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Mote and Beam

In der news.

Nordicists think alike:

Durocher – “Individual and ethnic amour-propre is a powerful motivator in the face of emotionally hurtful facts and hypotheses.”

Ash Donaldson – “I seem to have struck an emotional nerve with you and a few others.”

These no-character specimens love to use psychological projection. In fact, THEY are the ones who are so emotionally over-sensitive they avoid facts – including peer-reviewed published scientific papers – that absolutely refute their beliefs, and THEY are the ones who refuse to acknowledge similar published work indicating racial admixture in their favorite European ethnic groups.  They engage in the most unethical and fundamentally dishonest gaslighting imaginable – peddling lies as “truth,” mocking those who expose their lies as “emotionally sensitive,” while hysterically omitting any mention of published data that demonstrates the falsehood of their own doctrine.  

Perhaps Der Movement should stop agonizing so much over this picture, and start worrying more about this one.  Mote and beam, eh?  Let’s not strike any emotional nerves, shall we? After all, Siberian/East Asian-derived ethnic amour-propre is a powerful motivator in the face of emotionally hurtful facts and hypotheses.

See this.

THIS MONTH marks the 50th anniversary of the publication in The American Mercury of Dr. Revilo Pendleton Oliver’s After Fifty Years, in which he assesses the near-total failure, over the previous half-century, of White Americans to keep their freedoms and their country as of the year 1969. After Fifty Years was not only an article: It was also made into a short film narrated by Dr. Oliver, made to coincide with the launch of the National Youth Alliance, predecessor organization to the National Alliance, one of the sponsors of this program. Within the next month, too, it will be 25 years — a quarter century — since we lost this great man.

Over the next few weeks, we will be introducing you to the masterful works of Revilo Oliver, and then we will be re-assessing the situation facing our people, another half-century on, under the title After 100 Years.

I do not know whether it is a coincidence or not, but, in any case, I’m gratified that, after I challenged Strom about Revilo Oliver’s After Fifty Years and what Strom’s group proposes to do to end the endless cycle of “movement” failure, this series of works are planned. Let’s see what happens.

We should stop spending money on Colored parasites and wars for Israel, and spend more on our nuclear deterrent and on space exploration.

Instead of blaming health problems on “Big Pharma” vaccinations, perhaps you should pin more blame on “Big Food Companies” and the fatsos with no self-discipline to stop stuffing their faces and guzzling sugary drinks and beer.

The weakling fraud backs down again.  He’ll monitor the situation!

If women are naturally eugenic then how did Spencer reproduce?  Seriously though, I’d advise Richard to worry less about some micro-dwarf being tackled in a bagel shop and worry more about his own devastating failures of leadership. In that manner, we may observe some improvement as he moves through his 40s.


Der Questions for Der Movement

In all cases, emphasis added.

See this excellent and powerful Strom piece.  One part particularly caught my attention:

We need a strong, organized, racially conscious White community in every state, in every city. When we are much stronger, much larger, and much better organized, then even the most venal of politicians will be afraid to cross us. We will have businesses that bring in hundreds of millions per year, not just hundreds of thousands. We will have our own media providing not just racially-oriented news and commentary, but every kind of information and entertainment and advice and anything you can think of, in depth and with an implicit (and often explicit) pro-White perspective. That’s where we need to be. That’s what we need to do. In the words of the old union men who stood for White labor against Gilded Age leaders who betrayed their own Folk, we need to organize, organize, organize.

And National Alliance members are doing exactly that, all over North America.

I have some questions for Kevin Strom. These questions are coming from someone who has been involved in pro-White activism for a quarter-century, who has met your mentor Pierce, and who has praised you for the positive effect that your 1990s ADV broadcasts had on my activist development.  So this is not coming from a direction of hostility.

1. I understand that there may be things the National Alliance is currently doing that you cannot talk about publicly and – who knows? – maybe your group is really making the headway you claim.  But based on my experience with Der Movement, color me skeptical (no offense).  Do you really believe that your group is “doing exactly that” – all the things that you have described?  Really? Or that there is even the slightest possibility in the reasonable future that even the smallest fraction of these goals will be achieved?

