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Right-Wing Populist Politics

The next step.

With the victory of Trump (*) the potential scope of right-wing populism in American politics has expanded.  Yes, we need metapolitics, including the creation of a community infrastructures and the production of cultural artifacts, but we need to get involved in politics as well.  It’s not that we are going to exert change by working within the system, but we can advance the cause by infiltrating the System, and turning the System against itself, and continuously push the envelope by actualizing increasingly explicit pro-White politics.  Pro-White political campaigns, even if unsuccessful, can be used for propaganda purposes, to promote our memes, to recruit, to build infrastructures, and to infiltrate the GOP and/or to create new parties.  Such campaigns would increase chaos and balkanization, creating divisions that can create even more demand for right-wing populism and even more explicitly White politics.  Perhaps, indeed, overtly pro-White candidates may be possible, eventually, given enough balkanization, starting at the lower, more local levels, and eventually working up nationally.  And if any candidates are successful?  That opens the door for yet even more pro-White candidates, pushing the envelope farther to the right, it creates more hate and balkanization, and, also importantly, it puts pro-White individuals in positions in which they can exert influence in favor of the “movement” in general, at least providing protection to allow “movement” infrastructures to flourish.  It’s analogous in a sense to the distinction between “legals” and “illegals” in The Turner Diaries, although in the scenario I’m talking about all involved are legal – it is the distinction between those working within the System and those working without, and the former can provide “cover” and assistance to the latter.

This is the time to get started.  If he have achieved nothing else, Trump has broken the “glass ceiling” for hard rightist politics.  I would advise first getting involved at the level spanning the spectrum from, at the most local level, school boards and city/town politics up to and including at the national level at the House of Representatives (we should think big and I believe that the House should be an excellent target to aim at).  If that’s successful, over time, then the Senate and seeing what can be done at the Presidential level (explicit pro-White candidates, not Trumpian implicit civic nationalism), at least at the third party level

* Trump is President with the Alt Lite Bannon high in his councils.  Sessions is Attorney General.  With respect to a crackdown on illegal immigration and a reduction of legal immigration – if not now, then when?  With respect to a crackdown on leftist thuggery, up to and including using the RICO laws against the organized leftists and labelling them, rightfully, as a terrorist group – if not now, then when?  If not by those individuals, then by who? The time for excuses are over, the civic nationalists worshiped by precincts of the “movement” are in power.  They had better get it done, and quickly, before Der Touchback is impeached for (real or imagined) Russian connections or some other scandal or invented scandal.  Let’s see what happens.

What If Trump Was Not a Moronic Jackass?

Saying it in a different manner.

Could Trump have run an implicitly White, right-wing populist, civic nationalist campaign and still be in the lead in the polls now, with a strong chance of winning?

Certainly yes, if the man was a serious thinker, rather than a crude Beavis-and-Butthead type jackass.

Having already outlined how he should have answered the Brown Star family, and how he should answer Ms. Girdle Fats’ attack on the Alt-Right (his Manchester speech being interestingly similar to the advice), I now move on to broader perspectives.

Immigration.  Here is where Trump has had his greatest problems, re: policy.

He should have outlined his policies as follows:

1. A zero-tolerance policy for any further illegal immigration.  But, instead of bloviating about a “big, beautiful wall” that “Mexico will pay for” he should have stated, calmly but firmly, that a border wall is a necessity, that we must do it regardless of the cost, that Israel has managed quite well with their wall, that since the wall is a national security priority it will come from the defense budget, and since Mexico bears much responsibility for the problem, we will recoup part of the cost through a tax on remittances, a tax on Mexican commerce, and – tying immigration to outsourcing – a punitive tax on American companies that move overseas (or to Mexico).

2. The illegals already here have to go.  But rather than blustering about a “deportation force” he should have endorsed the reasonable policy of “self-deportation.”  By enforcing immigration law internally in the strictest degree possible, by raising it to the level of a national emergency and investing the necessary resources, we will take away from the illegals everything that makes life in America worthwhile.  They will be forced to go back where they came from, since all opportunities and benefits and necessities of living will gradually be withdrawn from them.  Gradually over time, their numbers here will decrease as they return home.  Absolutely no benefits for “dreamers” and no “in state tuition” and no looking the other way as companies hire illegals and no drivers licenses and no anything.  

3. Birthright citizenship should be abolished. Legal immigration should be cut sharply, if not ended completely.  No H-1B visas.  No “high skilled” immigrants needed.

4. Muslim immigration: what he should have said here was: “as part of my plan to cut legal immigration, there will be no immigrants or refuges from any area that constitutes a terrorist threat.”  Same effect, less “threatening” language.

Other issues:  You know, when asked about the “nuclear triad” you should not say “the devastation is important to me” but rather: “given the security threats to America, including a nuclear-armed China and Russia, who are modernizing their nuclear forces, as well as North Korea and the long-term uncertainty about Iran, it is prudent for America to maintain all three parts of its nuclear triad.  Indeed, we should be modernizing and expanding our arsenal, including bringing back high-yield multi-megaton thermonuclear weapons and MIRVed warheads for our ICBMs, and we should look into making at least part of our ICBM force mobile.  Even in the absence of any immediate external threat, America should maintain the triad, as a hedge against any future, heretofore unknown, threats to our national security.”

