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Celebrating Their Own Demise

Partying at a funeral – their own.

Technical points:

1.  More details about these data would be helpful. The main story does give some details but these are not enough.

2. To what extent are pro-diversity White responses informed by a desire to be “PC” and a fear of being labeled “racist?”

3. To what extent are pro-diversity White responses affected by being exposed to a virtual monopoly of pro-diversity propaganda from the news and entertainment media, academia, public schools, celebrities, politicians, with virtually no dissenting views heard and/or taken seriously and/or labeled as anything other than “White supremacism” and “hate?”  Is the increased pro-diversity sentiment expressed by more educated Whites an indication of academic brainwashing (as well as smug “goodwhite” scorn for blue collar Whites)?

4. How stable will the White pro-diversity data be over time?  As Whites become a minority and suffer the consequences of being a hated subaltern group in a degenerated Third World America, will optimism continue to prevail?  Note that Whites as a minority in a majority non-White America cannot be expected to be catered to as are non-White minorities in the current majority White America: no affirmative action, no “PC” double standards for their benefit, no organized minority mobilization via a multicultural apparatus, no bending over backwards for minority rights, no favored status for minority immigration.

5. Just because a people believe something will be a good thing does not logically mean that it actually will be a good thing.  One would think that should be obvious, but it is (obviously) not.

Now, let’s consider the main take-home point: the utter and complete failure of the Right to make the argument, the utter and complete failure of American rightists, particularly the Far Right, to make the case against diversity and in favor of White preservationism.

Yes, yes, there is point #3 above, the monopolization of System messages, and the pathologization of dissident opinions.  But whose fault is that?  Note that majority-minority status is viewed more askance in Europe that lacks free speech than in America that ostensibly has it. I know the Type Is and their affirmative action leadership will make excuses as they always do, and claim that this supports rather than refutes their approach, claim it affirms ethnonationalism because most European nations have relatively monoethnic native populations while White America is an ethnic mix.  The same old story (and note that while expressed public opinion seems healthier in Europe it is not actualized in electoral results and in policy in most cases; note as well that White America elected Trump even with Trump’s phony veneer of being a “racist fascist bigot” – the story is more complicated than “movement” simplicity) – which ignores the elephant in the room: decades of “movement” failure, millions and millions of dollars of wasted money, millions of man hours of wasted effort, the stupidity, lies, and cowardice (SLC) of Der Movement, Inc., its utter failure to achieve anything of value.

The quota queens have the nerve to mock mainstream conservatism as Conservatism, Inc. – as a group of “beautiful losers” – a “loyal (pseudo) opposition” – not really interested in winning but just to make money and live off the donations of naïve and deluded suckers.  Pot calling the kettle black perhaps?

I attack the tin cuppers and their panhandling, particularly the happy penguins at VDARE, but consider: VDARE gets the lion’s share of “movement” money for doing nothing other than what other people do for free.  VDARE is a blog, for heaven’s sake  Brimelow is the editor of a blog that he occasionally writes for.  That’s it!  A blog writer and editor!  That’s something many people do for nothing, do for free, yet you retards are supporting his blue state lifestyle, and flushing the shekels down the VDARE toilet.  Do you understand how stupid that is?  It’s one thing if VDARE was an integrated activist organization actually getting things done.  It’s a blog.  A blog!  Pierce for all his faults (and failures) at least made the pretense of heading an activist organization; today’s quota queens simply run websites and expect in return to be supported in lifestyles superior to many of those giving donations.

Decades of a degenerating racial situation for Whites, the breakdown of law and order and civility in America, the utter chaos in Europe as another example of the perils of multiculturalism, the promise of balkanization from the Rise of Trumpism – all that for naught.  To the extent that opinion poll has any validity whatsoever, the (Far) Right has utterly failed, but as always there is ZERO accountability.  Given that a lack of accountability is a hallmark of affirmative action and its recipients, this is further evidence supporting the Sallis view that Der Movement, Inc. – a money-making scheme – is built on a foundation of affirmative action and ethnic quotas as regards “leadership” – and if you think about it, as regards ideology as well.

