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Looking Back and Ahead

Let us consider together.

Looking back with 20-20 hindsight, the election of Donald Trump as President in 2016 must rank as one of the greatest catastrophes in White American history – and perhaps, White history in general.  Unlike “movement leaders” I can admit when I am wrong.  Now, I was 100% correct in my overall view of Trump, my identification of Trump as a fraud and a vulgar ignorant buffoon, occurring at the same time the “movement leaders” were onanistically foaming at the mouth over their “God Emperor” who was to be “the last hope for White America.”  However, I was wrong to endorse Trump, and wrong in my positive expectations of his Presidency from the standpoint of the societal ramifications.  

Trump has been a far worse fraud than I had ever imagined.  Further, Whites in general have been more inert and cowardly that I had ever imagined.  Thus, even though Trump did create chaos as I predicted – more due to the Left’s perception of him than from anything he actually did – not much actual balkanization occurred. The problem is that the chaos has been coming from only one side, from only one direction – the Left/Colored direction. Whites in general, and Trump in particular, remained, and still remain, passive and inert. In essence, the sum total of Trump’s Presidency has had him doing virtually nothing except energize, mobilize, and radicalize the Left, while at the same time, depressing, demotivating, and in some cases actually persecuting (via the DOJ) his own supporters.  We are now set for a potential disaster in November 2020 and beyond, with the ascension to power of this empowered Left. And even if Trump wins in 2020, what will we then have? Four more years of uselessness, blustering tweets followed by inaction and “monitoring the situation,” further radicalization and mobilization of the Left, and simply “kicking the can” down the road to 2024. Either way, regardless of the precise outcomes involved, Trump’s Presidency has been an unmitigated catastrophe for White America. Trump indeed is a world historical figure – in a purely negative sense.  The man is a monster.

And that is just the external effects on the broader society. Internally, with respect to (American) White racial activism, the entire phenomenon of Trumpism, broadly defined (including and especially his campaign of 2015-2016), has been an utter calamity, since it empowered the Alt Right and other such negative aspects of the “movement.”  Whatever little seriousness and gravitas that existed in American White racial activism was dissipated by the “Beavis-and-Butthead” antics of the Alt Right, by Pepe and Kek, “youth culture” and “memes,” “shitposting” and cosplay rallies, the rise and fall of Spencer, the conflation of White nationalism with the Alt Right, followed by deplatforming, defeat, depression, and despair. Trumpism was the central node of a convergence of factors that were in play – the degeneration of the American vanguardist Far Right since the death of Pierce, the “Gresham’s Law” aspects of the Internet and the over-dependence on digital activism, the pernicious “behavioral sink” effects of social media, the rise of the HBDers within the “movement,” the influence of the homosexual cabal, the resurgence of Nordicism and ethnic fetishism, the ability of greedy grifters to leverage the Internet to vacuum up the bulk of “movement” financial resources into do-nothing cul-de-sacs, the emergence of Millennial sensibilities in activism – all of these negative trends were empowered and amplified by Trump.

Looking ahead, I will continue extending and expanding my thoughts and advice on what needs to be done in the dark days ahead.  Some of the individuals responsible, in part, for the current state of affairs – the affirmative action “movement leadership” – can to a limited extent redeem themselves if they start doing the right thing. Of course, I have zero confidence in their leadership, judgment, and abilities. One cannot expect too much from this direction. However (unfortunately), these individuals do have status, followers, resources, connections, and funding – in essence a body sans an effectively functioning brain. Combined with a “leavening element” of some merit-based, prudent, judgment-enriched individuals, there could emerge a “brain trust” or “think tank” (using the words “brain” and “think” for only those individuals for whom they are appropriate) of individuals who could begin the process of (private of course) high-level discussion and strategizing to plot a course forward in these dangerous times. This would require certain individuals placing the racial good above ego, personality, desire for status, money-hungry grifting, feuds, and the like, and work at a higher level for race and civilization, rather than for self.  At the very least, some sort of infrastructure –“collective social goods” – needs to be established for use by the more useful (in relative terms) precincts of the “movement” (this should have been begun decades ago).

Think of this as a test: Character vs. selfishness, pettiness, and greed.  I for one am skeptical; I believe that they will all fail the test.  But I am sometimes, albeit rarely, wrong – see above.  I do not believe I will be wrong in this case, but we shall see – will any of the faux heroes step up to the plate and be men?

At the very least, no one can say that the need for such action was never stated. This post stands as that statement. The clock is ticking; the test awaits.

More on Politics

A brief update.