And, also: no Twitter feuds, or comments about gushing blood, Mexican judges, or hand size.

But what do I know?  After all, Trump is an alpha male of vastly superior racial stock, so let’s all follow the God Emperor – as he merrily cucks away right off the proverbial cliff.

Who Will Pay Off Trump’s Losing Gamble?

Raising the stakes.

Is Trump correct about the “Mexican Judge?”  Of course he is. Unfortunately, instead of explaining his position intelligently, and pointing out the judge’s connections and ethnically-based organizational affiliations, Trump, like the clownish buffoon he is, keeps on blustering: “He’s Mexican and I’m going to build a wall.”  The Jake Tapper interview was painful; Trump talks like a petulant elementary school student.
The bigger question: how does this all affect White interests?
Trump is gambling that going along this path will gain enough working class/populist White votes to compensate for those cucks and “soccer moms” turned off by his rhetoric. Trump is like a gambler who keeps on raising the stakes, but it is we, and not him, who will ultimately pay off if he loses.  Just like Hitler gambled the future of “far-right fascistic racialism” on his gamble of military-based German hegemony (and lost, to our detriment today), so is Trump gambling all on the idea of being an ignorant blowhard is the best way to ride a wave of right-wing populism.
Now, Trump’s antics are great for chaos and balkanization.  For this, for all the trouble he has caused, and all the raciosocial resentments he has brought to the surface, he needs to be commended.  But he has raised the stakes so high, he really needs to win.  If he wins, with all his antics, that would raise balkanizing chaos in America to new heights.  However, if he loses – and as of today, it looks like he will lose – this can and will be used by the System to discredit right-wing populism and race-based appeals.  If Trump loses, he not only wastes the current opportunity, but he spoils things for future right-wing populists to come, candidates with similar (or better) agendas, but who are not, like Trump, ignorant buffoons.
The only other possible positive outcome is if the GOP is so stupid as to pull something off at the convention, deny Trump the candidacy, and put a nice cuckservative in his place, who will then go down in flames among the justified outrage of Trump’s supporters.  That scenario though looks even less likely than a Trump victory in November.
The real “right” had better come up with talking points now, in preparation for a Trump defeat, including but not limited to:
1. How Trump was betrayed by GOP elites and various cuckservatives who didn’t provide their support and constantly sniped at him.
2. The hostility of the mass media and other elites.
3. The demographic changes in America – supported by the cuckservative GOP elites – has ensured a Democratic majority and has made patriotic candidates difficult to elect.  The answer to this is to hold the cuckservative GOP elites responsible, not Trump and his supporters.
4. For all his good points, Trump didn’t have the best temperament for a presidential candidate.
But, no, the right – the “alt-right” – is too busy onanistically pleasuring themselves over Trump, and too busy pontificating about “high trust hunter-gatherers” or “Savitri Devi’s Kali Yuga” to do anything strategically useful as per practical politics and meta-politics.

In the News, 3/22/16

More stupidity.

From a “game” site, but the usual “movement” stupidity:

I don’t know if it is obvious or unimportant but, I just thought I would add in that Kevin Williamson is mulatto.

Proof? Evidence? That’s EXACTLY the “movement” Lathe of Heaven mindset – the very thoughts of “movement” “activists” suddenly become reality. Even when they post on “game” sites as well. It all works the same! The solipsist “movement.”

Another moron:

And i didn’t have to give my DNA to some cultmarx biotech company, that just wants to help you (yeah.right) discover your heritage, to figure THAT out. I wonder (((who))) really owns those biotech companies anyway.

There are many things wrong with the DNA testing companies, but paranoid bullshit (other than Cobb and Watson, who likely have real cause for complaint) doesn’t cut it. The answer is better testing – WHICH FOCUSES ON GENETIC KINSHIP NOT ON OTHER (MORONIC “MOVEMENT”) METRICS – rather than relying on the “movement’s” “our thoughts equal reality” viewpoint.
Yeah, Belgium ban the Vlaams Blok – that has saved you. Now enjoy the vibrancy! A nation of cucks.
Trump is “playing a deep chess game,” eh, “movement” and game/HBD? Donald the mohel?

Trump Derangement Syndrome

Abandoning mainstream White Americans.

Of course the GOP Establishment (which includes Cruz, by the way) is eschewing Trump’s White working class base.  Ever since the end of Reagan’s Presidency, the GOP has been running away from this voting bloc and their interests as quickly as possible.  While still desiring their votes, the GOP absolutely loathes working class and middle class White Americans. Republicans hate their own base and wish for nothing better than to recruit the Democratic Party’s coloreds to become pliant GOP voters. Further, the Establishment has nothing to offer the White working class anymore, not after Trump – in the absence of an alternative, the GOP may have hoodwinked the base with dog whistling “implicit Whiteness,” but now that is becoming increasingly impossible with a real populist alternative in the mix.

