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HBD in the News, 9/16/16

HBD is the enemy, White man.

Raving retard “Razib” Khan:

if you had the money and resources it wouldn’t be hard to pull out northern europeans in totality from a few thousand african americans.

Sure, it happens every day. Is this guy a raving brown turd of a lunatic, or what? That’s also the “genetic expert” who doesn’t understand the difference between sister chromatids and homologous chromosomes.

Now, it may be possible at some future date (not now) to computationally fully recreate a native racial genome from the fragments thereof scattered within the genomes of the racially mixed. But, if so – so what? To go from that to recreating even one single actual living human being, much less an entire race – who is going to do that? How? The ranting of this ignorant Desi, and his fake appeal to (his own) authority, may fool the rubes, but not anyone who has a real science background. Sorry “Razib,” your sci/fi fantasies do not make it “alright” that low-rent Ganges-spawn like yourself mates with White women.
And moronic commentary about how “genes don’t mix” is irrelevant. Racial genotypes and phenotypes are characterized by (spectrums of) combinations of genes, not atomized genes working alone, and these gene complexes are effectively destroyed by miscegenation (the hybrid phenotype being a proxy for, and a result of, the scrambled genome). Indeed, for all practical purposes, racial integrity is (permanently) lost upon mixing across wide racial lines. Speculation even less realistic than Jurassic Park does not alter these facts.
Taylor, interviewed by Derbyshire:

I’m not sure quite what an “AR-style” forum would be, since our conferences are unique, but we don’t screen people, because we don’t have to. AR‘s position on Jews is well-known: Jews have always been full participants in the work of race realism and have taken prominent roles in almost all of our events.

The Alt-Wrong goes marching, marching, marching on. And the Alt-Right had better decide what it is they stand for, or they’ll have others do it for them.


More HBD Stupidity, 8/17/16

Breezy and Razib.

Steve Sailer gives us important empirical data here:
For example, in 1982, when I had just moved to Chicago, I was headed into the Century Mall on N. Clark St., when a black teen rushed out, followed by two twenty-something Hispanic security guards in close pursuit. I watched them head up Clark Street with the teen in sneakers pulling away from the guards in shiny black leather shoes.

Then we have Razib:

One peculiar thing population genetics teaches us that non-adaptive traits are more heritable.

Yeah, that’s great Razib. Question: if the traits are non-adaptive, how are they heritable (over evolutionary time) when genetic drift, regression to the mean, etc. resulting from the vagaries of sexual reproduction, random events, bottlenecks, etc. will constantly act. Why should extreme outliers be maintained over time?

This is due to the fact that selection tends to remove variation, selecting for fitter individuals.

Right. So, after so many eons of human evolution, and selection for fitter individuals, there must be little to no human variation left, eh? There goes the entire foundation of HBD! Of course, environments and selective pressures change over time, and variation is inherent in the process of sexual reproduction. It’s all very simple – simple that is unless you’re a Brown Cogelite trying to impress the rubes by how very erudite you are.

Look, fast running speed in Negroes was likely adaptive in their ancestral environment. The bell curve of Negro speed is right-shifted compared to that of other races, and that, we can assume, is a result of selection and adaption. A bell curve has, naturally, its outliers, and Bolt is at the extreme right end of the Negro bell curve for speed. So, no, specifically running as fast as Bolt is not necessarily adaptive, but the existence of speedy Negroes such as he is a natural outcome of the adaptive trait of fast Negro speed.
Let us not forget that Razib is the Brainiac who once confused “homologous chromosomes” with “sister chromatids” which I guess makes him the “go-to-HBD-guy” when it comes to biology/genetics.

Der Movement in the News, 6/20/16

Two items.

Answerable questions about Derbyfogle.

…I’m sure people like Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton would be happy to strip me of my citizenship and send me back to Airstrip One.

They are not the only ones who would be happy to do this. I think stripping away the citizenship of the race-mixing illegal alien Johnred Derbyfogle, a child porn apologist, would be a very excellent idea.
And regards these two questions:
How does this kind of immigration make our life better?
How does this kind of immigration make our country better?
Can’t that be asked about Johnred himself? About “Rosie?” About Johnred’s buddy “Razib” Khan?

As bad as all this is, Muhammad Ali worst racial impact upon whites is negrophilia. Yes, worship of the black man, the numinous Negro.

That’s after this fellow engaged in Roissy-on-Trump-level idolization of Ali’s boxing skills, pontificating about how superior Ali was compared to the “slow, small, and flat-footed” (most White*) list of previous champions, and how Ali faced superior (mostly Negro) opponents, and that the only ones who may have had the skill (but with other deficiencies) to defeat Ali were also Negroes. That’s all opinion by the way, and not established fact, opinion that reflects exactly the same worshipful negrophilia this author purports to reject.
*Well, “Joes Louis” (apparently, Joe Louis) was a Negro, and I assume that Der Movement considers Rocky Marciano to have been a Negro as well.

