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A Message for Eric Kaufmann

A brief message.

Following up on this, we read this:

Eric Kaufmann was born in Hong Kong and raised in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. His ancestry is mixed with a quarter Chinese and a quarter Latino. His father is of Jewish descent…

So, the person advising on how to ease the anxiety of Whites so that they can be more easily (slowly) dispossessed and, eventually, race-replaced by mixed-race individuals, is himself mixed-race and half-Jewish. I’m shocked, shocked, I say.

So, here is a brief message for Kaufmann:

Dear Sir,

I do not know your level of sincerity concerning your work on White interests. Regardless, taken to its logical conclusion, and from your own words, the ultimate outcome of Whites following your advice is their slow but inevitable demographic eclipse and their race replacement by a mixed-race population.

I note that your own ancestry is described as “mixed with a quarter Chinese and a quarter Latino. His father is of Jewish descent.”  Even if we were to assume that the “Latino” is Euro-Iberian, then that still leaves 75% of your ancestry of non-European descent. Therefore, by the standards of those who most closely exemplify the pursuit of White interests you pontificate about, you are not “White.”

Very well, you have the right to express your opinion.  So do I.  And my opinion, expressed here, is the same that I have expressed toward other non-Whites attempting to interfere with the expression of White interests by Whites.  

Whites have their own internal debates, their own conflicts (ethnicity, sub-race, religion, etc.), their own consideration of different strategies, and their own concerns. These are OUR affairs, not yours.  These are OUR conflicts, not yours. These are OUR debates, not yours.  And these are OUR interests, not yours.

How Whites relate to each other, how Whites decide to work together (or not), how Whites decide to strategize (or not) in defense of their own interests, that is something for US to do, not you.  Ultimately, WE have to be the arbiters of OUR fate. OURSELVES ALONE.

And, no, we do not need, or want, non-Whites with their every “helpful” advice, telling us that our best option is to slow down our displacement, replacement, and destruction; that we are “dying of Whiteness;” promoting intra-White division; that we need alliances with Asians in which Whites must grovel before their Yellow and Brown masters; that we must have a multiracial “White separatist state;” that we are akin to child molesters and are “latrine flies;” that we must accept the “racial status quo;” that racial preservation for its own sake is “insane;” that we must have a “Red State nation” that accepts “conservative Blacks;” etc. 

Maybe, sir, you can take your advice to Israel, and suggest to the Jews there how they can accommodate their eventual race replacement by Arabs through an increased short-term focus on Jewish interests (hard to say how they can go beyond what they already have), or you can go to China and spread a similar message there – although, contra Frost and the “Arctic Alliance” crowd, the Chinese are hardly in any danger of race replacement.  But, wherever you go and whatever you do, we can do without your proffered chalice, dripping as it is with carefully concealed poison.

Whatever the outcome of the White racial problem, I do not believe the outcome is going to be pleasant for the likes of you. If you are wrong, and Whites quietly go to extinction without any expression of self-interest, then the resulting Colored dystopia will ultimately not be of benefit for the Coloreds themselves.

What if you are correct about the situation? That you are correct that it is untenable to suppress the expression of self-interest by a group whose demographic majority is disappearing? Let’s say I agree with you – even the White omega race may well become ever more demanding of their racial self-interest.  Where I disagree with you is with the idea that this discontent can be effectively managed through a safety valve release of controlled, moderate expression of racial self-interest. 

As Suvorov wrote – revolutions do not occur during the time of greatest repression, but when that repression is suddenly relaxed.  Louis XVI learned that, as did Gorbachev. Once the expression of White racial interests is legitimized, once the pent-up fury of a wronged people begins to be released, how can it be safely controlled? Once the genie is out of the bottle, and the toothpaste is out of the tube, can everything be safely be put away again once things begin to spiral out of control?

The future is chaos. And your stage-managed attempt at orderly White extinction will only add to that chaos. Enjoy.

Best regards,

Ted Sallis

More Technics, Less Tolkien

Leave the Type I Luddites in their hobbit holes while real men grasp the future. In all cases, emphasis added.

The ultimate retarded Type I essay.

Full of dumb assumptions, underestimation of technological advances, complete misunderstanding of nuclear power, etc.  No, you see, let’s not dream big and got to the stars.  Instead, let’s be snug in our hobbit holes in the forest, reading Tolkien, and letting the Chinese run the world.

As a commentator wisely wrote:

We are stuck with technology. Let’s assume that Whites regained full control over Europe, North America, and New Zealand tomorrow, and then settled on some sort of low-tech, ultra-traditional, Amish-style existence. How long do you think it would be before some non-White, high-tech race, most likely the Chinese, kicked in the door?


