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Racial Existentialism

Against Heidegger and other news.

See this important Western Destiny essay on racial existentialism (with criticism of Heidegger).

Other news:

HBD alert!

See this. Ha ha!  Note how Johnson changes his tune about covid-19 almost completely when talking to Zman. Absolutely dishonest. About infighting – hypocrisy?  Who decides whether rightist infighting is “for selfish reasons” or “calling out” people who deserve it?  Why can’t we criticize Johnson without being labelled as “insane?” “Weirdos and goofballs and losers.” Johnson?  Morgan?  Who?  “High standards?”  Who?  Zman?  Johnson?  “The left picks our leaders.”  Very good.  Like Greg Johnson?  “You have to earn your stripes!”  Sure they do…affirmative action, anyone?

Nice talk about the election without mentioning this comment at all.

As I’ve said before, Greg Johnson is the most fundamentally dishonest person I have ever encountered.

The comments about economics and elites were basically sound.

Sallis right again: The existential meaning of Asians is hatred of Whites.  The Tropical Alliance continues.  Derbyshire and his pitifully absurd “Arctic Alliance” proven wrong, once again. Time for more “measured groveling,” Johnny.

Laugh at this.

Floating around in the alt-right milieus, however, was Jason Jorjani, a newly minted Ph.D. and adjunct professor at an Institute of Technology not located in Massachusetts who seemed to be regarded as a Traditionalist, but whose real interest was politics: the overthrow of the Iranian theocracy and restoration of the Persian Empire.

Johnson took Jorjani seriously, while Sallis always denounced Jorjani as a crackpot and NECist ideologue.

Who was right?  Who was wrong?  Do I even need to ask those questions?See this.

Trump offers to prosecute the Ku Klux Klan as a terrorist organization, give $500 billion dollars to blacks, pass the Second Step Act and make Juneteenth a federal holiday … in exchange … for what? He did virtually nothing for his own supporters including his most basic responsibilities like enforcing the law as president, but spent his entire term pandering to Jews, blacks and Hispanics.

Note: Do you remember the time Trump started a diplomatic incident with Sweden over A$AP Rocky who didn’t even bother to thank him when he was released and returned to the United States?

Sallis before the 2016 election: Trump is a vulgar ignorant buffoon, a fraud, and a Negrophilic race cuck.

Johnson long after the 2016 election: Trump is a sincere man of genuine greatness.  

Hey, “Lovecraft’s Cat,” any more questions about affirmative action in Der Movement?

Laugh at this. Joe Rogan has to be one of the most over-rated people in human history, and, obviously, incredibly stupid beyond all imagining. How anyone with even a high double digit IQ, much less triple digit, could think for even one microsecond that Cuomo was handling a real 100 pound dumbbell with effortless ease, is beyond belief and is simply astonishing.
This is more evidence of the low standards of modern life and the rise of mediocrity.

True Freedom

Some considerations.

What is True Freedom?  The conservative view – property rights.  Libertarians – do whatever you please, with an emphasis on hedonistic debauchery, and with no moral judgments. The Leftist view for Whites – pathological self-sacrifice for the Other. The Leftist view for non-Whites – pursuit of group interests, tempered by personal authenticity.  It would seem that the latter, if applied to Whites, would be a good starting point.

Let us consider together.  Is True Freedom found in a selfish pursuit of personal wealth, an accumulation of property?  By “I got mine, Jack?” By self-destructive hedonism?  By betraying your race and culture? The freedom to spread disease and harm your fellow Whites?  What if we consider biologically adaptive behavior?  The good of one’s people?  Moral, ethical, and aesthetic values – of course from a Far Right perspective, which is the perspective of this blog, but one that objectively defends and promotes ultimate (i.e., genetic) interests?  What then?  Are there truths greater than that of atomized individuals, colliding like gas molecules, each with separate interests that they selfishly attempt to maximize at the expense of their fellows (and by fellows, I mean co-ethnics,” ethnic” as in “ethny”)?  What is the freedom of one’s authentic self, rooted in a raciocultultural community, and with debts to one’s ancestors and obligations to one’s posterity?

The siren song of atomized individualism has been selling you a false set of goods   Humans are social animals. The problems of “bowling alone” show us the importance of a specific community; genetic interests, genetic similarity theory, and cultural compatibility tell us what that specific community should be for each of us.  Identity cannot be ignored.  And at a purely personal level, freedom is found in overcoming, not as being a slave to hedonistic desires. The Overman is truly free; the Last Man is not.

Thus, true freedom is not found in the hedonistic pursuit of personal pleasures, not in the sort of: individualist delights that are the focus of the libertarians.  Ultimately, true freedom means the right to pursue and defend one’s genetic interests, the freedom to be an authentic self, and the freedom to situate oneself in the milieu of a racial-cultural community.

