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Worst of the Worst

Miss Lindsey declares candidacy.
Pink-frilled Republican Lindsey Graham announced its candidacy for President, the ultimate representative of the “invade the world, invite the world” Necon insanity that has infested what used to be American conservatism.¬†
This, my friends, is the ultimate outcome of “mainstreaming,” an inversion of values, a “conservatism” farther to the left than the dastardly “liberal Democrats” it allegedly so fervently opposes.

Loathsome Lindsey Graham

Proudly broadcasting subservience to Jewish interests.
Pink-frilled Republican Lindsey (*) Graham proudly announces his complete subservience to Jewish interests, which is, of course, exhibited by his open borders fanaticism.  Only with the pathetic White voter, cringing in their manifest racial inferiority, could such a slug such as Graham be a viable political candidate.
*Lindsey being, appropriately enough, one of those names which could label one of either male or female sex.