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Billionaire Beta Race Cuck

I thought foresight and planning was an evolved “hunter-gatherer” trait?

I’d think that by now, an “alpha male” billionaire political candidate would have intervened to ensure sufficient security at his events (whether he is in attendance or not) so that his supporters and donors (including elderly women) are not attacked by leftist thugs and colored savages.

But, no.  He’s too busy cucking to the Negro to care about what happens to his own (White) supporters and donors.

And he and all the “heroes” surrounding him (and all the tough-talking “shitlords” on the Internet) have a time horizon of, maybe, five minutes, and just roll from one fiasco to another.

More On the White Vote

GOP pitiful.
It seems that Whites are beginning to get tired of GOP perfidy. We can assume that, over the long haul, Republican pandering to minorities will only accelerate this process. The “Sailer strategy” aside – after all, will the GOP really focus on Whites to the extent that strategy requires? – one can assume that, in the coming decades, the GOP will need minority votes. But they can’t get any of those votes, no matter how few, without a degree of pandering that will increasingly alienate their White base. The Republicans are really “stuck between a rock and a hard place.”  I see a grim future for the GOP, regardless of what happens in 2014. And they have no one to blame but themselves. They could have opposed the demographic transformation of America, and the consequent political consequences, but instead they aided and abetted it. They could have pursued the “Sailer strategy,” but instead produced garbage like Dole, Bush, McCain, and Romney as Presidential candidates.  It’s an object lesson on the willful self-destruction of a major political party.

Racial Polarization in Politics

We need to increase, not decrease, racial polarization.

What we need to do is study the work of these leftist “researchers” and just flip the script and do the opposite of what they suggest: hammer home the demographic changes therein, as Dr. MacDonald advised.
And we need explicit White politics: “implicit Whiteness” is a bitter enemy of White racial interests.