In this sense, the most important individual freedoms are those that allow one to pursue those higher objectives, these being the core values of freedom of expression (“free speech”) as well as freedom of association.  If one is denied those fundamental rights, if one is denied the expression of one’s raciocultural identity, if one is denied the right to became an integrated part of an authentic community, if one is denied the right to strive for higher values, if one is denied defense of genetic interests at all levels, including that of ethny, then what use is there for the freedom to view pornography, or engage in deviant sex, or make money in the stock market, or to buy the latest car or other gadget, or to watch the ballgame?  Bread and circus “freedoms” are the crumbs handed out by the System, and it are those valued by libertarians, but that is not the freedom of men of honor, it is not the freedom of the Faustian impulse, it is not the freedom of the adaptive-minded, and it is not the freedom of truly free men. It is fool’s gold, it is false freedom, and it is the thirty pieces of silver payoff to encourage Men of the West to turn away from being free to do what is right. Freedom to do evil, and the lack of freedom to resist evil, is not the sort of faux-freedom we should strive for.  

How do the various System ideologies handle these freedoms?  The Left allows freedom of expression and freedom of association only for non-Whites, and never for Whites. Paleoconservatives – a dying breed – would support those rights, to an extent at least, but neoconservatives definitely would not.  The Republican Establishment gave up on freedom of association when Eisenhower enforced school integration at bayonet point, and do you think the GOP has any strong support for freedom of expression?  Look at the situation for Whites today, lacking both freedoms – association denied de jure and expression denied  de facto and possibly soon to be de jure. Libertarians to their credit would in theory support these freedoms, but would not consider them any more important than the right to pedophilia, vulture capitalism, or any varied deviances and hedonisms. A strong and consistent and vigorous defense – and expansion – of these rights will not come from aging paleoconservatives, or from their civic nationalist brethren, who may sacrifice rights for a “strong colorblind America.”  Only a principled Far Right can be expected to champion these rights for Whites.

I agree with Bowery that freedom of association is more fundamental than, and prior to, freedom of expression. Consider the following.  It is possible to have absolute freedom of expression without freedom of association.  Thus, for example, a polity forces you to integrate with Negroes, but gives you the absolute right to complain about it and criticize the policy. Now, what about the opposite?  If you have absolute freedom of association, then you can choose to associate with, and form a polity with, only those who share your free speech views, ensuring full freedom of expression.  From this, we can derive freedom of association as a fundamental foundation of True Freedom, which we can define as:

The freedom to pursue what you believe is to be right, at all levels of human interaction (self-family-ethny-humanity), in the context of freedom of association.

That can, if you choose, include conservative “property rights” and libertarian “behavioral rights,” but, more importantly, allows you to strategize for genetic interests (including EGI), allows for defense of race and civilization, and allows you to situate your authentic existence as part of a “folk community” – the organic solidarity of a defined Race-Culture.

Isn’t that more important than “capital gains tax cuts” or “legal marijuana” or any other alleged “freedom” peddled by the Right and Left Establishment?

What does it tell us that this True Freedom is denied to Whites the world over, with less and less freedom, including that of expression and association, for us with each passing day?

Aren’t Whites – uniquely among all of the Earth’s populations – being stripped of the most basic, the most fundamental, rights that define a truly free individual?

What should we do about this situation?

White Men Of The World Unite, You Have Nothing to Lose But Your Chains!

Is America a State?

Apparently not. 

Yockey from Imperium:

Every non-political human grouping of whatever kind, legal, social, religious, economic or other becomes at last political if it creates an opposition deep enough to range men against one another as enemies. The State as a political unit excludes by its nature opposition of such types as these. If however a disjunction occurs in the population of a State which is so deep and strong that it divides them into friends and enemies, it shows that the State, at least temporarily, does not exist in fact. It is no longer a political unit, since all political decisions are no longer concentrated in it. All States whatever keep a monopoly of political decision. This is another way of saying they maintain inner peace. If some group or idea becomes so strong that it can effect a friend-enemy grouping, it is a political unit; and if forces are generated which the State cannot manage peaceably, it has disappeared for the time at least. If the State has to resort to force, this in itself shows that there are two political units, in other words, two States instead of the one originally there.

It seems we have now reached the point in America where the internal friend-enemy disjunction between Right and Left is so strong that there are separate political units operating within American territory. In this sense, according to Yockey’s definition, America is degenerating to a point where it cannot be considered a State; it is not a single integrated political unit that can “maintain inner peace.” There are two possible outcomes here.  By far the most likely outcome is that the Left becomes the State in the sense of being 100% identical (instead of the 90% identity of today); thus, America is restored as a political unit, and becomes a Far Left SJW State. The far less likely scenario is that the Right musters opposition to this, so that the split becomes permanent and America can no longer recover as a State; it no longer is a political entity with a “monopoly of political decision.”  

