no more active organisation of that name now. The manifesto takes its ideological inspiration from Yockey, and from Otto Strasser, who was expelled from the Nazi Party by Adolf Hitler in 1930.

Despite the pan-European style of its title, the ideology of the manifesto is ethnic and racial nationalism

Take over the name of Yockey’s organization and then promote an opposing ideology.  Very good!  Hail Der Movement!

Authentic pan-Europeanism does not exist in any organization of which I am aware over the last 50 years or more, except Lowell’s in Malta.

Forney on Spencer Part I.Part II.
Note that I do not agree on Forney on all his comments, but, nevertheless, the rank-and-file needs to understand where their affirmative action program leads.  I also find Forney’s glee at Spencer’s problems unseemly.  It is not funny, it is a tragedy.  I don’t care about Spencer himself, but we all need to realize that the White public – you know, the folks that your “movement” wants to recruit from – do not make fine distinctions between Spencer, Johnson, Forney, Taylor et al.  It’s all one.  Spencer’s downfall therefore reflects badly on the entirety of racial activism in the public “mind.”  
That downfall, ultimately, derives from the lack of judgment of “movement” “elites.”  Spencer should never have been allowed to be the head of NPI in the first place; that position should have gone to an older individual with more experience, maturity, and gravitas. Spencer should instead have been groomed for electoral politics, as the smiling young face of the Far Right, with mature adults as his behind-the-scenes handlers. 
The past cannot be changed. But going forward, the affirmative program needs to be eliminated.  That is step one.  It’s not a case of a single rotten apple that needs to be gotten rid of, it’s a whole case.  And as soon as one apple becomes so horribly decayed that it is thrown out, another one joins in. The entire crate needs to be thrown out, and the entire process of picking rotten apples changed.

A sincere man of genuine greatness.

Glad to see we got dem dere Republican conservative judges like “Earl Warren Jr.” Roberts there.

I’m no fan of Rushton, but the retraction of his hypothesis paper was unfair and disgusting, and I agree with this analysis, which is a refutation of leftist hysteria that helped get the paper unfairly retracted.  I also agree with the analysis in that the author of the leftist attack on Rushton-Templar doesn’t understand what pleiotropy is, possibly confusing it with epistasis (or who knows what).  I am also amused by the leftist critique of Rushton-Templar for having a “political bias.” Hoho!  What about the leftist critic’s bias?  Would he care to inform us on his views on say, race in America?  What’s his party affiliation?  Who did he vote for in 2016? What about, say, Lewontin’s biases?  Any comments on that?
If the Rushton-Templar paper was inherently flawed – even as a hypothesis – and this somehow escaped the notice of the reviewers at that time, then the appropriate response is to write a paper (for publication) refuting the Rushton-Templar logic and/or do studies that produce data refuting the Rushton-Templar hypothesis. Retracting the paper is politically motivated censorship, leading us to a scientific dark ages. The retraction is a disgrace.

Hey, it’s time for Trump to tweet LAW AND ORDER!  That’ll fix it.  Fat Don is like, you know, demonstrating his sincerity and his genuine greatness!

I was looking at Amazon reviews of Robert Griffin’s One Sheaf One Vine book, of interest to me since I am one of the people featured in it.  Two excerpts from the comments I found amusing:

1. Interesting anthropological study. Nothing really new here, but contains only interview available of Alex Linder. No other interviews with people who would go on to become personages. 

That’s a stinging rebuke of my lack of accomplishment I suppose.

2. Another observation I make, is that none of the people in the book, offer any solutions to the racial problems they criticize. In numerous cases, they simply flee those high-‘diversity’ problems by moving to other, whiter states. But none of them seem to envision the new domiciles undergoing future change.

Let’s see.  I spend a significant portion of my interview talking about practical things that should be done.  So it would seem that this individual lacks any reading comprehension skills whatsoever.  As well, with respect to the second half of the criticism, I’m not one of the “numerous cases” since that’s nowhere in my section.
Also interesting is that if you search on Amazon for a book like this, you get “suggested reading” consisting of a host of anti-White diatribes.  Like Google, Amazon is another company I am going to personally “deplatform” from any spending.