Both nuclear and hydro actually produce large net gains in energy after construction and maintenance, after the input of both parts and services that partially derive from fossil fuels. Replacing internal combustion engines with some sort of electric motor and battery storage (solid state, lithium ion, sodium ion) is not far fetched at the moment, we are clearly moving in that direction. As more gasoline powered transportation and construction equipment is replaced with those which are battery powered the amount left of hydrocarbons left for plastics, planes and ship transportation become much larger. These changes would eliminate conservatively 70% of crude oil use. Nuclear and hydro grid energy would power electric construction equipment and heavy industry producing most goods needed by civilization. Oil will still be required but in much smaller amounts which could be sourced from ethanol after we run economical oil some time in the future. Prior to WW2, across Europe doom was predicted when the interdependent and very complex industrial economies were destined too be bombed from the air in the next war. Civilization was predicted to crash, production to slow down to a crawl; instead industrial civilization proved more resilient in the face of shortages of key goods and bombing than ever imagined.

Space exploration and colonization will not be impossible due to their high fossil fuel costs, in comparison with a billion automobiles this is amount is very small even if you launched many large objects into orbit. One great reason to fight for our race is to help realize a future where dreams about space exploration are made a reality. One of the defining characteristics of our civilization is striving towards infinity, which only the white ethnostate will enable us to do. Not just in space exploration but in vast networks of highspeed trains, more efficient forms of nuclear power, great construction projects, creating great cities both livable, traditional and monumental, furthering genetic technology, and rewilding large parts of the continent. This seems much more inspiring to me than we are all going to die due to some club of Rome predictions. Futurism inspires action today to enable a more glorious future tomorrow. Our movement is full of the negative aspects of what awaits us if we do not act, like Frodo gazing into the mirror, which is obviously necessary redpill people. But, crime statistics and horror stories are not the only way to inspire comrades. A positive and glorious vision of the future, like Faye’s archeofuturism, can also provide a novel way to inspire members to action. Hitler and the NSDAP party did not just show the negative aspect of the Weimar republic in their propaganda, but they showed what a Germany with a reinvigorated spirit could accomplish, futurism. Men of action can utilize both the carrot of futurism and the stick of “the future that may come to pass” to help propel the movement.

And also this:

If mankind ever attempts to cross the interstellar void, “fossil fuels” will not make the journey with him. That assertion is breathtakingly naive. By the time such a leap is attempted, we will have overcome the technical obstacles of fusion power, by which, at the very least, such an interstellar ship would be powered. Aboard that future ship will be fusion-reactors capable of powering a future colony on another world, and not a single drop of “fossil fuels” will be necessary. The very act of mentioning that such would be “necessary” indicates one has not investigated this subject much, if at all, or the solid pathways toward realizing a star colony in the future.

For a moment, contemplate what one of the most powerful intellects of their time said about the likelihood of the Wright brothers airplane: “Lord Kelvin, the President of the Royal Society of England made a forceful declaration: “Heavier than air flying machines are impossible.” Impossible, said this great man of science. Impossible. Let that sink in, before we so easily blow off the likelihood of colonizing other worlds.

Consider that in the year 1902, both Lord Kelvin and much of the scientific world, along with much of the general masses of people, thought that heavier than air flying machines were “impossible”. Then, one year later, in 1903, the world’s great scientific minds saw that it was indeed “possible”. And within the lifetimes of many of those who witnessed that historic breakthrough, 400 mph jet travel was achieved in 1939, a mere 36 years later. From “heavier than air flight is impossible” to jet travel in three and half decades. The lesson in that is that what is considered “impossible” now could be proven otherwise in the course of one lifetime. Fusion power has not been achieved yet, but any year now some brilliant researcher could find the long sought breakthrough. And from fusion power will come virtually unlimited power for the equivalent cost of a few cents a day. And from THAT will come, in time, spacecraft engines sans “fossil fuels” propellant, and mankind will begin to have the tools ready to seek new homes beyond this solar system.

Now, I suspect that the pessimism toward this very possible future is that many alive to today may not live to see the beginnings of it. To glean the emotional equivalent, imagine the 75 year old man on his deathbed in the year 1902, or another 75 year man in similar circumstances in the year 1968 – both so close to living to see heavier than air flight or Man reaching the moon, yet….not quite. What the future holds may bring terror or great promise, but the reality is that many of us may or may not live to see such astonishing – but very possible – breakthroughs. Therefore, we may tend to write them off as credible possibilities. And down that road lies nothing but bleak acceptance that we should give up on the brilliant capabilities of the White Race, and the record he has demonstrated, time and again, of his greatness.

