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One Picture That Summarizes the West

Crush the infamy!

If there is one single picture that summarizes the West of today, that clearly defines modern “European values,” that underscores the complete worthlessness of the White race (*), it is this.

What else is there to say?  Repost that picture any time some piece of filth starts the conservative song-and-dance about how “Christianity must be the core of White, Western identity” or any other nonsense praising this desert sand religion, a faith carefully crafted by Levantine scum (were Peter and Paul European?) to undermine the Occident.

Christianity is a religion for losers, a religion of surrender, a religion of weakness.  And, no, don’t cite instances of centuries past to argue otherwise, back when Europeans utilized an “aryanized” Christianity in an instrumental fashion as a civilizational glue against other peoples with their own unifying faiths.  Christianity has now returned to its life-denying, anti-White, anti-European and non-European roots, and there is no going back.

In an ideal “White Imperium” Christianity – and all other foreign religions – would be outlawed, the churches either demolished or turned into museums, the lower clergy sent to labor camps, and the higher clergy publicly hanged.

*The Pope is a South American (wop), and of course, many Catholics today are Third Worlders.  Nevertheless, we all know what the symbolism of that picture is, what the racial and cultural background is: Whites and the West pitifully groveling in the most pathetic and humiliating fashion to the strident world of Color (which includes Yellows, by the way).

Crush the Infamy!

Christianity must be destroyed.

The Pope’s remarks are not an anomaly.  This is the core of the suicidal death cult of Christianity, the slave mentality, the creed of ressentiment as Nietzsche would say, a pathetic old man wearing a dress preaching racial and cultural self-immolation.
There are some who say that you must be a Christian to be a fighter for the West, for race and culture.
I say the opposite: you must be an anti-Christian to be a fighter for the West, for race and culture. This masochistic cult of pathological self-sacrifice for the other must be dispensed with once and for all.
I care not what role Christianity may or may not have played in the past. The relevant questions are:
1) What is the ideological core of this creed? and 2) What role does it play today and what role will it play in the future?

Crush the infamy!

Crush the Infamy: Day of the Rope

Plain speaking.
First, more rambling by Durocher, King of Mainstreaming.
Let’s see now. We can’t let the “Mediterranean become a cemetery?”  Really? Does Europe have to be responsible for the well being of these Camp of the Saints invaders?  That mindset reveals the masochistic self-destructiveness of Christianity.
If a Euro-Imperium run according to my principles were in existence, the following would hold:
1. Once the migrant boats passed into European territorial waters, they would be attacked with the full force of naval power. Once a few boats were torpedoed, others would likely stop coming.
2. After a trial by a legally convened tribunal, the Pope would be hanged and the college of cardinals machine gunned. The Vatican can be made into a museum.
And, I don’t think that even Catholic believers should object to point #2. These are men, following human sociopolitical objectives, which they cover with the veneer of religious belief. Who says they really speak for the Christian God?  One could argue that, having created the various peoples of the Earth, each in their own territory, that god would object to mass migration and globalization.