Some Thoughts on Orlando and Brexit

Several thoughts.

A Muslim NEC, son of an immigrant, commits the largest mass shooting in American history, and, allegedly, declared allegiance to ISIS.  On what does America focus its outrage? Answer: a fragment of a tweet by Donald Trump (who wants to temporarily shut down Muslim immigration precisely to prevent more incidents like this).  One really can’t make this stuff up.  Always remember: Trump Derangement Syndrome is a symptom of America’s anti-White racial illness – hatred of Trump is a proxy for hatred of Whites.

The Left says that “inaction is still a political decision.”  Yes it is, and although they are talking about gun control, the same can be said about immigration restriction.

What?  Fulford restraining himself from posting pictures of bikini-clad women in Orlando?

Cognitive dissonance part one: VDARE goes on and on about how there should not be Muslims in America, yet they engage in foaming-at-the-mouth praise over the ignorant  “Bengali castaway” “Razib” Khan, who is of Muslim background.

A mass shooting in a Florida gay bar?  Der Movement had better conduct a head count, to make sure all of its august personages are still with us.

This blog endorses Brexit; the British should determine their own destiny, and the current EU is an anti-White monstrosity.  Having said that, a “European Union” that preserves particularisms and allows for local autonomy – what Yockey supported – is a good idea if controlled by racial nationalists.

Cognitive dissonance part two: what to make of folks who worship the “Cult of Saint Francis” (of Yockey) and yet oppose Yockey’s fundamental idea of a European Imperium?

Race and HBD News, 5/24/16

Der Movement marches on.

Why should anyone be surprised by this?  Trump may be a fraud, but he is perceived as pro-White, and I’ve previously asserted that colored/leftist hatred of Trump represents hatred of Whites.  And, contra Derbyfogle and “Chinese girls as the border guards of the West” Danny, readers of this blog should be well aware that Asians HATE, HATE, HATE Whites.  Indeed, the existential meaning of Asians is hatred of Whites, similar to Yockey’s formula that the essence of all non-Westerners is opposition to, and denial of, the West.
On a perhaps not unrelated note, see this. Yes, make a moronic video, including ultra-cuck, far-left race-mixer and child porn apologist Johnred Derbyfogle, a champion of miscegenation and opponent of White nationalism, and then have the nerve to call yourselves “uncuck the right.”  How about uncucking yourselves, HBD fanboys?  I say it loud and proud: Der Movement ranks up high on the list of those entities most responsible for the White racial crisis; Der Movement ranks high as one of the leading enemies of the White race.  Crush the infamy!
And, yes, we are told that the median age of the conference attendees (you know, the ones Derbyfogle calls “latrine flies”) was lower than ever.  That’s great.  Has it decreased from 65 to 60?
Consider first and last things. Islam has been the enemy of the West for centuries and NECs have been the enemies of the West for millennia.  Put the two together and you get new “Battle of Britain.” Put the two together and you also get everyone’s favorite Bengali castaway, “Razib” “can’t tell the difference between sister chromatids and homologous chromosomes” Khan.

Genocidal Mongrels

Hold Back Those Mongrels (proposed title for new racialist novel).

I previously wrote about the “Mixed Race Mentality” – and the same arguments apply to the Taylor debate and Taylor’s opponent.  The mixed race (and their parents – hello, Derb!) have a chip on their shoulder, a smoldering rage against the unmixed (“inbred” and “incest” for example, or always exulting over the proposed future non-existence of persons of native European stock, or even of native Japanese stock), and a desire to make everyone admixed like them.

In this sense, we may get a better perspective on both Jayman and Derbyshire.  And I also did read on Majority Rights some time ago that “Razib” is married to a White woman (I do not know the veracity of that claim).  All the pieces are starting to fit together, and the assembled puzzle turn out to be quite an ugly picture indeed.

Derb and Razib

More HBD nonsense.

“Razib”: A “working geneticist” who previously demonstrated an inability to distinguish “homologous chromosomes” from “sister chromatids.”  We can therefore see that the Asian influx into what used to be American science is doing wonders.
Also, we once again see the execrable pile of frozen crap Derbyshire promoting “Razib.”  For those who may not know, “Razib” (once described by another race blogger as a “Bengali castaway”) was one of the founders of the anti-White hate blog Gene Expression, which raised HBD to new heights as a political movement (hence, Derbyshire’s interest).  That blog attacked White nationalism, harshly critiqued Salter in the most juvenile and personal terms (equating Salter with an unsavory character in Dr. Strangelove), and, most telling of all, had a long-standing feud with Majority Rights, in which links of Majority Rights from Gene Expression were re-directed to highly explicit inter-racial Black male-White female pornography.
Keep all this in mind in judging Derbyshire, who constantly promotes and sings the praises of “Razib” the Brownster.  Then, no longer wonder why this blog calls Derbyshire a hard-core anti-White far–Left neo-Marxist.