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Racial Cuckoldry

A different type of cucking.

With all the talk of “cuck this” and “cuck that” in Der Movement these days, I had forgotten that I had written this article, back in 2009.

Although there does not seem to be any link between that article and the Great Cuck Meme Explosion of 2015, the fact remains that the article in question is, insofar as I am aware, the first use of the cuckoldry meme, re: race.

On the other hand, years earlier, I wrote (at the old LE site) about Salter’s “Blank Slate Hypothesis” in refutation of the absurd claim made by an individual (who shall go nameless since it was on a private discussion list) that S. Euro men were engaged in mass-cuckoldry of N. Euro men (*).

So, that’s two articles – ahead of the curve, I guess.

*At the same time, we are told that N. and S. Euros are so physically distinct that they are completely different and completely unassimilable races.  How that can be compatible with mass cuckoldry is unclear, unless it is taking place in a colony for the blind.  Never let it be said that Der Movement is strong on logic, common-sense, and consistency.