As regards the “Old America” – and here by “Old” I merely mean the moderately anti-White globalist leftist state we had intact relatively recently – that’s already gone. The REAL Old America, the traditional America, died long ago. The point now is that its successor, the multicultural global empire State, has a foot in the grave as well.  Blue-haired SJW fatty America is the new norm.  Colored Supremacy America is the new norm.  Marxist America, Bio-Leninist America, is the new norm. Unless the Right resists – and then we will have dissolution.

This essay, and the original news story about Democrat war gaming, is further support of the idea that, from a Yockeyian perspective, America is already a failed State, as it already contains within it distinct entities with a friend-enemy distinction who are vying for power. However, the essay is shockingly (but not surprisingly, given where it was published) naïve about Trump. What makes anyone believe Trump will order war gaming or have any interest in it?  What evidence is there that Trump will actually order American troops to prosecute a civil war?  What evidence is there that Trump will make deals to “return America to pre-1965 demographics?”  If we look at the last four years, what evidence is there that Trump will do anything except hunker down in a White House bunker and tweet “LAW AND ORDER!” while bragging about Black employment rates?  Indeed, Trump may sit back silently as his DOJ prosecutes any US troops that fire upon leftist insurrectionists.

Other news:

Have you noticed that the recent talk of alien technology being publicly admitted has faded away?  Compared to BLM, who cares, right?  The talking heads always got it wrong when they speculated that proof of intelligent alien life (that we do not actually currently have of course, but let’s speculate what would happen if such proof was produced) would cause societal upheaval; if the Little Green Men landed on The White House Lawn, all hell would break loose, and things would never be the same.  No, given the state of degenerate, low-IQ, pop culture, Negro-obsessed America, no such thing will happen.  People would just shrug, and instead go back to rioting over dead Black criminals, or agonizing over “microaggressions” committed by “Karens” and “Beckys” against Negress hair. We must remember what is important.  Those Little Green Men will just be bashed over the head with bike locks, lasers shone in their eyes, and their flying saucers set on fire.  Meanwhile Trump will tweet “Law and Order” and talk about the Black employment rate.  MAGA!

It does say something about dumbed-down America that the most popular post in the history of EGI Notes is this.  Not my refutation against Lewontin, not my work on EGI, not my discussions about Yockey and Codreanu, not the critique of ancestry testing – no, not even the attacks against Der Movement – instead, a post about gay celebrity David Bromstad.

Sallis weeps.

Celto-Germanic Nordic Northern Italian Futurists.  Not quite as Nordic as this fellow, but close, real close. As opposed to this damn Negro.

But, but, but…I don’t understand.  According to the great and good Desmond Jones, Italy is 100% ethnically homogeneous, and will remain so, forever and ever, until the end of time, amen.

Hobbit hole alert!  Heidegger and his anti-Faustian, anti-Futurist philosophy has been one of the tragedies of the Right. That the rambling prose of this fraud has been elevated to near-worship levels by the Type Is is not surprising, but the rest of us simply see overly verbose (taking a chapter to state a concept that could be more concisely summarized in a single paragraph – or sentence) hot air defending a purely subjective view as man being subject to immutable forces and constraints against which struggle is pointless and counter-productive. Taken to its extreme, this will lead Whites to cower in their hobbit holes as Chinamen rocket off into space.  Disgusting.

Question – are those Fort Collins patriots going to be indicted and prosecuted by Antifa Don Trump’s DOJ?  MAGA!

A Duel of Wits

Between unarmed opponents.

See this.

There is some good here, but also considerable nonsense. If the characterization of Richard Spencer’s racial views is correct, then Johnson’s racial views are sounder from an empiricist-materialist standpoint. However, there is much lacking here from a more hardcore scientific standpoint (the wages of “Traditionalism” I suppose). 