2. With endless decades of “movement activism,” utilizing millions of dollars of donations and membership dues, and millions of man hours of effort, why hasn’t ANY of the above mentioned goals been even partially accomplished?  And that includes the efforts of Pierce and his incarnation of the National Alliance.  Are you aware that your other mentor, and friend, Revilo Oliver made a video discussing 50 years of “movement” failure…said video being made 50 years ago?

3. Why should we expect anything to be different now?

4. Do you admit that there is an ethnic affirmative action policy in the “movement,” particularly with respect to leadership, favoring individuals deriving from Northwest European (especially Anglo-Germanic) ethnic groups?

5. What has the National Alliance learned (if anything) from past failures?

Ethnonationalist filth attacking Spencer:

The majority of European nations, including the entire Schengen Area, and nations with nationalist governments, have banned Spencer and condemned his “racial European” message and his call for a “white racial empire”. While promoting his message in a controversial speaking tour in Hungary, Spencer was mocked by the Hungarian newspaper Népszabadság for his call for “a white Imperium” through a revival of the Roman Empire, and for his claim to be a “racial European”, ideas that the newspaper called contrived and without any basis in European history. In the aftermath of the controversy, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán pressed through legislative measures which banned his entry and condemned Spencer. The government of Poland has also banned him from entering the country and condemned Spencer, citing Spencer’s Nazi rhetoric, the anti-Polish and anti-Slavic racism of the Nazis, and the Nazis’ genocide of Slavic Untermenschen during World War II. In July 2018, Spencer was detained at Keflavík Airport in Reykjavík, Iceland en route to Sweden and was ordered by Polish officials to return to the United States; the successful effort of the Poles to ban Spencer from other parts of Europe arises from the Schengen Agreement.

The Hungarian newspaper was a leftist one, but Orban has no excuse, nor has the Polish government.  And remember what happened to Taylor. Has anyone noticed that, interestingly, divisive American ethnonationalists so far have had no problems traveling to Europe?

The Unz Review reader comment about Taylor and CNN:

Alfa158 says:

June 29, 2019 at 6:47 am GMT • 100 Words

Mr. Taylor is a gentleman and prone to the altruistic sentiments that plague Whites. Consider that Miss McGuirk started out by by making the implausible claim that although she is executive producer, she has no influence on the even the title of her own production.

It is entirely possible that she is another Lucy imploring Mr. Taylor to go ahead and kick the football because she won’t pull it away. Her role was to sweet talk him into walking into the abattoir.

I could be wrong, but consider this rather telling bit of evidence: if she was genuinely what she presented herself to, be a fair, impartial seeker of truth and discourse why would she be working for a cesspool like CNN? And why would the denizens of such a pit retain someone like her?

Then we have this, also from The Unz Review comments:

Anon[388] • Disclaimer says:

June 29, 2019 at 3:36 pm GMT • 100 Words

White supremacism has been a tool of those who seek to subvert Christianity. Any greatness of Europe and the West is due to Christianity and to think otherwise is an abominable blasphemy. Had Christianity taken root in the heart of Africa or India rather than Europe and the West we would have had a flourishing of Africa and India for the past 1500 years and Europe and the West would still be barbarian.

Now, initially I thought this was just sarcasm or amusing trolling.  However, considering how deranged devout Christians are, it may be for real.  Who knows?  

Two Essential Works


I view those works as ranging from mildly interesting to mediocre to stupidly destructive.

I would recommend only two books:

1. On Genetic Interests by Dr. Frank Salter, which provides the fundamental biological/scientific rationale for racial preservationism, and includes political and ethical considerations for pursuing ethnic genetic interests as part of biopolitics.

2. Imperium by Francis Parker Yockey, which, while dead-wrong about biological race, is spot-on with almost everything else, and provides the cultural-civilizational-political foundation for nationalist activism.