What about specific criticisms in the linked article? Comments about Trump’s economic policies assert that putting tariffs on cheap foreign goods will cause the increased prices to be passed on to the consumer.  Well, of course that will be the case, that is the whole idea: to make foreign goods relatively more expensive compared to what can be manufactured in the USA.  That is not a flaw in the program, but part of the program itself.  You know, there is no such thing as a free lunch (well, except maybe for colored schoolchildren).  The same applies to “higher supermarket prices” if we get rid of cheap immigrant stoop labor. Yes, until we have full automation, these changes will incur some economic costs (but economic benefits as well). So what?  That is to be expected.  If you want your country back, if you want America to be re-industrialized, if you want the aliens gone, you will need to make some sacrifices.  Yes, there will be some short-term pain for long-term benefit: better that than the other way around.  It is interesting that we ask men to go to war and sacrifice their lives to “save their country and preserve freedom” and yet to ask people to forgo having cheap Chinese junk in Walmart seems a sacrifice too much to make to win back their nation.

Similarly, we are told that Trump’s policies would eliminate jobs making goods to be exported to China – as if the net gain in jobs wouldn’t be substantial, given that we import far more than we export. We are also told that the Establishment “solution” to lost manufacturing jobs is “job retraining” – ignoring the fact that ability runs along a bell curve and that many blue collar workers simply cannot be effectively retrained to compete in the white collar market and, even more importantly, that the white collar jobs themselves are being lost. So…what? A White factory worker undergoes extensive retraining in “information technology,” just in time to be laid off and be forced to train his South Asian H-1B replacement.  Yes, White folks are indeed naive but not, I hope, that naive.

Having created a secular conservative religion around the memory of Ronald Reagan, GOP cuckservatives now disparage Trump by pointing out alleged points of policy difference between Trump and the Great and Holy Saint Raygun.  This misses the point; in fact, the only candidate today truly similar to Reagan is Trump.  Both men are characterized as divorced and remarried celebrities, plain-speaking non-intellectuals with a visceral and somewhat race-based appeal to working class White “Regan Democrats.”  Who else can say that?  Jeb?  Kasich?  Rubito the mechanical man?  Negro Carson? Who?  Cruz? Reagan campaigned for the B-1 bomber and against Soviet appeasement; Cruz campaigns for H-1B visas and against gluten-free MREs.  Any comparison is laughable.

Even though  I justifiably criticize Trump and his “movement”-HBD-game supporters, I still recognize the man’s very real appeal to working class Whites.  I have to say: in all my decades of following politics, I have never seen any political candidate – not Nixon, not Reagan, nobody – who has been as consistently vilified as Donald Trump.  The reaction of the mass media, the Left, the GOP Establishment has been borderline psychotic.  I call it Trump Derangement Syndrome, and it is an indication that the man is doing something right.  It is also an indication that the fundamental basis of the System is a fundamental opposition to White interests.

Another related syndrome is WROS: White  Republican Obligation Syndrome.  I have written about this before: the bizarre belief that Whites are somehow obligated, by some mysterious iron-clad universal law, to vote for Republican candidates. Thus, the White voting bloc is a given, automatic, nothing that needs to be fought over, they have “nowhere else to go,” they can be safely ignored as minorities are pandered to, as the GOP is redefined to fit “the majority non-White America of tomorrow,” as Whites are considered the “dead past,” and as Rubio-Haley are championed as the brown-tan future of the GOP.

Well, Whites have been such suckers in the past, but perhaps Der Trumpening (for all his faults) has awakened some degree of self-interest in feckless Whites (hence, the hatred of the elites for Trump) – and maybe, just maybe, the days when the White Vote was an automatic “birthright” of the GOP Establishment are long over.

Populist Elitism

Or elitist populism?

I was listening to an old Johnson-Stark podcast on economics.  I have a few comments.

In general, I agree with Johnson’s view of populist elitism. At first glance an oxymoron, Johnson’s views make sense.  He defines these terms thus:

Populism: The common good, what is best for society as a whole.

Elitism: Meritocracy, structuring society to reward the best, the smartest, the most productive, which ties into populism because this form of elitism would prosper the entire society and everyone in it.

How to prevent this elitism from degenerating into a plutocratic elite tyranny (such as the current USA?).  Johnson has two basic ideas. First, by having a large, economically-independent and politically active middle class. Second, by “circulating the elites” – upward and downward mobility based upon merit, as opposed to the current trend of a hereditary aristocratic elite. Therefore, talented individuals from all classes can rise up, and the mediocre scions of elites can fall back into their natural positions in society.

Free enterprise and private property are compatible with all of this, but they must be broadly distributed, rather than be concentrated in the hands of a plutocratic few.  This is entirely consistent with national socialism.

The only major complaint I would have is that any discussion about interest and interest rates needs to take into account inflation (or deflation).  These issues need to be integrated, one cannot discuss one aspect without evaluating how it ties into other economic issues.

As far as social credit and distributism goes, I am broadly sympathetic, but would like to see the “nuts and bolts” details on how any particular plan would be put into practice.