It’s going to be a bumpy ride…right down into the Third World sewer – with feckless, misinformed Whites grinning like idiots and blushing with embarrassment.  Don’t worry though – in the meantime, “movement” “leaders” will live well, lounging around in the leafy suburbs, going on international trips, buying dog food and movie tickets, living the good life while sponging off of hard-working fools and suckers.

We Need Real Data

This is important.

This is a topic that I’ve brought up in comments at Counter-Currents, particularly in response to some Le Brun podcasts, but is worth discussing again (and again and again).

We need data, strong empirically-determined data, to assist in understanding racial-social trends in society as a whole, as well as within the “movement.” Many assumptions are made, and strategic approaches are designed based on those assumptions, without any real founding on real evidence. This is crucial in determining the answers to crucial questions about how to get Whites in general motivated to pursue their own racial group interests, and how to get Whites actively involved in racial activism.

We need opinion polling and other types of survey data, looking at the White population (in different countries if possible, but at least in the USA), broken down, if possible, by age, sex, education, income/class, and other variables. We need to ascertain how many Whites are concerned about the racial-cultural trends, and if so why, and if not why. We need to understand why those who are concerned do nothing about it, why they eschew racial activism, and what they think of the “movement.” Looking at the “movement” we need to identify the types of Whites who get involved, what their motivations are, how they got involved, and whether the “gateway hypothesis” (that people enter through more mild, Alt-Wrong style activism and the progress to the more hardcore) is correct or not. We need to understand whether ”mainstreaming” really works (I think not), whether “vanguardists” are more attractive or not to recruits, and whether the Alt Right’s “youth culture” is really a net positive to the “movement” and whether it is really responsible for bringing in young recruits. And there are, I’m sure, dozens of other essential questions that need be answered – and answered by real data.

Why don’t the more well-funded and “connected” precincts of the Right (e.g., the Alt Wrong) at least get the ball rolling on this? Or, if not them, can the more hardcore among us pool resources and get the job done?

Real data providing real answers leading to real solutions to pressing problems.

Der Movement in the News, 7/8/16

Two items.

More on the objective worthlessness of Whites.  And who are these RATS not supporting Trump? Who are the GOP voters prissily running away from “racism?”  We saw them in the primaries.

And, again, Metroland sugarcoats Nordicism, except for a few throwaway lines about wops and micks.

And then Der Movement wonders why it makes no headway, while it very…affirmatively, let us say…rejects the non-RATS Whites who tend to be ardent supporters of Trump – the same Trump that Der Movement has been going into onanistic ecstasy over.

One wonders – I assume Mr. Ireland was opposed to affirmative action, no?

What would Willie and Marv think?  Dat right!  Oy vey!

The Emperor Has No Clothes; Der Movement is a fraud.

Deluded Democrats vs. Der Trumpening

Misunderstanding Trump.