Read here. Excerpts and comments:

It is one thing to deplatform a blogger or YouTuber.  It is one thing to engage in lawfare against cosplayers and their enablers in Charlottesville.  It is one thing to label powerless “movement leaders “as “national security threats.”  It is one thing to push “hate crime and speech laws” against the atomized Internet lumpenproletariat.But it is another thing entirely to publicly engage in overt banana republic tactics to shut down political campaigns, persecute political opponents, and censor political candidates.  Yes, America is far down the road to leftist victory, yes the System is corrupt and anti-White and degenerate and illegitimate, and yes Whites usually take abuse unlimited without reacting and fighting back.  Yes, that is all true.  But, still…there are limits to all of that, even now.  There are limits to how far the System will go at this time. And I believe those limits fall just short of the System completely unmasking itself, it falls just short of overtly shutting down the political opposition.

That was written before the insanity of 2020. Yes, there is still truth there, although the situation has obviously progressed rapidly. As I am fond of saying, the lessons of the schoolyard apply to political and social issues. Bullies will simply escalate their bullying if they discover that their victims will not fight back. In 2020, the Left discovered that the Right, Trump, America, and White Americans are all paper tigers. They never fight back. Never. Ever. (So far – will that change?). The bullies poked and prodded, got no response, and have now gone hog wild.

Yes, there will be ridicule.  Yes, there will be unfair media coverage and smears.  Yes, if things are going too well, then they’ll try a media blackout and ignore us.  Yes, the System will allow their Antifa hired hands run wild with impunity.  But all these things are happening now, are happening already (under the Far-Left God Emperor), so that’s nothing new.  If the “movement” is concerned with increased official persecution, then it may be prudent to shift at least some of the activist efforts into an arena in which the System will incur real costs – very serious costs indeed – if they try to censor and directly interfere.  And that arena is the political arena – the arena that Joe and Jill Sixpack consider sacrosanct in their faded vision of what America used to be.

This is a major point.  We are headed to a situation – particularly if Trump loses, but even now, today, and even if the useless lump of lard Trump wins – in which participation in electoral politics may be the only major mechanism for widespread dissemination of Far Right views…and maybe even that may not be possible (but it seems to be the last frontier).

If the System wants to shut down White advocacy, then make it as difficult and as painful and as potentially self-destructive for them as possible. 

 This is a crucially important point.  When involved in a struggle with an opponent – politics, war, even sports – you must always push the opponent, you must make them prove that they can handle your current strategy.  You must make them prove that they have an effective response to your latest approach.  In baseball, if a batter cannot hit a curveball, then he’ll get a steady diet of curveballs, make out time and again, until he proves that he has learned to hit that pitch or until he’s run out of baseball because of his inadequacy.  If a nation in wartime proves vulnerable to enemy airpower, then they’ll be hit from the air time and again, until they learn to fight back or until they are defeated.  In politics, if one side is unable or unwilling to effectively counter a certain approach of their opponent, then that opponent should seize the opportunity as it exists and continue to use that approach until such time that the other side proves capable of effectively dealing with it or is completely defeated.

Force them into the position in which the only way to shut down White advocacy is to engage in blatant and public banana republic third world authoritarianism, force them to either accept White advocacy in the political arena or risk unmasking themselves to White America several decades too early.

Well, true, they’ve been unmasking themselves very well in 2020, and so far getting away with it, but they haven’t yet gone so far as to prove willing and able to deal with a general, full-scale political approach.  That time may come soon, but they need to prove it.

The riposte would be – but, political candidates can be persecuted.

The riposte may be that even Trump – the President of the United States! – is censored by social media, and made to cower in a White House bunker by the screaming mob

Two points on that last riposte:

First, Trump is a historically weak President. One cannot imagine ANY previous President, not even the most weak and mediocre, displaying the craven and spineless behavior of Donald Trump.  Can one imagine a President that allows himself to be censored?  A President who wouldn’t call in the military to sweep the streets of DC instead of trembling like a pathetic coward in a White House bunker?  Can you imagine a President who would do nothing as violent protestors prevent his own supporters from having access to one of his rallies?   Trump is an unusual case – Trump is one of the weakest, most useless, most inert, most cowardly men (much less leader) in human history. One cannot effectively judge an approach based on the example of such a defectively and cowardly inept individual as Trump.

Second, everything that has been going on, including the censoring and intimidation of the President of the United States and his supporters, has let the concept of the sociopolitical disintegration of the United States leak into the mainstream (*).  Now, as stated above, Trump is a special case, as he is the (obese) equivalent of the 98-pound weakling getting sand kicked in his face at the beach.  Having someone so incredibly weak and cowardly in charge invites the abuse he suffers. However, one can imagine political candidates and elected officials made of sterner stuff having equivalent tactics used against them and their supporters – at that point, we would be far, far down the road of Banana Republicanism.  What if there was a President whose default position to every crisis was NOT backing down and surrendering?  What if there were political candidates who spoke up aggressively about censorship and mob violence?  What if the 98-pound weakling took the Charles Atlas course and fought back?  

