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Red Stevens is A-Shakin’

In all cases, emphasis added.

Paradigmatic Type I lunacy.  Please read it, and refrain from hysterical laughter if you can.  As far as I can tell, this specimen is serious – it’s not a clever troll job.

In the late 1960s Stevens was associated with the Young Communist League (YCL), the youth wing of the Communist Party of Great Britain through playing at YCL events. 

That sound you hear is the other shop dropping.  Well, actually, it’s not a shoe but a Doc Marten, but…same difference. Come now…doesn’t Santa look a bit like Karl Marx?  And what’s with the red suit?

At the time the YCL was associated with several leading music industry figures, including Pete Townshend. However, Stevens has stated that the organiser of the gigs was a member of the organisation, and that the band only performed because it was a job

Sure, sure…only a job.  How about playing dem dere “gigs” at a WN venue?  It’s only a job after all, and Odin will be there playing the drums.

The Type Is are hilarious with their errors. One can remember Johnson and Morgan pontificating about David Lynch being a “man of the Right,” while in reality he’s a leftist, and Roissy pondering the “alpha shitlord” Jack Nicholson, who is a lifelong liberal Democrat.

Wrong, wrong, they’re always wrong.

And this Rowsell strikes me as deranged.  Very compatible with Counter-Currents, no doubt. The next analysis – the deep Norse mythology behind the Grinch:

Grinch = Loki

Max = Fenris

Cindy Lou Who = Sif

Whoville = Asgard

Mount Crumpet = Yggdrasil

By the way, a more realistic take about Lynch from a Counter-Currents commentator.

Obviously, Australia’s real problem. Yes sir, a perfect example of Afrowop non-assimilation into Australia is here.  Oh wait…

Spencer sporting a new look here.

Dueling Type Is. Covington died several months ago.  Covington on Pierce.  I was around for a while in the “nutty nineties.”  And I remember.  Most of Covington’s negative comments here are vague innuendo. Strom on Covington.  His negative comments are more specific. Whatever.

TOO commentator on the Slavs:

Although, I cannot see the benefits of belittling the Slavics because of their Mongolian genetic admixture and the obvious short comings when it comes to pre-frontal cortical associated characteristics, I am not about to pander to their Slavic delusional and largely false, self-righteous ranting’s of indignation at not being regarded as “…equal…” to Western Europeans with respect to intelligence, creativity, ability to form less corrupt and higher-productivity-level societies.

Note to all the Raciology wanna-bes who think you’ll be accepted as “one of the boys” by throwing other Europeans under the bus – sorry, Ivan, it doesn’t work that way.  Eastern Europeans are considered inferior subhumans just like Southern Europeans, and all your hand-waving spin won’t change that “movement” attitude one bit.

The same note can be applied to intra-ethnic under-the-bus-throwing as well – attention Greg Conte!

Since Roissy likes political haikus:

Trump a fat dumb cuck

Complete betrayal of base

Roissy weeps softly


Counter-Currents mad

Lynch is channeling Odin

Wrong, wrong, always wrong


Hear mocking laughter

More more more movement madness

Deranged nutcases

The Movement Summarized

Belloc Poem:


Behold, my child, the Nordic man,

And be as like him, as you can;
His legs are long, his mind is slow,
His hair is lank and made of tow.


And here we have the Alpine Race:

Oh! What a broad and foolish face!

His skin is of a dirty yellow.

He is a most unpleasant fellow.


The most degraded of them all

Mediterranean we call.

His hair is crisp, and even curls,

And he is saucy with the girls.