Sanders.  Bernie asserts that Trump’s popularity is due to the legitimate “economic anxiety” of his supporters. Trump exploits this anxiety by scapegoating “Mexicans and Muslims” and thus he diverts attention away from the fatcat predatory capitalists really causing all the problems. Bernie will free these supporters from Trump’s trickery by bringing them into a grand, aracial, far-left coalition.
Well, Bernie my Levantine friend, Democrats have tried to “appeal to economic interests” and “free middle class White Americans from GOP trickery” for decades, and yet the Democratic Party continues to lose White support. Levels of support of working class and middle class White American men for Democrats is laughably low. What makes you think you can do better?
More to the point: if the real issue is economics and exploitation of the working class by the wealthy, then why aren’t these folks supporting Bernie rather than Donald?  Well, Sanders may answer that most of these folks are Republicans and so he needs to reach out to them and convince them. But that would reveal where Bernie’s whole diagnosis is wrong.  If most of Trump’s supporters are Republican voters, and I think we can all agree that this is the case, then these are people who voted (those that did bother to vote) for Romney in 2012 – Mitt Romney, the very archetype of a fatcat predatory capitalist; Romney, whose views on economics are worse than that of Trump for the working class.
Now, why is that?  After Bush butchered the US economy, why did these working class folk vote for McCain in 2008 and then for Mr. Bain Capital Outsourcing Mitt Romney in 2012?  The answer is that race and culture trump (no pun intended) economics. The answer is that the Democrats long ago abandoned middle class and working class White Americans, Democrats made failed and feeble attempts to win back those people through the sort of wrong-headed arguments Sanders is now making, and the Democrat Establishment as exemplified by Clinton has essentially completely given up on these people. The GOP abandoned working class Whites as well, but, bereft of any choice, those Whites either voted for Republicans who very actively “dog whistled” on social issues, or they stayed home on election day (Romney could have won with more support from that direction).
The real anxiety being exploited by Trump is that of race and culture: his supporters are justifiably anxious over losing their country. Economics are part of that, sure, but only a part. Trump is the ONLY candidate who addresses this anxiety. It is for that reason he wins the support of the Republican voters and he also wins the support of working class Whites who despise the Democrats (because the Democrats despise them), but who couldn’t bring themselves to vote for Mitt “strap your dog to the roof of your car” Romney.
A pro-minority, pro-immigrant, far-left Jewish socialist is not going to be able to compete with Trump for these people.
That said, I would advise Trump to move to the left economically if he finds himself in the general election – that will solidify his working class support, immunize himself from economic arguments which while secondary to race/culture still have some power, and allow him to poach some Democrat voters.
Clinton.  Carpet-munching corrupt reptile Hillary Clinton, whose political career is predicated upon being “married” to Bill Clinton, asserts that Trump is “the best recruiter for ISIS.”  Whether or not that is true is irrelevant.  ISIS has no ICBMs or other strategic weapons that would allow them to target America from overseas. They are a threat to America solely because they have supporters living in the USA, willing to engage in terrorism (as we have recently seen).  Trump is the only candidate who addresses that fact.  The response of all the other candidates, all the System candidates, to “bomb ISIS,” will do nothing but inflame their supporters already here (opinion polls show a significant fraction of Muslims living in America support radical Islam), and all the supporters yet to arrive as “refugees” and “immigrants.”  In the old days, foreign wars were justified to the American people as “we have to fight them there so we don’t have to fight them here,” but now it is “we have to fight them there because they are already here” and the actual reality is “the more we fight them there the more we will have to fight them here.”  After 9/11 the USA went to war in the Middle East, radicalizing a new generation of Muslims, because (1) that is what Israel wanted, and (relevant here) (2) we “couldn’t” do the sane thing and stop Muslim immigration (it actually increased!), so the rubes had to be satisfied by waging war against “the ragheads” overseas.  Diversity trumps (heh) all, then as now.

The problem is that the System’s fundamental basis, its very foundation, is hostility to White interests. System politicians like Sanders and Clinton (and almost all Republicans as well – do not forget) are inherently unable to accept or even comprehend much less actualize any appeal to White interests – for that would undermine and repudiate the very System of which they are a part. So they talk about “economics” or “ISIS” and continue to lose working class and middle class White Americans.

In the News, 12/18/15

More items to cheer up the despondent reader.

Aren’t you glad the USA has a Republican Congress!  Whew, they’re really defending the interests of the base, eh?  And here’s another one for you.

The GOP hates you, White man.  What are you going to do about it?  Likely: nothing. Interesting new opinion polls suggest (if you can believe them) that Republican voters do not consider immigration a “make or break” issue.  On the one hand, opinion polling is a well known fraud used to manufacture, rather than register, opinion. On the other hand, those results are more or less what one expect from the pathetically inferior festering lump of biomass known as the White Race.
Jeb is throwing a fit. Good to see he shows “high energy” about something – reneging on his promises in order to thwart the will of the White Republican base in order to pander to immigrants, illegals, refugees, terrorists, and traitors. With all this reneging on promises, “Der Trumpening” should run as an Independent if he doesn’t get the GOP nomination.

The Hollow Blogger. It’s all there, the incoherent rambling, praise for the Chinese, sly attempts to divide Europeans against each other: Durocher, the enemy of the White race. Durocher: the lowest form of filthy scum imaginable.  Durocher: an embarrassment to the great French people. Durocher: the human turd. A prime objective of any White ethnostate will be hunting down scum like Durocher for trial, with the ultimate penalty as the outcome.