So, yes, the Left/System may respond to the electoral politics challenge in like manner as they are behaving today – completely unhinged and deranged, blissfully unconcerned that they are completely undermining the legitimacy of their system and of so-called “democratic procedures.”  Joe and Jill Sixpack still believe they can vote themselves out of the mess they find themselves in.  That continued belief is actually to the Left’s advantage.  If they wish to shatter that belief, so be it.

And what if we have candidates and officials who actually stand up for themselves?  And what if those individuals are associated with explicitly White politics?  Will the Left escalate to the point that democratic legitimacy of the American political system completely disintegrates?  Or will explicitly White politics gain mainstream legitimacy?  It will have to be one or the other, most likely the former.  Given a choice between (a) the status quo in which Whites believe they have discharged their civic duties to a legitimate system by voting for a weak and cowardly buffoon or (b) the complete collapse of System legitimacy and the discrediting of the American political system – which is better for us?

The Left cannot be let to have their own way without any challenge whatsoever.  They need to be made to make a choice between having the Far Right as an established and normalized voice in electoral politics or wrecking what little is left of System legitimacy and shattering the naïve fantasies of White Americans that the corpse of a nation they live in is anything other than a third-rate banana republic. Of course, this requires that arguments in favor or legitimacy and the rule of law can be publicly made….but that brings up a host of other issues (that are related to the decades of “movement” failure).  This post addresses the political issue, and the point has been made.

We need electoral politics featuring candidates who are, unlike Trump, men and not quivering blobs of cowardly jelly, and then we’ll see what the next step in the disintegration of America entails.  

If the Quota Queens think “business as usual” – blogging and tin cup panhandling – is going to get the job done in the coming times, they are, as usual, sadly mistaken.

*This is why Far Right critics of Tucker Carlson are misguided – and here I mean critics of him as a commentator rather than criticisms of specific things he might say (the latter are justified and the former is not).  He serves a valuable role of informing the mass of right-of-center White Americans how bad things are getting, how the America they thought they lived in and loved is dying (or already dead), and how we are slowly slipping toward a state of low level insurgency.  This is a valuable contribution, which is why the usual suspects want him silenced.

Who Should You Listen To In the Dark Days Ahead?

Me or them?

This is your “movement” – 

Joe Dixon  The McVeigh bombing and The Order were creations of the government and they guys that are in prison today are the fall guys. It wouldn’t surprise me if the character that they called McVeigh is happily sunning himself on some tropical beach living under an assumed name or maybe under his real name.

Amren marches on:

John Flower  Michael Whalen Look under Alphaville (1965) at the end of this article. I get a lot of my thoughts disallowed, erased and even re-written here because he does not appreciate my point of view or respect my privilege to share my thoughts.My thoughts have actually been re-written and when I attempt to return them to my original words, it is disallowed. I have to avoid using certain words in this/every thought in order to have them allowed.AmonGothII  John Flower He gets a number of us. I try not to visit this site as much as I used to. It’s taken a sorry turn for the worse since I originally started in 2007. See alot of others who have left altogether and some like me have scaled back. Comments is only decent aspect of this site, and now being snowflake effeminate moderated.

The Nordicist Durocher gloats…with some squid ink at the end to confuse the stepandfetchits. How are your Herrenvolk doing these days, Durocher?

Very cognitive, very elite.  No doubt that the TROPICAL COLORED Chinese are supporting their TROPICAL COLORED allies as part of THE TROPICAL ALLIANCE. [Please ignore that weeping off in the corner…that’s just Derbyshire in a fetal position]

When you read this, remember that the Quota Queens were calling Trump “a man of genuine greatness,” a man of “sincere” belief, an American Caesar who is the “last chance for White America.”  Even here, Costello labels Trump a “last hope.”  I, on the other hand, accurately labelled Trump as a “vulgar ignorant buffoon” even before the 2016 election.