These two works, and their respective strengths and weaknesses, complement each other, and together constitute the basic pillars of any reasonable racialist worldview.

Other than that, read various blogs, especially and including this one as well as Western Destiny.  Der Movement in general, and all its approved texts, is a particularly useless exercise.  Evidence?  Add this Youtube video to your “must see” list, keeping in mind it was made in 1969.

Fisking TOO on Trump

I do not like having to do this, but I am the only one associated in some way with the “movement” willing to do so.

The Donald Trump phenomenon is amazing. I’ve never seen such enthusiasm for a politician—ever. His rallies are overflowing with emotion. This scares a lot of people because it conjures up images of populism, and even fascism. There’s something about crowds of cheering White people that terrifies America’s elites, especially when the speaker is criticizing their long-standing immigration policies.

That is all true.

Trump has said some incredible things—things I never thought I would hear from a politician with a real chance to win it all: birthright citizenship, Mexican criminality, a moratorium on admitting Muslims, an immigration policy that meets the needs of Americans, to name but a few. 

Yes, and also “touckback immigration” of illegals back into the USA, more “high-skilled” immigration, support for affirmative action, and the “disavow!” concerning pro-White activists (see below).

Trump is not going to speak about racial issues in the way we would. 

Maybe because he’s not one of us, just like Trad Vlad. This projection by the “movement” of ideals onto their White Knights really has to stop.

He would be foolish to do so, and it is strategically wise for him to repudiate our support. 

Maybe, maybe not. I’d be curious what would happen if Trump would say, of, for example, Duke: “I’m not going to constantly disavow people who support me. Why do you bring up things the man did decades ago? Why don’t you look at Sanders and his supporters the same way?”

The anger is palpable, and the Trump candidacy is the most hopeful sign that the present oligarchy could be circumvented at the presidential level.

No. It’s actually a sign that the multicultural system can be “monkey-wrenched” if only the “movement” would put down its calipers and stop jacking off to Who We Are and March of the Titans and actually do things as previously discussed at this blog.

The hunter-gatherer mentality, which is a critical strand of European culture, evolved in small, face-to-face encounters, where trust and moral reputation were absolutely critical.

Well we knew we wouldn’t get through an entire speech without mention of that. How about we finish the job and mention high Asian IQ as well? Wait, wait, here’s an implicit comment:

…lower IQ and academic achievement of the new immigrants compared to native Germans and other Western societies, there will be ethnic stratification in which ethnicity becomes correlated with social class—a poisonous situation, indeed. Ethnic stratification has always existed in the U.S. because of African-Americans, but immigration from Africa, Latin America, and the Middle East simply makes it worse. 

Notice how East Asians were left out of that paragraph.

Of course, the “Stuff White People Like” Democrats…

Lind’s “American Tribes” essay would describe these people in a more specific manner, but don’t hold your breath waiting for the “movement” to discuss that, unless it is in terms that makes these people and their behaviors look good (“high trust societies” etc.).

…will rationalize their voting with morally uplifting platitudes that make them feel well-educated, intellectual superior…

Doesn’t the “movement” consider them superior in every way?

And of course, quite a few of these people live in predominantly White areas like New Hampshire, Iowa…

You’re right there.

In South Carolina…

A southern state. Hello, Lind.

The Trump candidacy may or may not work out, and even if he becomes president, it would be a very tall order to put in place the fundamental changes that need to be made. However, the anger against the establishment that he is tapping into will just continue to become worse if he does not win and things keep going the way they are going. The anger will be especially strong if people have good reason to think that the presidency was stolen from Trump by devious tactics at the convention, or by some bogus third-party candidate put forward by establishment Republicans and “conservatives.” If Trump loses, we have to hope he starts a third-party movement that could destroy the GOP forever and lay the groundwork for a new kind of politics in the future. It’s only a matter of time before Whites identify and organize explicitly as Whites, just as every other group does.

