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The Last Chance for White America?

Notice they cannot admit being wrong.

A symbol, not substance.  Not bad, although it could have mentioned the A$AP Rocky fiasco as another example of Trump’s feckless buffoonery. Two further points. Are any of these fellows EVER going to publicly admit to being wrong about their hysterical “Trump is the last chance for White America” nonsense, as well as admit that Strom and I were right about Trump?  And is Johnson going to consider this brief Amren video as an example of “small-minded” “movement” whining about Trump?  

But, but, but…I thought Trump was “the last chance for White America.”  Listen to the whole thing, concentrating on the criticisms about Trump. Once again, note how these people are unable to admit how horribly wrong they were about Antifa Don Trump, and how EGI Notes was right.  Also, once again – will Johnson criticize his buddies at Amren for “small-minded” complaining about Trump?

And then the other shoe drops. MAGA! Pepe! Kek!

The Yang Gang!  Spencer!  Johnson!  

HBD in action!  “Razib” Khan:

My wife has two great-grandparents who were born in Norway.

But, hey, you fetishists, the real danger is dem dere dumb wops and hora-dancing Romanians. Nice Bengali Brownsters mating with Northern European women and producing mongrel offspring is all part of the HBD Jeurasian plan, so it’s all good!  Let’s mate and mix Khan’s spawn with those of Derbyshire, and then the consequent output can mate with some Jews!  HBD!

The fundamental difference between the EGI Notes and HBD perspectives is perhaps best exhibited by the reaction to this.  EGI Notes says the Legionaries were heroes; the HBDers scorn them as hora-dancing non-Jewish, non-Asian Romanians.  Me, I prefer Codreanu to some leering Levantine media manipulators, or to some disease-ridden Oriental human photocopiers, but, hey, what do I know? There’s no accounting for taste. If the HBDers prefer Jews and Asians, who are we to say nay?  But, alas, they should go their own way and not infiltrate into White racial nationalism.

Speaking of HBD, this is part of a comment left by a virulently pro-Asian HBDer from Amren comments (emphasis added):

The Democratic Party I love is the party that existed from the inauguration of Franklin Roosevelt in 1933 to the assassination of John Kennedy in 1963. The civil rights movement was well intended. I supported it as a child, a teenager, and a young adult. I am disappointed with the black response.

See this.  Might is Right is a classic Type I fetishist screed, so it’s no wonder one of its (part Iranian?) advocates does the usual Type I stupidities. When are the Type Is going to finally sit down, shut up, and let Type IIs lead the way?  Answer – they won’t.  Ever. It’s up to the Type IIs to just lead the way regardless and push the Type I retards out of the way.

Is this a German? That’s Goebbels’ nemesis, the “German” Jew Bernhard “Isidor” Weiss. Another picture of this HuWhyte Ultra-Aryan is here.  The HBDers and “race realists” weep.

HBD in the News, 9/16/16

HBD is the enemy, White man.

Raving retard “Razib” Khan:

if you had the money and resources it wouldn’t be hard to pull out northern europeans in totality from a few thousand african americans.

Sure, it happens every day. Is this guy a raving brown turd of a lunatic, or what? That’s also the “genetic expert” who doesn’t understand the difference between sister chromatids and homologous chromosomes.

Now, it may be possible at some future date (not now) to computationally fully recreate a native racial genome from the fragments thereof scattered within the genomes of the racially mixed. But, if so – so what? To go from that to recreating even one single actual living human being, much less an entire race – who is going to do that? How? The ranting of this ignorant Desi, and his fake appeal to (his own) authority, may fool the rubes, but not anyone who has a real science background. Sorry “Razib,” your sci/fi fantasies do not make it “alright” that low-rent Ganges-spawn like yourself mates with White women.
And moronic commentary about how “genes don’t mix” is irrelevant. Racial genotypes and phenotypes are characterized by (spectrums of) combinations of genes, not atomized genes working alone, and these gene complexes are effectively destroyed by miscegenation (the hybrid phenotype being a proxy for, and a result of, the scrambled genome). Indeed, for all practical purposes, racial integrity is (permanently) lost upon mixing across wide racial lines. Speculation even less realistic than Jurassic Park does not alter these facts.
Taylor, interviewed by Derbyshire:

