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Message To the GOP

PA being one of Roissy’s better commentators.

I agree with that opinion.  IF ONLY a significant portion of the GOP base would support that ideal, and follow through on it, the destruction of the GOP Establishment would be at hand, and unbridled right-wing populism wiould be upon us.

But, unlike PA, I believe the typical GOP base nitwit will be hoodwinked into voting for a Jeb or a Marco, simply by virtue of the “R” next to their name.

I hope I’m wrong. I hope that if Trump is sabotaged by the GOP, that his supporters stay home, or vote third party. I hope that a “brokered convention” would stoke incredible outrage, I hope that the GOP consensus would be shattered to pieces.

Perhaps 2016 is too early for that?  We’ll see. How much abuse can the base take?