The “movement” really needs to start acting mature then. But wait…

For our part, we have to keep on doing what we are doing. 

Er, no. The “movement” is a failure. The inability of “movement” “leadership” to recognize this is one reason I constantly – and justifiably – criticize them. Once again (because no one listens) I bring up the pathetic spectacle of Revilo Oliver commenting on 50 years of failure – back in 1969!   Should we “keep on doing what we are doing?”

We must understand that our message is based on science…

In theory, yes. In practice, it is usually no more “scientific” than a sweaty young Hitler reading Ostara….

These changes are well advanced, and our enemies remain wealthy, powerful, and determined. But there is a morally righteous anger in so much of White America that Trump is tapping into. Sooner or later this will have cataclysmic consequences.

I agree on this.

Der Movement, Der Movement, Der Movement Marches On

Marching off a cliff.

The reemergence of Jack Sen at TOO has led – inevitably one may add – to the following comment left there.  Spelling mistakes as in the original, emphasis added:

The whole point about being British, is that Britishness is a way of life, which can be exported to those who resonate with it’s essential decency. Or to put it another way, this little country has doen amazing things in the past, and established laws and protocols and technologies that make the world what it is today. Often those who come here believing that their culture and ideals are somehow more valid than ours, come to see the error of their ways and they integrate. Our culture despite the huge and withering attacks it has suffered since the 1960’s is STRONG. Even IF as has been (laughably) suggested the british moslems manage to outbreed us, and in a Britain of the future evey one was called Waseem, by the time they got to that point, almost all of their children would be thinking and considering themselves British! I know we don’t rule the world any more, but that’s only because with a typical british sense of fair play, having brought many primitive lands the light of civilisation, we are now letting them stand on their own two feet. I firmly believe that what we nationalists ought to be doing is not fearing the minorities, (most of them are being painlessly made british simply by the priviledge of living here) but we should be refining and defining what it is to be British and of course settiong a good example for teh children and everyone else to follow. We all live together in Britain with a largely unarmed police force, black white, albino pakistani and chinaman next to each other in what should be an explosive situation culturally yet it isn’t really when compared to many other places. Why? because we are British and even THEY have picked up on the idea that there are certain things that you just don’t do if you are going to live here in Britain. Who cares if he’s Quarter indian, even maybe a “sardar”, all that matters in my insignificant opinion, is that he is British..

This song, suitably modified for context, would perfectly summarize the failure of the “movement.”
But no worries!  The “movement” and its leadership have always known exactly what they are doing!  Onward and upward, to build upon the glorious victories of yesteryear!

The only caveat to all this is the possibility that the above comment is actually a clever attempt at anti-Sen trolling.  I don’t think so, though.

Johnson vs. Roosh

Good points and bad.

Greg Johnson has written a critique of Middle Eastern PUA gamester “Roosh” that is worth reading.  As someone who is highly critical of the whole PUA/game stupidity, I find myself in general agreement with Johnson’s theme.  

I laugh at the stupidity of some of the critical peanut gallery commentators in the post thread.  One idiot taunts Greg with “if you think Roosh committed rape, why don’t you report him to the police” – and that after Greg clearly stated that the brownster’s ranting is likely not anything legally admissible; further, why does one need to “report” something posted online and that has been read by, likely, thousands (including leftists. feminists, etc.)?  Another moron states that the “Third Reich” would consider Roosh to be “Aryan” – as if the pathetic racial ramblings of Old Movement cartoon figures should have any meaning for us today. Newsflash: “Aryan” in the sense used by the “Third Reich” is a fantasy, it does not exist and has never existed.  “Aryan” as a group that includes Persians and Hindus with Europeans and excludes Jews is a fantasy.  Population genetics tell us that Ashkenazi Jews are genetically closer to Germans than are Persians and Hindus.  So, if you exclude Jews, why include camel-faced monstrosities such as Roosh?
A great comment, in contrast, is this:

Who cares what feminists say? It’s not relevant. Roosh is trash and a profoundly contemptible piece of filth. As a father of daughters with enough to worry about already when it comes to the possible influence of the wider culture on my family, I find it really demoralizing to see leading figures and a good number of rank-and-file on the dissident right embracing this Asiatic rapist. It’s a symptom of the alt right’s growing incoherence.