I’m not sure quite what an “AR-style” forum would be, since our conferences are unique, but we don’t screen people, because we don’t have to. AR‘s position on Jews is well-known: Jews have always been full participants in the work of race realism and have taken prominent roles in almost all of our events.

The Alt-Wrong goes marching, marching, marching on. And the Alt-Right had better decide what it is they stand for, or they’ll have others do it for them.

More HBD Stupidity, 8/17/16

Breezy and Razib.

Steve Sailer gives us important empirical data here:
For example, in 1982, when I had just moved to Chicago, I was headed into the Century Mall on N. Clark St., when a black teen rushed out, followed by two twenty-something Hispanic security guards in close pursuit. I watched them head up Clark Street with the teen in sneakers pulling away from the guards in shiny black leather shoes.

Then we have Razib:

One peculiar thing population genetics teaches us that non-adaptive traits are more heritable.

Yeah, that’s great Razib. Question: if the traits are non-adaptive, how are they heritable (over evolutionary time) when genetic drift, regression to the mean, etc. resulting from the vagaries of sexual reproduction, random events, bottlenecks, etc. will constantly act. Why should extreme outliers be maintained over time?

This is due to the fact that selection tends to remove variation, selecting for fitter individuals.

Right. So, after so many eons of human evolution, and selection for fitter individuals, there must be little to no human variation left, eh? There goes the entire foundation of HBD! Of course, environments and selective pressures change over time, and variation is inherent in the process of sexual reproduction. It’s all very simple – simple that is unless you’re a Brown Cogelite trying to impress the rubes by how very erudite you are.

Look, fast running speed in Negroes was likely adaptive in their ancestral environment. The bell curve of Negro speed is right-shifted compared to that of other races, and that, we can assume, is a result of selection and adaption. A bell curve has, naturally, its outliers, and Bolt is at the extreme right end of the Negro bell curve for speed. So, no, specifically running as fast as Bolt is not necessarily adaptive, but the existence of speedy Negroes such as he is a natural outcome of the adaptive trait of fast Negro speed.
Let us not forget that Razib is the Brainiac who once confused “homologous chromosomes” with “sister chromatids” which I guess makes him the “go-to-HBD-guy” when it comes to biology/genetics.

Der Movement in the News, 6/20/16

Two items.

Answerable questions about Derbyfogle.

…I’m sure people like Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton would be happy to strip me of my citizenship and send me back to Airstrip One.

They are not the only ones who would be happy to do this. I think stripping away the citizenship of the race-mixing illegal alien Johnred Derbyfogle, a child porn apologist, would be a very excellent idea.
And regards these two questions:
How does this kind of immigration make our life better?
How does this kind of immigration make our country better?
Can’t that be asked about Johnred himself? About “Rosie?” About Johnred’s buddy “Razib” Khan?

As bad as all this is, Muhammad Ali worst racial impact upon whites is negrophilia. Yes, worship of the black man, the numinous Negro.

That’s after this fellow engaged in Roissy-on-Trump-level idolization of Ali’s boxing skills, pontificating about how superior Ali was compared to the “slow, small, and flat-footed” (most White*) list of previous champions, and how Ali faced superior (mostly Negro) opponents, and that the only ones who may have had the skill (but with other deficiencies) to defeat Ali were also Negroes. That’s all opinion by the way, and not established fact, opinion that reflects exactly the same worshipful negrophilia this author purports to reject.
*Well, “Joes Louis” (apparently, Joe Louis) was a Negro, and I assume that Der Movement considers Rocky Marciano to have been a Negro as well.