Thus in summary: Sallis right, Johnson wrong.

Kevin Strom:

The purpose of the race that is is to bring into being the race that is to come. Let’s concentrate on that. Let’s concentrate on being the ones who decide that.I have been in this cause of ours for nearly 40 years. I have seen and heard and read so much wasted verbiage about why Russians or eastern Europeans generally, or southern Europeans generally, or even other odd subracial or national combinations should be read out of the White race. I have heard it all, please don’t repeat it to me. I’m sick of it.
The group or groups which coalesce to save our endangered race will be the ones who determine its genetic future. Beyond the obvious aesthetic that we know White when we see it, and a future that can include (but not be totally ruled by) accurate genetic testing, that’s all we need to know. If the White future is primarily Russian or Hungarian, so be it. If the White future is primarily pan-European American with strong German, Anglo, and Irish components, so be it. If the White future is predominantly Greek or Italian or Bulgarian or Nordic, so be it. None of us are in a position to pick and choose right now, nor does such picking and choosing make sense during this crisis.
Let’s just admit that every single group and sub-group of Europeans has racially devolved — due to dysgenics, due to genetic drift, due to past mixtures. Let’s just admit that every single White nationality could be — and, if we have anything to say about it, will be — helped by a healthy dose of eugenics.
But never forget this: We are targeted and marked for death as Whites. It is as Whites — not as dolichocephalic Red Nordids, or Paleo-Atlantids, or western Europeans only — that we must become awakened and fight back.

Very good; I obviously agree.  But then Strom has to admit that much of the work of Pierce and of the National Alliance was and is de facto opposed to that pan-European view. As regards Pierce accepting people with fractional Amerindian ancestry (and Pierce’s gibbering about “Caucasian” Amerindian tribes is nonsense – whatever their appearance, they are racial aliens from Asia), we must remember that the “Indian princess” stories – real or imagined – typically derive from “Nordish” Anglo-Americans. They’ve always gotten a “pass” for that – the “Pace Amendment” for example.

By the way, even Yockey himself wasn’t immune to a touch of Nordicism, with respect to his rhapsodizing about “Northern barbarians” in both Imperium and, more especially, Thoughts Personal and Superpersonal. I suppose we can forgive Yockey for that lapse, since the broader “movement” he derives from has always been marinated in Nordicism, but it is rather hypocritical of him given his pontifications about horizontal vs. vertical race.  And what would he think today, with all of the “Northern Barbarians” being the biggest race cucks of them all?

And by the way, Yockeyites past and present should know that The Doctrine of Fascism they so admire was really written by Giovanni Gentile, not Benito Mussolini.  But Gentile was one of those two foot tall superstitious Sicilians who so vexed Humphrey Ireland, so who cares about facts?

Newly discovered!  A film clip of Humphrey Ireland being overwhelmed by the scurrying Sicilian hordes.

Odds and Ends, 6/18/20

In der news.  In all cases, emphasis added.
Sallis right once again.  How many times have I warned you about Asian – particularly Chinese – infiltration of American STEM?

Some 54 scientists have resigned or been fired as a result of an ongoing investigation by the National Institutes of Health into the failure of NIH grantees to disclose financial ties to foreign governments. In 93% of those cases, the hidden funding came from a Chinese institution.

The new numbers come from Michael Lauer, NIH’s head of extramural research. Lauer had previously provided some information on the scope of NIH’s investigation, which had targeted 189 scientists at 87 institutions. But his presentation today to a senior advisory panel offered by far the most detailed breakout of an effort NIH launched in August 2018 that has roiled the U.S. biomedical community, and resulted in criminal charges against some prominent researchers. {snip}


In the vast majority of cases, Lauer reported, the person being investigated has been an Asian man in his 50s. {snip}

Lauer also presented data on the nature of the violations that NIH has uncovered. Some 70% (133) of the researchers had failed to disclose to NIH the receipt of a foreign grant, and 54% had failed to disclose participation in a foreign talent program. {snip}

Lauer said the fact that 82% of those being investigated are Asian “is not surprising” because “that’s who the Chinese target” in their foreign talent recruitment programs. {snip}

Someone knows the score:


We don’t need Asians in our society. They have to go back.

