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Some Roissyism in the News, 10/8/16

A rather Roissyian entry.

First, two links brought to our attention by the King of Pussy Pedestalization:

Trump: Hey! I thought that “alpha males” – never mind “God Emperors” – never apologize.

What happened? What will Pepe think? Oh Kek!

Say it ain’t so, Don! After all, “Chelsea may be in the audience.” [note: whiteknighting]. However, let’s state the obvious: this release of Trump’s old comments was meant to throw Trump off for the upcoming debate; let’s see if he is focused or acts like a baited bull. Oh the humanity! Better yet: Oh the Kekmanity!

Roissy asserts:

Here’s a clue, cuckryan, reverence has to be earned. Being born with a vagina doesn’t automatically qualify one for championing…

I wholeheartedly agree. But I go further. Being born with a vagina doesn’t automatically qualify one for having men modulate their every word and action to please you and try and get you into bed.

By the way, Roissy exhibits disgust toward Paul Ryan. I agree again. But who, my dear Roissy, keeps on electing that Eddie Munster-faced turd into office?  Der Movement weeps.

Cuckadoodledoo, 8/6/16

And so yet another gamester micropene erection wilts.

Predictable. After the usual homoerotic breathlessness about Trump’s “balls”:

Took balls for Trump to stand up to @Reince & not endorse Ryan-who’d undermine Trump 24/7 on immig/trade/SocSec

we get this. That sound you hear is Roissy quietly weeping, curled up in a fetal position under an autographed picture of Der Touchback.

Will the "Movement" Support Paul Ryan?

Another man on white horse?
Hey, what’s wrong with that?  He’s a good “conservative,” no? How many “racialist” “activists” will be queuing up to vote for Ryan in 2016, if they can’t vote for Rand Paul?  Of course, what they really want to do is vote for Putin – why don’t they emigrate to Russia so they can be closer to demigod Trad Vlad?