The whole “transplanted brains” scenario is absurd and meaningless intellectual masturbation.  What could one do? There are racial – and subracial (cue Durocher’s heavy breathing) – differences in brain structure that can be identified via imaging methodology.  If one were really determined to obtain a definitive identification, a small brain biopsy can yield DNA to assay for genetic ancestry and thus prove whether or not the brain tissue was of Negro origin. As far as the ridiculous question as to why build a community on race instead of other characteristics, I point both interviewer and interviewee to Salter’s On Genetic Interests. Adaptive fitness is the ultimate interest of evolved organisms (such as humans), and any group that promotes their ultimate interests will outcompete and replace those who do not. And, after all, one can always form these narrower communities within your racial group while preserving EGI, but the opposite is not possible.  One can form your little group of Tolkien fans among Whites in an all-White ethnostate, but a multi-racial Tolkien group that is not stratified by race (by definition, if it is multiracial and stratified only by Tolkienism, it will not be stratified by race) will constitute a loss of genetic interest.  Smaller groups within a White ethnostate will retain the advantages of a concentrated EGI; on the other hand, smaller groups of Whites in, say, a multiracial Tolkien Fanboy state, will suffer as a result of a loss of EGI, itself a consequence of the multiracialism of such a state. In the latter case, the situation can be retrieved only by racial separation – so why not  divide on the basis of race to begin with?

Stupidity about gender-specific nations also fails – I remember Bowery writing (correctly) long ago that gender/sex is not a genetic interest.  A man has more genetic commonality with female relatives and co-ethnics than with male non-ethnic strangers. One could subdivide a racially pure state by gender (for what purpose?) but the racial stratification must come first if one is concerned with biological fitness. If you are not concerned with fitness, fine, but that’s not an evolutionarily stable situation. You’ll end up in the dustbin of genetic history, replaced by more ethnocentric others. These are reasonably obvious arguments.  I would also point out that sexual reproduction has evolutionary advantages via increased genetic diversity. No doubt that a sufficiently advanced technology could artificially impose independent assortment and recombination on a single-sex artificial reproduction regimen, but, again, for what purpose?  While eliminating the yeastbucket requirement would no doubt be advantageous in many ways, what would be the sexual outlet for such an all-male society?  Widespread homosexuality?  I’ll take a pass on that. There are probably some things best left unchanged in human nature and the division between two sexes for reproduction is likely to be one of those.

And what’s with this obsession with Rushton and Lynn?  Look, the broad theories of both of them are likely true, but that’s as far as it goes. R-K theory on race (that I independently came up with in the 1980s after reading an ecology textbook) is undoubtedly true on the general level of – Blacks and Browns have more offspring and invest less in them; Whites and Yellows have fewer offspring but invest more in them. And, as well, Blacks and Browns have faster life histories (earlier maturation and reproduction and earlier death) than do Whites and Yellows. If Rushton had stuck with that, instead of trying to shoehorn every racial characteristic (including penis size) into the formulation, he’d be more respected today. Likewise, Lynn is likely correct that there is a general association between national IQ and economic productivity (as measured by GDP) and general accomplishment; the problem occurs when he falls too much in love with his theory (as did Rushton with his ideas) and tries to fit every data point into the pattern, with ludicrous “estimates of IQ,” racial history fairy tales about admixture, and hand waving “just so stories” to explain anomalies. The problem, I suppose, is that the broad theories are a bit too obvious and common sense, plain to any reasonably intelligent and honest observant individual, and so there isn’t much “intellectual prestige” in merely stating the obvious.  Therefore, ego-driven “intellectuals” have to build castles of sand to demonstrate how very clever they are.

Counter-Currents commentary:

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Yang was a joke who never should have had any support from the Dissident Right in the first place. Those who did have made public fools of themselves.

Craig, meet Greg Johnson. And Richard Spencer. And many more.

Also, what’s the big deal about Gabbard? Oh she’s good on foreign policy. But so is Trump. He not once, but twice, averted war by outmaneuvering the warhawks in DC. First with Syria and now with Iran. He’s the peace candidate you should be voting for.

There’s no reason to pay attention to any of these clowns with a (D) in front of their name.

Craig, meet David Duke.  And Richard Spencer.

Then there’s John Morgan:

John Morgan
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Rep. Gabbard seems to be the least bad (notice I’m not saying good) of all these people. It’s also worth mentioning her connections to/support of Hindu nationalist groups in India like the BJP and RSS (since she is a practicing Hindu herself). This doesn’t necessarily equate to sympathy for nationalism for white people, but it suggests she may at least have the vision to not be completely averse to it. In practice that may not mean much, however. But as Mr. Hampton wrote, she has no chance of getting the nomination this time around, anyway.

You know she supports reparations for Negroes, right?

A one, a one, a one two three….

Ted Cruz at least spoke up about this.  Antifa Don Trump, The God Emperor?  Silence.

MAGA!  Pepe! Kek!

Readers of this blog know that I am no apologist for homosexuals (of either sex) but I’m no apologist for hypocrisy either.  I mean, really….  Apparently, “homophobia” – “vile” or otherwise – is perfectly acceptable in the service of “movement” feuds.  Perhaps, Antifa can be critiqued in other ways than their penchant for sending gay Asians to the hospital.