Excellent, excellent.
Remember, don’t upset the HBDers.  China is sacrosanct.  Mumble about it being an adversary, but let’s not support anyone who wants to confront it.
See this.  Not bad, but this part is completely illogical:

Let us turn to dispel some of the things which you should not enlist for. I am hesitant to even address it, but enlisting for ‘‘boogaloo’’ training — as in infantry tactics, techniques, and procedures — is honestly silly. First, there are already legions of veterans, many with combat experience, who are already part of or adjacent to our movement. Virile men prefer virile jobs and virile politics; this is basic biology.

Second, there is a disturbing trend of the treasonous brass freaking out about ‘‘white supweeemacists’’ entering the ranks to obtain combat training. At first glance, this may seem like an argument to pursue it, as what the adversary doesn’t want is usually a good thing. However, it is probable that inquisitorial-like scrutiny will only increase. If you are doxed while in uniform, and especially in something that is combat-related or requires a security clearance, it’s not going to be fun. To the argument that you are dox proof because you aren’t part of an official nationalist organization, remember that doxing has been expanded to include moralistic busybodies reporting that guys once said the N-word two years ago and the like.

Assuming that you are not so stupid as to openly announce your intentions, then how are the “treasonous brass” going to distinguish the folks who joined the military for “boogaloo training” from those who want to get free college?  You are going to have the same risks of doxing or official persecution either way. And if you are not a member of an “official nationalist organization” and have never behaved like a jackass on social media, exactly what are you going to be persecuted about? Being White?  How would that change based upon your own private intentions and personal motivations? Again, I don’t understand how a person’s private and personal objectives are going to become magically known by the “treasonous brass.” And isn’t “combat training” – at least in its most elementary form – something you are going to get in the military regardless if you “pursue” it?  Something doesn’t add up here.

Yes, Greg, yes.  Now, let’s see what you wrote about Trump earlier – read here.

What Sallis wrote about Trump back right before the 2016 election:

…Trump is a vulgar ignorant buffoon, a Negro-loving beta race cuck civic nationalist with a Jewified family, an overweight imbecile, a lazy and ill-prepared debater, an embarrassment of a political candidate, a blustering clown, and a crass jackass

.And also. And this:

Let’s be honest though: Trump the man is a disaster, easily the worst general campaign candidate in my lifetime.  I’ve never seen such a combination of joyful ignorance, in-your-face laziness, unpreparedness, delusion, inability to learn from mistakes, the hysterical lack of restraint one would expect from one of Trump’s Negro friends (or even worse: a swarthoid Afrowop) – what is this Trump?  He’s a goddamn embarrassment.I endorse Trump, even though I personally believe he is lazy and ignorant buffoon, an idiot with Jewish family connections, unread and unprepared, not very bright, hysterically undisciplined, a race cuck to the Negro – it is not Trump’s supporters who are the “basket of deplorables,” it is instead Trump’s myriad personal flaws that instead constitute the basket.

Oh, and this is what I wrote immediately after the election:

You’ve been given a gift – a rare historical opportunity.  I doubt the Old Movement is up to the task.

Truer words never written.

There’s a joke in bodybuilding circles about men with good genetics for muscle-building – “he picked the right parents.” 
By analogy, we can say that people like Greg Johnson and Peter Brimelow “picked the right ancestors.” If they were instead named, say, Guido Wopirini or Boratoslav Balkanovic, no one in Der Movement would tolerate their buffoonery, much less give them a dime.  
Affirmative action!

An updated biography of Johnson is here.  My contention that most (if not all) people in the “movement” who were originally libertarians are utterly useless is supported.  And then we have those who were originally liberals.  Indeed, most of the Quota Queen leadership were one or the other.  That alone tells you something.

Well maybe we could find out this information if money was channeled in the right direction, instead of hundreds of thousands of dollars per year disappearing into the VDARE black hole.

This is America.  But, hey, be Amnats, not Wignats – we gotta preserve dem dere constitutional rights!