Now, it’s true that we are all in big trouble if Trump loses.  But, you know, it didn’t have to be that way.  If Der Movement had taken my advice, and used the past four years to QUIETLY build in depth, build a real infrastructure – while at the same time leveraging mainstream right-wing populism (NOT “movement” antics) to “trigger” the Left in a manner to cause chaos to benefit that QUIETLY building vanguardist activism, we would not be in this position today, regardless of the outcome of the election.  Der Movement basically did the worst thing possible – frittered away the past four years AND triggered the Left by “movement” antics that shined the light of Leftist fury on racial nationalism, instead of diverting it to expanded right-wing populism and Trumpism.  Trump could have been the perfect foil to absorb the Left’s attention, with careful stirring of the pot by our side – INDIRECTLY, while racial nationalism grew in the shadows.  But, no.  The Quota Queens had to have their Unite the Right, had to have their meetings and Twitter accounts, had to put on a show to reinforce their status and their “D’Nations.”  You all listened to the losers who were WRONG about Trump, instead of listening to Sallis, who was (almost) always right.

So, assuming the worst occurs, ask yourself this question – who should you listen to in the dark days ahead – the folks who are always, always, always wrong about virtually everything or the folks who are right, say, 95% of the time?

Put another way – in times of crisis, should you follow inept affirmative action cases whose only reason for being in positions of leadership is that they “chose the right ancestors,” or should you follow individuals with a proven track record of good judgment and of typically being correct in their predictions and suggestions?

I’ll certainly write more in the future on what needs to be done, but to be brief – what we need is more electoral politics, more legal action, and more infrastructure building – and less freakishness and bizarre dogmas and less grifting for “D’Nations” from useless do-nothings. That applies to whatever electoral outcome occurs, but if Trump loses, the electoral politics and legal action efforts move way up to the top of the list.  I’ve written about this before – explaining why and will no doubt do so again.   All I’ll say now is that if the Quota Queens think that “business as usual” is going to suffice, they are leading you all right off the cliff (but not before they milk you of your “D’Nations”).

Never forget this.  We all talk about the Hermansson fiasco, but this was almost as bad.

Amren declares war against White ethnics? – 

The Dispossessed Majority by Wilmot Robertson — An extremely valuable racialist text…

I’ve warned all of you stepandhfetchits repeatedly.  They really do despise you.

Insight and Delusion, June 2020

Of interest.  In all cases, emphasis added.

Mistaking Griffin for “Griffith” but otherwise, well, read it yourself:

ROBERT J BLOCKsays:June 13, 2020 at 11:05 amProfessor Griffith’s contributions are the detritus of dementia. Wandering. Rambling. Arbitrary free association. Usually this involves reviews of 1968 movies or some other flashback from the 50s, 60s or 70s. Here, political advice is offered, well suited to the first Nixon administration.

Calvin Coolidge is not coming back. Excessive individualism is a problem and doubling down is not the solution. The enemy is never going to characterize white advocacy as “middle of the road”. Being nonpartisan when one of two major parties is out to kill you may not be the best strategy.

This is a very handy, helpful site. Griffith is the benign, senile uncle. Visit him annually at the nursing home. Stop giving him space. Dab diligently at his drool.

This deserves a fisking:

Richard McCullochsays:June 13, 2020 at 11:50 am“Donald Trump isn’t my guy. Trump is—or was anyway, his luster is fading—the guy to a lot of white advocates when he was running for president in 2016. Not me.”

As I’ve written before, many white advocates had unrealistic beliefs and expectations about Trump

You mean, like Taylor and MacDonald asserting that Trump was “the last chance for White America?”  Or Johnson’s assertion that Trump is an American Caesar who is going to solve America’s demographic problem?  Those are all your guys, Mr. McCulloch.

…and the inevitable disillusionment has – to reverse an old song – caused them to accentuate the negative and eliminate the positive. But they focused, and focus, too much on Trump the man when he is really just performing a role, perhaps little more than an unknowing placeholder, in the transformation of the GOP into a white people’s party. 

Indeed. Which is why Republican support for BLM has skyrocketed, why Trump heir apparent Tom Cotton wants us to take in millions of Hong Kong Chinamen, and why the GOP is still under the implicit control of the Neocon establishment, just waiting to re-assert their explicit dominance as soon as Trump is out of the way.  A “white people’s party!”  Delusional.By the way, doesn’t your buddy Johnson now write that the Republican party needs to be destroyed?  I take it you disagree?

Even if by no more than hot air he was able to win a majority of the white GOP base, and a 58% majority of white voters, to support a program that was more pro-white, even if only implicitly, than any choice they’ve been given since George Wallace in 1968

Your buddy Johnson asserts that Trump would have won mirroring the Jeb Bush platform and that Trump’s appeal was solely based on his charming personality.  I take it you disagree?
The reality: Trump ran on, and won on, a platform that that “was more pro-white…than any… since George Wallace in 1968” but he has actually governed like Jeb Bush.

…even if he is no more than this, all symbolism and no substance, he has provided by far the greatest impetus toward our goal than any of us have ever seen, or even believed we might ever see. 

