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Other Folks Rioting

It’s not just the Negroes.

The HBDers are getting all hot and bothered over what is currently going on in Baltimore. Very well, but Negroes aren’t the only race who riot at the drop of a hat.

Read here.  Excerpts, emphasis added:

U.S. beef returned to South Korean store shelves Tuesday under a new import agreement that has failed to stem anti-government protests, which have raged for weeks and turned central Seoul into a riot zone. 

The government said it would take tough action to stop the increasingly violent rallies, which began two months ago with schoolgirls holding candlelight vigils. But the protests have lately also seen club-wielding demonstrators trying to break through barricades of police buses under showers of water cannons.

Once again: a more intelligent form of Negro.  Actually, perhaps worse; after all, the Negroes are rioting after one of their own was killed, while these Koreans rioted about beef imports.