 Where I disagree with Johnson is what he writes here:

It pains me to write this, because I have long regarded Roosh V as something of an ally. No he’s not a White Nationalist, because he is not white and does not identify as such. His father is Persian and his mother Armenian. But an ally is not one of us. He is someone with whom we share delimited common interests and with whom we can fight common enemies. The manosphere is part of the larger reactosphere. It performs an important red-pilling function on human biodiversity. And it shares a border with White Nationalism that is as long and porous and the US border with Mexico. Roosh, moreover, is highly intelligent; he has promoted Kevin MacDonald’s The Culture of Critique to his readership; and in our limited email interactions, he has always been prompt, civil, and helpful. Beyond that, I despise moralistic ninnies and shit-stirrers who advance the premise that we can’t cooperate politically with anyone if we wouldn’t want to share a pup tent or take a shower with them.

First, I am a complete opponent of the HBD cult, and to the extent that the “manosphere” promotes that Jew-loving Asiaphilic Derbyshirian crap, then that’s a negative.

Second and more importantly, I disagree about the “ally” part and, to the extent that “moralistic ninnies and shit-stirrers” applies to people like me, then I obviously disagree.

I take the complete opposite view: one important reason why the “movement” has failed for decades, why it has always been compromised by defectives, traitors, trolls, infiltrators, agent provocateurs, etc., is the “big tent/ally” idea, this urge to accept questionable people as “allies” to obtain some sort of short-term advantage, or because these “allies” cleverly advance memes that feed your ethnic ego, despite the moral, ethical, cultural, spiritual, and racial reasons to reject these allies.  The “movement” grasps at allies and these are usually the wrong types of people (I find it interesting that, in general, people like Roosh, Roissy, Hart, Derbyshire, etc. have been better received by the “movement” than I and my message).

Am I the only one who finds it pitiful that Revilo Oliver talked about 50 years of “movement” failure…back in 1969!

Johnson’s own post proves my point.  The attitude toward Roosh could be described as: Group One says he can be a useful ally and let’s not be moralistic shit-stirrers and oppose this useful alliance; Group Two says that a Middle Eastern PUA who targets White girls in Europe is part of the problem, not an “ally” and not part of the solution.

And now a member of Group One is basically accusing Roosh of raping White women, or at least fantasizing about it, publicly online.  So, whose judgment about Roosh turned out to be correct?  

Isn’t it better for a weak “movement” to be prudent and take the chance of rejecting an ally rather than embracing a destructive influence?

Only a Matter of Time, 10/28/14

The “movement” never disappoints.

Seeing this post, and the picture which accompanied it, I knew it was only a matter of time before the “movement” behaved in its usual manner.

James Holbeyfield 

Posted October 27, 2014 at 11:54 pm | Permalink‘Fess up Greg: how many comments, good-natured in the singular but desperate in the collective, have you had to reject for reasons quite different from the usual trolling?

         Greg Johnson

Posted October 28, 2014 at 3:47 am | Permalink
That’s why I added the P.S.: Lana is happily married.

I don’t blame Greg Johnson for that – I can only imagine that the “happily married” addendum was made necessary by the comments that came in.  I DO blame those CC readers who made the comments, the sort of juvenile jackasses who reinforce my belief that comments sections are worthless, and that the “movement” is a joke.

Yes, I know: I’m a joyless, pedantic, stuffy, type A pain-in-the-ass. They’re “only having fun.” Hardee-har-har.  Revilo Oliver talking about 50 years of “movement” failure nearly 50 years ago is also all in good fun too.  Hardee-har-har.  In another 50 years, there may not be anyone left to make a video about their own look at 50 years of “movement” failure. Hardee-har-har.  All in good fun.