Laughable delusion.

White advocates need to take their focus off Trump and place it on the movement, and the fact is that Trump has served the pro-white movement, however unintentionally and implicitly, than anyone before him or any other credible national candidate now on the scene. 

If by “served” you mean “served to discredit” then maybe you are correct.

So with our focus on the good of the movement we should hope Trump is re-elected and do whatever we can to help the best credible candidate to succeed him.


Since 2016 we’ve seen the Democratic party, the judiciary, the bureaucracy, the MSM, the major corporations, etc., move so far in the direction of anti-white “far left’ authoritarianism that what used to be considered the political center, the appreciation and support for what the Founders did and the institutions they left us, is now widely regarded as “far right.” 

And who is responsible for that?  Who squandered the four years of Trump?

If Biden is elected he will be little more than a puppet for the more radically anti-white and “far left” elements in his party, submissive to their program, however destructive it will be of white rights and interests, especially those historically protected by the first and second amendments. What the anti-whites are doing and calling for now was scarcely imaginable five years ago. If their power were unchecked, stretch your imagination and multiply that by at least an order of magnitude. Pro-white advocacy, if any such survives, will have to go underground, and those who are currently hypercritical of Trump will look back at his administration as a comparative golden age.


“The view that while race is vitally important, it isn’t everything.”

The word “vital” is important here. It means “life-essential.” A race is a living biological and genetic entity. As a living thing it can be killed, and if it is killed – destroyed and replaced – it can’t be brought back to life. If a system of government and institutions is destroyed and replaced if could always be recreated by the race that originally created it, so long as they still exist and want to do so. So race is more than something important. It is what is most important, what is most elemental and fundamental, the foundation of everything else. So race must come first and be given priority over everything else, and anything that opposes, or is used against, the continued existence and freedom of our race must be set aside and replaced, or changed into, something that is for us rather than against us.

And what if that “anything” is your “movement” itself?  Glad to have you on board the “movement” reformation train.

Pure delusion.  He’s not going to actually do anything, except tweet and “monitor the situation.” Trump may sometimes bestir himself to serve the interests of Blacks and Jews, but when it comes to the interests and desires of his own base, he literally behaves as if he lost the election, and is merely a Twitter commentator who is powerless to do anything except criticize the authorities. That he is himself at the top of federal law enforcement and is the commander-in-chief of the armed forces somehow escapes his fat-addled nerve impulses.

Well, well, well…

…any fantasies we may entertain of a national organized counterrevolution or even a sizable armed faction are just that — fantasies. We have essentially no money. We have no leadership. Though our ideological diversity is a partial handicap, that handicap can probably be overcome by our more simplified goal of a White ethnostate. Though we will never get a majority of Whites to follow us, this is not much of a problem either, as most nations are pushed and pulled by small vanguards who, through victory, acquire the masses. But how can we begin to contemplate victory in the pitiful state in which we now find ourselves, mired in quicksand? We simply do not know how to organize massive resistance for the twenty-first century; otherwise, we would not be where we are.

Please note that the aforementioned summary of our plight, which is more or less accurate, (except for the misleading part about “essentially no money”- although I suppose Brimelow’s windfall can be dismissed through the use of the weasel word “essentially”) exists AFTER many decades of “movement activism,” after millions of dollars of money given in “donations” and in “membership dues,” and after millions of man hours of effort.  How can so much go for so little? The answer is clear: Der Movement itself is flawed, with a stupid and dogmatic ideology and a comically inept affirmative action leadership.

Step one for a revival is to dismantle the stupid and dogmatic ideology and to replace the Quota Queen leadership.

YOU are the President of the United States, you fat lazy cretinous bastard. Get off your lard ass and call in the goddamn military, which you DO have the authority to do.

Er, indeed, Trump is not going to have a “Gaullist moment.” A “Big Mac moment” – yes. Here’s an idea.  Maybe Kanye West can go to the White House and tell Trump that ASAP Rocky is trapped in CHAZ – that should prompt Trump to mount the largest military invasion since D-Day.  LAW AND ORDER!

Are they gone yet?  Trump is, without a doubt, the laziest and most cowardly President in American history. He makes Milliard Fillmore seem like a dynamo crackling with energy. I remember Roissy, in one of his homoerotic pontifications about Trump, stating that Antifa Don was “blessed with a leonine appearance.”  Hey, I agree.

We gotta get dem dere conservative judges appointed!  Well, at least the Mannerbund crowd is excited.  Flirting abounds!

We’re winning, right Johnson, McCulloch, et al?

I approve.  Use DuckDuckGo instead of Google.  Don’t use Amazon if possible.