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HBD in the News, 5/2816

Two items.

Here Breezy talks about one of his favorite topics – PISA tests. PISA tests are one of those things that high-IQ, law-abiding East Asians love to cheat on and which Tricky Dick likes to use to “estimate” IQ scores. These tests will now include:

The next round of international Pisa tests will test the skills needed to live and work alongside people of different cultures

Assuming Asians don’t cheat on that, how will they fare? On the one hand, they are sure good at invading White nations as “immigrants” and impressing HBD nerds with their ability to get good grades through robot-like studying and memorization, and their ability to mimic Whites by playing the violin.
On the other hand, they are White-hating ethnocentrics. Oh well, it seems like they will have to cheat on these tests after all.

This series of unqualified successes brought the vast Mongol army to Hungary in March 1241. King Bela IV fled his palace in Pest (now part of Budapest), and Ogodei’s armies slaughtered an estimated 1 million Hungarians: troops, clerics, nobles, knights, and peasants. It was one of the bloodiest defeats of the medieval period.

Can Hungary get reparations from Mongolia and China?


Holodomor Bloodguilt

Cash or check?

It would seem appropriate for Israel to give reparations to the Ukraine in compensation for the Holodomor (and one can also propose reparations to Russia and other nations affected by communism). The extent of these reparations can be equivalent to what Germany gave to Israel, adjusted for inflation.

A Case For Reparations

Pay up!

Talk about reparations usually revolves around the idea that Blacks should be given reparations, essentially from White Americans.  Putting aside the moral case, pro or con, let’s take a look at the historical bookkeeping.  Blacks have already received reparations: trillions of dollars of wealth transfer through social welfare programs, enabling rapid Negro demographic expansion at the expense of the non-reproducing White taxpayers; decades of affirmative action, set asides and the myriad of other programs the existence of which many Whites are blissfully unaware (indeed, the Negro essentially has cradle-to-grave coddling in “racist America”), and, of course, the endless advantages enjoyed by Negroes living in a White-run, civilized, Western-style nation, as opposed to the savage cannibal hell-holes of darkest Africa.
On the other hand, Whites have not only suffered for the reasons listed above, but have also been subjected to Black criminal violence to an extent analogous to an ongoing low-level civil war, American cities have been destroyed, Whites have been forced to flee their neighborhoods via so-called “White flight,” racial double standards and anti-White racial abuse are commonplace.
Therefore, one can make a case for reparations: Blacks owe reparations to White Americans.  However, they do not possess, and never will possess, the assets to pay off this debt.  But, if they would all just go back to Africa we’ll call it even.  We’ll even be so generous as to allow them to take with them all their current assets, but not a penny more.
Thank you.


A better idea.
Taylor discounts the idea of reparations for Negroes here.
That’s good, but doesn’t go far enough.  We need to demand reparations for European-Americans.
For example:
– Insurance companies put dollar values on the worth of a human life.  We can find a reasonable estimate, and then calculate all the “child equivalents” lost by European-Americans’ EGI by the migration of alien peoples, a race replacement genocide immigration fostered by the Establishment.  Thus, some estimates go as high as $7 million per life.  Given that, each and every European-American is owed many trillions of dollars in reparations.
– Reparations due to the discriminatory effects of affirmative action and other programs, as well as that of Asian ethnic nepotism.
– The destruction of our major cities by Negroes and other minorities, and the costs in lives and money from minority crime.
We can continue, but you get the idea.