This is What Balkanization Looks Like, 12/10/15

Der Trumpening.

Remember what Salter said: From the perspective of a majority being dispossessed, the only thing worse than multiculturalism that does not work is multiculturalism that does work.

When the System is against you, chaos is your friend. Trump may be a fraud; he is definitely a buffoon. It doesn’t matter. His behavior, and the public perception of his candidacy, is doing more damage to the multicultural consensus then all the “movement” texts and blog posts in recent memory combined.

What is necessary is for Trump’s support to be maintained or even increase, to send the message that a significant portion of White America agrees with him. Division, discord, mistrust, chaos, bad feelings, ethnic animus – these are all the things we need more of, more destabilization, more confusion, more anger.  Whatever he is, whatever fraud he may be, for the good that’s he’s done so far, I say God Bless Donald Trump.

And, if he doesn’t get the GOP nomination, he must run as an independent, to ruin the GOP in 2016, and underscore to everyone – the GOP Establishment, the pundits, and most of all to the entire American public – that the GOP simply cannot win at the national level without the likes of Trump’s supporters.

Balkanize, balkanize, balkanize!

Sobieski Alert: Polls About Poles

Facts vs. Desi flim-flam.

Slavic OverlordWrong. healthy banter? ha! if you in fact did live in Poland (Im doubtful) my guess is Poles were too ashamed to tell you how much we hate Germans! Germans are worse than dogs! almost as bad as Jews! the fact you never heard this means you didn’t earn trust. WE DETEST GERMANS!

And remember the webmaster’s comment about the shared IP addresses.
Let’s take a look at what Poles actually think about Germans:

Polish people have started to see Germans as modern, hard-working and well-educated. We might assume that Germany has become an ideal example of a well-structured and functioning state in light of the turbulent transition from communism to democracy that Poland experienced. Thus German people represented everything what Polish people had to struggle for. Poles perceived Germans as being goal-oriented and well-ordered. German detailed, structured life has, however, become the subject of jokes in Poland; people might laugh about Germans’ inflexibility and inadaptability to uncertain and unforeseen situations. On the other hand, Polish people are less likely to attribute “warm” associations to Germans: for instance, only 34% of respondents believed that Germans were tolerant and 36% that they are kind toward others. There is evidence of greater Polish sympathy towards Germans than German sympathy toward Poles. According to the Polish CBOS (Center for Researching Public Opinion), 44% of the respondents stated that they were fond of Germans, placing them closely behind eternal Polish friends, the Americans, French and Czechs. Twenty three per cent of people said that they had an aversion to Germans. On the German part, the most-prevailing response, from 60% of Poles, was “neither sympathy, nor aversion” which illustrates an ambivalent attitude from Germans toward Polish people. Polish people remain much more interested in Germany than vice-versa.

So, something for the TOO folks to consider. A so-called “pro-Western nationalist” living in the UK (*), who is NOT of Polish ancestry, falsely takes on the identity of a Pole who asserts that Poles “DETEST GERMANS!” and consider Germans to be “worse than dogs.”  Actual opinion polls in Poland indicate more Poles have a positive, as compared to negative view, of Germans.
So, TOO: do you endorse this behavior?  If so, why?  What benefit does it bring?  If not, will you publicly denounce it?  Or do you think ignoring it will make it go away? (It won’t).

I guess all these “European Knights” (**) have to do is criticize Jews and it’s all alright (***)? 
*Vallone, Sen, or Sen and Vallone being the same is not important, as none of those permutations are of a Pole (living in Poland or abroad), and all are associated with Sen, directly or indirectly, in one way or another.
**Here are some real European Knights: the Poles who spearheaded the largest cavalry charge in history, saving Europe from the NEC Turks (so that the frausow Merkel can hand it over to them today).  By the way:

The Poles did not reap any long lasting benefits from their startling victory, indeed, quite the contrary. Even in the short term it was clear that the recipients of their largess, the Habsburgs, were decidedly ungrateful. 

Sound familiar?  Also, I wonder what Indian and Sikh shopkeepers were doing then?  Certainly not charging the Turkish lines, eh?

***The “movement’s” affirmative action program strikes again.