Reality: The only real impediments to nuclear (fission) power are political and racial-cultural-economic, not technical:

Political – It is opposed to all sorts of regressive forces: Leftists. Greens, and Type 1 morons and cowards, who want Whites living in the forests, snug in their hobbit holes, while the Chinese lord it over the Earth

Racial-Cultural-Economic – only technically competent races and cultures (Europeans and East Asians – although, hey, Fukushima Orientals, don’t build reactors in earthquake and tsunami zones) can safely use such power, and only certain types of societies as well. For example, unrestrained capitalism gives us Three Mile Island, communism gives us Chernobyl.  France has been doing well, but once France turns Brown, forget about it.

Reality: The future of solar is not “diffuse” solar panels on hipster restaurants, but space-based solar; there have already been successful experiments with microwave power beaming (militarization possibilities make Archimedes’ mind boggle). Note: The hipsters and Greens would be turned off to solar power if they understood what the sun really is. It’s dat dere nucleasr fusion and quantum tunneling and all of dat!  Not like, um, natural….

Reality: Western societies dedicated to technical progress, instead of what MPC calls the “Spin-Nig cycle,” would have solved the fusion problem already; as it is, progress is being made.

Reality: There are other potential power sources, and let’s not forget that at one time “informed opinion” told us that “deriving useful power from nuclear radiation/fission processes is impossible.”  Yeah, sure it is. Impossible.

Reality: If we listen to the Tolkien fetishists, we’ll abdicate the modern world to the Yellow Race, and become nothing but living fossils, observed in our hobbit holes by contemptuous, grinning Oriental tourists. That’s why the Type Is are best suited to being bully boys, and should let others do all the hard thinking.

Final sarcastic word from commentators:

Yep. Abandoning space to LARP as iron age peasant farmers is definitely the way to safeguard the ethnostate.

Hey, no worries!  We’ll just adopt Silk Road White nationalism, and let Chinese girls with guns guard the borders of the West.  Think of all the masochistic thrills the Iron Age peasant farmers will get while holed up in their snug hobbit holes!

We’ve reached a point where the commentators at Counter-Currents are at least one order of magnitude better than the writers.  The blog itself now basically represents things I vehemently oppose: narrow ethnonationalism, reactionary traditionalism, Luddite backwardness, and twigs-and-branches hatred of technology. To the forest!  To the provinces, where de facto anarchy reigns!  Tolkien!  Hobbit holes!  Evola!  Guenon!  Savitri Devi!  The Men Who Can’t Tell Time!  The Age of Iron (Age peasant farmers)!  The Age of Tungsten!  The Age of Aluminum Foil!  Orcs!  Orcs!  My kingdom for an orc!

What a waste. Der Movement is a disgusting disgrace.

Eternity Lost: Solving the Fermi Paradox

The Sallis solution.

Read this.

And this.

I propose a novel solution to the Fermi Paradox.  It is typical for people to envision sentient alien species as monolithic, as monoracial populations – think of the “alien grays” who are portrayed as phenotypically fungible. What if this assumption is incorrect?  Perhaps racial diversity is the rule among sentient species; thus, highly divergent human racial types find their counterparts in significant racial variability among the alien peoples inhabiting worlds unknown. I further propose a Gresham’s law of universal racial diversity: the more intelligent and productive races of any sentient species will tend to be demographically outcompeted by the more stupid and useless races; the latter, despite their deficiencies for proximate values, are inevitably more fit with respect to the ultimate criterion of survival.  The threshold of technological competence for a detectable alien civilization would no longer obtain as the race or races capable of maintaining that civilization are replaced by those incapable.  Therefore, no such civilizations are detected.

So, perhaps, a gracile and intelligent space-faring light gray alien race has been demographically replaced by a brutal and stupid dark gray race, the members of which are swinging from the trees among the ruins of a collapsed Dyson sphere civilization.  The same would hold for other failed alien cultures, and if human civilization collapses, the likely cause would be similar.

And so it goes…

The Fragility of Infinity

From Archimedes to Tyrone Carjacker…how have the mighty fallen.
Excerpt, emphasis added:

…we urgently need to be thinking about planting the seeds of Life, and of our race, on other worlds. We have already squandered more than half of the fossil fuels on Earth, mostly on pointless and worthless things (such as making trillions of pieces of Chinese junk that go straight into the landfill forever — after making brief appearances in Walmart and in our living rooms; or making sure that Jamal and LaTwonda have Burger King and air conditioning). The window of time in which we can achieve our destiny in the stars may close forever if we do not act soon.We need a philosophy — a vision — a religion, if you will — that can make that possible. 

How fragile is the thread leading to infinity.